NL GenWeb 1835 Voter's List

Conception Bay North - Brigus District

South Side of Port de Grave, Northern Gut, to the North Point of Turk's Gut

1835 September the First

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ December 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

"The List of Persons entitled to vote in the election of a member or members for the District of Conception Bay, in respect of dwelling houses, situate in the Brigus division of the said District, that is to say from the South Side of Port de Grave, Northern Gut, to the North Point of Turk's Gut, inclusive."

ACREMAN, WilliamBrigusRiver Head
ANDREWS, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
ANDREWS, NathanielSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
ANDREWS, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
ANTLE, John SeniorBrigusRiver Head
ANTLE, William JuniorBrigusRiver Head
ANTLE, William SeniorBrigusRiver Head
ANTLE, JosephBrigusMiddle Ridge
ANTLE, WilliamBrigusMiddle Ridge
ANTLE, ThomasBrigusMiddle Ridge
ANTHONY, HenryCupids
ANTHONY, JosephCupids
ANTHONY, MosesCupids
ANTHONY, MathewSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
ANTHONY, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
ANTHONY, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
BARTLETT, WilliamBull Cove
BARTLETT, JohnTurk's Gut
BARTLETT, AbrahamBrigusRiver Head
BARTLETT, JosephBrigusRiver Head
BARTLETT, GeorgeBrigusRiver Head
BARTLETT, IsaacBrigusRiver Head
BARTLETT, WilliamBrigusRiver Head
BARNES, WilliamBrigus
BARNES, JohnBrigus
BARRETT, NicholasCupids
BATTEN, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
BRAUSFIELD, JohnTurk's Gut
BROWN, GeorgeBrigusSouth Side
BENNETT, PhilipCupids
BISHOP, ElijahCupidsSouth Side
BISHOP, JohnCupidsSouth Side
BISHOP, JosephCupidsSouth Side
BISHOP, HenryCupidsSouth Side
BOON, CharlesSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
BOON, ThomasSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
BROWN, RobertBrigus
BROWINY, ThomasBrigusSouth Farm
BRAKER, JamesBrigus
BRINE, PatrickBrigusPond Head
BRINE, DanielBrigus
BURKE, EdwardBrigusRiver Head
BURKE, JamesBrigusRiver Head
BUTLER, ThomasBrigus
BUSSEY, WilliamCupids
BUSSEY, IsaacCupids
BUSSEY, JosephCupids
BUTLER, GeorgeCupids South Side
BUTLER, JosephCupidsSouth Side
BUTLER, JamesCupidsSouth Side
BUSSEY, ThomasSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
BUTLER, JamesSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
BYRNE, RichardCupids
BYRNE, PatrickCupids
BYRNE, JamesBrigus
CAIN, ThomasBrigusIrish Town
CANNING, SamuelSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
CAWFIELD, PeterBrigus
CHALKER, ThomasBrigusRiver Head
CLARKE, JohnBrigusSouth Side
CLARKE, IsaacBrigusSouth Side
CLARKE, BenjaminBrigusMiddle Ridge
CLARKE, CharlesBrigus
CLANCE, JohnBrigusIrish Town
CLANCE, WilliamBrigusIrish Town
CONNELLY, PatrickBrigus
COLE, JamesBrigus
COZENS, Charles EsquireBrigus
COZENS, Samuel N.Cupids
COVEDUCK, JohnCupids
COVEDUCK, StephenCupids
COVEDUCK, John AnfonCupids
CONNELLY, GeofryCupids
COVEDUCK, JosephSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
COVEDUCK, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
CRANFORD, George N.Brigus
CRITCH, WilliamBrigus
CURTISH, JoshuaBrigusMiddle Ridge
CULLEN, LawrenceBrigusIrish Town
CURTIS, ThomasBrigus
CROAK, LawrenceTurk's Gut
DAWE, GeorgeCupids
DAWE, Samuel SeniorCupids
DAWE, Samuel JuniorCupids
DAWE, WilliamBurnt Head
DAWE, JohnBurnt Head
DENAHAN, DanielTurk's Gut
DELAY, WilliamBrigusIrish Town
DEAGAN, PatrickBrigusIrish Town
DELANY, ThomasBrigus
DELANY, JamesCupids
DIVINE, TimothyTurk's Gut
DOBIE, RobertBrigus
DONAVAN, JamesBrigusPond Head
DOYLE, WilliamCupids
DOWER, PatrickSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
DUNN, EdwardBrigusIrish Town
DUNPHY, JohnBrigusIrish Town
DUNN, PatrickCupids
DUNN, JohnCupids
DWYER, PeterCupids
EDWARDS, JohnCupids
FAHEY, JohnCupids
FARRELL, patrickSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
FARDY, PatrickBrigus
FIELD, WilliamBrigus
FLAHARTY, JamesTurk's Gut
FOLEY, MichaelBrigus
FORD, ElvisCupids
FORD, StephenCupids
FOWLER, WilliamCupids
FOWLER, JamesCupids
FOX, JamesCupids
FOWLER, RobertBurnt Head
FRY, CharlesEnglish Cove
FREEMAN, MichaelBrigus
GILL, WilliamBrigus
GODFREY, Anthony N.Brigus
GORDON, MarksCupids
GUSHUE, JohnBrigusSouth Side
GULL, PatrickBrigusPond Head
HAYES, IsaacBrigusSouth Side
HATCHARD, GeorgeBrigusRiver Head
HABBERLINE, ThomasBrigusIrish Town
HABBERLINE, PatrickBrigusIrish Town
HARRIS, James NinerBrigus
HAWE, JohnBrigusNorth Point
HAYES, JohnCupids
HART, EdwardCupids
HARTERY, RichardCupids
HALL, EdwardSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
HEARN, JamesBrigusIrish Town
HEAPHY, MichaelCupids
HEAPHY, ThomasCupids
HISCOCK, ThomasBrigus
HICKEY, PatrickBrigus
HINDS, AlexanderCupids
HOLDEN, LawrenceCupids
HODGE, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
HOGAN, RoganSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
HUNT, PatrickCupids
HURRELL, WilliamCupids
HURLEY, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
HUSSEY, ThomasSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
JAMES, JohnBrigus
JANES, NicholasBrigus
ITCHINGHAM, ThomasCupids
IVIMEY, JohnCupids
KELLY, JamesBull Cove
KENCHELA, PatrickTurk's Gut
KEOUGH, JohnTurk's Gut
KEOUGH, MichaelTurk's Gut
KEOUGH, JohnBrigusRiver Head
KENSEY, PeterBrigusRiver Head
KENNEDY, DennisBrigus
KEINSLEY, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
KENT, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
KING, MichaelBrigusFrog Marsh
KING, WilliamBrigus
KING, JohnBrigus
LANOY, ThomasBrigus
LAHEY, WiliamSandy Cove
LANE, HenryBurnt Head
LEAMON, JohnBrigus
LEARY, JamesBrigusIrish Town
LEARY, JohnBrigus
LEDREW, AbrahamCupids
LEDREW, JohnCupids
LEDREW, IsaacCupids
LEDREW, AnthonyCupids
LEDREW, James SeniorCupids
LEDREW, James JuniorCupids
LEDREW, Abraham JuniorCupids
LEDREW, HenryCupids
LEDREW, EdwardCupids
LEDREW, HarryCupids
LEDREW, MosesCupids
LEDREW, NicholasCupids
LEDREW, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
LLOYD, CharlesBrigus
LOCK, GeorgeBrigus
LOVEYS, AnthonyBrigus
LONDERGAN, JamesCupids
LUSH, WilliamBrigusEnglish Cove
MANNARD, EdwardBull Cove
MANNARD, ThomasBull Cove
MACCASSEY, LawrenceCupids
MACKEY, PatrickSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
MARTEN, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
MACKIN, Rev. DennisBrigus
McQUE, JohnTurk's Gut
McGUIRE, JohnBrigusIrish Town
MEAD, GeorgeBrigus
MEALY, LawrenceBrigusIrish Town
McDONALD, MichaelBrigusIrish Town
MIDCALF, RichardBrigusRiver Head
MITCHELL, EmmanuelBrigus
MORGAN, GeorgeBull Cove
MORGAN, JohnBull Cove
MORGAN, AbrahamBrigusRiver Head
MORGAN, GeorgeCupids
MORGAN, WilliamCupids
MORGAN, BenjaminSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
MORGAN, WilliamBurnt Head
MORGAN, EdwardBurnt Head
MORRISSEY, RobertBrigusIrish Town
MORRISEY, JohnBrigus
MOLLOY, NicholasBrigus
MOSDELL, JamesBrigus
MOORE, ThomasCupids
MOORE, ThomasSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
MUNDEN, WilliamBrigus
MUNDEN, NathanielBrigus
MUNDEN, ThomasBrigus
MULLOWNEY, PatrickCupids
MUGFORD, AnthonySalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
MUGFORD, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
NEWELL, JohnBrigusRiver Head
NEWELL, JamesBrigusRiver Head
NEWELL, WilliamBurnt Head
NEWELL, GeorgeBurnt Head
NORMAN, James JuniorBrigusRiver Head
NORMAN, JohnBrigus
NORMAN, James SeniorBrigusBattery
NORMAN, JohnCupids
NOON, JohnBrigus
NOSWORTHY, GeorgeCupids
NOSWORTHY, SamuelCupids
NOSWORTHY, John (Sam's son)Cupids
NOSWORTHY, John (Jacob's son)Cupids
NOWLAN, JohnBrigusSouth Side
NOWLAN, JeremiahBrigus
PENNY, SolomonBull Cove
PENNY, RobertBull Cove
PENNY, JohnBrigusFresh Water
PEATON, ThomasCupids
PERCEY, NathanielBrigusSouth Side
PERCEY, JohnBrigusRiver Head
PERCEY, EdwardBrigusRiver Head
PERCEY, William (Staphen's son)Brigus
PERCEY, MosesBrigus
PERCEY, JonathanBrigus
PERCEY, StaphenBrigus
PERCEY, John JuniorBrigus
PERCEY, GeorgeBrigusPond Head
PERCEY, William JuniorBrigus
PERCEY, RichardBrigus
PERRY, PatrickBrigus
PEIYE, JohnCupids
PEARCE, RichardBrigus
PENDERGAST, MichaelCupids
PIDDLE, JohnBrigus
PICKAVANT, Rev. JohnBrigus
PLOWMAN, PhilipBrigus
POMROY, JohnBrigusFresh Water
POWER, PatrickTurk's Gut
POWER, JohnBrigusIrish Town
POWER, EdwardTurk's Gut
POWER, RichardCupids
POWER, WilliamCupids
POWER, JamesCupids
QUINLAN, ThomasBrigus
QUINLAN, JohnBrigus
RABBITS, WilliamBrigus
RAULPH, ThomasSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
READ, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
READ, JosephSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
RICH, AllenSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
ROSE, JohnTurk's Gut
ROSE, JohnBrigusSouth Side
ROSE, SimonBrigusSouth Side
ROSE, RobertBrigus
ROACH, BryanBrigus
ROACH, JamesBrigusIrish Town
ROACH, StephenBrigusIrish Town
ROBERTS, DavidBrigus
ROBERTS, John (Dinah)BrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, CharlesBrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, JamesBrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, John (Big)BrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, ElijahBrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, JonathanBrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, RichardBrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, John (Pondside)BrigusMiddle Ridge
ROBERTS, John (Johnson)BrigusMiddle Ridge
ROACH, LawrenceBrigusIrish Town
ROBERTS, SamuelBrigusPond Head
ROBERTS, JohnBrigusCorner Pond
ROBERTS, ThomasBrigus
ROBERTS, RichardBrigusNorth Side
ROBERTS, StephenBrigusNorth Side
ROBERTS, John (Johnson)BrigusNorth Side
ROBERTS, JamesBrigusNorth Side
ROWE, GeorgeCupids
ROWE, JosephCupids
ROWE, StephenCupids
RYAN, PatrickBrigus
RYAN, ThomasBrigus
SAUNDERS, CharlesBrigus
SERRICK, DanielCupids
SHEA, DanielTurk's Gut
SHEA, JohnBrigusIrish Town
SHEHAN, EdwardBrigusIrish Town
SHEHAN, DarbyBrigusIrish Town
SHEPPERD, JamesBrigus
SHEPPERD, John SeniorCupids
SHEPPERD, John JuniorCupids
SHEPPERD, HenryCupids
SHEPPERD, GordonCupids
SHORT, WilliamCupids
SIMMS, JohnTurk's Gut
SILLY, William M.Brigus
SMITH, MichaelBrigus
SMITH, RobertCupids
SMITH, WilliamCupids
SMITH, AlfredCupids
SNOW, EdwardSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
SNOW, IsaacSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
SNOW, ThomasSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
SOPER, JonasCupids
SPARKS, AmbroseBull Cove
SPARKS, William SeniorBrigusSouth Side
SPARKS, AmbroseBrigusRiver Head
SPARKS, Wiliam JuniorBrigusSouth Side
SPOONER, GeorgeBrigusRiver Head
SPRACKLIN, SamuelBrigus
SPRACKLIN, ThomasBrigus
SPRACKLIN, SimonCupids
SPRACKLIN, WilliamCupids
STENTAFORD, BenjaminBrigus
STENTAFORD, WilliamBrigusBattery
STEVENS, ThomasBrigus
STONE, JohnBrigusRiver Head
SQUIRES, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
SWEENEY, MilesBrigusIrish Town
SWEENEY, JohnSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
TAYLOR, ThomasCupids
TAYLOR, GeorgeCupids
TAYLOR, RichardSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
TAYLOR, WilliamCupidsSouth Side
TAYLOR, JacobCupids
TERREL, MartenCupids
THORN, TimothySalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
TIERNEY, ThomasBrigusIrish Town
TROY, RichardCupidsSouth Side
TUCKER, JohnBrigusMiddle Ridge
TUCKER, GeorgeCupids
TAYLOR, RobertCupids
WALKER, JamesBrigusFrog Marsh
WALKER, WilliamBrigusFrog Marsh
WATTS, HenryBrigus
WAY, JohnBrigus
WAY, MichaelBrigus
WALSH, WilliamBrigusGallows Cove
WADE, JamesCupids
WALSH, StephenCupids
WALSH, Patrick H.Cupids
WALSH, WilliamBurnt Head
WALSH, PatrickBurnt Head
WAKEHAM, WilliamCupids
WEEKS, WilliamBrigusRiver Head
WELLS, Samue[sic]Cupids
WARFORD, JohnCupids
WELLS, WilliamSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
WELLS, JamesSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
WELLS, RichardSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
WELLS, HenrySalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
WELLS, TheophilusSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
WELLS, William JuniorSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
WEYMOUTH, ChristopherSalmon CovePort de Grave Bay
WEBBER, RichardCupids
WHELLAN, WilliamBrigusFrog Marsh
WHELLAN, HenryBrigusFrog Marsh
WHELLAN, WalterBrigus
WHELLAN, WilliamBrigusPond Head
WHELLAN, WilliamBrigusIrish Town
WHELLAN, EdwardBrigus
WHELLAN, JohnCupids
WILCOX, JohnBrigusFrog Marsh
WILCOX, JamesBrigusFrog Marsh
YOUDEN, ThomasBrigus

(signed) Robert John Pinsent J.P.
Chairman of Court Sessions, Port de Grave

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