NL GenWeb Bay Robert's 1928 Directory

Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Bay Robert's (Pages: 495, 496, 498-501)

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ March 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Baggs, HenryLabourer
Bartlett, WilliamRetired
Bartlett, JudsonMerchant groceries provisions dry goods etc
Bartlett, WilliamRetired
Barrett, Wm.Wireless Operator
BISHOP, JohnLabourer
Butt, George SCable Operator
Bradbury, JacobLabourer
BOWERING E & JContractors and Builders Boats and Specialty,
Bowering, IsaacCarpenter
Badcock, George E.Painter
Brown, EdwardMachinist
Brown, James of Jas.Labourer
Brown, James C. Miner
Brown, Samuel of Jas.Fisherman
Brown, James of SamLabourer
Brown, ThomasSeaman
Brown, Stephen (Retired)Fisherman
Brown, Wm. of Wm.Fisherman
Baggs, JamesCarpenter
Badcock, JamesCarpenter
Badcock, JohnCarpenter
Badcock, JohnShoemaker
Bemister, ReubenCable Operator
Bradbury, Wm.Carpenter
Bellamy, Wm.Cable Operator
Bailey, Jas. C.Cable Operator
Brien, ThomasCable Operator
Burke, JamesCable Operator
Brennan, JamesLabourer
Brennan, BernardCarpenter
Brennan, JosephFisherman
Brennan, RichardFarmer
Brennan, WalterPostal Clerk
Brennan, WalterCarpenter
Brennan, MarkLabourer
Brennan, PatrickLabourer
Bowering, ChesterS.A. Officer
Bowering, ThomasCarpenter
Bishop, JosephCarpenter
Brown, Wm. J.Carpenter
Brown, HarryCarpenter
Brown, GeorgeSeaman
Brown, HenryFisherman
Brown, SamuelLabourer
Brown, NormanCarpenter
Cave, ElijahFisherman
Cave, JohnFisherman
Cave, GeorgeMail Carrier
Cave, CharlesShoemaker
Cave, HenryFisherman
Cave, ArthurCarpenter
Cave, EdwardBlacksmith
Cave, StephenCarpenter
Critch, StephenTinsmith
Critch, GordonTinsmith
Chard, JosephFur Trader
Crosbie, WalterMechanic
Clery, WilliamFarmer
Clery, EdwardCarpenter
Clery, DanielFarmer
Crane, GeorgeLabourer
Crane, WilferdCarpenter
Churchill, Mrs. RobertWidow
Churchill, Robert M.Seaman
Churchill, R.Merchant General Business
Connell, RichardLabourer
Calpin, AugustusTrader
Dawe, C & AGeneral Merchants and Coal Dealers
Dawe, J. W.Merchant
Dawe, StephenCable Operator
Dawe, RobertCoal Dealer and Taxi Service
Dawe, WilliamLumber Mfgr.
Dawe, WilfredFactory Mgr.
Dawe, Wm. & SonsTimber Merchants and Manufacturers
Dawe, LewisMerchant
Dawe, AugustusFactory Mgr.
Dawe, MaxwellAccountant
Dawe, FredrickMachinist
Dawson, Misses E.M. & M.G.Groceries, Novelties and Confectionery
Dawson, JefferyFisherman
Dawson, ThomasLabourer
Dawson, JamesLabourer
Dawson, SylvesterCarpenter
Dawson, WilliamFisherman
Dawson, AugustusLabourer
Dawson, CharesMechanic
Dawson, JohnLabourer
Dawson, ThomasLabourer
Delaney, LeoLabourer
Delaney, MarkFarmer
Delaney, MartinFisherman
Delaney, JohnFisherman
Delaney, JamesLabourer
Delaney, BernardCarpenter
Delaney, PhillipCarpenter
Delaney, ArthurMachinist
Delaney, Michael J.Labourer
Delaney, RichardLab.
Delaney, JamesLabourer
Deering, OwenLabourer
Dwyer, AlexPolice Officer
Earle, John Thos.Labourer
Earle, ZebebeeLabourer
Elms, JohnLabourer
Elms, WilliamClerk
English, PatrickLabourer
Fagan, CharlesElectrician
Fraser, D.G.Chemist and Druggist, Ice Cream Parlors
Finn, RichardCable Operator
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Labourer
Fitzpatrick, Thomas T.Seaman
Fitzpatrick, StephenLabourer
Fitzpatrick, ThomasLabourer
Fitzpatrick, JohnLabourer
Fitzpatrick, AugustusLabourer
Fitzpatrick, PatrickLabourer
Fitzpatrick, PatrickLabourer
Fitzpatrick, BernardLabourer
Fitzpatrick, PatrickFisherman
Fitzpatrick, JamesLabourer
Fitzpatrick, Patrick J.Labourer
Fleming, PatrickFarmer
Fleming, ThomasFarmer
Fleming, JohnFarmer
Fradsham, AlbertMerchant
Fradsham, JohnRetired
French, AbramPainter
French, JohnPainter
Guardian, TheC. E. Russell Editor and Prop. Published Weekly
George, ArthurCable Operator
Guy, WilliamCable Operator
Hambling, JohnCable Operator
Hardy, Wm.Machinist
Hayes, ArchMaster Marine
Hayes, RobertSeaman
Hillyard, BertramCable Operator
Hirst, LloydCable Operator
Howard, AlbertCable Operator
Jones, J. K.Cable Operator
Keefe, EdwardCable Operator
Keefe, JohnLabourer
Keefe, ThomasLabourer
Kelly, ArthurEngineer
Kieley, JohnCable Operator
Lawrence, WilliamLabourer
McLeod, ThomasPhysician
Marshall, IsraelMerchant
Marshall, JosiahMerchant
Mercer, A. C.Merchant Dry Goods Groceries etc.
Mercer, ArchMerchant
Mercer, EdmundForeman
Mercer, Albert E.Merchant
Mercer, AlexanderLabourer
Mercer, StephenFisherman
Mercer, NathanLabourer
Mercer, GeoreCarpenter
Mercer, AbramLabourer
Mercer, ChristopherFisherman
Mercer, JacobFisherman
Mercer, ThomasCarpenter
Mercer, JohnCarpenter
Mercer, John of EliWatchmaker
Mercer, JohnLabourer
Mercer, EsauRetired
Mercer, CharlesCarpenter
Mercer, Wm.Carpenter
Mercer, Robert J.Carp.
Mercer, JamesCarpenter
Mercer, HenryCarpenter
Mercer, ThomasLabourer
Mercer, BenjaminLabourer
Mercer, JohnLabourer
Mercer, SamuelLabourer
Mercer, S. E.Merchant General Business
Mercer, WilferdMechanic
Mercer, CyrilPrinter
Mercer, AlbertFisherman
Mercer, DonaldFisherman
Mercer, Walter J.Cable Operator
Morgan, JohnMerchant
Moore, FrankTrader
Moore, JohnClerk
Moore, Wm.Carpenter
Myers, Roy W.Cable Operator
Norman, HenryFisherman
Norman, RichardLabourer
Norman, ArchibaldLab
Norman, MarkLabourer
Norman, Wm.Fisherman
Norman, ThomasFisherman
North, GeorgeEngineer
North, JohnFisherman
Noseworthy, JosephGovt. Official
O'Brien, LouisCable Operator
Payne, HarryCable Operator
Parsons, Isaac, H. M. Customs
Parsons, Wm.H. M. Customs
Parsons, JohnGeneral Merchant, Phones Business 24 House 24.
Parsons, AbramTrader
Peach, F. F.Cable Operator
Pepper, JamesCooper
Pritchard, Dr. L. S.Physician
Russell, Charles R.Printer
Russell, JohnLabourer
Russell, StephenTeacher
Ryan, RichardWireless Operator
Ryan's HotelMrs. A. Ryan, Proprietress
Russell, JosephLightkeeper
Russell, AbramCarpenter
Russell, Charles E.MHA
Russell, ReubenFreight Agent
Russell, Wm. Cable Line Repairer
Russell, IsaacFarmer
Russell, EdwardCarpenter
Russell, HubertIron Worker
Russell, SamuelWheelwright
Russell, FredSeaman
Russell, StephenWheelwright
Russell, WilliamLabourer
Russell, HerbertLabourer
Serricks, GeorgePurser
Simmons, J.Commandant S. A.
Simms, Capt.Teacher
Snow, JamesBarber
Snow, HenryLabourer
Snow, IsaacMerchant
Snow, L.Carpenter
Snow, PhillipFisherman
Snow, George C.Labourer
Snow, EdwardFisherman
Snow, John C.Fisherman
Snow, Jno of Wm.Fisherman
Snow, CharlesCarpenter
Snow, EdwardCarpenter
Snow, James S.Merchant
Snow, John of Edw.Clerk
Snow, WillisLabourer
Snow, LockyerCarpenter
Snow, Henry N.Carpenter
Snow, HaywardTaximan
Somerton, ArthurLabourer
Sparkes, IsaacRetired, (Fisherman)
Sparkes, JohnCarpenter
Sparkes, Malcolm A.Labourer
Sparkes, AubreyMerchant
Sparkes, RichardCarpenter
Squires, GeorgeLabourer
Taylor, Mrs. DorcasHotel Proprietress
Tipple, HaroldStation Agent
Tipple, Mr.Retired (Station Agent)
Trenchard, IsaacCable Office
Trenchard, EdwardCarpenter
Wilcox, ArchibaldLabourer
Winsor, FredElectrician
Wood, A. H.Tinsmith and Motor Mechanic
White, JamesCarpenter
White, GeorgeCarpenter
Wilson, ArthurCable Operator
Wells, Robert J.Retired (Policeman)
Wilcox, RalphSteamship Oiler
Yetman, JohnLabourer
Yetman, JohnLabourer

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
DAW Dawe, JW, is really John Whelan Daw, my grandfather and son of Azariah Daw. JW Daw was born 1887 and died 1957. Richard Daw

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