NL GenWeb 1948 NL List of Electors

Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Polling Division #25:

P.S.# - Polling Station Number

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ February 2002 exactly as the data appears in the original and posted to NFGenWeb on March 2002.

While I have tried to be careful, there could be problems due to transcription errors, interpretations, poor copies, or errors existing in the actual data.

1Adey, HildaBay Roberts25F
2Badcock, ElijahBay Roberts25M
3Badcock, FannyBay Roberts25F
4Badcock, MabelBay Roberts25F
5Baggs, GraceBay Roberts25F
6Baggs, James G.Bay Roberts25M
7Baggs, LouisaBay Roberts25F
8Baggs, MurielBay Roberts25F
9Baggs, RolandBay Roberts25M
10Baggs, WalterBay Roberts25M
11Barnes, Arthur Dr.Bay Roberts25M
12Barrett, LeightonBay Roberts25M
13Barrett, Mary G.Bay Roberts25F
14Barrett, Mary J.Bay Roberts25F
15Barrett, WilliamBay Roberts25M
16Barrett, William F.Bay Roberts25M
17Batten, Elizabeth A.Bay Roberts25F
18Batten, John C.Bay Roberts25M
19Batten, Patience E.Bay Roberts25F
20Batten, Vivian E.Bay Roberts25F
21Bellamy, CatherineBay Roberts25F
22Bellamy, William T.Bay Roberts25M
23Bemister, ReubenBay Roberts25M
24Bennett, FrederickBay Roberts25M
25Bennett, LydiaBay Roberts25F
26Bishop, EthelBay Roberts25F
27Bishop, JohnBay Roberts25M
28Bishop, RichardBay Roberts25M
29Bowering, EleanorBay Roberts25F
30Bowering, MalcolmBay Roberts25M
31Bradbury, JesseBay Roberts25M
32Bradbury, Lynda M.Bay Roberts25F
33Bradbury, MarthaBay Roberts25F
34Bradbury, ThomasBay Roberts25M
35Bradbury, Winnifred M.Bay Roberts25F
36Brien, Edith C.Bay Roberts25F
37Brien, Thomas A.Bay Roberts25M
38Burke, James L.Bay Roberts25M
39Burke, Rose E.Bay Roberts25F
40Calpin, AnnieBay Roberts25F
41Calpin, Augustus M.Bay Roberts25M
42Carivan, EllenBay Roberts25F
43Carnell, Margaret L.Bay Roberts25F
44Carnell, Roy G.Bay Roberts25M
45Cave, AnnieBay Roberts25F
46Cave, ArthurBay Roberts25M
47Cave, ClaraBay Roberts25F
48Cave, EdwardBay Roberts25M
49Cave, Elizabeth A.Bay Roberts25F
50Cave, EthelBay Roberts25F
51Cave, George C.Bay Roberts25M
52Cave, GladysBay Roberts25F
53Cave, MayBay Roberts25F
54Cave, Raymond J.Bay Roberts25M
55Cave, SarahBay Roberts25F
56Cave, StephenBay Roberts25M
57Cave, Victor H.Bay Roberts25M
58Churchill, AltonBay Roberts25M
59Churchill, DorothyBay Roberts25F
60Churchill, FannieBay Roberts25F
61Churchill, Flora B.Bay Roberts25F
62Churchill, IsabellaBay Roberts25F
63Churchill, IsaacBay Roberts25M
64Churchill, Maxwell R.Bay Roberts25M
65Churchill, WilliamBay Roberts25M
66Dale, Esther M.Bay Roberts25F
67Dale, JamesBay Roberts25M
68Dawe, J. CharlesBay Roberts25M
69Dawe, Elizabeth H.Bay Roberts25F
70Dawe, EugeneBay Roberts25M
71Dawe, Harry G.Bay Roberts25M
72Dawe, MaudBay Roberts25F
73Delaney, MargaretBay Roberts25F
74Dowling, Jemima E.Bay Roberts25F
75Dowling, John J.Bay Roberts25M
76Duggan, EvelynBay Roberts25F
77Earle, Annie E.Bay Roberts25F
78Earle, DoraBay Roberts25F
79Earle, HarveyBay Roberts25M
80Earle, NellieBay Roberts25F
81Earle, WilliamBay Roberts25M
82English, MaryBay Roberts25F
83English, PatrickBay Roberts25M
84English, WalterBay Roberts25M
85Farnham, Barbara M.Bay Roberts25F
86Farnham, Eugene J.Bay Roberts25M
87Fitzpatrick, JamesBay Roberts25M
88Fitzpatrick, James L.Bay Roberts25M
89Fitzpatrick, MargaretBay Roberts25F
90Fraser, Donald G.Bay Roberts25M
91French, Abram (of Abram)Bay Roberts25M
92French, Abram (of Edward)Bay Roberts25M
93French, AlbertBay Roberts25M
94French, AnnieBay Roberts25F
95French, CharlesBay Roberts25M
96French, DorisBay Roberts25F
97French, FlorenceBay Roberts25F
98French, George E.Bay Roberts25M
99French, Gordon N.Bay Roberts25M
100French, HelenBay Roberts25F
101French, John W.Bay Roberts25M
102French, LesterBay Roberts25M
103French, Lionel K.Bay Roberts25M
104French, MarjorieBay Roberts25F
105French, MelinaBay Roberts25F
106French, Raymond A.Bay Roberts25M
107French, SusieBay Roberts25F
108Godsell, MabellaBay Roberts25F
109Gosse, DorothyBay Roberts25F
110Gosse, Ethel G.Bay Roberts25F
111Gosse, JamesBay Roberts25M
112Guy, Gladys S.Bay Roberts25F
113Guy, William F.Bay Roberts25M
114Hall, Alice E.Bay Roberts25F
115Hall, ErnestBay Roberts25M
116Rambling, Florence V.Bay Roberts25F
117Rambling, John F.Bay Roberts25M
118Hardy, WilliamBay Roberts25M
119Harding, John C.Bay Roberts25M
120Harding, Sarah J.Bay Roberts25F
121Hefford, EricBay Roberts25M
122Hefford, LilyBay Roberts25F
123Hood, JennieBay Roberts25F
124Howard, AlbertBay Roberts25M
125Howard, MamieBay Roberts25F
126Hurst, Gertrude B.Bay Roberts25F
127Hurst, Lloyd G.Bay Roberts25M
128Hussey, George Bay Roberts25M
129Hussey, May V.Bay Roberts25F
130James. Kathleen M.Bay Roberts25F
131James, Robert S.Bay Roberts25M
132Jones, Beulah J.Bay Roberts25F
133Jones, Donald J.Bay Roberts25M
134Joy, Elizabeth J.Bay Roberts25F
135Joy, Mary J.Bay Roberts25F
136Kearley, ArchibaldBay Roberts25M
137Kearley, ArthurBay Roberts25M
138Kearley, ClaraBay Roberts25F
139Kearley, Clara J.Bay Roberts25F
140Kearley, John S.Bay Roberts25M
141Kearley, Margaret A.Bay Roberts25F
142Kearley, Myrtle F.Bay Roberts25F
143Kearley, J. RalphBay Roberts25M
144King, SarahBay Roberts25F
145Laing, Ernest A. A.Bay Roberts25M
146Laing, Mary A.Bay Roberts25F
147Legrow, GertrudeBay Roberts25F
148Legrow, Matthew H.Bay Roberts25M
149Legrow, Maud O.Bay Roberts25F
150Marshall, Eric J.Bay Roberts25M
151Marshall, HarveyBay Roberts25M
152Marshall, Isabel B.Bay Roberts25F
153Marshall, JosiahBay Roberts25M
154Marshall, MaryBay Roberts25F
155Marshall, Mary N.Bay Roberts25F
156Marshall, MurielBay Roberts25F
157Martin, BlancheBay Roberts25F
158Martin, NaomiBay Roberts25F
159Martin, SolomonBay Roberts25M
160Mercer, Alan E.Bay Roberts25M
161Mercer, AlbertBay Roberts (Crossroads)25M
162Mercer, AlbertBay Roberts (Back Road)25M
163Mercer, Alice K.Bay Roberts25F
164Mercer, AnnieBay Roberts25F
165Mercer, ArthurBay Roberts25M
166Mercer, BessieBay Roberts25F
167Mercer, BethlehemBay Roberts25M
168Mercer, CharlesBay Roberts25M
169Mercer, DaisyBay Roberts25F
170Mercer, DouglasBay Roberts25M
171Mercer, Edward A.Bay Roberts25M
172Mercer, ElizabethBay Roberts25F
173Mercer, EllenBay Roberts25F
174Mercer, EmilyBay Roberts25F
175Mercer, Ethel E.Bay Roberts25F
176Mercer, EugeneBay Roberts25M
177Mercer, GertrudeBay Roberts25F
178Mercer, Graham S.Bay Roberts25M
179Mercer, Graham W.Bay Roberts25M
180Mercer, HattieBay Roberts25F
181Mercer, HaywardBay Roberts25M
182Mercer, HazelBay Roberts25F
183Mercer, IdaBay Roberts25F
184Mercer, R. IrvingBay Roberts25M
185Mercer, IsaacBay Roberts25M
186Mercer, JacobBay Roberts25M
187Mercer, Jessie L.Bay Roberts25F
188Mercer, JohnathonBay Roberts25M
189Mercer, John St.Bay Roberts25M
190Mercer, John G.Bay Roberts25M
191Mercer, John (of Abram)Bay Roberts25M
192Mercer, JohnBay Roberts25M
193Mercer, LaviniaBay Roberts25F
194Mercer, Lillian R.Bay Roberts25F
195Mercer, Lionel S.Bay Roberts25M
196Mercer, Mary E.Bay Roberts25F
197Mercer, Mary C.Bay Roberts25F
198Mercer, Mary P.Bay Roberts25F
199Mercer, Mary (of William)Bay Roberts25F
200Mercer, Mary (of Johnathon)Bay Roberts25F
201Mercer, MayBay Roberts25F
202Mercer, May E.Bay Roberts25F
203Mercer, Mildred G.Bay Roberts25F
204Mercer, Mildred J.Bay Roberts25F
205Mercer, MinnieBay Roberts25F
206Mercer, NathanBay Roberts25M
207Mercer, PatienceBay Roberts25F
208Mercer, Patience (of William)Bay Roberts25F
209Mercer, Patience (of Don.)Bay Roberts25F
210Mercer, Raymond W.Bay Roberts25M
211Mercer, RitaBay Roberts25F
212Mercer, J. RobertBay Roberts25M
213Mercer, Samuel E.Bay Roberts25M
214Mercer, SophiaBay Roberts25F
215Mercer, SusannahBay Roberts25F
216Mercer, ThomasBay Roberts25M
217Mercer, Violet R.Bay Roberts25F
218Mercer, Wilfred S.Bay Roberts25M
219Mercer, Wilfred J.Bay Roberts25M
220Mercer, WillisBay Roberts25M
221Mercer, William E.Bay Roberts25M
222Mercer, William R.Bay Roberts25M
223Mercer, William J.Bay Roberts25M
224Mercer, William L.Bay Roberts25M
225Mercer, William (of Don.)Bay Roberts25M
226Mercer, WilliamBay Roberts25M
227Moore, Mary W.Bay Roberts25F
228Moore, WilliamBay Roberts25M
229Moores, HowardBay Roberts25M
230Moores, WinifredBay Roberts25F
231Mosdell, FannieBay Roberts25F
232Mosdell, James E.Bay Roberts25M
233Mosdell, Mary F.Bay Roberts25F
234Mosdell, Mary B.Bay Roberts25F
235Mosdell, SamuelBay Roberts25M
236Mosdell, W. SterlingBay Roberts25M
237Mosdell, StirlingBay Roberts25M
238Mosdell, VioletBay Roberts25F
239Myers, HelenaBay Roberts25F
240Myers, MargaretBay Roberts25F
241Myers, Roy W.Bay Roberts25M
242Norman, AmeliaBay Roberts25F
243Norman, Elizabeth R.Bay Roberts25F
244Norman, ElizabethBay Roberts25F
245Norman, FannieBay Roberts25F
246Norman, Florence J.Bay Roberts25F
247Norman, FredaBay Roberts25F
248Norman, HenryBay Roberts25M
249Norman, Isaac A.Bay Roberts25M
250Norman, IsaacBay Roberts25M
251Norman, James J.Bay Roberts25M
252Norman, JessieBay Roberts25F
253Norman, Maizie I.Bay Roberts25F
254Norman, Mary J.Bay Roberts25F
255Norman, Mary T.Bay Roberts25F
256Norman, MaudBay Roberts25F
257Norman, Robert J.Bay Roberts25M
258Norman, Ronald J.Bay Roberts25M
259Norman, SamuelBay Roberts25M
260Norman, Sarah G.Bay Roberts25F
261Norman, Thomas C.Bay Roberts25M
262Norman, VernonBay Roberts25M
263Norman, William C.Bay Roberts25M
264Norman, WilliamBay Roberts25M
265Norman, WinifredBay Roberts25F
266North, FannieBay Roberts25F
267North, JanieBay Roberts25F
268North, JohnBay Roberts25M
269Noseworthy, BelleBay Roberts25F
270Noseworthy, DorisBay Roberts25F
271Noseworthy, DorothyBay Roberts25F
272Noseworthy, Elias F.Bay Roberts25M
273Noseworthy, EvaBay Roberts25F
274Noseworthy, FannieBay Roberts25F
275Noseworthy, JamesBay Roberts25M
276Noseworthy, John E.Bay Roberts25M
277Noseworthy, JosiahBay Roberts25M
278Noseworthy, NormanBay Roberts25M
279Noseworthy, WilliamBay Roberts25M
280Oates, FrederickBay Roberts25M
281Oates, HildaBay Roberts25F
282O'Brien, Gerald E.Bay Roberts25M
283O'Brien, Louis A.Bay Roberts25M
284O'Brien, Mary P.Bay Roberts25F
285Ollerhead, Annie J.Bay Roberts25F
286Ollerhead, Frederick C.Bay Roberts25M
287O'Neill, MaryBay Roberts25F
288Parsons, Abram Capt.Bay Roberts25M
289Parsons, CharlotteBay Roberts25F
290Parsons, Emmie M.Bay Roberts25F
291Parsons, Ester W.Bay Roberts25F
292Parsons, FrancisBay Roberts25M
293Parsons, John Capt.Bay Roberts25M
294Parsons, Rachel F.Bay Roberts25F
295Parsons, W. RalphBay Roberts25M
296Peach, Frederick T.Bay Roberts25M
297Peach, Gertrude J.Bay Roberts25F
298Pepper, JamesBay Roberts25M
299Piercey, Emily S.Bay Roberts25F
300Piercey, John D.Bay Roberts25M
301Pitt, FlorrieBay Roberts25F
302Pitt, Thomas J. Rev.Bay Roberts25M
303Pritchard, Lionel S. Dr.Bay Roberts25M
304Pritchard, MurielBay Roberts25F
305Roach, EdwardBay Roberts25M
306Roach, MaryBay Roberts25F
307Russell, CarmaBay Roberts25F
308Russell, FannieBay Roberts25F
309Russell, GrahamBay Roberts25M
310Russell, JohnBay Roberts25M
311Russell, Stephen F.Bay Roberts25M
312Saunders, EsterBay Roberts25F
313Saunders, InaBay Roberts25F
314Saunders, IrvingBay Roberts25M
315Saunders, JamesBay Roberts25M
316Saunders, RitaBay Roberts25F
317Saunders, RobertBay Roberts25M
318Saunders, SusannahBay Roberts25F
319Seward, AnnieBay Roberts25F
320Seward, Cyril SergeantBay Roberts25M
321Simpson, BeatriceBay Roberts25F
322Simpson, John A.Bay Roberts25M
323Smith, AliceBay Roberts25F
324Smith, ChesterBay Roberts25M
325Snow, AlanBay Roberts25M
326Snow, Annie N.Bay Roberts25F
327Snow, Annie (of James)Bay Roberts25F
328Snow, Annie (of Charles)Bay Roberts25F
329Snow, Annie (of Edward)Bay Roberts25F
330Snow, BaxterBay Roberts25M
331Snow, CharlesBay Roberts25M
332Snow, ClaraBay Roberts25F
333Snow, EdwardBay Roberts25M
334Snow, EmilyBay Roberts25F
335Snow, Ernest W.Bay Roberts25M
336Snow, GraceBay Roberts25F
337Snow, Hayward A.Bay Roberts25M
338Snow, James S.Bay Roberts25M
339Snow, James H. Capt.Bay Roberts25M
340Snow, James (Barber)Bay Roberts25M
341Snow, James (of Henry)Bay Roberts25M
342Snow, JaneBay Roberts25F
343Snow, JessieBay Roberts25F
344Snow, John C.Bay Roberts25M
345Snow, John (of John)Bay Roberts25M
346Snow, John (of Edward)Bay Roberts25M
347Snow, Lucinda P.Bay Roberts25F
348Snow, Mabel Bay Roberts25F
349Snow, MarionBay Roberts25F
350Snow, Margaret E.Bay Roberts25F
351Snow, MaryBay Roberts25F
352Snow, Maxwell E.Bay Roberts25M
353Snow, MayBay Roberts25F
354Snow, NaomiBay Roberts25F
355Snow, PearlBay Roberts25F
356Snow, Phillip J.Bay Roberts25M
357Snow, PhillipBay Roberts25M
358Snow, RaymondBay Roberts25M
359Snow, RachelBay Roberts25F
360Snow, SusieBay Roberts25F
361Snow, VioletBay Roberts25F
362Snow, Wallace L.Bay Roberts25M
363Snow, WarrenBay Roberts25M
364Snow, WillisBay Roberts25M
365Snow, Winnifred M.Bay Roberts25F
366Snow, WinnifredBay Roberts25F
367Sparkes, MaryBay Roberts25F
368Starr, Dorothy A.Bay Roberts25F
369Starr, Frederick E.Bay Roberts25M
370Strick, Hilda N.Bay Roberts25F
371Strick, Leonard T.Bay Roberts25M
372Taylor, HarrisBay Roberts25M
373Taylor, MarionBay Roberts25F
374Tipple, EdwardBay Roberts25M
375Tipple, Harry S.Bay Roberts25M
376Tipple, Mina J.Bay Roberts25F
377Terehard, EdwardBay Roberts25M
378Terehard, MabelBay Roberts25F
379Wells, FrankBay Roberts25M
380Wells, HubertBay Roberts25M
381Wells, JaneBay Roberts25F
382Whelan, Mary A.Bay Roberts25F
383White, George W.Bay Roberts25M
384White, James F.Bay Roberts25M
385White, LavinaBay Roberts25F
386White, LizzieBay Roberts25F
387White, RosannaBay Roberts25F
388Wilcox, AnnieBay Roberts25F
389Wilcox, InaBay Roberts25F
390Wilcox, WilliamBay Roberts25M
391Williams, Joseph D.Bay Roberts25M
392Williams, Marcella A.Bay Roberts25F
393Winsor, Elizabeth E.Bay Roberts25F
394Winsor, FrederickBay Roberts25M
395Winsor, John T.Bay Roberts25M
396Winsor, SusieBay Roberts25F
397Wood, Andrew H.Bay Roberts25M
398Wood, EricBay Roberts25M
399Wood, SelinaBay Roberts25F
400Wood, WallaceBay Roberts25M
401Yetman, ClarenceBay Roberts25M
402Yetman, CliffordBay Roberts25M
403Yetman, ElizabethBay Roberts25F
404Yetman, GeorgeBay Roberts25M
405Yetman, JennieBay Roberts25F
406Yetman, PearlBay Roberts25F
407Yetman, WalterBay Roberts25M

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
On 1948 voters list nos 116 and 117 on PS#25, should be HAMBLING and not Rambling as posted. Dave Carnell

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