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Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Shearstown - Pages: 509 - 512

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ March 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Shearstown: (Pgs: 509-512)
Badcock, JohnCarp.
Badcock, Wm.Carp.
Badcock, Ed.Lab.
Badcock, Ed. (junior)Lab.
Badcock, JosephLab.
Badcock, CharlesLab.
Badcock, Geo. H.Carp.
Badcock, Geo.Carp.
Bradbury, Thos.Retd.
Bradbury, AbrahamRetd.
Bradbury, Jno.Fisherman
Bradbury, Wm.Lab.
Bradbury, Robt.Lab.
Bradbury, Jno. Of Robt.Carp.
Bradbury, ArchibaldCarp.
Bradbury, JosiahLab.
Deering, JamesLab.
Delaney, PhillipLab.
Delaney, Patk.Fisherman
Delaney, JamesLab.
Delaney, Patk.Lab.
Dwyer, Geo.Lab.
Dwyer, Wm.Retd.
Dwyer, J. W.Lab.
Dwyer, Jas. (of Jas.)Lab.
Earle, NathanLab.
Earle, IsaacLab.
Earle, KennethLab.
Earle, AlbertFarmer
Earle, MosesLab.
Earle, StephenRetired
Earle, MosesPhysician
Earle, ArthurLab.
Earle, Wm.Cooper
Earle, MaxwellMerchant
Earle, Albert (of Jes.)Lab.
Earle, WalterLab.
Earle, Robt. (of Wm.)Carp.
Earle, MosesLab.
Earle, AlbertCarp.
Earle, JonathanLab.
Earle, IsaacLab.
Earle, Wm. J.Lab.
Earle, Jno.Sailor
Earle, MarkRetd.
Earle, CharlesLab.
Earle, IsaacLab.
Earle, Wm.Merchant
Estates Isaac EarleGeneral Dealers Manufacturers of Fish Casts etc.
Fry, Thos.Lab.
Franey, PeterFarmer
Franey, Jno.Farmer
Henderson, ThomasRetd.
Henderson, Robt.Carp.
Holmes, JamesMerchant Exporter of Local Produce
Holmes, Jno.Carp.
Holmes, Ed.Merchant
Holmes, W. J.Lab.
Holmes, W. H.Lab.
Holmes, ArchLab.
Holmes, GeorgeLab.
Holmes, Ed.Lab.
Holmes, Thos.Lab.
Holmes, Wm.Fisherman
Hutchings, Wm.
Jewer, IsaacCarp.
Keefe, Geo.Lab.
Mercer, NathMiner
Mercer, Henry (of Jabez)Retd.
Mercer, Ed.Carp.
Mercer, ReubenRetd. Lightkeeper
Mercer, HenryLab.
Mercer, Henry (of Jas)Lab.
Mercer, JamesManufacturer of Patent Medicines
Mercer, Jno.Lab.
Mercer, Wm. C.Lab.
Mercer, AugustusFisherman
Mercer, JamesLab.
Mercer, FroyalSailor
Mercer, Wm.Retd.
Mercer, Isaac (of W.)Lab.
Mercer, Robt.Lab.
Mercer, Jas.Lab.
Mercer, Robt. (of H.)Lab.
Mercer, Robt. J.Lab.
Mercer, Isaac (of R.)Lab.
Mercer, SamuelLab.
Mercer, Samuel (of H.)Lab.
Mercer, ArthurLab.
Parsons, Geo.Carp.
Parsons, Wm. (of R.)Lab.
Parsons, AbrahamLab.
Parsons, ErnestLab.
Parsons, Wm. (of Wm.)Lab.
Parsons, Wm.Lab.
Parsons, Robt.Lab.
Parsons, Wm. (of R.)Lab.
Power, FredLab.
Power, MikeLab.
Richards, Wm.Lab.
Saunders, R.Merchant and Exporter of Local Produce
Snow, W. J.Lab.
Snow, LeonardLab.
Snow, AbnerLab.
Snow, HenryLab.
Sparkes. EbanezerLab.
Sparkes. J. Producer and Exporter in Farm Products
Sparkes. HerbertButcher
Sparkes. Geo.Carp.
Sparkes. IsaacLight Keeper
Tetford, A. J.General Merchant and Exporter

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