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Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Coley's Point

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Place Occupation
Bradley ThosColey's pointfshmn
Badcock Robtdodo
Bowring Johndocarpenter
Bowring Wmdofisherman
Barrett Johndodo
Barrett Mosesdodo
Barrett Geododo
Bradbury Jasdodo
Bradbury Samldodo
Badcock Robt Edodo
Bishop Christopherdodo
Bishop Johndodo
Bishop Edwdodo
Bishop Jacobdodo
Bishop Geo Hdodo
Bishop Jacob (Jacobdodo
Bishop Josephdodo
Bishop John Rdodo
Bishop Jos (Josdodo
Bishop Chasdodo
Bishop Henrydodo
Bishop Robtdodo
Bishop Jos Chasdodo
Bishop John (Chas srdodo
Bishop Richddodo
Bradbury Chasdodo
Bradbury Jonathandodo
Bradbury Josephdodo
Bowring Henrydodo
Bowring Jasdodo
Bowring Thosdodo
Bowring Thos (Jas srdodo
Bishop Jasdodo
Bowring Richddodo
Bowring Isaacdodo
Bowring Jas (Isaacdodo
Bowring Geododo
Bowring Isaacdodo
Bowring Johndodo
Bowring Stephendodo
Bowring Edwdodo
Bowring Wm Tdodo
Bishop John Rdodo
Batten Josephdodo
Bishop Henry Jdolumberman
Bradbury Jasdofisherman
Bradbury Geododo
Batten Samldodo
Batten Johndodo
Badcock WmShear's twn, Ndo
Badcock Robtdodo
Badcock Saml (Wmdodo
Badcock SamlShear's tnfish'man
Badcock Edwdodo
Badcock Jasdodo
Bradbury Jasdodo
Bradbury Chasdodo
Bradbury Johndodo
Bradbury Azariahdodo
Bradbury John Cdodo
Bradbury Thosdodo
Badcock Geododo
Badcock Jasdodo
Badcock Charlesdodo
Badcock James Mdodo
Badcock Ambrosedodo
Badcock Johndodo
Brennan JohnRiver headdo
Brennan Jamesdodo
Brennan Richarddodo
Brennan Walterdodo
Buttler Johndodo
Buttler Michaeldodo
Buttler Patrickdodo
Buttler Josephdodo
Belbin WmCountry roaddo
Barrett Jacobdodo
Bradbury Elidodo
Bradbury Stephendodo
Bradbury Samueldodo
Bradbury Isaac Cdodo
Bradbury Wmdodo
Bradbury Charlesdodo
Bradbury Robertdodo
Bradbury Isaacdodo
Bradbury Abrahamdodo
Belbin Robertdodo
Boone Samueldodo
Bradbury Edwarddodo
Bradbury Isaac Hdodo
Belbin Isaac Wmdodo
Bradbury Wmdodo
Bradbury Charlesdodo
Batten Wm Thosdodo
Bowring IsaacColey's pointdo
Chard Samueldodo
Chard Josephdodo
Curlew Johndodo
Cleary ThosRiver hdfarmer
Cleary Danieldofisherman
Caravan WmCountry roaddo
Cullen WmBirch hilldo
Coppley ThosCountry roaddo
Coppley Geo (Thosdodo
Dawe SamuelColey's pointdo
Dawe Isaacdodo
Dawe Geo Coley's Pointferryman
Dawe Elijahdofisherman
Dawe Elidomas marinr
Dawe Thosdofisherman
Dawe Johndodo
Dawe Josdodo
Dawe Thos (Thosdodo
Dawe Esaudodo
Dawe Henrydodo
Dawe Azariahdodo
Dawe Isaacdodo
Dawe Henry (Nathdodo
Dawe Abrahamdodo
Dawe Geo Hdodo
Dawe Robtdodo
Dawe Israeldodo
Dawe Robt (Robtdodo
Dear Henry Shear's town Ndo
Dear Henry (Josdodo
Dear Thosdodo
Dear Abrahamdodo
Dwyer Jasdodo
Dwyer Samueldodo
Dwyer Jas (Jasdodo
Dwyer Wmdodo
Dwyer Stephendodo
Delaney Patkdodo
Delaney Philipdodo
Delaney Martindodo
Delaney Matthewdodo
Delaney Patkdodo
Dawe Robtdoteacher
Dawson JasRiver headfisherman
Dawson Thosdodo
Dawson Johndodo
Delaney Thosdodo
Dear JasShear's town Sdo
Dear Geo Wmdodo
Delaney JasRiver headfarmer
Delaney WmBirch hillfisherman
Earle JohnShear's town Ndo
Earle Chasdodo
Earle Richarddodo
Earle Mosesdodo
Earle Jonothandodo
Earle Isaacdodo
Earle Geododo
Earle Stephendodo
Earle Wmdodo
Earle Chas (Chasdodo
Earle IsaacCountry roaddo
Earle Elijahdodo
Earle Jonasdodo
Earle Robt Gdodo
Earle JohnCountry roadfisherman
Earle Isaac (Johndodo
French John Coley's pointdo
French Amaziahdodo
French Isaae [sic]dodo
French Charles Sdodo
French Isaac (Isaacdodo
French Samueldodo
French Wm Jdodo
French Stephendodo
French Elijahdodo
French Esaudodo
French Wm (Benjdoengineer
French Isaacdofisherman
French Abrahamdodo
French Abra (Benjdodo
Fradshan Horatiusdodo
Fradshan Henry Jdodo
Fradshan Henrydodo
French Wmdodo
French Benjamindodo
French Nathanieldodo
French Johndodo
French Jamesdodo
French John (Johndodo
French Charlesdodo
French Wm Hdodo
French John (Nathdodo
French Robertdodo
French Jamesdodo
French Johndodo
French Wmdodo
French Robert Cdodo
French Stephendodo
French Wm Jdodo
French Stephen (Stedodo
French Jamesdodo
French Edw Shear's town Ndo
Fry Wm Tdodo
Fleming ThosRiver headdo
Fleming Jamesdodo
Franey MichaelShear's twndo
Franey Peterdodo
Franey Patrickdodo
French AbrahamCountry rddo
French Edwarddodo
French Jethrododo
French Nathanieldodo
Flynn Richarddodo
Flynn Johndodo
Greenland StephColey's ptdo
Greenland Johndodo
Greenland Wmdodo
Greenland John (Geododo
Greenland HenryColey's ptfshmn
Greenland Isaac (Jndodo
Greenland Isaac (Geododo
Greenland Georgedodo
Greenland Wm Hdoteacher
Goosney Isaacdofisherman
Goosney Isaac (Robtdodo
Goosney Robtdodo
Grey Isaacdodo
Grey Abramdodo
Goosney PhilipCountry rddo
Goosney Jasdodo
Goosney Johndodo
Goosney Wmdodo
Holmes GeoShear's twn, Ndo
Holmes Edwdodo
Holmes Edw (Edwdodo
Holmes Jasdodo
Holmes Geo (Johndodo
Holmes Wm Hdodo
Holmes Edw (Hydodo
Holmes Johndodo
Holmes Jas (Geododo
Henderson Geododo
Henderson Jasdodo
Henderson Thosdodo
Hierlihy AdrielRiver Hdmailman
Kelly Wm CColey's Pointfshman
Kelly Geododo
Kelly Esaudodo
Kelly Amaziahdodo
Kelly Johndodo
Kelly Wm Hdodo
Kelly John (Johndodo
Kelly Jasdodo
Kelly Fredkdodo
Kelly Isaacdodo
Keefe Peter srdodo
Keefe Peter jrdodo
Keefe Martindodo
Keefe PatkShear's townfarmer
Keefe Lawrencedodo
King GeoCountry roaddo
Kelligrew Edwdofisherman
Leslie John TColey's pointdo
Leslie Wm Hdodo
Leslie Johndodo
Leslie Wmdodo
Littlejohn Wmdodo
Littlejohn Wm Hdodo
Littlejohn Johndodo
Littlejohn Thosdodo
Lamb Wmdodo
Mercer John (Samldodo
Mercer IsaacColey's ptfisherman
Mercer Edmunddodo
Mercer Edwdomaster mariner and general dealer
Mercer Robt SColey's pointclerk
Morgan Abrahamdocarpenter
Morgan Josephdofisherman
Morgan Geododo
Morgan Isaacdodo
Morgan Jacobdodo
Morgan Jacob (Rddodo
Morgan Isaacdodo
Morgan Benjamindodo
Morgan Wmdodo
Morgan Isaac Adodo
Morgan Robt Hdodo
Mercer Esaudodo
Mercer Jobdodo
Mercer Abrahamdodo
Mercer HenryShear's towndo
Mercer Robtdodo
Mercer Hy (Jondoteacher
Mercer Jasdofisherman
Mercer Jas (Jas srdodo
Mercer Robt (Jas jrdodo
Mercer Jordandodo
Mercer Isaacdodo
Mercer Reubendodo
Mercer Jordan (Jondodo
Mercer Johndodo
Mercer Jas Hdodo
Mercer Hy (Jabezdodo
Martin Wmdodo
Mercer GeoCountry roaddo
Mercer Robt (Geododo
Mercer Jas (Geododo
Mercer Isaac (Jasdodo
Mercer John (Jasdodo
Mercer Jas (Johndodo
Mercer Hy (Jasdodo
Mercer Stephendodo
Mugford Wmdodo
Mercer Jas (Jasdodo
Mercer Nathandodo
Mercer Thosdodo
Mercer Robtdodo
Mahoney MichlBirch hilldo
Mercer RobtColey's pointfshman
Norman Jasdogen'l dealer
O'Toole EdShear's townfshman
O'Rorke ThosBirch hilldo
Parsons WilliamColey's pointgeneral dealer
Parsons StphnColey's ptfshman
Parsons IsaacColey's ptfishman
Parsons Jonathandodo
Parsons Robtdodo
Parsons Wm (Robtdodo
Parsons Wm (Bethdodo
Parsons Jas (Robtdodo
Parsons Augustusdodo
Parsons Abm (Wmdodo
Parsons Jon (Abrmdodo
Parsons Abram Jondodo
Parsons Jas (Jondodo
Parsons Abrm (Jasdodo
Parsons Saml (Jasdodo
Parsons Saml Shear's town, Nfshmn
Parsons Jon (Robtdodo
Parsons Abr (Jnododo
Parsons Wm (Robtdodo
Parsons Jno (Jnododo
Parsons Robt (Robtdodo
Power John (Eddodo
Power Ed (Johndodo
Power Jas (Johndodo
Parsons JosCountry roaddo
Parsons Francisdodo
Parsons Wm (Frandodo
Parsons Wm (Josdodo
Parsons Jon (Henrydodo
Parsons Wm (Jondodo
Parsons Isaac (Jondodo
Parsons Steph (Josdodo
Parsons John (Wmdodo
Parsons Matt (Wmdodo
Roach Saml (EdColey's ptdo
Roach John (Stephdodo
Roach John (Johndodo
Roach Wm (Johndodo
Roach Ananias (Jnododo
Roach Ed (Jnododo
Russell Moses (Mosdodo
Russell John (Wmdodo
Russell John (Abrdodo
Russell Steph (Isaacdodo
Russell Wm (Isaacdodo
Ralph Charles dodo
Russell Henrydodo
Russell Stephendodo
Russell Edwarddodo
Russell Ed (Mosesdodo
Russell Wm (Rddodo
Russell John (Abrmdodo
Russell Francis (Abdodo
Roberts AbramCountry rddo
Roberts Wm (Wmdodo
Russell Elijah (Josdodo
Russell WmCountry rdfisherman
Russell Isaac (Elidodo
Russell Nathandodo
Russell John (Elidodo
Richards Wm Shear's towndo
Russell JosCountry rdfisherman
Russell Azariahdodo
Russell Josiahdocarpenter
Russell Abrahamdofisherman
Russell JohnBirch hilldo
Russell Benjdodo
Russell Wmdodo
Smith JohnColey's Pointdo
Snow Edwarddodo
Snow Johndodo
Snow Wm Jdodo
Snow Wmdodo
Snow Wm (Wmdodo
Snow Johndodo
Snow Abrahamdodo
Snow Edwarddodo
Snow Wmdodo
Snow Edw (Johndodo
Snow John (Edwdodo
Snow Isaacdodo
Snow Chasdodo
Snow Abrahamdodo
Snow Johndodo
Snow Henry Wdodo
Spencer Samueldodo
Spencer Harrisdodo
Spencer Wm Hdodo
Spencer Johndodo
Spencer Samueldodo
Spencer Jasdodo
Samway Peterdodo
Samway Chasdodo
Samway Isaacdodo
Squires Jonathandodo
Squires Wm Jdodo
Snow Adamdodo
Snow Wmdodo
Snow Abrahamdodo
Snow Jasdodo
Samway Wmdodo
Snow Chasdodo
Saunders IsaacShear's towndo
Saunders Johndodo
Saunders Jasdodo
Saunders John (Jnododo
Sparkes Isaacdodo
Sparkes GeoShear's townfishman
Saunders Jasdodo
Saunders Jas (Jasdodo
Sharpe Thosdodo
Saunders Wmdodo
Seymour Johndodo
Sharpe Abrahamdogenl dealer
Sharpe Martin dodo
Sparkes Isaacdofisherman
Sparkes Ebenezerdodo
Snow Wmdodo
Snow Wm (Johndodo
Seymour Jasdodo
Seymour Wm Jdodo
Seymour Chasdodo
Seymour Thosdodo
Snow EdwardCountry rddo
Snow Isaacdodo
Taylor Wm RColey's Pointdo
Tippett Jasdodo
Tippett Johndodo
Tippett Robtdoshoemkr
Titford JasShear's twn Nfishman
Titford Isaacdodo
Titford Geododo
Titford Geo (Jasdodo
Titford Johndodo
Titford Jasdodo
Turtle Geodomason
Turtle Henrydofisherman
Turtle Geo (Henrydodo

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