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Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Port de Grave & Vicinity

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Place
ANDREWS, John Tfisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Geofisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Robert Hfisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Johnfisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Chascarpenter (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Robt sr.light kpr (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Geoaccountant (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Geofisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDRES, Robt jr.fisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Stephenfisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Geofisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Henryfisherman (Ship Cove)
ANDREWS, Geofisherman-
ANDREWS, Robt Jfisherman-
BISHOP, Samuelfisherman (Pick-Eyes)
BISHOP, Noahfisherman (Pick-Eyes)
BISHOP, Hy Chasfisherman (Pick-Eyes)
BISHOP, mrs. wid Jos(Pick-Eyes)
BISHOP, Henryfisherman (Pick-Eyes)
BISHOP, Johnfisherman (Pick-Eyes)
BISHOP, Jacobfisherman (Pick-Eyes)
BISHOP, Josephfisherman (Pick-Eyes)
BRADLEY, Jacobfisherman-
BRADLEY, Hyfisherman-
BRADLEY, Johnfisherman-
BROWN, mrs. Wid Wm.
BUSSEY, Albertfisherman-
BUSSEY, Archibaldfisherman-
BUTLER, Thosfisherman-
BUTLER, mrs. wid Jas-
BUTLER, Geo W.fisherman-
BUSSEY, Geofisherman-
BUSSEY, Esaufisherman-
BUSSEY, Isaac sr.fisherman-
BUSSEY, Jas J.fisherman-
BATTEN, Samuelfisherman-
BUSSEY, Wm. H.fisherman-
BUSSEY, Isaac jr.fisherman-
BUSSEY, Tobiasfisherman-
BUSSEY, Wm. Geofisherman-
BUSSEY, Abrahamfisherman-
BUSSEY, Thosfisherman-
BUTLER, Petergen dealer-
BUTLER, Josephgentleman-
BUTLER, Wm.fisherman-
BUTLER, Robertfisherman-
BUTLER, Wm. Johnfisherman-
BUTLER, Ebenezerfisherman-
BUTLER, Josephfisherman-
BUTLER, Herbertfisherman-
BUTLER, John T. fisherman-
BUTLER, Jas V.fisherman-
BUSSEY, Isaacfisherman-
COWLEY, Jas F.clerk-
CHRISTOPHER, Samlfisherman-
CHRISTOPHER, Albertfisherman-
DAWE, Wm.fisherman (Blow-me-down)
DAWE, John sr.fisherman (Blow-me-down)
DAWE, Josephfisherman (Blow-me-down)
DAWE, John jr.fisherman (Blow-me-down)
DAWE, Bethelfisherman (Blow-me-down)
DAWE, Israelfisherman (Blow-me-down)
DAWE, Wm. J.fisherman (Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Abrahamfisherman (Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Wm.fisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Henryfisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, mrs. Wid Eli(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Nicholas (Hyfisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Nicholasfisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Chas (Wmfisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Johnfisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Wm Geofisehrman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Wm.fisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Chas (Nichfisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, Abrahamfisherman(Darrell's hole)
DAWE, John sr.fisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Georgefisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Samuel sr.fisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Nathanielfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Samuel jrfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, John jr.fisherman(Ship Cove)
DAWE, Nicholasfisherman(Ship Cove)
DAWE, Henry, j pgeneral merchant(Port-de-Grave)
DAWE, Geofisherman(Ship Cove)
DAWE, Robtfisherman(Ship Cove)
DAWE, Henryfisherman(Ship cove(
DAWE, Jacobfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Johnfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Reubenfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Chasfisehrman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Wm.fisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Samuelfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Wm. Jfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Wmfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Zachariahfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, John B.fisherman(Ship Cove)
DAWE, Isaacfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, mrs. wid Isaac(Ship cove)
DAWE, mrs. Jane jr., wid(Ship cove)
DAWE, mrs., wid Samuel(Ship cove)
DAWE, Samuelfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Wm.fisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Henry B.fisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Esaufisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Josephfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Josiahfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Wm.fisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Albertfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Josephfisherman(Ship cove)
DAWE, Walterteacher(Ship cove)
DAWE, Samuelfisherman(Ship Cove)
DAWE, Jamesfisherman(Ship cove)
EFFORD, Nathfisherman-
EFFORD, Wm.fisherman-
EFFORD, Charles Hyfisherman-
EFFORD, Johnfisherman-
EFFORD, Samuelfisherman-
EFFORD, Charlesfisherman-
FILLIER, Wm.fisherman-
FILLIER, Johnfisherman-
FILLIER, mrs. wid Samuel-
HUSSEY, Robertfisherman(Sandy cove)
HUSSEY, Isaacfisherman-
HUSSEY, Thomas sr.fisherman-
HUSSEY, Georgefisherman-
HUSSEY, Isaacfisherman-
HUSSEY, Wm.fisherman-
HUSSEY, Isaacfisherman-
HUSSEY, Benjaminfisherman-
HUSSEY, Isaacfisherman-
HUSSEY, Johnfisherman-
HUSSEY, mrs wid Abraham-
HUSSEY, Thosfisherman-
HUSSEY, Robt Geofisherman-
HUSSEY, Charlesfisherman-
HUSSEY, Wm.fisherman-
HAMPTON, Johnfisherman-
HAMPTON, Ebenezerfisherman-
HAMPTON, Robertblockmaker-
JANES, Wm. J.fisherman-
KENNEDY, Samlfisherman(Hibbs' hole)
KENNEDY, Wm.fisherman(Hibbs' hole)
KELLAND, Wm.gentleman(Port-de-Grave)
LEAR, Geofisherman(Hibbs' hole)
LEAR, Wm.fisherman(Hibbs' hole)
LEAR, Samuelfisherman(Hibbs' hole)
LEAR, Johnfisherman(Hibbs' hole)
LEAR, Richardfisherman(Hibbs' hole)
LEAR, Wm. Hyfisherman(Hibbs' hole)
LETHBRIDGE, Thostinsmith(Ship cove)
MORGAN, Geofisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Abrahamfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Lionelfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Thomasfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Robertfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, mrs. wid Richard(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Edw J.fisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, mrs. wid Wm(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Solmnfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Georgefisherman(blow-me-down)
MORGAN, John Alfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, John sr.fisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Johnfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Josephfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Jacobfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Hy (Jacobfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Josephfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Jacobfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Johnfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Mosesfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Chas Hyfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Edwardfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Richd (Jnofisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Saml Geofisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Wm (Johnfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Hy (Wmfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Jasfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Josfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Henry (Hyfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN,Geo (Hyfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Wm (Hyfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Stephenfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Wm.fisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Johnfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Wm (Wmfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Nathanielfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Geofisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Josfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, John Thosfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Geo Afisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Jos (Josfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Solomen jrfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Geofisherman(Blow-me-down)
MUGFORD, Johnfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Nathanielfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Elijahfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Samlfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Chas srfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Thosfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Anthonyfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Jasfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Chas jr.fisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Abrahamfisherman(Sandy cove)
MUGFORD, Edwardfisherman(Sandy cove)
MARTIN, Jno Tfisherman-
MUGFORD, Wm.fisherman-
MUGFORD, Mrs. wid John-
MUGFORD, Robtfisherman-
MUGFORD, John sr.fisherman-
MUGFORD, John jr.fisherman-
MORGAN, Rdfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, Hy Dfisherman(Blow-me-down)
MORGAN, John A.fisherman(Blow-me-down)
NETTEN, Rev T. G.Episcopalian-
NORMAN, Wm.fisherman-
PORTER, Chasfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Wm.fisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Henryfisherman(hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Robtfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Jacob sr.fisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Albertfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Samlfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, mrs., wid Geo(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Jacob jr.fisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Richdfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Eli sr.fisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Jasfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Eli jr.fisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Wm. Robtfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Wm. (Johnfisherman(Hibb's Hole)
PORTER, Richdfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Abrahamfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Isaacfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Appolosfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, John (Richdfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Absalomfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Jasfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Benjfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Geofisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, John (Wmfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, James Johnfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Wm.fisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Robtfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Wm. (Wmfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Samuelfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PORTER, Israelfisherman(Blow-me-down)
PETTEN, Henryfisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Abrahamfisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Matthewfisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Johnfisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Jacobfisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Wm.fisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Josfisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Thosfisherman(Pick-eyes)
PETTEN, Wm.fisherman(Pick-eyes)
RALPH, Wm.fisherman(Sandy Cove)
RALPH, Thosfisherman(Sandy cove)
RALPH, Geo srfisherman(Sandy cove)
RALPH, Edward Jfisherman(Sandy cove)
RALPH, Geo jr.fisherman(Sandy cove)
RALPH, Edwfisherman-
RALPH, Henryfisherman-
RALPH, Reubenfisherman-
RICHARDS, Wm. Hyfisherman-
STRANGE, Robert Jfisherman-
SHEPPARD, Nathanielblacksmith-
STRANGE, Johnfisherman-
STRANGE, Robertfisherman-
STRANGE, Wm.fisherman-
SNOW, Reubenfisherman(Blow-me-down)
SNOW, Wm. J.fisherman(Blow-me-down)
SNOW, Eldredfisherman(Blow-me-down)
SNOW, Ebenezerfisherman(Blow-me-down)
TUCKER, Henryfisherman(Sandy cove)
TAYLOR, Georgefisherman(Sandy cove)
TAYLOR, Robert srcarpenter(Sandy cove)
TAYLOR, Robert jr.fisherman(Sandy cove)
TUCKER, Chasfisherman-
TUCKER, Jasfisherman-
TUCKER, mrs. wid Jno-
TUCKER, Arthurfisherman-
TURNER, Wm. F.police const-
TUCKER, Wm. C.fisherman-
TUCKER, Abrahamfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Wm. Rfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Johnfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Josiahfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Charlesfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Georgefisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Henry Chasfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, John G.fisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, John Wm.fisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Johnfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, James Hyfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Charlesfisherman(Ship cove)
TUCKER, Henryfisherman-
TUCKER, Jamesfisherman-
TUCKER, Johnfisherman-
TUCKER, Charlesfisherman-
TUCKER, Jobfisherman-
TUCKER, Johnfisherman-
TUCKER, James J.fisherman-
TAYLOR, John Jfisherman-
TAYLOR, Anthonyfisherman-
TAYLOR, Wm.fisherman-
TAYLOR, Samuelfisherman(Ship cove)
TAYLOR, Henry Wmfisherman(Ship cove)
TAYLOR, Robertfisherman(Ship cove)
TAYLOR, Jacobfisherman(Ship cove)
TAYLOR, Eli (Jasfisherman(Ship cove)
TAYLOR, Eli (Jacobfisherman(Ship cove)
TAYLOR, Jacobfisherman(Ship cove)
TAYLOR, Robertcarpenter(Ship cove)
USHER, Thosfisherman-
WARFORD, Jacobfisherman(Blow-me-down)
WARFORD, Azariahfisherman(Blow-me-down)
WARFORD, Isaacfisherman(Blow-me-down)
WARFORD, Jacobfisherman(Ship cove)

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