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Conception Bay North Region ~ Carbonear District

Burnt Head

Transcribed from Reel # 8040. REL - Relation

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

VATCHER; John M head married 1862 May 59 Burnt Head
VATCHER; Adela F wife married 1865 Dec 55 Crocker’s Cove
VATCHER; Jessie F dau single 1892 Dec 28 Burnt Head
VATCHER; Susanna F moth widow 1831 Mar 90 Otterbury

VATCHER; Sarah F head widow 1857 Apr 64 Carbonear

ASH; Wm. F. M head married 1883
40 Crocker’s Cove
ASH; Emma F wife married 1886 Dec 34 Harbour Grace
ASH; Wm. H. M son
1905 Aug 15 Carbonear
ASH; Roy M son
1906 Sept 14 Carbonear
ASH; Sadie F dau
1908 Oct 12 Carbonear
ASH; Chas. M son
1914 Feb 7 Carbonear
ASH; Nina F dau
1916 Sept 4 Carbonear

ASH; Elizabeth F head widow 1877 Sept 43 Freshwater
ASH; Lonnie M son single 1898 Aug. 22 Burnt Head
ASH; Mollie F dau
1906 Jan 15 Halifax
ASH; Annie F dau
1912 Oct 8 Burnt Head
ASH; Mamie F dau
1915 July 6 Burnt Head
ASH; Wilhelmina F dau
1918 June 3 Burnt Head

GILLISPIE; Eleazer M head married 1894 Sept. 26 Carbonear
GILLISPIE; Amanda F wife married 1898 Aug 22 Carbonear
GILLISPIE; Louisa J. F moth widow 1851 Sept 69 Adam’s Cove
GILLISPIE; Rhoda F sister
1881 July 40 Carbonear

McCARTHY; Wm M head single 1888 Jan 33 Carbonear
McCARTHY; Margaret F moth widow 1861 Mar 60 Harbour Main

McCARTHY; Mary F head widow 1885 June 36 Perry’s Cove
McCARTHY; Felix M son
1911 Jan. 10 Burnt Head
McCARTHY; Margaret F dau
1913 July 8 Burnt Head

EVELY; George E. M head married 1877 July 44 Flat rock
EVELY; Mary F wife married 1886 Aug. 34 Grand Bank
COOMBS; Stephen M stepson
1909 Oct 11 Carbonear
EVELY; Hedley M son
1899 Dec 21 Flat rock
EVELY; John F. M son
1900 Dec 20 Flat rock
EVELY; Julia E. F dau
1904 Mar 17 Flat rock
EVELY; Cecil M son
1907 Feb 14 Flat rock
EVELY; Sarah A. F dau
1909 Nov 11 Flat rock
EVELY; Tryphena M. F dau
1911 Sept 9 Flat rock
EVELY; Eleazer M son
1913 June 8 Flat rock

McCARTHY; Felix M head single 1876 Apr. 45 Burnt Head
McCARTHY; Annastatia F moth widow 1844 Mar 77 Carbonear

ASH; Arthur M head married 1881 June 40 Burnt Head
ASH; Mary F wife married 1883 Sept. 37 Little Bay
ASH; William M son
1908 June 13 Sydney Can.?
ASH; John M son
1908 June 13 Sydney Can.?
ASH; Chesley M son
1910 Jan 11 Burnt Head
ASH; Arthur M son
1911 Sept. 8 Burnt Head
ASH; Fred M son
1914 Jan 7 Burnt Head
ASH; Jane E. F dau
1916 Mar 5 Burnt Head
ASH; Albert M son
1920 Apr. 1 Burnt Head

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