NL GenWeb 1864 Hutchinson's Directory

Conception Bay North Region - Port de Grave District

Bay Roberts

The information was transcribed by JUDITH WHITE HUGHES ~ 1998. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
BABCOCK, Francisfisherman
BABCOCK, Francis Jr.fisherman
BABCOCK, Georgefisherman
BABCOCK, Henrycarpenter
BABCOCK, Johnfisherman
BABCOCK, Josiahfisherman
BABCOCK, Nathanielfisherman
BABCOCK, Richardfisherman
BABCOCK, Williamfisherman
BABCOCK, William H.fisherman
BAGGS, Richardcarpenter
BARRETT, Abrahamplanter
BARRETT, Jacobplanter
BARRETT, Mosesplanter
BARRETT, Robertplanter
BARTLETT, Isaacvessel owner and general dealer
BARTLETT, Robertfisherman
BARTLETT, Williamvessel owner and general dealer
BATTEN, Samuelfisherman
BEASENT, Henryfisherman
BEASENT, Johnschool teacher
BEASENT, Williamfisherman
BISHOP, Charles Jr.fisherman
BISHOP, Christopher Jr.planter
BISHOP, Christopher Sr.planter
BISHOP, Emanuelfisherman
BISHOP, George [of Charles]fisherman
BISHOP, George [of Christopher]planter
BISHOP, Henryfisherman
BISHOP, John [of William]fisherman
BOWRING, Jamesplanter
BOWRING, Richardplanter
BRADBURY, Abrahamplanter
BRADBURY, Benjaminfisherman
BRADBURY, Charles [of Abraham]fisherman
BRADBURY, Charles [of Jonathan]planter
BRADBURY, Charles Sr.planter
BRADBURY, Edwardfisherman
BRADBURY, Eliplanter
BRADBURY, Francisfisherman
BRADBURY, Henry [of Isaac]planter
BRADBURY, Henry N.planter
BRADBURY, Johnplanter
BRADBURY, Joseph [of Abraham]fisherman
BRADBURY, Joseph [of Charles]planter
BRADBURY, Joshuaplanter
BRADBURY, Richardplanter
BRADBURY, Richardplanter
BRADBURY, Solomonplanter
BRADBURY, Stephenplanter
BRADBURY, Stephen [of Jonathan]planter
BRADBURY, William [of Abraham]planter
BRADBURY, William [of Isaac]fisherman
BRENNAN, Walterfarmer
BROWN, Johnfisherman
BROWN, Williamplanter
BROWN, Williamplanter
BUCKINGHAM, Johnfisherman
BURSELL, Williamteacher
BUTLER, Michaelfisherman
BUTLER, Thomasfarmer
BUTLER, Thomasfarmer
CALPIN, Charlesblacksmith
CALPIN, Charleshigh constable and blacksmith
CALPIN, Josiahblacksmith
CALPIN, Thomasblacksmith
CAVE, Edwardblacksmith
CAVE, Henryblacksmith
CHURCHILL, Jamesfisherman
CHURCHILL, Jamesfisherman
CHURCHILL, Robertfisherman
CHURCHILL, Williamfisherman
CLEARY, Thomasfisherman
CORMACK, Richardmerchant
COSTIGAN, Williamaccountant
COPELY, Thomasfisherman
CRANE, George Jr.carpenter
CRANE, George Sr.carpenter
CRANE, Henryplanter
CRANE, Stephenplanter
CRANE, Williamcarpenter
CULLERTON, Jamesdealer
CUMMING, Jamesaccountant
DAW, Abrahamfisherman
DAW, Charlesvessel owner and general dealer
DAW, Elijahvessel owner
DAW, Isaacfisherman
DAW, Jacobfisherman
DAW, Nathanielfisherman
DAW, Thomasfisherman
DAW, Robertvessel owner and general dealer
DAW, Robert Jr.vessel owner and general dealer
DAWSON, Johnplanter
DAWSON, Richardfisherman
DAWSON, Stephenplanter
DAWSON, Thomasplanter
DAWSON, Williamplanter
DEAL, Johnfisherman
DEER, Josephfisherman
DEER, Williamfisherman
DELANEY, Jamesplanter
DELANEY, John [of James]planter
DELANEY, John Jr.planter
DELANEY, John Sr.planter
DELANEY, Joseph Jr.planter
DELANEY, Joseph Sr.planter
DELANEY, Mark Jr.planter
DELANEY, Mark Sr.planter
DELANEY, Martinplanter
DELANEY, Martinplanter
DELANEY, Martinplanter
DELANEY, Matthewcarpenter
DELANEY, Patrickplanter
DELANEY, Patrickplanter
DELANEY, Richard Jr.planter
DELANEY, Richard Sr.planter
DELANEY, Stephenplanter
DELANEY, Thomasplanter
DELANEY, Williamplanter
DONOVAN, Richardshoemaker
DROVER, Nathanieltailor
DWYER, Johnfisherman
EARLE, Charlesplanter
EARLE, Georgefisherman
EARLE, Jamesplanter
EARLE, John [of John]fisherman
EARLE, John Jr.fisherman
EARLE, John Sr.fisherman
EARLE, Nathanielfisherman
EARLE, Thomascarpenter
EARLE, Williamaccountant
EARLE, William [of Thomas]fisherman
ELEMS, Henryplanter
ELEMS, Johnfisherman
ELEMS, Williamfisherman
FARRELL, Michaelfisherman
FITZGERALD, Jamesway-office keeper
FITZGERALD, Owenpublican
FITZPATRICK, Henryfisherman
FITZPATRICK, Martinfisherman
FITZPATRICK, Patrickfisherman
FLYNN, Davidplanter
FLEMMING, Patrickfisherman
FLEMMING, Thomasfarmer
FRADSHAM, Josephplanter
FRADSHAM, Peterplanter
FRASER, William M.D.physician
FREANEY, Michaelplanter
FREANEY, Patrickplanter
FREANEY, Richardplanter
FRENCH, Abraham [of John]planter
FRENCH, Benjaminplanter
FRENCH, Charles [of Nathaniel]fisherman
FRENCH, Charles [of Thomas]planter
FRENCH, Edwardfisherman
FRENCH, Edward [of Abraham]planter
FRENCH, Edward [of Samuel]planter
FRENCH, Edward [of William]planter
FRENCH, Georgefisherman
FRENCH, James Sr.planter
FRENCH, James [of Thomas]planter
FRENCH, Johnvessel owner
FRENCH, John Toomeyplanter
FRENCH, Jonathanplanter
FRENCH, Nathanielfisherman
FRENCH, Robertfisherman
FRENCH, Robert [of William]planter
FRENCH, Solomonplanter
FRENCH, Thomas [of James]planter
FRENCH, Thomas [of Thomas]planter
FRENCH, Thomas [of William]planter
FRENCH, William Sr.planter
GOOSNEY, Philipfisherman
GOUSNEY, Robertfisherman
GRAY, Francisplanter
GRAY, Thomasplanter
GREEN, W. S.J. P., merchant
GREENLAND, George Jr.vessel owner
GREENLAND, George Sr.vessel owner
GREENLAND, Johnvessel owner
GREENLAND, Stephenvessel owner
GULNEY, Matthewfisherman
HADDON, Thomasaccountant
HAYS, Robertplanter
HEDDERSON, Thomasplanter
HIELIHY, G. W. R.J. P., preventive officer
HOLMES, Edwardplanter
HOLMES, Georgeplanter
HOLMES, Henryplanter
HOLMES, Johnplanter
HOOPER, Jesseaccountant
JACKSON, Georgecooper
JARDINE, Johnaccountant
JONES, Williamfisherman
KEARLEY, Abrahamfisherman
KEARLEY, Isaacfisherman
KEARLEY, Jamesfisherman
KEARLEY, Johnplanter
KEARLEY, Solomonplanter
KEARLEY, Thomasplanter
KEEFE, Johnschool teacher
KEEFE, Peterfisherman
KEEFE, Thomasfarmer
KELLY, Frederickplanter
KELLY, Johnplanter
KELLY, Richardplanter
KELLY, Thomascarpenter
KELLY, Williamplanter
KENNEY, Edwardschool teacher
LISTLE, Malcolmfisherman
LITTLEJOHN, Williamfarmer
LUTTERELL, Jamesfisherman
LUTTERELL, Jamesfisherman
McSTRAVACK, Jamesaccountant
McSTRAVACK, Johndealer
MARSHALL, Williamfisherman
MENTIONS, Lukefisherman
MERCER, Abrahamfisherman
MERCER, Abrahamfisherman
MERCER, Abraham Jr.fisherman
MERCER, Benjaminplanter
MERCER, Charlesplanter
MERCER, Charlesvessel owner
MERCER, Charles [of Abraham]fisherman
MERCER, Charles [of Charles]planter
MERCER, Charles [of Elijah]fisherman
MERCER, Charles [of William]fisherman
MERCER, Christopherplanter
MERCER, Edward Jr.planter
MERCER, Edward [of John]fisherman
MERCER, Edward [of William]fisherman
MERCER, Eli [of George]fisherman
MERCER, Eli Sr.planter
MERCER, Elijahplanter
MERCER, Elijah Jr.fisherman
MERCER, Elijah [of Abraham]fisherman
MERCER, Esau [of Charles]vessel owner
MERCER, George Jr.fisherman
MERCER, Henry Jr.fisherman
MERCER, Isaac Jr.fisherman
MERCER, Jabezfisherman
MERCER, Jacobfisherman
MERCER, James [of John]fisherman
MERCER, James [of Samuel]fisherman
MERCER, John Sr.fisherman
MERCER, Jonathanfisherman
MERCER, Jonathanplanter
MERCER, Jonathan [of Henry]fisherman
MERCER, Joseph [of William]fisherman
MERCER, Mosesfisherman
MERCER, Nathanielfisherman
MERCER, Reubenfisherman
MERCER, Richard [of Edward]planter
MERCER, Richard [of Israel]planter
MERCER, Richard [of John]planter
MERCER, Robertfisherman
MERCER, Robert [of Charles]vessel owner
MERCER, Samuelplanter
MERCER, Samuel [of Edward]planter
MERCER, Samuel [of Simon]fisherman
MERCER, Simon Jr.fisherman
MERCER, Simon Sr.fisherman
MERCER, Solomon Jr.fisherman
MERCER, Staffordplanter
MERCER, Stephen Sr.fisherman
MERCER, Stephen [of Abraham]fisherman
MERCER, Thomas Jr.planter
MERCER, Thomas Sr.fisherman
MERCER, Thomas [of Edward]planter
MERCER, Thomas [of Elijah]fisherman
MERCER, Tobiasfisherman
MERCER, Williamfisherman
MERCER, William Sr.fisherman
MERCER, William [of George]fisherman
MERCER, William [of James]fisherman
MERCER, William [of Solomon]planter
MERCER, William [of William]fisherman
MERCER, Zebedeeplanter
MORGAN, Abraham [of Edward]-
MORGAN, Abraham [of George]-
MOSDELL, Richard-
MOSDELL, Samuel-
MOSDELL, William Jr.-
MOSDELL, William Sr.-
NEAL, James-
NEAL, Jeremiah-
NEAL, John-
NEAL, Michael Jr.-
NORMAN, Abrahamfisherman
NORMAN, Abraham [of John]fisherman
NORMAN, Danielfisherman
NORMAN, Edwardplanter
NORMAN, Henryplanter
NORMAN, Jethrofisherman
NORMAN, Johnfisherman
NORMAN, Samuel Jr.fisherman
NORMAN, Thomasplanter
NORMAN, Thomasplanter
NORMAN, Williamfisherman
NORMAN, William [of John]fisherman
NORTH, Henryfisherman
NORTH, Johnforeman
O'NEILL, Johnfarmer
O'NEILL, Michaelfarmer
O'ROURK, Williamfarmer
ORR, James & Companymerchants
PACK, Johnaccountant
PACK, Miss Elizateacher
PACK, Miss Emmateacher
PACK, Miss Roseteacher
PARSONS, Bartholomewplanter
PARSONS, Charles [of William]planter
PARSONS, Elijahfisherman
PARSONS, Esaufisherman
PARSONS, Georgeplanter
PARSONS, Isaacplanter
PARSONS, James [of Robert]planter
PARSONS, John Jr.fisherman
PARSONS, John [of Charles]planter
PARSONS, John [of William]fisherman
PARSONS, Jonathan Jr.planter
PARSONS, Jordanplanter
PARSONS, Josephplanter
PARSONS, Mosesplanter
PARSONS, Robertfisherman
PARSONS, Robert Jr.planter
PARSONS, Robert [of Abraham]planter
PARSONS, Stephen-
PARSONS, Stephen [of Abraham]planter
PARSONS, Thomasplanter
PARSONS, William Jr.fisherman
PARSONS, William Sr.fisherman
PARSONS, William [of Abraham]planter
PEPPER, Robertcooper and constable
PEPPER, Williamcooper and constable
PHELAN, Thomascarpenter
ROBERTS, John A.telegraph operator
RUSSELL, Abraham Jr.fisherman
RUSSELL, Abraham [of William]planter
RUSSELL, Edwardfisherman
RUSSELL, Edwardplanter
RUSSELL, Edward Jr.planter
RUSSELL, Edward Sr.planter
RUSSELL, Elijahplanter
RUSSELL, Georgefisherman
RUSSELL, Henryplanter
RUSSELL, Isaac [Churchill]planter
RUSSELL, Isaac [of Joseph]planter
RUSSELL, Isaac [of Stephen]planter
RUSSELL, John [of Abraham]planter
RUSSELL, John [of William]planter
RUSSELL, Joseph [of Henry]planter
RUSSELL, Mosesfisherman
RUSSELL, Stephenfisherman
RUSSELL, Stephen Jr.planter
RUSSELL, Stephen Sr.planter
RUSSELL, Stephen [of Henry]planter
RUSSELL, Williamplanter
RUSSELL, Williamplanter
RUSSELL, William [of Henry]planter
RUSSELL, William [of Joseph]planter
SAMWAYES, Peterplanter
SAUNDERS, Jamesfisherman
SAUNDERS, Johnfisherman
SEYMOUR, Thomas Jr.fisherman
SEYMOUR, Thomas Sr.farmer
SEYMOUR, Williamfisherman
SHARP, Abrahamfisherman
SHEARS, Rev. W. -
SNOW, Abnerfisherman
SNOW, Abner Jr.fisherman
SNOW, Abraham [of John]planter
SNOW, Adamplanter
SNOW, Charles Jr.planter
SNOW, Charles Sr.planter
SNOW, Edward Jr.planter
SNOW, Edward Sr.planter
SNOW, Georgeplanter
SNOW, Henry Jr.planter
SNOW, Henry Sr.planter
SNOW, Isaacplanter
SNOW, Isaacplanter
SNOW, Jamesplanter
SNOW, James Sr.planter
SNOW, Jephthafisherman
SNOW, Johnplanter
SNOW, John Jr.planter
SNOW, John [of Abner]fisherman
SNOW, John [of Lot]master mariner
SNOW, John [of William]planter
SNOW, Stephenplanter
SNOW, Williamplanter
SNOW, William Jr.planter
SNOW, William [of Abner]fisherman
SPARKES, Edwardfisherman
SPARKES, Isaacplanter
SPARKES, James Jr.planter
SPARKES, James Sr.planter
SPARKES, Johnfisherman
SPARKES, Joseph Jr.fisherman
SPARKES, Joseph Sr.fisherman
SPARKES, Nathanielfisherman
SPARKES, Thomasfisherman
SPARKES, Williamplanter
SPARKES, William Jr.planter
SPARKES, William Sr.planter
SPENCER, Henryplanter
SPENCER, Samuelplanter
SQUIRES, Georgefisherman
SQUIRES, Johnplanter
SQUIRES, Jonathanfisherman
SQUIRES, Robertfisherman
TAYLOR, Richardbookkeeper
TIPPET, Jamesfisherman
TIPPET, Johnfisherman
TIPPET, Robertfisherman
TIPPET, Williamfisherman
TITFORD, Jamesfisherman
TOBIN, Johnfisherman
TRACEY, Georgefisherman
TURBILL, Charlesfisherman
VEY, Williamsailmaker
WALSH, Dennismason
WALSH, Stephen-
WILCOX, Benjaminfisherman
WILCOX, Edwardfisherman
WILLIAMS, Georgefarmer
WOODS, Charlesschooner owner
WOODS, Jamesschooner owner
WOODS, Philipschooner owner
WOODS, Williamschooner owner

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