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Conception Bay North - Brigus District

Cupids and Vicinity

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Place
ANTHONY, Wm.fisherman (Rip-rap)
AKERMAN, Wm.fishermanCupids
BEEHAN, Patrickfisherman (Riverhead)
BEEHAN, Richardfisherman (Riverhead)
BADCOCK, Azariahfisherman (Riverhead)
BADCOCK, Josiahfisherman(Riverhead)
BADCOCK, Wm.fisherman (Riverhead)
BYRNE, Davidfisherman (Riverhead)
BYRNE, Richardfisherman (Riverhead)
BREEN, Michaelfisherman (Riverhead)
BREEN, Josephfisherman (Riverhead)
BREEN, Wm.fisherman (Riverhead)
BREEN, Jamesfisherman (Riverhead)
BREEN, Joseph (Michlfisherman (Riverhead)
BE?HAN, Jamesfisherman (Riverhead)
BENNETT, JohnfishermanCupids
BENNETT, Wm.fishermanCupids
BENNETT, mrs. wid JohnCupids
BRADLEY, mrs. Augustus--Cupids
BUTLER, Elizabeth, widCupids
BUTLER, Elizabeth Jane, widCupids
BUSSEY, mrs. wid GeorgeCupids
BOWE, Geo T.fisherman (Cupids road)
BOWE, Samuelfisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, Robertfisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, Philipfisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, Wm.fisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, Sydneyfisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, Josephfisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, Albertfisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, Philip srfisherman (Cupids road)
BENNETT, SamuelfishermanCupids
BAILEY, Samuelfisherman (Cupids road)
BAILEY, Johnfisherman (Cupids road)
BYRNE, Samuelfisherman (Cupids road)
BYRNE, Wm.fisherman (Cupids road)
BYRNE, Richardfisherman (Cupids road)
BYRNE, Matthewfisherman (Cupids road)
COVEYDUCK, ThosfishermanCupids
COVEYDUCK, SelbyfishermanCupids
CONNOLLY, Wm.fisherman (Connolly's hl)
CONNOLLY, Michaelfisherman (Connolly's hl)
CONNOLLY, Josephfisherman (Connolly's hl)
CONNOLLY, Robertfisherman (Connolly's hl)
COVEYDUCK, Robt srfishermanCupids
COVEYDUCK, StephenfishermanCupids
COVEYDUCK, Robt jrfishermanCupids
COOMBS, GeorgeblacksmithCupids
CONNOLLY, JohnfishermanCupids
CROKE, Michaelfisherman (Cupids road)
CROKE, Johnfisherman (Cupids road)
DAWE, ThomasfishermanCupids
DAWE, Robert srfishermanCupids
DAWE, SamuelfishermanCupids
DAWE, Wm. J.fishermanCupids
DAWE, JonathanfishermanCupids
DAWE, BenjaminfishermanCupids
DAWE, Robert jrfishermanCupids
DAWE, GilbertfishermanCupids
DAWE, CharlesfishermanCupids
DAWE, Wm.fishermanCupids
DAWE, GeorgefishermanCupids
DAWE, Jane, widCupids
DAWE, Mrs. wid HenryCupids
DAWE, MosesfishermanCupids
DAWE, GeofishermanCupids
DAWE, HenryfishermanCupids
DAWE, Wm.fishermanCupids
DAWE, Geo W.fishermanCupids
DAWE, SamuelfishermanCupids
DAWE, GeofishermanCupids
DAWE, Johnfisherman (Cupids road)
DWYER, Wm.fishermanCupids
DWYER, Robt J.fishermanCupids
DUNN, Jasfisherman (River head)
DAWE, Wm.fisherman (River head)
DAWE, Thosfisherman (River head)
DELANEY, Jasfisherman (River head)
DELANEY, Michaelfisherman (River head)
DELANEY, Thosfisherman (River head)
DELANEY, Richardfisherman (River head)
DUNN, Patkfisherman (River head)
DUNN, Jasfisherman (River head)
DUNN, Thosfisherman (River head)
DUNN, Jos jr.fishermanCupids
DUNN, EdwardfishermanCupids
DUNN, Wm.fishermanCupids
DUNN, JasfishermanCupids
DUNN, Jos sr.fishermanCupids
DELANEY, JasfishermanCupids
DELANEY, Mrs. wid MichaelCupids
EDWARDS, Samuelfisherman (Cupids road)
ETCHINGHAM, MartinfishermanCupids
FORD, JohnfishermanCupids
FORD, RobtfishermanCupids
FORD, WmfishermanCupids
FORD, SamuelfishermanCupids
FORD, NoahfishermanCupids
FOLEY, Jasfisherman (Cupids rd)
FOWLOW, NicholasfishermanCupids
FOWLOW, ThosfishermanCupids
GORDON, ThosfishermanCupids
GORDON, MarkfishermanCupids
HAYSE, Michaelfisherman (Cupids rd)
HAYSE, Patkfisherman (Cupids rd)
HAYSE, Johnfisherman (Cupids rd)
HAYSE, Jasfisherman (Cupids rd)
HAYSE, John (Jasfisherman (Cupids rd)
HAYSE, Michaelfisherman (Cupids rd)
HAYSE, John sr.fisherman (Cupids rd)
HOYLES, Josfisherman (Cupids rd)
HOYLES, Chasfisherman (Cupids rd)
HOYLES, Johnfisherman (Cupids rd)
HOYLES, Thosfisherman (Cupids rd)
HOYLES, Jasfisherman (Cupids rd)
HURLEY, mrs. wid Jas(Cupids rd)
IVANY, JasfishermanCupids
IVANY, John jr.fishermanCupids
IVANY, HenryfishermanCupids
IVANY, ThosfishermanCupids
IVANY, Wm. srfishermanCupids
IVANY, John sr.fishermanCupids
IVANY, Wm. jrfishermanCupids
IVANY, StephenfishermanCupids
KELLY, Wm.fishermanCupids
KELLY, JohnfishermanCupids
KEARNEY, NicholasfishermanCupids
LeDREW, SolomonfishermanCupids
LeDREW, JohnfishermanCupids
LeDREW, IsaacfishermanCupids
LeDREW, H.T.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, SolomonfishermanCupids
LeDREW, SamuelfishermanCupids
LeDREW, RobtfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Wm. C.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, JohnfishermanCupids
LeDREW, ArchibaldfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Geo A.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, ThosfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Alfred J.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, IsaacfishermanCupids
LeDREW, SolomonfishermanCupids
LeDREW, AbrahamfishermanCupids
LeDREW, WillisfishermanCupids
LeDREW, ChesleyfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Jas A.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, IsaacfishermanCupids
LeDREW, John A.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, JamesfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Thos jr.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, IsaacfishermanCupids
LeDREW, John (hyfishermanCupids
LeDREW, GeorgefishermanCupids
LeDREW, Hy AlbertfishermanCupids
LeDREW, NathanfishermanCupids
LeDREW, WilliamfishermanCupids
LeDREW, HenryfishermanCupids
LeDREW, JonathanfishermanCupids
LeDREW, JohnfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Moses sr.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, Geo (MosesfishermanCupids
LeDREW, John (MosesfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Jas (MosesfishermanCupids
LeDREW, Moses jr.fishermanCupids
LeDREW, Saml (SamlfishermanCupids
LEDSTER, ThosfishermanCupids
NOSEWORTHY, Wm.farmerCupids
NOSEWORTHY, Hy W.teacherCupids
Note: Repeated items are shown with an "do", meaning "ditto" in the directory. The following items are shown as "do" after Hy W. Noseworthy, teacher, so I have transcribed it that way. It is much more likely, however, that these men are fishermen, not teachers, and the "do" was misplaced.
NORMAN, JohnteacherCupids
NORMAN, John (WmteacherCupids
NORMAN, NathanteacherCupids
NEVILLE, NicholasteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY AzariahteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, JacobteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, W. G.teacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, J. R.teacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, ArchteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, JosteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, ThosteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, JonthnteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, JohnteacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, JosephteacherCupids
NORMAN, Wm.teacherCupids
NOSEWORTHY, Geoteacher (Rip rap)
NOSEWORTHY, Mrs. wid SamuelCupids
NOSEWORTHY, Thosteacher (Rip rap)
NORMAN, Josiahteacher (Rip rap)
NORMAN, Johnteacher (Rip rap)
NORMAN, Wm.teacher (Rip rap)
NORMAN, Jasteacher (Rip rap)
NORMAN, Jobteacher (Rip rap)
POWER, Johnteacher (Cupids rd)
POWER, Jas (Rdteacher (Cupids rd)
POWER, Wm.teacher (Cupids rd)
POWER, Richardteacher (Cupids road)
POWER, Lawrenceteacher (Cupids road)
POWER, Thomasteacher (Cupids road)
PAGE, Charlesteacher (Cupids road)
PRENDERGAST, Luketeacher (Cupids road)
PRENDERGAST, Wm.teacher (Cupids road)
PRENDERGAST, Michaelteacher (Cupids road)
PRENDERGAST, John teacher (Cupids road)
POWER, Michaelteacher (Cupids road)
POWER, RichardteacherCupids
POWER, John sr.teacherCupids
POWER, John jr.teacherCupids
POWER, Richard, jrteacherCupids
PEARCY, RichardteacherCupids
PEARCY, Wm.teacherCupids
POWER, Jasteacher (Connolly's hill)
PENDERGAST, Mrs. wid Michl(Rip Rap)
ROWE, Rachel, wid(Rip rap)
RICHARDS, GeorgefishermanCupids
ROWE, Wm.fishermanCupids
ROWE, Wm. S.fishermanCupids
ROWE, JamesfishermanCupids
ROWE, HenryfishermanCupids
ROWE, JohnfishermanCupids
ROWE, George sr.fishermanCupids
ROWE, George jr.fishermanCupids
SMITH, ThomasgentlemanCupids
SMITH, JohnteacherCupids
SMITH, Wm. srgentlemanCupids
SMITH, Wm. jrshopkeeperCupids
SMITH, BenjaminfishermanCupids
SMITH, Georgemas marCupids
SMITH, Azariahgen merchCupids
SAUNDERS, RichardfishermanCupids
SAUNDERS, WmfishermanCupids
SERRICK, RichardfishermanCupids
SERRICK, Wm.fishermanCupids
SERRICK, ThomasfishermanCupids
SERRICK, AlexanderfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, Wm. Hymas marCupids
SWANN, Rev. WmmethodistCupids
SHEPPARD, ThomasfishermanCupids
SHEPPARD, Wm.fishermanCupids
SHEPPARD, JordanfishermanCupids
SHEPPARD, CharlesfishermanCupids
SHEPPARD, JamesfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, ThomasfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, Wm. GeofishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, Samuelchairman road boardCupids
SPRACKLIN, JamesteacherCupids
SPRACKLIN, RobertfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, PearcyfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, JohnfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, John (JnofishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, Wm. EdfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, HoratiofishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, JohnfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, NathanielfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, ThomasfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, HerbertfishermanCupids
SPRACKLIN, Wm.fishermanCupids
SMITH, John (RobtfishermanCupids
TAYLOR, Henry T.fishermanCupids
TAYLOR, JohnfishermanCupids
TAYLOR, JacobfishermanCupids
TAYLOR, Wm.fishermanCupids
TAYLOR, HenryfishermanCupids
TAYLOR, Esther, wid(Rip-Rap)
WELLS, Georgesailor (River head)
WHELAN, Johnfisherman (River head)
WELLS, Jamesfisherman (River head)
WEBBER, Josephfisherman (River head)
WEBBER, Thomasfisherman (River head)
WEBBER, Wm.fisherman (River head)
WEBBER, Johnfisherman (River head)
WAKEHAM, Wm.cooper (Riverhead)
WELLS, Samuelfisherman (Riverhead)
WELLS, Wm. jrfisherman (Riverhead)
WELLS, Samuel jr.fisherman (Riverhead)
WHELAN, Henryfisherman (Riverhead)
WHELAN, Calebfisherman (Riverhead)
WHELAN, Jamesfisherman (Riverhead)
WHELAN, Wm.fisherman (Riverhead)
WELLS, Wm. sr.fisherman (Riverhead)
WELLS, Archibaldfisherman (Riverhead)
WELLS, Georgefisherman (Riverhead)
WHELAN, Julia, wid (Rip-Rap)

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