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Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Clarke's Beach

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Address
ANTHONY, MatthewlaborerClarke's Beach
ANTHONY, JaslaborerClarke's Beach
ANTHONY, Wm. J.fishermanClarke's Beach
ANTHONY, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
ANTHONY, JosiahlaborerClarke's Beach
ANTHONY, NathanielfishermanClarke's Beach
ANTHONY, JosephfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, ChasfarmerClarke's Beach
BUTLER, HenryfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, GeofishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, JosephfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
BARTLETT, AbsalomfishermanClarke's Beach
BARTLETT, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
BARTLETT, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, Jabez B.fishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, JabezfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, CalebfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, JasfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, John (JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, ChasfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, IsaacfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, Jas sr.fishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, Robt JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, Robt J (ChasfishermanClarke's Beach
BUTLER, Geo (JasfishermanClarke's Beach
CORBETT, ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
DAWE, NathanielfisehrmanClarke's Beach
DAWE, Wm EdfishermanClarke's Beach
DURRANT, Rev. C.R.methodistClarke's Beach
DAWE, Chas H.laborerClarke's Beach
DAWE, EdfishermanClarke's Beach
DAWE, ChasfishermanClarke's Beach
DAWE, Wm. H.fishermanClarke's Beach
FARRELL, John ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
FARRELL, Jas JfishermanClarke's Beach
FARRELL, WmfishermanClarke's Beach
FILLIER, ElifishermanClarke's Beach
FILLIER, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
FILLIER, SamlfishermanClarke's Beach
FILLIER, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
FROST, JosfishermanClarke's Beach
FROST, Wm. H.fishermanClarke's Beach
GOODCHILD, Rev. W.EpiscopalianClarke's Beach
GARLAND, DavidclerkClarke's Beach
HUSSEY, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
KAVANAGH, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
KINSELLA, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
KINSELLA, ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
LAWLESS, EdfishermanClarke's Beach
LAWLESS, MauricefishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, AbrahamfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, GeofishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, AnthonyfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, JasfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, ChasfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, SamlfishermanClarke's Beach
MOORES, Mrs, wid AbramClarke's Beach
MORGAN, Mrs. wid Wm.Clarke's Beach
MUGFORD, Mrs. wid CyrusClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, Mrs. wid Wm.Clarke's Beach
MUGFORD, Mrs. Ann, widClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, GeofishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, JosfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, SeymourfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, NathanielfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, Wm.carpenterClarke's Beach
MORGAN, ChasfishermanClarke's Beach
MORGAN, DauielfishermanClarke's Beach
MORGAN, Wm. J.fishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, GeofisehrmanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, WmlaborerClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, JasfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
MUGFORD, Jas (GeofishermanClarke's Beach
NEWELL, AlbertfishermanClarke's Beach
NEWELL, Aubreyfisherman Clarke's Beach
NORMAN, Robt J.fishermanClarke's Beach
NORMAN, JohnfishermanClarke's Beach
PARSONS, EdwardblacksmithClarke's Beach
PARNELL, RichardfishermanClarke's Beach
PARR, ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
PEATHY, Mrs. wid EsauClarke's Beach
POTTLE, Mrs. Sarah widClarke's Beach
RALPH, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
RALPH, GeofishermanClarke's Beach
RALPH, ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
RUSSELL, IsaacfishermanClarke's Beach
RUSSELL, StephenfishermanClarke's Beach
RUSSELL, Wm. J.fishermanClarke's Beach
ROSE, ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
RALPH, John sr.fishermanClarke's Beach
RALPH, JosfishermanClarke's Beach
RALPH, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
RALPH, John jr.fishermanClarke's Beach
STEPHENS, IsaacfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, John Jr.fishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, Chas jr.fishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, PeterfishermanClarke's Beach
SEWARD, PeterfishermanClarke's Beach
SEWARD, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
SHAW, AbrahamlaborerClarke's Beach
SHAW, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, JosfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, Chas jr.fishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, ThosfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, MosesfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, Samuel srfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, Samuel jrfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, AzariahfishermanClarke's Beach
STEPHENS, SamuelfishermanClarke's Beach
STEPHENS, MosesteacherClarke's Beach
STEPHENS, Wm.fishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, AbramfarmerClarke's Beach
SNOW, Wm. JrfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, Wm. sr.fishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, SamuelfishermanClarke's Beach
SNOW, HenryfishermanClarke's Beach
SHAW, Mrs. wid JohnClarke's Beach
SNOW, Mrs. wid SamuelClarke's Beach
SNOW, Mrs. wid SolomonClarke's Beach
WHELAN, EdwardfishermanClarke's Beach
WHELAN, JasfishermanClarke's Beach
WINTER, H.W.carriage makerClarke's Beach

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