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Conception Bay North Region - Port de Grave District

South River Section

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Addy William,fisherman,South River
Addy George,dodo
Addy John,dodo
Abbott John,doSpringfield
Abbott James,dodo
Abbott John,dodo
Abbott James,dodo
Anthony Thomas,dodo
Anthony James,dodo
Addrews [sic] William,doHodge Water Rd
Andrews Lorenzo,dodo
Boone Samuel,doSouth River
Batten John,dodo
Butler Joseph,dodo
Butler Henry,dodo
Butler Christopher,dodo
Boone Azariah,dodo
Boone William,dodo
Boone Solomon,dodo
Boone Samuel,dodo
Boone William T,dodo
Boone Thomas B,dodo
Boone John C,dodo
Boone George,dodo
Boone Thomas,dodo
Boone Ebenezer,dodo
Boone William,dodo
Boone Christopher,dodo
Boone Robert,dodo
Boone William,dodo
Butler Christopher,dodo
Bradbury William,doSpringfield
Byrne James,dodo
Byrne John,dodo
Batten William,dodo
Canning James,doSouth River
Canning Samuel,dodo
Canning Thomas,dodo
Canning William,dodo
Curtis John,dodo
Coveyduck Joseph,dodo
Cozens Thomas,dodo
Coveyduck Thomas,dodo
Curlew Simon,fisherman,South River
Coveyduck John,dodo
Cozens James,dodo
Cozens Thomas,dodo
Dawe Jacob,doSpringfield
Dawe William,dodo
DORMODY JOHN,cooper,do
Dormody John,fisherman,do
Dormody Patrick,dodo
Dormody Michael,dodo
Dixon George,dodo
Dunn George,dodo
Fitzgerald Ed,doSouth River
Flynn William,dodo
Flynn Phillip,dodo
Ford Stephen,doSpringfield
Fowler John,dodo
Fowler Francis,dodo
Fowler John,do Hodge Water Rd
Fowler James,dodo
Fowler Phillip,dodo
Hurley Edward,doSouth River
Hurley John,dodo
Hurley Patrick,dodo
Hearn Thomas,dodo
HUSSEY WM,gen'l mer,do
Hearn Richard,fisherman,do
Hussey Henry T,dodo
Hussey Robert,dodo
Hussey John,doSpringfield
Hurley Patrick,dodo
Haw Thomas,dodo
Ivany James,dodo
KEARNEY M,cooper,South River
Kennedy Thomas,fisherman,Springfield
Kelly Francis,dodo
Lane John,doDrougherda
Lane Henry,dodo
Lane Robert,fisherman,Dougherda [sic]
Lane Robert,dodo
Lane Henry,dodo
Lane James,dodo
Lial Alexander,doHodge Water Rd
Ma[nnin?]g Patrick,doSouth River
Mugford Wm,doDrougherda
Mugford Benj,dodo
Mugford Isaac,dodo
Morgan Benj,doHodge Water Rd
Mugford William,dodo
Mugford Chris,dodo
Mugford James,dodo
McClain Stephen,doSpringfield
McClain, Thomas,dodo
Neville Martin,doSouth River
Neville Nicholas,dodo
Neville Patrick,dodo
Noseworthy Sam'l,dodo
Power Maurice,dodo
Richards Abraham,dodo
Richards Isaac,dodo
Reid George,dodo
Reid Archibald,dodo
Reid Albert,dodo
Russell Thomas,dodo
Reid James,dodo
Rankin Henry,dodo
Snow Thomas,doTurk's Water
Taylor James,doSouth River
Taylor Henry,dodo
Taylor William,dodo
Wilson William,dodo
Wilson Joseph,dodo
Worford Richard,doSpringfield
Worford John,dodo
Walsh Walter,dodo
Wells Henry,dodo

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