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Conception Bay North - Brigus District

Salmon Cove

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Place
ANTHONY, Robertfisherman-
ANTHONY, Wmfisherman-
ANTHONY, Jamesfisherman-
ANTHONY, Samuel jrfisherman-
ANTHONY, James (Wm.fisherman-
ANDREWS, Josephfisherman-
ANDREWS, Wm.fisherman-
BATTEN, Samuelshop keeper-
BATTEN, Johnfisherman-
BATTEN, Arthurfisherman-
BATTEN, Georgefisherman-
BATTEN, Elijahfisherman-
BATTEN, Jamesfisherman-
BATTEN, Christopherfisherman-
BATTEN, W Jfisherman-
BUSSEY, Henryfisherman-
BUSSEY, Thomasfisherman-
BUSSEY, Wmfisherman-
BUSSEY, Wm Jfisherman-
BUSSEY, Wm J srfisherman-
BIGGS, Jamesfisherman-
BIGGS, Mary, wid-
COVEYDUCK, Wmfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Josephfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Georgefisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Archibaldfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Josephfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Jamesfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Richardfisherman-
DARRELL, Rev JosiahEpiscopalian-
HUSSEY, Georgefisherman-
HUSEY, Thomasfisherman-
HUSSEY, Wm.fisherman-
HUSSEY, Charlesfisherman-
HUSSEY, Mary Jpostmistress-
HUSSEY, Johnfisherman-
HURLEY, Wm.fisherman-
HURLEY, Wm (Johnfisherman-
HURLEY, Johnfisherman-
LARACY, Jasfisherman-
LARACY, Thosfisherman-
LIDSTON, Thos W.fisherman-
LIDSTON, Noahfisherman-
LIDSTON, Johnfisherman-
LEDREW, Isaacfisherman-
MORGAN, Benjaminfisherman-
MORGAN, Harveyfisherman-
MORGAN, Benjamin Jr.fisherman-
MORGAN, Jasfisherman-
MORGAN, Johnfisherman-
MUGFORD, Jamesfisherman-
MUGFORD, Robtfisherman-
MUGRORD mrs., wid Jas-
MORGAN, Richardfisherman-
POWER, Ptkfisherman-
POWER, Jamesfisherman-
SMITH, Johnfisherman-
SMITH, Wmfisherman-
SMITH, Samuelfisherman-
SNOW, Jacobfisherman-
SNOW, John jr.fisherman-
SNOW, John sr.fisherman-
SNOW, Noahfisherman-
SNOW, Wmfisherman-
SNOW, Elijahfisherman-
WELLS, Wmfisherman-
WELLS, mrs. Lavinia, wid-
WELLS, Alexanderfisherman-
WELLS, mrs. Hannah, wid-
WELLS, Wm Johnfisherman-
WELLS, Geo Afisherman-
WELLS, Thosfisherman-
WELLS, Nathanfisherman-
WELLS, Theophilusfisherman-
WELLS, Richardfisherman-
WELLS, Robtfisherman-
WELLS, Wm Hfisherman-
WELLS, A. W.fisherman-
WELLS, Richd (Richdfisherman-
WELLS, Jordanfisherman-
WELLS, Richdfisherman-
WELLS, Thosfisherman-
WELLS, Geofisherman-
WALSH, Jamesfisherman-
WALSH, Edwardfisherman-
WALSH, Wmfisherman-
WALSH, Jas jr.--

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