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Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

North River & Vicinity

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Place
ASPELL, MichaelfishermanNorth River
ASHFORD, JohnfishermanNorth River
ASHFORD, Mrs. WidowNorth River
ATKINS, RichardfishermanNorth River
ATKINS, BenjfishermanNorth River
ATKINS, Wm.fishermanNorth River
BUTLER, Wm.fisherman (Otterbury)
BENDELL, Benjfisherman (Otterbury)
BENDELL, mrs. wid Wm.(Otterbury)
BENDELLE, Thosfisherman (Otterbury)
BENDELL, mrs. Rebecca, widow(Otterbury)
BENDELL, Jasfisherman (Otterbury)
BENDELL, Josfisherman (Otterbury)
BUTLER, GeofarmerNorth River
BRIEN, JohnfarmerNorth River
BRIEN, JasfishermanNorth River
BRIEN, Mrs. Norah, widowNorth River
BRIEN, Patkfisherman North River
BRIEN, John Jr.fishermanNorth River
BRIEN, DanielfishermanNorth River
BRIEN, RichardlaborerNorth River
BRIEN, DaniellaborerNorth River
BRADBURY, Isaacfisherman North River
BRADBURY, Wm. JosfishermanNorth River
BRADBURY, JasfishermanNorth River
BISHOP, ChristopherfishermanNorth River
BOONE, Wm. HyfishermanNorth River
BOONE, JosfishermanNorth River
BOONE, ElijahfishermanNorth River
BARTLETT, JosephteacherNorth River
BRIEN, BridgetpostmistressNorth River
CORBIN, Barthfisherman (Otterbury)
CORBIN, Johnfisherman (Otterbury)
CORBIN, John (Thosfisherman (Otterbury)
CORBIN, Jasfisherman (Otterbury)
CORBIN, Philipfisherman (Otterbury)
CURNEW, JasfarmerNorth River
CURNEW, Rd.farmerNorth River
CURNEW, JasfarmerNorth River
CONNOLLY, John sr.FarmerNorth River
CONNOLLY, DanielfishermanNorth River
CONNOLLY, EdwardfishermanNorth River
CONNOLLY, John Jr.fishermanNorth River
COONEY, PatklaborerNorth River
COONEY, Mrs. wid PatkNorth River
CONNOLLY, PatklaborerNorth River
CONNOLLY, mrs., wid JasNorth River
CUMMINS, JohnlaborerNorth River
CUMMINS, mrs. Mary, widowNorth River
CUMMINS, MichaellaborerNorth River
CUMMINS, DaniellaborerNorth River
CUMMINS, JaslaborerNorth River
CANFIELD, ThoslaborerNorth River
CORBIN, MichaellaborerNorth River
CORBIN, Philiplaborer(Otterbury)
DOBBIN, ThoslaborerNorth River
DOBBIN, MartinlaborerNorth River
DOBBIN, ThosfarmerNorth River
DOBBIN, JohnfarmerNorth River
DELANEY, DanielfishermanNorth River
DELANEY, JacobfishermanNorth River
ENGLISH, TobiasfarmerNorth River
ENGLISH, mrs. Elizabeth, widNorth River
EFFORD, GeofarmerNorth River
EFFORD, IsaacfarmerNorth River
EFFORD Wm.farmerNorth River
EFFORD, ThosfarmerNorth River
EFFORD, NathaniellaborerNorth River
FLYNN, Michaelfisherman (Otterbury)
FLYNN, Wm.fisherman (Otterbury)
FLYNN, Edwardfisherman (Otterbury)
FROST, Wm. HyfishermanNorth River
FROST, John sr.fishermanNorth River
FROST, Wm.fishermanNorth River
FILLIER, RichardfishermanNorth River
FILLIER, JacobfishermanNorth River
FILLIER, JohnfishermanNorth River
FAWCETT, AbelfishermanNorth River
FARRELL, HenryfishermanNorth River
FAWCETT, JohnfishermanNorth River
FAWCETT, PatklaborerNorth River
FAWCETT, AlexfishermanNorth River
FILLIER, RichardfishermanNorth River
FILLIER, Wm.fishermanNorth River
FILLIER, Wm. (JohnfishermanNorth River
GARDINER, GeofishermanNorth River
GARDINER, mrs. Susan, widowNorth River
HUSSEY, Jasfisherman (Otterbury)
HUSSEY, Johnfisherman (Otterbury)
HAWE, Geofisherman (Otterbury)
HUSSEY, Bartholemfisherman (Otterbury)
HURLEY, RichardlaborerNorth River
HURLEY, JohnfishermanNorth River
HURLEY, PatkfishermanNorth River
HURLEY, MartinfishermanNorth River
HICKEY, PatkfishermanNorth River
HALL, Wm. sr.farmerNorth River
HALL, Wm. jrlaborerNorth River
HABERLIN, PatkteacherNorth River
HANLAN, JasfishermanNorth River
HANLAN, EdwardfishermanNorth River
HANLAN, WalterfisherrmanNorth River
HANLAN, PatkfishermanNorth River
HUGHES, PatkfishermanNorth River
HUGHES, Wm.fishermanNorth River
HUGHES, JasfishermanNorth River
HALL, JasfishermanNorth River
HALL, ThosfishermanNorth River
HALL, JacobfishermanNorth River
HALL, IsaacfishermanNorth River
HALL, Isaac jrfishermanNorth River
HALL, JohnfishermanNorth River
HALL, RobtfishermanNorth River
HUGHES, Jas (WmfishermanNorth River
HOLDEN, PatkfishermanNorth River
HALL, IsaacfishermanNorth River
KEHOE, Robtshop kprNorth River
KAVANAGH, MichlfarmerNorth River
KAVANAGH, BryanfishermanNorth River
KAVANAGH, Michl jr.fishermanNorth River
KAVANAGH, JohnfishermanNorth River
KAVANAGH, JasfishermanNorth River
KAVANAGH, Wm.fishermanNorth River
LAWLESS, RichardfishermanNorth River
LAWLESS, Mrs. Eliabeth, widNorth River
LAWLESS, MauricefishermanNorth River
LONG, Wm.fishermanNorth River
LONG, JohnfishermanNorth River
LONG, John (WmfishermanNorth River
LONG, LukefishermanNorth River
MARTIN, Johnfisherman (Otterbury)
MAHONEY, JohnfishermanNorth River
MOORE, JacobfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, ThosfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, PatrickfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, Thos jr.fishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, Patk (RdfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, JohnfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, John jrfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, Wm.fishermanNorth River
MORGAN, MosesfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, Wm.fishermanNorth River
MORGAN, JamesfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, Jas srfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, Jas Jr.fishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, Patk (JasfishermanNorth River
MOORE, ThomasfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, DanlfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, EdwardfishermanNorth River
MAHONEY, PatrickfishermanNorth River
MAHONEY, JasfishermanNorth River
MAHONEY, DenisfishermanNorth River
MAHONEY, MichlfishermanNorth River
MAHONEY, Johnfisherman (Birch Hills)
MORRIS, PatkfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, SamuelfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, AbrahamfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, JasfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, John jrfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, JohnfishermanNorth River
MORRIS, Wm.fishermanNorth River
MORRIS, JeffreyfishermanNorth River
MORRISSEY, JasfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, ArchibaldfishermanNorth River
MORGAN, StephenfishermanNorth River
McCABE, MichaelfishermanNorth River
NOSEWORTHY, Francisgeneral dealerNorth River
NOSEWORTHY, Wm.clerkNorth River
NEVILLE, NicholasfishermanNorth River
NEWELL, Wm.fishermanNorth River
NEWELL, mrs. wid ThosNorth River
NEWELL, EbenezerfishermanNorth River
NEVILLE, ThosfishermanNorth River
NEVILLE, JasfishermanNorth River
NEVILLE, PeterfishermanNorth River
NEVILLE, MichaelfishermanNorth River
NEVILLE, PatrickfishermanNorth River
NEVILLE, JohnfishermanNorth River
NEVILLE, JasfishermanNorth River
NEWELL, JasfishermanNorth River
NEWELL, JosfishermanNorth River
NEWELL, SamuelfishermanNorth River
NEWELL, Wm.fishermanNorth River
ROSE, Jasfarmer(Otterbury)
STEPHENS, Johnfisherman (Otterbury)
STEPHENS, Benjfisherman (Otterbury)
STEPHENS, Wm.fisherman (Otterbury)
STEPHENS, Albertfisherman (Otterbury)
SHEA, ThosfarmerNorth River
SKEANS, EdwardfarmerNorth River
SEWARD, ThosfishermanNorth River
SEWARD, JasfishermanNorth River
SINCLAIR, JohnfishermanNorth River
SINCLAIR, MatthewfishermanNorth River
SINCLAIR, Wm.fishermanNorth River
SINCLAIR, DuncanfishermanNorth River
SINCLAIR, Mary, widowNorth River
STEPHENS, Chas H.fishermanNorth River
STEPHENS, Jas H.fishermanNorth River
STEPHENS, NathanielfishermanNorth River
SNOW, John J.fishermanNorth River
SNOW, Wm. J.fishermanNorth River
SNOW, JamesfishermanNorth River
SNOW, Edward (IsaacfishermanNorth River
SNOW, JamesfishermanNorth River
SNOW, Edward (EdwfishermanNorth River
SKEANS, ThomasfishermanNorth River
SKEANS, JamesfishermanNorth River
SKEANS, JohnfishermanNorth River
SNOW, JohnfishermanNorth River
SNOW, SamuelfishermanNorth River
SNOW, mrs. wid ThosfishermanNorth River
SNOW, James (WmfishermanNorth River
SNOW, Prescilla, widNorth River
SNOW, Isaac (EdwfishermanNorth River
SNOW, Isaac (JacobfishermanNorth River
SNOW, AubreyfishermanNorth River
SNOW, BeniahfishermanNorth River
SNOW, Wm.fishermanNorth River
SNOW, James (IsaacfishermanNorth River
SNOW, James (WmfishermanNorth River
SNOW, AbrahamfishermanNorth River
SNOW, Jacob (JohnfishermanNorth River
SNOW, James (JohnfishermanNorth River
SNOW, IsaacfishermanNorth River
WALSH, mrs. wid FrankNorth River

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