NL GenWeb Bay Robert's 1928 Directory

Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Country Road - Page 507

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ March 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Barrett, JosephLab.
Belbin, Wm.Farmer
Belbin, Rev. Robert
Belbin, Wm.Carp.
Belbin, SamuelCarp.
Bowering, Stephen E.Carp.
Bowering, ThomasCarp.
Bradbury, BertCarp.
Bradbury, Wm.Retd. Light-Keeper
Bradbury, IsaacLab.
Bradbury, HaywardLab.
Bradbury, AbramLab.
Bradbury, RobertCarp.
Bradbury, RobertLab.
Bradbury, EliFisherman
Bradbury, JohnCarp.
Bradbury, SamuelLab.
Bradbury, Wm.Lab.
Caravan, JohnLab.
Caravan, WalterCarp.
Dawe, Wm.Carp.
Dawe, Robt.Carp.
Dawe, Robt. H.Lab.
Earle, ElijahFisherman
French, E. J.Merchant
French, MaxwellMechanic
French, Wm.Eng.
French, AbramLab.
French, IsaacCarp.
Goosney, JohnLab.
Goosney, Robert J. Fisherman
Goosney, WilliamFisherman
Mercer, EugeneCarp.
Mercer, ThomasLab.
Mercer, JosephMiner
Mercer, JohnLab.
Mercer, Wm.Lab.
Mercer, HenryFarmer
Mercer, Wm.Lab.
Mercer, JosephCarp.
Mercer, StephenLab.
Mercer, JamesLab.
Mercer, IsaacLab.
Mercer, AugustusLab.
Morgan, Jacob N.Carp.
Parsons, JohnLab.
Parsons, JosephLab.
Parsons, AlbertMiner
Parsons, NathanielFisherman
Parsons, CyrilLand Surveyor
Parsons, Wm.Labourer
Parsons, RobertCarp.
Parsons, Wm.Lumber Mfgr.
Parsons, J. S.Carp.
Parsons, Wm.Lab.
Roberts. LorenzoLab.
Roberts. AbramLab.
Roberts. WilfredLab.
Russell, JohnCarp.
Russell, HerbertCarp.
Russell, WalterCarp.
Russell, NathanLab.
Russell, GeorgeMinister
Russell, NathanMinister
Russell, Eli G.Lab.
Russell, JosiahFarmer
Samways, JamesTimber Scaler
Snow, AbramMerchant
Snow, HenryLab.
Snow, EdwardLab.
Snow, JohnCarp.
Snow, IsaacFarmer
Snow, JohnLab.
Snow, Benj.Lab.
Snow, John C.Lab.
Parsons, ClementFisherman
Parsons, IsaacFisherman
Walsh, Wm.Lab.
Walsh, StephenLab.
Walsh, Wm.Lab.
Walsh, HerbertJanitor, Cable Office
Littlejohn, Geo.Lab.

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