NL GenWeb 1894 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North Region - Brigus District


The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Antle William,fisherman,Brigus
Antle Robert,dodo
Antle Stepehen [sic],dodo
Antle John,dodo
Antle William,dodo
Antle Thomas P,dodo
Antle Thomas,dodo
Aspell William,doGullies
Antle James,dodo
Antle William T,dodo
Antle George,fisherman,Gullies
Adams George,dodo
Adams Abraham,dodo
Adams William,dodo
Adams Robert,dodo
Aspell Michael,doBrigus
Burke James,dodo
Burke James,dodo
Burke Edward,dodo
Burke James D,dodo
Burke Patrick,dodo
Bartlett Moses,dodo
Bartlett Isaac,dodo
Bartlett Joseph, jr,dodo
Bartlett Joseph, sr,dodo
Bartlett Robert,dodo
Bartlett Thomas,dodo
Bartlett George,dodo
Bartlett William,dodo
Bartlett Joshua,dodo
Bartlett Herbert,dodo
Bartlett Samuel,dodo
Bartlett Henry T,dodo
Bartlett John,dodo
Bartlett James,dodo
Barrett Lorenzo,doGullies
Butters John,doFirst Pond
Burke William,doSt John's Road
Burke William, sr,dodo
Burke Patrick J,dodo
Burke Philip,dodo
Barnes John,dodo
Bartlett John,dodo
Bartlett Nathaniel,dodo
Barnes John,dodo
Bartlett John,dodo
BROPHY JAS, sr,grocer,Brigus
Bartlett John,fisherman,do
Bartlett Samuel,dodo
Bartlett Wm J,dodo
BUTLER BENJ,dpty sheriff,do
Byrne Robert,fisherman,do
Brien Thomas,dodo
BRIEN JOHN,tinsmith,do
Brien Thomas,fisherman,do
Burn John,dodo
Burn George,dodo
Ballam William,dodo
Burns William,dodo
Burns Thomas W,dodo
Burns John,dodo
Byrne Michael,dodo
Byrne John,dodo
Bartlett Ernest,dodo
Braker Samuel,dodo
Braker Henry,dodo
Braker Charles,dodo
Butler Wm S,doGullies
Butler Thomas,dodo
Braker Samuel,doBrigus
Byrne John,fisherman,Hr Grahe [sic] Road
Brophy Patrick,doGould's Road
Butler Edward,doRoche's Line
Butler Moses,dodo
Butler Solomon,dodo
Butland George,doBrigus
Barnes Thomas,dodo
Clarke James,doSouth Side
Clarke Isaac,dodo
Clarke Caleb,dodo
Clarke Robert,dodo
Clarke John,dodo
Clarke Wm A,dodo
Clarke Nathan,dodo
Clarke John,dodo
Clarke George,dodo
Clarke Noah,dodo
Clarke Samuel,dodo
Clarke William,dodo
Clarke Moses,dodo
Cassidy Peter,dodo
Cassidy John,dodo
COWLEY PATRICK,shoemaker--
Cowley John,fisherman,Southside
Cowley Joseph,doBrigus
Clarke Stephen,dodo
Clarke James,dodo
Clarke Robert,dodo
CHAFE SAMUEL E,teacher and J P--
Curlew William,fisherman,Gullies
Curlew Herbert,dodo
Curlew Edward,dodo
Critch Samuel,dodo
Critch John,dodo
Clarke Benjamin,dodo
COLE WILLIAM,carpenter,do
Clarke Geo,fisherman,Gullies
Croke Philip,doSt John's Road
Connolly John,doCemetery Road
Chalker George,doSt John's Road
Chalker Thomas,dodo
Chalker James,dodo
Clarke William,doBrigus
Curtis John,dodo
Curtis Albert,dodo
Clarke Charles,doEnglish Town
Clarke John,dodo
Cole Samuel,dodo
Cole William,dodo
Curtis Joshua,doGullies
Clarke Joseph,dodo
Clarke William,dodo
Curtis Thomas,doBrigus
Curtis William,dodo
Collins Thomas,doHr. Grace Road
Carroll Michael,doFoley's Hill
Carroll Patrick,dodo
Carroll William,dodo
Carroll John,dodo
Curren John,dodo
CLEARY R,sergt police,Brigus
Dary George,fisherman,do
Daley James,dodo
Daley James,dodo
Donovan J F,dodo
DUNN REV WALTER T,Methodist,Brigus
DUNCAN JOHN G,physician and surgeon,Brigus
Doyle Miles,fisherman,Brigus
Dunn Patrick,doGoulds Road
Dawe Azariah,doRoaches Line
Dawe Solomon,dodo
ENGLAND W J,carpenter,Brigus
Edwards Samuel,fisherman,do
Edmunds Richard,dodo
Edmunds John,dodo
Flynn Richard,doSouth Side
Flynn William,dodo
Foley Thomas,doFoley's Hill
Field Williamdodo
Field Williamdodo
Freeman MartindoBrigus
Fry Charles,doPonds
Fardy James,carpenter,Brigus
Fardy Thomas,fisherman,do
French Benj,dodo
French James,dd [sic]do
Fahey James,doGoulds Road
Fahey Patrick,dodo
Fowlow Petrick [sic],dodo
Foley John,doFoley's Hill
Foley Thomas,dodo
Finn Richard,doGoulds Road
Fowlow William,dodo
Fowlow James,dodo
Fowlow William,dodo
Gushue James,doSouth Side
Gushue George,dodo
Gushue Robert,dodo
Gushue George,dodo
Gushue William,dodo
Gushue James,dodo
Gushue Charles,dodo
Garland David,doBrigus
Greene Wm A,dodo
Gushue Thomas,dodo
Hayes James,doSouth Side
Hayes Thomas,dodo
Hayes Solomon,dodo
Hazzletine Wm,dodo
Hazzletine Jas,dodo
Horwood Albert,doBrigus
Hickey Joseph,doGullies
Hickey Thomas,dodo
Hickey Nicholas,carpenter,do
Hickey Nich,fisherman,do
Hackett Thomas,doBrigus
Hanrahan John,dodo
Hanrahan Ed,fisherman,Brigus
Hanrahan John,dodo
Hayes John,doTurk's Gut Pond
Hayes William,dodo
Horwood Wm,doBrigus
Harvey Job,dodo
Harvey James,dodo
HEARN JAS P,druggist,do
Heasey Ptk,fisherman,do
Hennessey R,dodo
Hiscock Wm,doGullies
Hiscock Wm,dodo
Hiscock Thomas,dodo
Hall Edward,doGoulds Road
Hussey Albert,doFoley's Hill
James Patrick,doRiverhead
Jodes William,dodo
JANES JAS F,blacksmithBrigus
Janes George,fisherman,do
Janes William,dodo
Janes Abraham,dodo
Janes John,dodo
Janes Robert,dodo
James Thomas,doSt John's Road
James William J,dodo
James Thomas J,dodo
James Edward P,dodo
James William,doCemetery Road
JERRETT GEO C,general merchant,Brigus
Jerrett Fred'ckdoBrigus
Jerrett Charles Adodo
Kennedy PatrickdoSouth Side
Kennedy John,dodo
Kennedy Thos,dodo
King William,dodo
Keough John,doBrigus
King Thomas,doHar Grace Road
Kelly Thomas,doSt John's Road
Kelly James,dodo
Keough Sylvester,dodo
Keough John,doTurk's Gut
Keough James,dodo
Keough Michael,doSt John's Road
King William,dodo
King Henry,doBrigus
KAVANAGH THOS,druggist,Brigus
Kelly James,fisherman,Brigus
King John,dodo
King John,dodo
LeDrew Charls,dodo
LeDrew Moses,dodo
LeDrew Ebenezerdodo
Lamb John,dodo
Loveless Wm,doSt John's Road
Loveless Fred,dodo
Lynthorn Robert,doTurk's Gut Pond
Lynthorn George,dodo
Lush John,dodo
Lush Thos,fish'man,Turk's Gut Pond
Lush William,dodo
Lamb Patrick,doBrigus
Lemon John N,doGullies
Leaton Thomas,doHr Grace Road
Lodge Ezra,doBrigus
Lane John,doGould's Road
Lane William,dodo
Lane Samuel,dodo
Maidment Geo,doRiverhead
Maid George,dodo
Manderson Jas,dodo
Mitchell Wm,doBrigus
METCALF WM,cooper,do
Metcalf Isaac,fisherman,do
Metcalf William,dodo
Metcalf Moses,dodo
Munden Nathaniel,dodo
Morrissey William,dodo
Morrissey James,dodo
Mannards Benj,doBull Cove
Morgan William,doPonds
Morgan James,dodo
Morarity Thomas,doTurks Gut, North
Morgan George, dodo
Morrissey James,doCemetery Road
Murphy Edward,--Ponds
Murphy Thomas,doBrigus
Munden John,dodo
Munden Ananias,dodo
Mosdell Thomas,dodo
Mosdell James,dodo
Mosdell Thomas,dodo
Meaden George,dodo
Meaden Thomas,dodo
Meaden George,dodo
Martin William,dodo
Murphy John,doGullies
Murphy Michael,dodo
Murphy Thomas,dodo
Murphy Patrick,fisherman,Gullies
Moore Terrence,doGoulds Road
Moore Richard,dodo
Mackinson Thos C,doGoulds
Mackinson George,dodo
Norman James,doSouthside
Norman Augustus,dodo
Norman James,dodo
Norman John,dodo
Norman Lorenzo,dodo
Norman John,dodo
Norman Abraham,dodo
Newell Thomas B,doPonds
Newell Abraham,doSt John's Road
Newell Thomas,dodo
Newell John A,dodo
Norman Nath'l M,doBrigus
NOWLAN PATRICK,general dearler [sic]--
Osburn Joseph,fisherman,Roche's Line
Pearcy Stephen, fisherman,do
Pearcy Charles,dodo
Pearcy William,dodo
Pearcy David,dodo
Pearcy William,dodo
Pearcy John,dodo
Pearcy John,dodo
Pearcy James,dodo
Pearcy John,dodo
Pearcy John,dodo
Pearcy Stephen,dodo
Pearcy Charles,dodo
Pearcy Lorenzo,dodo
Pearcy James,dodo
Pearcy Stephen,dodo
Perry Henry,dodo
Pearcy Nathan,dodo
Payne Moses,dodo
Pridget Thomas,dodo
Pearcy William,dodo
Penny John,doGullies
Payne Thomas,dodo
Payne George,dodo
Penny Edward,doBull Cove
Power John,doBrigus
Power Richard,dodo
Penny Archibald,doBull Cove
Pearcy Stephen,doPonds
Penny James,doBull Cove
Peddle Jeffrey,doSt John's Road
Power William,doTurks Gut (North)
Pearcy Thos G,doBrigus
Power James,doHar Grace Road
Power Michael,dodo
Power John,dodo
Pearcy Wm J,doRoche's Line
Pearcy Thomas,dodo
Pearcy Richard,dodo
Pearcy William,dodo
Power James,doBrigus
Penny Thomas,doGullies
Penny Samuel,dodo
Payne Thomas,doBrigus
Payne Abraham,dodo
Payne William,dodo
Payne John,dodo
Payne William,dodo
Power Patrick J,dodo
Power John,dodo
Pomeroy George,dodo
Ploughman Wm,dodo
Peddle Wm,dodo
Pearcy Nathan,dodo
Pearcy Joseph,dodo
Pearcy John,dodo
Pearcy Henry,dodo
Pearcy George,dodo
Quinlan Thomas,dodo
Quinlan William,dodo
Quinlan Peter fisherman,Brigus
Quigley James,dodo
Roberts William,dodo
Rose John,doSouth Side
Roberts John,doRiverhead
Rabbitts Nath'l,dodo
Roberts James,doBrigus
Roberts James,dodo
Roberts John,dodo
Rose William,dodo
Roberts George,dodo
Roberts Moses,dodo
Roberts James,dodo
Roberts Moses,dodo
Roberts James,dodo
Roberts William D,dodo
Roberts Robert,dodo
Roberts Jacob,dodo
Roberts Job,dodo
Roberts Albert,dodo
Roberts William,dodo
Roberts Silas,dodo
Roberts Arthur,dodo
Roberts Ananias,doGullies
Roberts Robert,dodo
Roberts Ananias,dodo
Roberts William,dodo
Roberts Charles,dodo
Roberts John C,dodo
Roberts Nathan,dodo
Rose Richard,doPond
Rose William,dodo
Rose Nicholas,dodo
Roberts John E,doGreep's Nest
Roberts Jordan,dodo
Roberts William,dodo
Roberts Alfred,doBrigus
Roberts Fred P,dodo
Roberts Wm J,dodo
Roberts Robert,dodo
Roberts Thomas,dodo
Roberts Simon,dodo
Roberts James,dodo
Roberts William,dodo
Rendell Levi,dodo
Rabbits John,dodo
Roberts Geo A,doGullies
Roche Philip,dodo
Roche James,dodo
Roberts Herbert,doBrigus
Roche Bryan,doGullies
Roche Philp,dodo
Roberts Jacob,dodo
Roberts John,dodo
Ryan William,dodo
Ryan James,dodo
Rose Thomas,doPonds
Roberts Thomas,doBrigus
Sparks James,doSouth Side
Snow Abraham,fish'men [sic],Riverhead
Sparks Hugh,dodo
Sparks Richard,dodo
Spooner Thomas,doBrigus
Sheppard Eldred,dodo
Strickland Jas,mail carrier,do
Stantaford Chas,fisherman,Gullies
Stantaford John,dodo
Stantaford Robert,dodo
Stantaford Chas,dodo
Stantaford Wm,dodo
Saunders John,dodo
Saunders John B,dodo
Sheehan James,doBrigus
Sparks James,doBull Cove
Sparks Noah,dodo
Sparks Robert,dodo
Sparks William,doTurk's Gut Pond
Spracklin Simon,dodo
Spracklin Robert,dodo
Spracklin Thomas,dodo
Spracklin George,doGreep's Nest
Shea Patrick,doCemetery Road
Shea Nicholas,dodo
Shea Cornelius,dodo
Shea John,dodo
Shea Edward,dodo
Spracklin Gushue,doBrigus,
Spracklin Nathaniel,dodo
Spracklin Azariah,dodo
Spracklin William,dodo
Spracklin Richard,dodo
Spracklin George,dodo
Spracklin John,dodo
Spracklin Thos R,dodo
Saunders Wm,dodo
Stevens Alfred,dodo
Stevens John,dodo
Stevens John,dodo
Stevens Samuel,dodo
Sheppard John,doRoche's Line
Sheppard James,dodo
Spracklin Benj,doBrigus
Spracklin Wm,dodo
Spracklin Wm J,dodo
Spracklin George,dodo
Smith Nicholas,dodo
Smith William,dodo
SMITH JOHN J,gen dealer,do
Spracklin John,fisherman,do
Spracklin Jas,dodo
Snow John,dodo
Spracklin Thos,dodo
Stentaford Sar'h,postm'tress,do
Spracklin J,fisherman,Gullies
Spracklin Wm J,dodo
Spracklin Aubrey,dodo
Spracklin James, dodo
Spooner George,fish'man,Gullies
Saunders James,dodo
Thorne Isaac,dodo
TAYLOR REV R H,Ch of E,Gullies
TARAHAN JAMES,gen dealer,do
Tucker John,fisherman,Gould's Road
Taylor Robert,dodo
Walker Henry,doSouth Side
Walker James,dodo
Walker James,dodo
Whelan David,dodo
Wilcox William,dodo
Whelan James,doBrigus
WOODMASON GABRIEL,block maker,Brigus
Wilcox Geo,fisherman,Brigus
Walker John,dodo
White Patrick,doGullies
White William,dodo
Wells Henry,dodo
Wells James,dodo
Wells George,dodo
Walker George,doBrigus
Whelan James,dodo
Walker William,dodo
Walker Joseph,dodo
Walker Thomas,dodo
Weeks John,doBull Cove
Whelan William,doPonds
Winsor John,doSt John's Road
Winsor James,dodo
Wilcox Moses,dodo
Whelan Richard,doBrigus
WILCOX JOHN,magistrate,do
Webber Wm,fisherman,do
Wilcox James,dodo
Walker William,dodo
Walker George,dodo
Walker Albert,dodo
Walker William,dodo
Whelan Caleb,dodo
Washer Samuel,dodo
Washer Joseph,dodo
WINTER JAMES J,general dealer--
Winter William,fisherman,Brigus
Watts John,dodo
Wilcox John M,dodo
Wilcox Samuel,dodo
Wilcox Walter,dodo
Wilcox William,dodo
Wilcox James,dodo
Wilcox Samuel,dodo
Walsh Moses,fisherman,Gillies
Way William,doBrigus
Whelan John,doHr Grace Road
Whelan John,doGoulds Road
Way Richard,doBrigus
Way Henry W,fisherman,Goulds Road
Washer Henry,dodo
Washer William,dodo
Way James,dodo
White Stephen,constable,do
Youden Thomas,fisherman,Bull Cove
Youden John,dodo
Youden Wm J,doPonds
Youden Thomas,dodo

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