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Conception Bay North Region - Port de Grave District

North River Section

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Anthony J,fisherman,North River
Aspell Michael,dodo
Atkins William,dodo
Atkins Richard,dodo
Atkins Benjamin,dodo
Atkins Richard,dodo
Atkins William, dodo
Butler George,dodo
BRIEN BRIDGET,postmistress,North River
Brien John,fisherman,North River
Brien Daniel,dodo
Brien James,dodo
Brien Richard,dodo
Bradbury James,dodo
Butler William,doOtterbury
Bendell Benj,dodo
Bedell Thomas,fisherman,Otterbury
Bradbury Wm J,doNorth River
Bradbury Isaac,dodo
Bishop Chris,dodo
Brien Patrick,dodo
Brien Tobias,dodo
Boone Joseph,dodo
Boone Elijah,dodo
Boone Wm H,dodo
Corbett B,doOtterbury
Corbett Wm J,dodo
Corbett John,dodo
Corbett Philip,dodo
Corbett Michael,dodo
Corbett Philip,dodo
Curnew James,doNorth River
Connolly John,dodo
Connolly Daniel,dodo
Connolly Edward,dodo
Connolly John,dodo
Connolly James,dodo
Curnew Richard,doOtterbury
Cummins Michael,doNorth River
Cummins Daniel,dodo
Cummins John,dodo
Caufield Peter,dodo
Caufield James,dodo
Curnew James,dodo
Corbett Philip,dodo
Dunn John,doOtterbury
Delaney Daniel,doNorth River
Dawe Henry C,dodo
Dobbin Thomas,dodo
Delaney Jacob,dodo
Demsey Thomas,dodo
Efford Nathaniel,dodo
Efford George,dodo
Efford William J,dodo
English Tobias,dodo
Frost John,dodo
Frost Wm H,dodo
Frost William,dodo
Frost John,dodo
Fillier William,dodo
Fillier William,dodo
Fillier Jacob,dodo
Fillier Richard,dodo
Fawcett Alex,dodo
Fawcett Patrick,dodo
Hurley Richard,dodo
Hurley John,dodo
Hussey John,doOtterbury
Hurley Martin, doNorth River
Habelin Patrick,dodo
Hanlan James,dodo
Hanlan Walter,dodo
Hanlan Edward,dodo
Hanlan Patrick,dodo
Hughes William,dodo
Hughes Patrick,dodo
Hall William,fisherman,North River
Hall William,dodo
Hickey Patrick,dodo
Hall James,dodo
Hall Thomas,dodo
Hall Jacob,dodo
Hall Isaac,dodo
Hall Isaac,dodo
Hall John,dodo
Hurley Patrick,dodo
Keough Robert,dodo
Kavanagh Bryan,dodo
Kavanagh John,dodo
Kavanagh Jas,dodo
Lawless Maurice,dodo
Long William,dodo
Long John,dodo
Long John,dodo
Long Luke,dodo
Moore Jacob,dodo
Morrissey Rich'd,dodo
Morrissey Pat'k,dodo
Morrissey John,dodo
Morrissey Thos,dodo
Morrissey Pat'k,dodo
Morrissey Thos,dodo
Morrissey Pat'k,dodo
Morgan John,dodo
Morgan James,dodo
Morgan John,dodo
Morgan Abram,dodo
Morgan John,dodo
Morgan William,dodo
Morgan Moses,dodo
Mahon Patrick,doOtterburry [sic]
Morrissey James,doNorth River
Morrissey Pat'ck,dodo
Morrissey Mark,dodo
Mahoney Pat'ck,dodo
Mahoney Jas,dodo
Mahoney Denis,dodo
Morgan Samuel,dodo
Morgan James,dodo
Martin John,dodo
Mahoney John,doBirch Hills
NOSEWORTHY FRANCIS,general dealer,North River
Neville Peter,fisherman,North River
Neville Michael,dodo
Neville Patrick,dodo
Neville Nicholas,dodo
Neville Lawrence,dodo
Neville John,dodo
Neville William,dodo
Neville James,dodo
Newell Ebenezer,dodo
Newell Joseph,dodo
Newell Samuel,dodo
Power Thomas,dodo
Newell Wm,fisherman,North River
Power Thomas,dodo
Rose James,doOtterburry [sic]
Skehan Edward,doNorth River
Seward Thomas,dodo
Seward James,dodo
Seward James,dodo
Shea Thomas,dodo
Snow Edward,dodo
Snow Isaac,dodo
Snow Abraham,dodo
Snow James,dodo
Snow James,dodo
Snow John,dodo
Snow James,dodo
Snow Wm J,dodo
Snow James,dodo
Snow Jacob,dodo
Snow James,dodo
Snow Isaac,dodo
Snow Jacob,dodo
Stevens Chas S,dodo
Stevens Chas H,dodo
Stevens Jas H,dodo
Sinclair John,dodo
Sinclair Duncan,dodo
Sinclair Martin,dodo
Sinclair Matthew,dodo
Sinclair Wm,dodo
Sinclair James,dodo
Skehan James,dodo
Skehan John,dodo
Stevens Jas J,doOtterbury
Stevens Wm H,dodo
Stephens Benjamin,dodo
Walsh Francis,dodo

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