NL GenWeb Bay Robert's 1928 Directory

Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Spaniards Bay Section - Page: 512 - 515

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ March 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Anthony, MosesLab.
Barrett, SamuelLab.
Barrett, CyrilLab.
Barrett, NoahLab.
Barrett, Arthur (of N.)Lab.
Barrett, Abraham (of Jas.)Lab.
Barrett, A. H.Lab.
Barrett, JacobLab.
Barrett, WalterLab.
Barrett, DavidLab.
Barrett, Wm.Lab.
Barrett, Abraham (of F.)Lab.
Barrett, JosephLab.
Blandford, JosephSailing Capt.
Blandford, SamuelLab.
Blundon, Wm.Lab.
Brazil, M.Lab.
Brazil, JosephLab.
Butt, CharlesMaster Mariner
Butt, NormanLab.
Butt, Wm. H.Lab.
Butt, JosiahLab.
Butt, Moses D.Lab.
Butt, JosiahFisherman
Butt, John T.Fisherman
Byrne, PeterLab.
Byrne, BryanLab.
Cain, ThomasButcher
Chipman, SolomanFisherman
Chipman, NormanCarp.
Chipman, HarryLab.
Chipman, DuncanRailroad Employee
Chipman, LeviRetd. Fisherman
Chipman, MosesFisherman
Clench, Rev. E. C.Clergy
Chipman, Robt.Lab.
Chipman, Wm.Fisherman
Chipman, Wm.Lab.
Chipman, Nat.Fisherman
Chipman, Ed.Retired Fisherman
Chipman, WillisLab.
Chipman, LeviLab.
Chipman, HenryButcher
Collins, Robt.Fisherman
Collins, J. F.Fisherman
Collins, DuncanFisherman
Collins, AbrahamLab.
Collins, TimothyLab.
Collins, GeorgeRetd. Fisherman
Coombs, RichardLab.
Delaney, CorneleusLab.
Delaney, Wm.Lab.
Duggan, Patk.Lab.
Eady, StephenSchool Teacher
Finn, Thos.Lab.
Finn, Ed. R.R. Road
Finn, RonaldLab.
Fitzpatrick, Thos.Lab.
Flynn, Wm.Lab.
Flynn, ThomasLab.
Godsell, Ed.Lab.
Gosse, Wm.Fisherman
Gosse, HarryFisherman
Gosse, EsauReleiving Officer
Gosse, MosesBlacksmith
Gosse, RolandLab.
Gosse, SolomanMerchant
Gosse, AbsolomH. M. Customs
Gosse, NathanLab.
Gosse, JesseWheelright and General Dealer
Gosse, EbenazerFisherman
Gosse, JessieFisherman
Gosse, EugeneMerchant
Gosse, JosephLab.
Gosse, H. W.Lab.
Gosse, J. M.Lab.
Gosse, NormanLab.
Gosse, Nath (of Jas.)Lab.
Gosse, Jas. (of Jas.)Lab.
Gosse, Jno. (of Jas.)Lab.
Gosse, Jno.Lab.
Gosse, Wm.Lab.
Gosse, KennethFisherman
Gosse, JobCarp.
Gosse, Richard A.Lab.
Gosse, RaymondFisherman
Gosse, JosiahLab.
Gosse, ArthurFisherman
Gosse, AugustusLab.
Gosse, Theo.Lab.
Gosse, LeonardLab.
Gosse, RichardLab.
Gosse, JosiahLab.
Gosse, JosiahFurniture Manufacturer
Gosse, John C.Lab.
Gosse, MosesLab.
Gosse, HoratioLab.
Gosse, SolomonLab.
Gosse, Wm.Lab.
Gosse, AlbertLab.
Gosse, Moses (of Rich)Lab.
Gosse, RichardLab.
Gosse, Geo. A.Merchant
Gosse, MaxwellPhysican
Gosse, MartinMerchant
Gosse, Mark (sr.)Lumber Manfr.
Gosse, Mark (jr.)Lumber Manfr.
Gosse, HowardLab.
Gosse, Wm. (of Jas,)Lab.
Gosse, AugustusLab.
Hammond, Jas. Lab.
Hutchings, MarkLab.
Hutchings, Henry (of E.)Lab.
Hutchings, Ebenazer (sr)Fisherman
Hutchings, Ebenazer (jr)Fisherman
Hutchings, Henry (sr)Fisherman
Hutchings, Henry (jr)Merchant
Hutchings, ArthurFisherman
Hutchings, R. G.Lab.
Hutchings, J. W.Lab.
Hutchings, MosesLab.
Hutchings, J.Lab.
Hutchings, J. A.Lab.
Hutchings, AmbroseLab.
Hutchings, FredLab.
Hutchings, J. W.Lab.
Hutchings, Wm.Lab.
Hutchings, Geo. (sr)Lab.
Hutchings, Geo. (jr)Lab.
Hutchings, StanleyLab.
Jewer, Wm.Lab.
Jones, LlewellynFisherman
Kennedy, HeberLab.
Kennedy, Jno.Lab.
Manchion, DuncanFisherman
Mercer, Eli.Lab.
Mercer, Jno.Lab.
Murrin, Thos. (sr)Lab.
Murrin, Thos. (jr)Lab.
Murrin, Jno. (of Thos.)Lab.
Murrin, Wm.Lab.
Murrin, Jas.Lab.
Murrin, RichardLab.
Murrin, W. J.Lab.
Murrin, Jno. (of Jno.)Lab.
Neil, JacobLab.
Neil, KennethLab.
Neil, JosiahLab.
Neil, BartLab.
Neil, AugustusLab.
Neil, Jno.Lab.
Neil, Wm. (of Jno.)Lab.
Neil, Richard (jr)Lab.
Neil, Ed.Releiving Officer
Neil, HumphreyMail Carrier
Neil, JosephLab.
Neil, IsaacLab.
Neil, ArthurLab.
Neil, Humphrey (of H.)Lab.
Neil, Wm. (of Wm.)Lab.
Neil, Bart (of Wm.)Lab.
Neil, Wm. (of Geo.)Lab.
Noseworthy, F.Merchant Provisions Dry Goods
Noseworthy, Wm.Lab.
Noseworthy, RalphLab.
Noseworthy, Ralph (sr)Lab.
Noseworthy, Jas.Lab.
Noseworthy, Jas. (of Jacob)Lab.
Noseworthy, Jas. (of Jas.)Lab.
Peddle, Jas. (of R.)Lab.
Peddle, HenryLab.
Peddle, Jas. (of H.)Lab.
Peddle, Wm.Lab.
Peddle, Robt.Lab.
Peddle, Jno (of J.)Lab.
Pike, HenryCarp.
Pike, Robt.Lab.
Pye, EdwardCarp.
Porter, RichardLab.
Porter, Wm.Lab.
Porter, Geo.Lab.
Porter, NathLab.
Porter, MosesLab.
Porter, RobertLab.
Reid, GeorgeLab.
Reid, JohnLab.
Roberts, Geo.Lab.
Roberts, JosephLab.
Roberts, JosephLab.
Ryan, EdwardLab.
Ryan, ThomasLab.
Ryan, MatthewLab.
Seymour, ArthurFisherman
Seymour, J. M.Fisherman
Seymour, GrahamFisherman
Seymour, EleseorFisherman
Seymour, RobertFisherman
Seymour, IsaacFisherman
Sheppard, J. F.Coal and General Dealer
Sheppard, J. F. (of M.)Fisherman
Sheppard, Wm. (of F.)Merchant
Sheppard, MarkFisherman
Sheppard, DavidMerchant
Sheppard, H. G.Shoemaker
Sheppard, JnoCarp.
Sheppard, JosiahLab.
Sheppard, Jno. (of Jno.)Lab.
Sheppard, NathLab.
Sheppard, Thos.Lab.
Sheppard, A.Lab.
Sheppard, Wm. (of Jno.)Fisherman
Sheppard, AbrahamFisherman
Sheppard, IsaacFisherman
Smith, JimLab.
Smith, MosesLab.
Smith, Wm.Lab.
Smith, WalterMarconi Rigger
Smith, AlbertLab.
Smith, JacobLab.
Smith, J. T.Carp.
Smith, JessieLab.
Smith, Wm.Lab.
Smith, RobertLab.
Snow, Thos.Lab.
Snow, Jno.Lab.
Saunders, B. B.Merchant General Business
Strickland, BenjaminCarp.
Strickland, Wm. T.Lab. Agent
Thompson, JamesLab.
Vokey, AzariahLab.
Vokey, JohnLab.
Vokey, Solomon (of J.)Lab.
Vokey, IsaacLab.
Vokey, Wm.Lab.
Vokey, John C.Lab.
Vokey, SolomonLab.
Vokey, Wm. J.Lab.
Vokey, Jno.Carp.
Vokey, HenryCarp.
Vokey, SolomonLab.
Vokey, GeorgeLab.
Vokey, Geo. (of Sol.)Lab.
Vokey, NathLab.
Vokey, MarkLab.
Vokey, W. D.Lab.
Whelan, M. W.Lab.
Whelan, Patk.Lab.
Whelan, EdwardLab.
Whelan, MichaelLab.
Whelan, M.Lab.
Young, M. M.Merchant Fishery Supplies Ltd.
Yetman, ElrilCarp.

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