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Conception Bay North Region - Port de Grave District

Coley's Point

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Bradbury Samuel, fisherman
Bradbury James of Jos,do
Bradbury Geo, of Hector,do
Bradbury Chas, of Jonathan,do
Bradbury Jonathan,do
Barrett John, of Jacob,do
Barrett Moses, of John,planter
Barrett George,do
Barrett Abrah'm, of Nat,fisherman
Badcock Robert, of Robert,do
Bishop Henry, jr, of Chris,do
Bishop Joseph, of George,do
Bishop John, of Charles,do
Bishop Joseph C, of John,do
Bishop Richard,do
Bishop John,fisherman
Bishop Charles, of Charles,do
Bishop Henry,do
Bishop Robert,do
Bishop Jacob, of Chris,do
Bishop Geo H, of Jacob,do
Bishop Joseph, Chris,do
Bishop John R,do
Bishop Christopher, of Chris,do
Bishop John,do
Bishop Joseph, of Solomon,do
Bowring Isaac, of Thomas,do
Bowring Benjanin [sic], of Jas,do
Bowring James,do
Bowring Thomas,do
Bowring Henry, of Richard,do
Batten Sanuel [sic], of Samuel,do
Batten John, do
Batten Joseph,do
Bradley Thomas, of Henry,do
Bowring John, of James,do
Bowring William, James,do
Bowring Edward, of James,do
Bowring Wm, of Edward,do
Bowrnig [sic] John, of James,do
Bowring Isaac,do
Bowring James, of Isaac,do
Bowring Thomas, of James,do
Bowring Richard, of Thomas,do
Curlew John, of Isaac,do
Chard Thomas, of Samuel,do
Chard Samuel, of Wm,do
Dawe Henry, of Nathaniel,do
Dawe Isaac,do
Dawe Samuel, of Robert,do
Dawe George, do
Dawe Robert, of Abram,do
Dawe Abram, of George,do
Dawe Geo Henry, of Abram,do
Dawe Israel,do
Dawe Samuel, of Jacob,do
Dawe Azariah, of James,do
Dawe Henry, of Thomas,do
Dawe Thomas,do
Dawe Thomas, of Samuel,do
Dawe Esau, of Thomas,do
Dawe Wm, of Elijah,master mariner
DAWE ELI M H A,Financial Society
Dawe John,master mariner
Dawe Elijah, of Sam,fisherman
Dawe Samuel, of Isaac,do
Dawe Isaac, of Isaac,do
French John,do
French James,do
French Henry,do
French Robert,do
French William,do
French John,do
French William,do
French John, do
French John,fisherman
French Charles,do
French Benjamin,do
French William,do
French Robert,do
French James,do
French Stephen,do
French Wm, of Stephen,do
French Wm, of Benj,do
French Isaac,do
French Abram,do
French Benjamin,do
French Esau,do
French Wm, of John,do
French Elijah, of Wm,do
French Isaac, of Samuel,do
French Charles, of Isaac,do
French Sam'l, of Sam'l,do
French William, jr,do
French Amaziah,do
French Stephen,do
Fradshan Henry, of Peter,do
Fradshan H J, of Joseph,do
Fradshan Oratio,do
Flandingan Jas, of Jas,do
Gooseney Robt, of Robt,do
Gooseney Isaac, do
Gooseney Isaac, of James,do
Gray Abram, of Francis,do
Gray Isaac, of Francis,do
Greenland Isaac, of John,do
Greenland John, of John,do
Greenland Stephen, of Geo,do
Greenland J, of Stephen,do
Greenland Wm, of Stephen,do
Greenland Geo, of Geo,do
Greenland W H, of G,school teacher
Greenland Isaac, of Geo,do
Greenland Henry, of Geo,do
Jackson Geo H, of Geo,cooper,
Keefe Martin, of Peter,fisherman
Keefe Peter, of Peter,do
Kelly William, of John,do
Kelly Wm E, of Wm,do
Kelly Geo, of Wm, do
Kelly Esau, of Wm,do
Kelly Amaziah, of Wm,do
Kelly John, of John,planter
Kelly Wm H, of John,fisherman
Kelly John, of John,planter
Kelly James, of John,fisherman
Kelly Frederick, of Johndo
Kelly Isaac, of Frederick,do
Lamb William, of William,do
Lyons Jacob, of Richard,do
Littlejohns Wm, of Wm,do
Littlejohns Wm H,do
Littlejohns John,do
Littlejohns G H, of John,do
Littlejohns Thos, of John,do
Lesley Wm H,fisherman
Lesley John Thos,do
Lesley John, of Wm,do
Lesley William,do
Mercer Job, of Elijah,do
Mercer Esau, of Elijah,do
Mercer Abram, of Abram,do
Mercer Isaac, of William,do
Mercer Edward,do
Mercer John, of Samuel,do
Mercer Edward,master mariner
Morgan Jacob, of Ab,fisherman
Morgan Isaac,do
Morgan Benjamin, of Isaac,do
Morgan William, of Abram,do
Morgan Isaac, of Isaac,do
Morgan George,do
Morgan Joseph, of Abram,do
Parsons Samuel, of Jas,planter
Parsons Wm J, fisherman
Parsons James, of Jonathan, do
Parsons Abraham, of James,do
Parsons Jonathan, of Abram, do
Parsons Abram, of Jonat'hn,do
Parsons Abram, of Wm, jr,do
Parsons James, of Robert, do
Parsons John, of James,do
Parsons Wm, of Betheman,do
Parsons James H, do
Parsons Robert, of Abram,do
Parsons Wm Robt, of Robt,do
Parsons Isaac, do
Parsons Jonathan,do
Parsons Stephen, of William,do
Parsons Robert,do
Parsons William,do
Russell Richard, of John,do
Russell Francis, of Abram,do
Russell Stephen,do
Russell Edward, of Stephen,do
Russell John,do
Russell Edward, of Moses,do
Russell John,do
Russell William, of Richard,do
Russell William, of Isaac,do
Russell Stephen,do
Russell John, of Abram,do
Russell John, of William,do
Russell Moses, of Moses,do
Roach John, of John,do
Roach Isaac, of John,do
Roach William, of John,do
Roach Edward, of John,do
Roach John, of Edward,do
Roach Robert, of Edward,do
Roach Samuel, of Edward,do
Roach Joseph, of Stephen, do
Roach John,do
Ralph Charles, of Charles, do
Rousell Henry, of Henry,do
Snow Adam, of John,fishermau [sic]
Snow William, of John,do
Snow John, of John,do
Snow Abram, of John,do
Snow James, of John,do
Snow Henry R, of Abram,do
Snow Abram, of Abram, do
Snow John, of Abram,do
Snow Edward, of John,do
Snow Henry, of Edward,do
Snow Isaac, of Edward,do
Snow John Chas, of Edward,do
Snow Isaac, of John,do
Snow Charles, of John,do
Snow Edward, of John,do
Snow William, of John,do
Snow Adam, of William,do
Snow John, of Adam,do
Snow Abram, of Adam,do
Snow William, of William,do
Snow William, of William,do
Snow John, of William,do
Smith John, of Abram,do
Squires Johnathan, of John,do
Sanoway William, of Peter,do
Sanoway Isaac, of Peter,do
Sanoway John, of Peter,do
Sanoway Charles, of Peter,do
Sanoway Peter, of Edward,do
Spencer James, of Samuel,do
Spencer Henry, of Samuel,do
Spencer Samuel, of Henry,do
Spencer William, of Henry,do
Spencer Geo Henry, of Henry,do
Spencer John, of Henry,--
Snow Charles, of Abram,do
Tippet Robert, of John,do
Tippet John, of John,do
Tippet Robert, of John,do
Tippet George, Robert,do
Tippet James, of John,do
Taylor Wm Robert, of Wm,do

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