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Bay Roberts - Wesleyan Chapel Proprietor List

November 3, 1826

The information was transcribed by COLLEEN ROYLE LUNDIN, Lakeville, Massachusetts ~ July 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
William Joyce for Goss Packet & Fryer
John Fergus
Rd. Knight
Benjm Squires
Edward X French of Wm, (his mark)
Edward X Mercer Sen, (his mark)
John X Mercer, (his mark)
John X Mercer of John, (his mark)
William Evins
William Davey
Soloman X Mercer, (his mark)
John X Snow Junior, (his mark)
James X Snow, (his mark)
Wolliam X Carraway, (his mark)
Thomas X Carraway Jr, (his mark)
Lot X Snow, (his mark)
William X Bradbury Senior, (his mark)
James X Bradbury, (his mark)
John Snow Sr
William X Mercer Senr, (his mark)
William X French of Wm, (his mark)
John Pickavant
Robert Cranford
William Wilson
Geor Trapnell
Henry Trapnell
William Snow Senior
Thomas X Merser witness W. Wilson or Wolson, (his mark)
Joseph H. Clinch
Edward Snow Snr
John X Churchill Sen? (question mark not mine), (his mark)
Isaac Earle
John Haigh
John Pickavant
Ro. Knight
Robert Cranford
Christopher Vey
John Snow Sr
William X Mercer Senior, (his mark)
William X French of William, (his mark)

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