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Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

South River & Vicinity

The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Place
ANDREWS, Solfisherman(Hodge wtr line)
ANDREWS, Wmfisherman(Hodge wtr line)
ANTHONY, Jasfisherman(Juniper stump)
ANTHONY, Thosfisherman(Juniper stump)
ANTHONY, Wmfisherman-
ANTHONY, Mrs. wid John-
ANTHONY, Lorfisherman-
ANTHONY, Johnfisherman-
ANTHONY, Mathewfisherman-
ANTHONY, Josephfisherman-
ADDEY, Wm.fisherman-
ADDEY, Geofisherman-
ABBOTT, Johnfisherman-
ABBOTT, Jas sr.fisherman(Springfield)
ABBOTT, Thos (Johnfisherman(Springfield)
ABBOT, Jas Jr.fisherman(Springfield)
ABBOTT, Johnfisherman(Springfield)
ABBOTT, Michaelfisherman(Springfield)
ABBOTT, Thos (Jasfisherman(Springfield)
BATTEN, Nathfisherman(Turk's water)
BUTLER, Wm. Hfisherman-
BUTLER, Hy Wmfisherman-
BALDWIN, Mary wid-
BATTEN, Thos jr.fisherman-
BATTEN, Thosfisherman-
BATTEN, Samuelfisherman-
BOONE, Azariahfisherman-
BUTLER, Henryfisherman-
BUTLER, Josephfisherman-
BUTLER, Christopherfisherman-
BOONE, Solomonfisherman-
BOONE, Samuelfisherman-
BOONE, Thosfisherman-
BOONE, mrs, wid Wm-
BOONE, Wm (Johnfisherman-
BOONE, Johnfisherman-
BOONE, John Cfisherman-
BOONE, Robtfisherman-
BOONE, Wmfisherman-
BOONE, Ebenezerfisherman-
BOONE, Geofisherman-
BOONE, Thosfisherman-
BOONE, Wm (Abramfisherman-
BYRNE, Jasfarmer(Springfield)
BYRNE, Johnfisherman(Springfield)
BYRNE, Thosfisherman(Springfield)
BATTEN, Wmfisherman(Springfield)
BOONE, Wmfisherman-
BOONE, Jasfisherman-
BIGGS, Simonfisherman-
CURLEW, Simonfisherman(Hodge Water)
CURLEW, Abramfisherman-
CURTIS, Johnfisherman-
COZENS, Thos T.fisherman-
COZENS, Josfisherman-
COZENS, Thos sr.laborer-
COZENS, Thos jrfisherman-
COZENS, Jasfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Johnfisherman-
CURLEW, Thosfisherman-
CONNELLY, Patkfisherman-
CONNELL, Samuelfisherman-
CUMMINS, Wmfisherman-
CANNING, Jasfisherman-
CANNING, Thosfisherman-
CANNING, Samuelfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Wmfisherman-
COVEYDUCK, Johnfisherman(Turk's wtr)
COVEYDUCK, Thosfisherman(Turk's wtr)
DAWE, Henryfisherman-
DAWE, Absalomfisherman-
DAWE, Isaacfisherman-
DAWE, Wmfisherman-
DAWE, Absalom Cfisherman-
DAWE, Johnfisherman-
DAWE, Noahfisherman-
DAWE, Alfredfisherman-
DAWE, Wm Hyfisherman-
DAWE, Jyhn (Chasfisherman-
DAWE, Jacobfisherman-
DORMODY, Johncooper-
DORMODY, Michaelfisherman-
DORMODY, Patkfisherman-
DIXON, Geofisherman-
DIXON, Geofisherman-
DIXON, Wmfisherman-
DIXON, Christopherfisherman-
FOLEY, Johnfarmer(Foley's hill)
FOLEY, Edwardfarmer(Foley's hill)
FOLEY, Thosfarmer(Foley's hill)
FOWLER, Johnfisherman-
FOWLER, John Jrfisherman-
FOWLER, Jasfisherman-
FOWLER, Philipfisherman-
FOWLER, Wmfisherman-
FOWLER, Isaacfisherman-
FOWLER, Frankfisherman-
FOWLER, Josephfisherman-
FARRELL, Wmfisherman-
FARRELL, Richardfisherman-
FLYNN, Wmlaborer-
FLYNN, Philipfisherman-
FORD, Stephenfisherman-
FOWLER, Johnfisherman-
FRANEY, Thosfisherman-
FRANEY, Richardfisherman-
FITZGERALD, Edwardfisherman-
HALL, Thosfarmer(Hodge water rd)
HURLEY, Edfisherman-
HURLEY, Johnfisherman-
HURLEY, Josephfisherman-
HURLEY, Thomasfisherman-
HUSSEY, Johnfisherman-
HUSEY, Henryfisherman-
HUSSEY, Robertfisherman-
HUSSEY, Wmgen dealer-
HUSSEY mrs., wid Thos(Springfield)
IVANY, Jamesfisherman-
KELLY, Frankfarmer-
KAVANAGH, Jamesfisherman-
KENT, Sylvesterfisherman-
KENT, Johnfisherman-
KENT, Jamesfisherman-
KING, Johnfisherman-
LOYDE, Alexanderfisherman-
LANE, Henryfisherman-
LANE, Johnfisherman-
LANE, Robertfisherman-
LANE, Henry (Robtfisherman-
LANE, Jamesfisherman-
MUGFORD, mrs. Wid Benj(Juniper stump)
MUGFORD, mrs. wid Isaac(Juniper stump)
MORGAN, Benjfisherman(Turk's water)_
MORGAN, Edwardfisherman(Turk's water)
MORGAN, Wm. Jfisherman(Turks' water)
MUGFORD, Reufisherman(Turk's water)
MUGFORD, Johnfisherman(Turk's water)
MUGFORD, Christopherfisherman(Turk's water)
MUGFORD, Jamesfisherman(Turk's water)
MUGFORD, Josephfisherman(Turk's water)
MUGFORD, Isaacfisherman(Turk's water)
MUGFORD, Benjaminfisherman(Turk's water)
MUGFORD, Wmfisherman(Turk's water)
MARSHALL, Benjaminfisherman(Turks' water)
MARSHALL, Robertfisherman(Turks' water)
MOORE, Johnfisherman-
MOORE, Thomasfisherman-
MOORE, Josephfisherman-
MOORE, Samuel (Abrafisherman-
MOORE, Samuel (Samfisherman-
MOORE, Elijahfisherman-
MOORE, Joseph (Abrafisherman-
MOORE, John (Abrafisherman-
MOORE, Wm. Tfisherman-
MOORE, Jacobfisherman-
MOORE, James Jfisherman-
MOORE, Samuel (Wmfisherman-
MOORE, Wmfisherman-
MUGFORD, Josephfisherman-
MUGFORD, W Hcarpenter-
MUGFORD, Abrahamfisherman-
MUGFORD, Jahnfisherman-
MUGFORD, Ebenezerfisherman-
MUGFORD, Wmfisherman-
MOLLOWNEY, Johnfisherman-
McCABE, Patrickfisherman-
MANNING, Patkfisherman-
McLEAN, Stephenfisherman-
McLEAN, Rachl, widw(Springfield)
MARSHALL, Levifisherman(Springfield)
MARSHALL, Benjfisherman(Springfield)
MARSHALL, Wmfisherman(Springfield)
NOSEWORTHY, Samlfisherman-
NEVILLE, Martinfisherman-
NEVILLE, Patkfisherman-
NEVILLE, Nicholasfisherman-
NOSEWORTHY, Jon'thnfisherman(Southside)
PALMER, Johnfisherman(Southside)
POWER, Mauricefarmer(Southside)
REID, Wmfisherman(southside)
REID, Johnfisherman(Souhside)
ROWE, Johnfisherman(Southside)
ROWE, Samuelfisherman(Southside)
RANKIN, Henryfisherman(Southside)
REID, Aaronfisherman(Southside)
REID, Jas sr.fisherman(Southside)
REID, Jas jrfisherman(Southside)
REID, Archibaldfarmer(Southside)
REID, Geofarmer(Southside)
REID, Albertfarmer(Southside)
RITCH, Wmcarpenter(Southside)
RICHARDS, Isaacfisherman(Southside)
RICHARDS, Abrahamfisherman(Southside)
RUSSELL, Thomasfisherman(Southside)
RUMBOLT, Jamesfisherman(Southside)
SNOW, Thomasfisherman(Turk's water)
SNOW, Isaacfisherman-
SNOW, Noahfisherman-
SNOW, Wm Jfisherman-
SNOW, Henry Tfisherman-
SNOW, Archibaldfisherman-
SINCLAIR, Danielfisherman-
SMITH, Thosfisherman-
SMITH, Johnfisherman-
TAYLOR, Jasfisherman(Turk's water)
TAYLOR, Jacobfisherman(Turk's water)
TAYLOR, Henry sr.fisherman-
TAYLOR, Wm jrfisherman-
TAYLOR, Jamesfisherman-
TAYLOR, Henry jrfisherman-
TAYLOR, Wm srfisherman-
WALSH, Mrs., wid Walter (Springfield)
WELLS, Henryfisherman(Turk's water)
WILSON, Wmfisherman-
WILSON, Josephfisherman-
WILSON, Thomasfisherman-
WARFORD, Johnfisherman-
WARFORD, Richardfisherman-
WARFORD, Georgefisherman-

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