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Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Coley's Point North - Pages: 502, 504-505

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ March 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Avalon Coal & Salt Co. LTD. Importers of Domestic Coal
Bishop, GeorgePostmaster
Bishop, IsaacCarp.
Bishop, JosephFisherman
Bishop, WilliamFisherman
Bishop, JacobBlacksmith
Bishop, Geo. H.Fisherman
Bishop, AugustusCarp.
Bishop, RichardFisherman
Bishop, HerebrtFisherman
Bishop, John K.Fisherman
Bishop, ChristopherFisherman
Bowering, E. & A. G.Lumber Manufacturers
Bowering, EdgarLumber Mfgr.
Bowering, IsaacEngineer
Bowering, HenryCarp.
Bowering, ArthurCarp.
Bowering, JohnClerk
Bowering, JohnCarp.
Bowering, WilliamContractor
Bowering, JamesContractor
Bowering, EbenezerContractor
Bradbury, StephenEngineer
Bradbury, IsaacLabourer
Bradbury, EdwardCarp.
Bradbury, JamesLab.
Bradbury, JohnLab.
Bradbury, JonathanFisherman
Bursey, Wm. R.Carp.
Culleton, EdwardCarp.
Culleton, MichaelCarp.
Curnew, JohnFarmer
Dawe, IsaacLab.
Dawe, HenryLab.
Dawe, SamuelClerk
Dawe, EdgarCarp.
Dawe, IsaacLab.
Dawe, JohnCoal Dealer
Dawe, JamesMaster Mariner
Dawe, JosephLab.
Dawe, ThomasTeacher
Dawe, George H.Fisherman
French, Wm. JohnFisherman
French, FredrickCarp.
French, Charles S.Fisherman
French, Wm.Lab.
French, AlbertFisherman
French, ElijahLab.
French, Wm.Fisherman
French, JacobFisherman
French, JohnMaster Mariner
Greenland, John F.Seaman
Greenland, Wm.Lab.
Greenland, GeorgeTeacher
Greenland, ArthurCarp.
Greenland, IsaacCarp.
Greenland, JohnLab.
Greenland, IsaacLab.
Greenland, LemuelCarp.
Greenland, AlbertCarp.
Greenland, SamuelCarp.
Greenland, StephenCarp.
Greenland, HenryFisherman
Greenland W. H. General Merchant and Exporter
Keefe A. A.Merchant Groceries and Crockeryware
Keefe, PeterMail Courier
Kelley. IsaacCarp.
Kelley. ErnestCarp.
Kelley. GilbertCarp.
Kelley. JohnRetired (Fisherman)
Kelley. Wm. H.Lab.
Kelley. JohnCarp.
Kelley. MalcolmCarp.
Kelley. EsauCarp.
Kelley. GeorgeCarp.
Kelley. A.Carp.
Kelley. John T.Lab.
Kelley. ThomasCarp.
Mercer, J. S.Fisherman
Mercer, IsaacFisherman
Mercer, AzariahFisherman
Mercer, MosesFisherman
Norman, JamesTeacher
Norman, RaymondElect. Eng.
Pardy, ThomasLab.
Parsons, SamuelSailor
Parsons, StephenMaster Trader
Parsons, RobertSailor
Parsons, WilliamLab.
Parsons, W. V.Carpenter
Roach, HenryFisherman
Roach, JosephSheriff
Roach, IsaacCarpenter
Roach, RobertFisherman
Roah, StephenFisherman
Roach, ArthurCarpenter
Roach, JacobLab.
Roach, RobertCarp.
Roach, WillisCarp.
Roach, JohnCarp.
Roach, StanleyCarp.
Roach, AllenCarp.
Russell, WilliamCarp.
Russell, William (of Rich)Lab.
Russell, StephenCarp.
Russell, W. (of Stephen)Fisherman
Russell, AzariahFisherman
Russell, Wm. (of Wm.)Carpt.
Smith, WillisClerk
Smith, JohnAsst. H. M. C. Labrador
Snow, EdwardLab.
Snow, AlbertLab.
Snow, John (of John)Carp.
Snow, AbrahamCarp.
Snow, John (of Adam)Fisherman
Snow, StanleyCarp.
Snow, SamuelCarp.
Snow, ReubenLab.
Snow, AbrahamCarp.

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