NL GenWeb 1948 NL List of Electors

Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Polling Division #01

P.S.# - Polling Station Number. Chief Electoral Officer Sgd. N. Sharpe.

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ February 2002 exactly as the data appears in the original and posted to NFGenWeb on March 2002.

While I have tried to be careful, there could be problems due to transcription errors, interpretations, poor copies, or errors existing in the actual data.

1Bartlett, AnnieGeorgetown1F
2Bartlett, ClaraGeorgetown1F
3Bartlett, GeorgeGeorgetown1M
4Bartlett, George R.Georgetown1M
5Bartlett, StanleyGeorgetown1M
6Bartlett, SusieGeorgetown1F
7Bartlett, WilliamGeorgetown1M
8Clarke, CatherineGeorgetown1F
9Clarke, ClarenceGeorgetown1M
10Clarke, FrancesGeorgetown1F
11Clarke, John J.Georgetown1M
12Clarke, ElizabethGeorgetown1F
13Clarke, PhillipGeorgetown1M
14Fry, ElizabethGeorgetown1F
15Fry, JamesGeorgetown1M
16Hayes, AgnesMill Rd.1F
17Hayes, AliceMill Rd.1F
18Hayes, JamesMill Rd.1M
19Hayes, MarkMill Rd.1M
20Hayes, Mary B.Mill Rd.1F
21Hayes, ThomasMill Rd.1M
22Hayes, Thomas J.Mill Rd.1M
23Hayes, WilliamMill Rd.1M
24James, AliceGeorgetown1F
25James, AnnieGeorgetown1F
26James, EdwardGeorgetown1M
27Linthorne, ArchibaldGeorgetown1M
28Linthorne, ElizaMill Rd.1F
29Linthorne, ErnestMill Rd.1M
30Linthorne, HazelMill Rd.1F
31Linthorne, HarryMill Rd.1M
32Linthorne, JaneGeorgetown1F
33Linthorne, MargaretMill Rd.1M
34Linthorne, MaryMill Rd.1F
35Linthorne, JamesMill Rd.1M
36Linthorne, WalterMill Rd.1M
37Linthorne, WilliamMill Rd.1M
38Loveless, FredGeorgetown1M
39Loveless, MaxGeorgetown1M
40Loveless, NellieGeorgetown1F
41Loveless, WilliamGeorgetown1M
42Lush, JohannaGeorgetown1F
43Lush, MaryGeorgetown1F
44Lush, SamuelMill Rd.1M
45Lush, ThomasGeorgetown1M
46McCue, AliceGeorgetown1F
47McCue, ThomasGeorgetown1M
48McCue, Thomas A.Georgetown1M
49McCue, WilliamGeorgetown1M
50Morgan, NicholasGeorgetown1M
51Morgan, WilliamGeorgetown1M
52Moriarity, NoraGeorgetown1F
53Newell, AllisonGeorgetown1F
54Newell, BenjaminGeorgetown1M
55Newell, BertGeorgetown1M
56Newell, GeorgeGeorgetown1M
57Newell, ThomasGeorgetown1M
58Peddle, AnnaGeorgetown1F
59Peddle, WilliamGeorgetown1M
60Roberts, StanleyGeorgetown1M
61Roberts, SusanGeorgetown1F
62Rose, AllanGeorgetown1M
63Rose, CharlieGeorgetown1M
64Rose, ElizaGeorgetown1F
65Rose, EvelynMill Rd.1F
66Rose, JamesGeorgetown1M
67Rose, JohnGeorgetown1M
68Rose, KathleenGeorgetown1F
69Rose, MargaretGeorgetown1F
70Rose, MaryGeorgetown1F
71Rose, Robert (sr.)Georgetown1M
72Rose, Robert (jr.)Georgetown1M
73Rose, RuthGeorgetown1F
74Rose, Seymour (sr.)Georgetown1M
75Rose, Seymour (jr.)Georgetown1M
76Rose, ThomasGeorgetown1M
77Rose, WilliamMill Rd.1M
78Rose, William JohnGeorgetown1M
79Rose, WilliamGeorgetown1M
80Shea, JohnMill Rd.1M
81Shea, MichaelMill Rd.1M
82Shea, Mary (sr.)Mill Rd.1F
83Shea, Mary (jr.)Mill Rd.1F
84Shea, PeterMill Rd.1M
85Shea, ThomasMill Rd.1M
86Simms, JamesGeorgetown1M
87Simms, MaryGeorgetown1F
88Simms, ThomasGeorgetown1M
89Simms, ThomasGeorgetown1M
90Simms, WilliamMill Rd.1M
91Youden, CharlesGeorgetown1M
92Youden, CharlotteGeorgetown1F
93Youden, GeorgeGeorgetown1M
94Youden, JamesGeorgetown1M
95Youden, LauraGeorgetown1F
96Youden, MargaretGeorgetown1F
97Youden, WilliamGeorgetown1M
98Youden, William (of James)Georgetown1M

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