NL GenWeb 1898 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Bay Roberts

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Address Occupation
Badcock IsaacFrench's cvfshman
Badcock John (Wmdodo
Badcock Josiahdodo
Badcock Georgedodo
Badcock Elijahdodo
Badcock Richarddodo
Badcock Esau (Jnododo
Badcock Thomasdodo
Badcock Charlesdodo
Barrett Johndodo
Barrett Georgedodo
Barrett Abramdodo
Barrett Jacobdodo
Barrett Elishadodo
Badcock Johndodo
Badcock Georgedodo
Barrett Archibalddodo
Badcock Stephendodo
Badcock Thomasdodo
Badcock Elidodo
Badcock Georgedodo
Badcock Jessedodo
Badcock Robertdodo
Badcock Johndodo
Badcock Henry Wdodo
Badcock Nathanieldodo
Badcock Wm Jdodo
Badcock Nathandodo
Bishop Henrydodo
Barrett Johndodo
Barrett Herculesdodo
Barrett Robert Adodo
Barrett RobertCrane's bkdo
Bradbury Abramdodo
Bradbury Thomasdodo
Bradbury Alexdodo
Bradbury Wmdodo
Bradbury Edwarddodo
Bradbury Johndodo
Bradbury Solomondodo
Bradbury John JCrane's bkfshmn
Bradbury Robertdodo
Bradbury Wmdodo
Bradbury Isaacdodo
Bradbury AbramMercer's cdo
Bradbury Jacobdodo
Bradbury Johndodo
Bradbury Stephendodo
Bradbury Edwarddodo
Bradbury Elidodo
Bradbury Isaacdodo
Bradbury Wm Hdodo
Bradbury Joshuadodo
Beasant HenryBay Robertsgeneral dealer
Bradbury WmBay Robertsfshmn
Baggs Jamesdodo
Baggs Richarddojoiner
Baggs Henrydofisherman
Baggs James G Bdodo
Badcock Georgedodo
Badcock Johndodo
Barnes Arthur doteacher
Bartlett Wmdomaster mar
Bartlett Wm (Isaacdomaster mar
Bowden Geo Fdophysician
Bursell W H Gdogen mer
Badcock EdwCooshfisherman
Badcock Johndodo
Badcock Geododo
Brown John (Thosdodo
Brown Thosdodo
Brown Richarddodo
Bursell W Hdogenl dealer
Brown Henrydofisherman
Brown Samueldodo
Brown Jasdodo
Brown John (Jasdodo
Brown Stephendodo
Brown Wm Tdodo
Brown Thos (Thosdodo
Caravan NoahFrench's cvedo
Caravan Edw Tdodo
Caravan John CFrench's cvefshmn
Caravan johndodo
Churchill WmCrane's brookdo
Churchill Jasdodo
Churchill Johndodo
Churchill Geododo
Crane Stephendodo
Crane Josephdodo
Crane Stephen (Jnododo
Crane Isaacdodo
Caravan Jno RBay Robertsdo
Crane Geododo
Calpin Chasdoblacksmith
Calpin Augustusdodo
Calpin Robtdotinsmith
Cave Henrydofisherman
Cave Geo (Hydodo
Cave Chasdoshoemaker
Cave Geo (Chasdodo
Cave Edwdoblacksmith
Cave Stephendofisherman
Calpin Thos Sdoblacksmith
Calpin Josiahdodo
Critch Geodotinsmith
Critch Hedleydodo
Cullentin Jas (MCooshplanter
Cullentin Michaeldofisherman
Cullentin Patkdodo
Cullentin Jas (Jasdodo
Cullentin Markdodo
Cleary WmE S M Linefarmer
Churchill RobtNorth watrfreightr
Churchill Isaacdomas marinr
Connell Jasdofisherman
Dale RobtFrench's covedo
Dale Thos (Johndodo
Dale Nathanieldodo
Dave C & AB Robertsgenl mer
Dawe Capt Chasdoof C & A D
Dawe Azariahdodo
Dawe Capt Henrydomas marinr
Dawe Wmdogroc & prov
Daley Jasdoaccountant
Dawson Patkdofisherman
Dawson John Rdoseaman
Dawson Wmdofisherman
Dawson Jas (Wmdodo
Dawson John Mdodo
Dawson Thosdodo
Dawson ThosB Robertsfisherman
Dawson Jas (Thosdodo
Dawson Johndodo
Dawson JasBay Robertsfishman
Dawson Thosdogen d'ler
Dawe Wm (Elijahdofisherman
Delaney Jas (MartinCooshdo
Delaney Mark (Wmdodo
Delaney Martindodo
Delaney Patk (Markdodo
Delaney Wm (Mardodo
Delaney Stephen Pdodo
Delaney John Tdodo
Delaney Stephendodo
Delaney Patkdodo
Delaney Wm (Markdodo
Delaney Patkdogen dealer
Delaney Edw (Patkdofisherman
Delaney Rd M (Patdodo
Delaney Jas (Patkdodo
Delaney Jos (Patkdodo
Delaney Wm (Rddodo
Delaney Rd P (Josdodo
Delaney Ed J (Markdodo
Delaney Jos (Patkdodo
Delaney Patk Jdodo
Delaney Thos (Patkdodo
Delaney Fredkdodo
Delaney Mark (Thosdodo
Delaney Mark (Markdodraper
Delaney Mark (Matdolaborer
Delaney John (Jasdomstr mrner
Delaney Ml J (Jasdofisherman
Delaney Jas E (Jasdodo
Delaney Jas B (Rddodo
Delaney John (Josdodo
Dawson GeoBay Robertsdo
Dawson Michl Josdodo
Dawson StephenNorth wtrdo
Dawson Jasdodo
Dawson Wmdodo
Earle MosesJuggle's covedo
Earle Nathanieldodo
Earle ZebedeeBay Robertsdo
Evans John (Wmdoshoemkr
Evans Hy (Wmdofisherman
Elms Wm (Jnododo
Elms John (Johndodo
Elms Wm (Wmdoclerk
Earle Wm CBay Robertsbook-kpr
English EdwNorth waterfish'mn
English John (Johndodo
English John (Eddodo
French AbramFrench's cvdo
French John Smldodo
French Jno C (Abramdodo
French Nathanieldodo
French Saml (Jnododo
French Isaac (Smldodo
French Wm E (Soldodo
French Saml (Edwdodo
French Jas (Thosdodo
French Wm (Jasdodo
French Geo (Jasdodo
French Hy T (Jasdodo
French Wm (Chasdodo
French Thos (Chasdodo
French John J (Smldodo
French Albert (Thosdodo
French Edw (Samldodo
French Hy (Jasdodo
French Sol (Wmdodo
French Lorenzododo
French Wm JFrench's cvfsh'man
French Francisdodo
French Solomondodo
French Geododo
French Wm J (Isaacdodo
French Jacobdodo
French Wmdodo
French Geo (Soldodo
French Nathaneldodo
French Thosdodo
French Robtdodo
French ChasBay Robertsdo
French Chas (Nathdodo
French Albert Jdodo
French Abrahamdodo
French Chas (Adodo
French Edwdodo
French Isaacdodo
Frazer Donald Gdodruggist
Frazer Henrydoclerk
Franey Matthewdofisherman
Fitzpatrick Jasdodo
Farrell PatkCooshdo
Farrel [sic] Michaeldodo
Farrell Michael (Pdodo
Fleming Jasdofarmer
Fleming Patkdodo
Fleming Michaeldodo
Fitzpatrick ThosNorth watrfshmn
Fitzpatrick Stephendodo
Fitzpatrick ThosNorth watrfshmn
Fitzpatrick PatkB Robertsdo
Fitzpatrick Patk (Jdodo
Fleming Thosdodo
Fleming Jas (Thosdodo
Fitzpatrick Matthewdodo
Fitzpatrick Johndodo
Fitzpatrick Thosdodo
Fitzpatrick Patkdodo
Fitzpatrick Patk (Pdodo
Hood Chas (Pdodo
Hood Chasdodo
Hood Wmdodo
Hayse RobtCooshdo
Hayse Johndodo
Hardy WmNorth Waterdo
Horney Patkdodo
Jardine Johndogenl dealer
Jardine --doclerk
Kearley JasMercer's cvfisherman
Kearley Solomon B Robertsdo
Kearley Edwdodo
Kearley Wmdodo
Kearley Abramdodo
Kearley Wm (Jasdodo
Kearley Johndodo
Kearley Thosdodo
Kearley Thos (Abdodo
Kearley Abram (Abdodo
Kearley Chas (Thosdodo
Keefe Edwarddodo
Keefe Jasdodo
Keefe Thosdodo
Keefe Johndodo
Keefe Thos (Johndodo
Laurence Wmdoblacksmith
Lutheral Jamesdofisherman
Menchions AbFrench's cvedo
Menchions Jamesdodo
Menchions Josiahdodo
Menchions Thomasdodo
Menchions Wmdodo
Mercer AlfredCrane's brkdo
Mercer Wmdodo
Mercer IsaacMercer's covedo
Mercer Thos (Eddodo
Mercer Thos (Isaacdodo
Mercer Jamesdodo
Mercer Sethdodo
Mercer Johndodo
Mercer Georgedodo
Mercer Elidodo
Mercer Johndocarpenter
Mercer IsaacMercer's covefishman
Mercer Solomondodo
Mercer Levidodo
Mercer Nathandodo
Mercer Wmdodo
Mercer Joshuadodo
Mercer Wm (Joshuadodo
Mercer Isaacdodo
Mercer Johndodo
Mercer Alfreddodo
Mercer Wm Jdodo
Mercer Samueldodo
Mercer Isaiahdodo
Mercer Stephendodo
Mercer Moses Jdodo
Mercer Wm (Wmdodo
Mercer Francisdodo
Mercer Henrydodo
Mercer Josephdodo
Mercer Wmdojoiner
Mercer Elijahdofisherman
Mercer Nathandodo
Mercer Nathaniel Ndodo
Mercer Nathaniel domaster mar
Mercer John Cdofisherman
Mercer Samueldodo
Mercer Thomasdodo
Mercer Tobiasdodo
Mercer Edwarddodo
Mercer Hezekiahdodo
Mercer Stephendodo
Mercer Johndodo
Mercer Mansfielddodo
Mercer Israeldodo
Mercer Paul Hdodo
Mercer Jessedodo
Mercer Samueldodo
Mercer Thos (Thosdodo
Mercer Thos (Thosdodo
Mercer Wmdodo
Mercer Azariahdodo
Mercer Edwarddodo
Mercer Wm Cdodo
Mercer Jamesdodo
Mercer Richarddodo
Mercer Georgedodo
Mercer Wmdodo
Mercer Henrydodo
Mercer Wm (Wmdodo
Mercer Richd (Rddodo
Mosdell JasBay Robertsdo
Mosdell Jas (Jasdodo
Mosdell Wm Hdodo
Mercer Isaac (Samldodo
Mercer AbsalomB Robertsfish'mn
Mosdell Wm (Rddogen dealer
Mosdell John (Wmdofisherman
Mosdell Edw (Jnododo
Mosdell Saml (Wmdodo
Mosdell Wm (Wmdodo
Mosdell Noah (Wmdodo
Mosdell Jas (Wmdodo
Mercer Wm (Jasdodo
Mercer Stafford (Jasdodo
Mercer Jos (Jasdodo
Mercer Rbt (Chrisdodo
Mercer Robt (Wmdodo
Mercer Elijah (Chrisdoplanter
Mercer Isaac (Chasdofisherman
Mercer Christopherdodo
Mercer Robt (Ebendodo
Mercer Wm B (Ebendodo
Mercer John (Ebendodo
Mercer Chris (Chasdodo
Mercer Mansfielddodo
Mercer Abram (Chasdodo
Mercer Jas J (Chasdodo
Mercer Jas (Jasdodo
Mercer Jacob (Jnododo
Mercer Simon (Wmdodo
Mercer Wm (Chasdodo
Mercer Chas (Chasdodo
Mercer Jas (Jasdodo
Mercer John (Jacobdodo
Mercer Geo (Jasdodo
Mercer Eli (Absalomdodo
Mercer Johndophotogra'r
Mercer Robt (Chasdofisherman
Mercer Esau P (Chasdodo
Mercer Chas (Robtdodo
Mercer Wm Scotdomstr mrnr
Mercer John (Benjdofisherman
Mercer Benj (Benjdodo
Mercer Hy (Benjdodo
Mercer Isaacdogen dealer
Mercer Benj (Simondofisherman
Mercer Thos B (Thosdodo
Mercer Wm (Thosdodo
Mercer Chas (Chasdodo
Mercer Abram (Smldocarman
Mercer Sml (Abramdofisherman
Mercer Isaac (Abdodo
Moore John (Josdoclerk
Mercer Chas (Samldofisherman
Mercer Elidogen dealer
Mercer Isaac (Isaacdofisherman
Mercer Robt (Isaacdodo
Mercer Saml (Isaacdodo
Mercer WmBay Robers [sic]fisherman
Mercer Isaac (Wmdodo
Mercer Isaac (Samldodo
McLeod John Kdophysician
Murphy Miss Adogen dealer
Mosdell Thos (Wmdoshoemaker
Mercer Edward Wdomariner
Mercer Thos Gdo fisherman
Mercer Samueldocarpenter
Marshall Johndolaborer
Marshall Edwarddoseaman
Marshall WMdodo
Norman Azariahdofisherman
Norman Amaziahdodo
Norman Samueldodo
Norman Nathandodo
Norman Henrydodo
Norman Isaacdodo
Norman Jasdodo
Norman Wm Edodo
Norman Henrydodo
Norman Abramdodo
Norman Thosdodo
Norman Samueldodo
Norman Edwarddodo
Norman Thos (Thosdodo
Norman Wm Cdodo
Norman Danieldodo
Neil Michaeldodo
North GeoNorth waterdo
North Benjamin dolaborer
Pratt Rev JB Robertsmethodist
Parsons Robt CCrane's brkfshmn
Parsons Chasdodo
Parsons Jasdodo
Parsons Samueldodo
Parsons Geododo
Parsons Mosesdodo
Parsons Isaacdodo
Parsons Georgedodo
Parsons Isaac (Hydodo
Parsons Edwarddodo
Parsons Wmdodo
Parsons Richarddodo
Parsons Joseph Ldodo
Parsons Wm (Josdodo
Parsons Jamesdodo
Parsons Esaudodo
Parsons Nathanieldodo
Parsons IsaacCrane's brkfishman
Parsons Abramdodo
Parsons Johndodo
Parsons Jos (Isaacdodo
Parsons Henrydodo
Parsons Albertdodo
Parsons George Mercer's cseaman
Picott ArchBay Robertsfishman
Parsons Stephendodo
Parsons Isaacdodo
Parsons Stephendodo
Parsons Wmdostorekeeper
Pike Timothydofisherman
Parsons EsauCooshdo
Pepper RobertNorth watercooper
Pepper Jamesdodo
Russell SamlFrench's cvfishman
Russell Abram Crane's brkdo
Russell Georgedodo
Russell Johndodo
Russell Isaacdodo
Russell Stephendodo
Russell Charlesdodo
Russell JohnBay Robertsdo
Russell John (Stephdodo
Russell John (Johndodo
Russell Edwarddodo
Russell Wmdodo
Russell Jamesdodo
Russell Henrydodo
Russell Albertdodo
Russell Samueldodo
Russell Edwarddodo
Russell Johndodo
Russell Robertdodo
Roach Stephendodo
Russell Samuel E S M Linedo
Russell Stephendodo
Russell IsaacCooshdo
Russell Wmdodo
Russell Edwarddodo
Russell Abramdodo
Ruseell [sic] John Jdodo
Roberts Wm JNorth waterdo
Sparkes EdwFrench's cvdo
Sparkes Wm Jdodo
Sparkes Albertdodo
Sparkes John Cdodo
Sparkes Edw (Jnododo
Sparkes JasFrench's cvefish'man
Sparkes Wmdodo
Sparkes Isaac (Jnododo
Shears Rev W CB RobertsEpisn
Snow Lotdofisherman
Snow Josephdogen dealer
Snow Isaacdofisherman
Snow John (Abnerdodo
Snow Jephthahdodo
Snow Jas E (Jephdodo
Snow Edw (Abnerdodo
Snow Johndogen dealer
Snow Wm (Jnodofarmer
Snow Henry (Jasdofisherman
Snow Jonathandodo
Snow Geo Cdodo
Snow Wm J (Jonthndodo
Snow Jas (Jasdodo
Snow Henry Cdodo
Snow Josephdodo
Snow Henry Rdodo
Snow Henry (Jasdodo
Snow Wm (Chasdodo
Snow Jos (Jnododo
Snow Edw (Jnododo
Snow Henry (Edwdodo
Snow Elijahdodo
Snow Henry (Hydodo
Snow Jas (Edwdodo
Snow Edw (Jasdodo
Snow Chas (Edwdodo
Snow John (Chasdodo
Snow Stephendodo
Sparkes IsaacCooshdo
Sparkes Wmdodo
Squires BenjCrane's Brookdo
Trenchard IsaacBay Robtsdo
Taylor Leonard Cdogentlenan [sic]
Taylor Edw Gdosalesman
Vey Stephendofisherman
Walsh Martin Crane's brookdo
Walsh Peterdodo
Walsh Wmdodo
Walsh Stephendodo
Wells Robt JBay Robtsconstable
White Johndofisherman
White Samldodo
Wilcox Benjdodo
Wilcox Thosdodo
Whelan Thosdodo
Yetman Josephdodo

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
DAW Azariah Dawe should be spelled Daw. He is my great grandfather, born in 1853, died 1919. Richard Daw

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