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Conception Bay North - Brigus District

Turk's Gut

The information was transcribed by LISA ALMON ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Bartlett John srfarmer
Bartlett Robertdo
Bartlett Thos srdo
Bartlett Thos jrfisherman
Breen Johndo
Bartlett Wm srfarmer
Bartlett Wm (Jasfisherman
Bartlett Bartholomew do
Bartlett Josdo
Bartlett Wm jrdo
Bartlett John jrdo
Croake Thosdo
Foulow Laurencedo
Flynn Denisdo
Flaherty Timothydo
Flaherty Jasdo
Hayes Johndo
Hedderson Jacobdo
Hedderson Jasdo
Hedderson Thosdo
King Wmdo
Keough Michaeldo
Leary Michaelfarmer
McHugh John (Johnfisherman
McHugh Thos (Johndo
Moriarity Michaeldo
McHugh Chas srfarmer
McHugh John (Chasfisherman
McHugh Joseph srfarmer
McHugh Jas jrfisherman
McHugh John (Jasdo
McHugh Jas srfarmer
Moriarity Thos srdo
Moriarity Thos jrfisherman
Moriarity Johndo
Moriarity Patkfisherman
McHugh Thos srfarmer
McHugh Wm do
McHugh John (Thos fisherman
McHugh Thos jrdo
McHugh Chas jrdo
McHugh Jos jrdo
Newell Jasdo
Power Jasdo
Power Patk srfarmer
Power Patk jrfisherman
Power Corneliusdo
Powell Johndo
Powell Henry do
Rose Nicholasfarmer
Ryan John jrfisherman
Ryan Jasdo
Ryan Patk jrdo
Rose Thosdo
Rose Robtdo
Rose Nicholasdo
Ryan Briando
Ryan Patk srfarmer
Rose Jas fisherman
Ryan Johndo
Ryan David do
Rose Wmdo
Sparks Wmfarmer
Shea Daniel fisherman
Shea Denisdo
Shea Michael do
Shea Jeremiahdo
Shea Francisdo
Simms Johndo
Simms Wmdo
Simms Henry do
Street Geodo
Street Jas srfarmer
Street Jas jrfisherman
Whelan Thos do

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