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Conception Bay North - NF Directory 1935 / 1936

Victoria (Carbonear - Bay de Verde District)

Antle Albert miner
Antle Ananias miner
Antle Chas miner
Antle Geo miner
Antle Jabez miner
Antle John miner
Antle Leonard miner
Antle Max miner
Antle Saml miner
Antle Wm miner
Ash Baden miner
Ash Geo miner
Ash Mark miner
Ash John miner
Ash Mrs May wid
Baldwin Ed miner
Baldwin Mrs Elizabeth wid
Baldwin Miss Louise UC tchr
Baldwin Moody miner
Baldwin Percy fshrmn
Baldwin Mrs Sarah wid
Baldwin Stephen btchr
Best Thos miner
Brazil Const Allan -
Bryant Ed miner
Bright Ed frmr
Budden John miner
Burke Albert miner
Burke Ed miner
Burke Mrs Harriet wid
Burke Hedley miner
Burke Henry miner
Burke James miner
Burke James miner
Burke John miner
Burke John E miner
Burke Joseph miner
Burke Saml miner
Burke Wm miner
Burke Wm miner
Butt Albert miner
Butt Ephraim miner
Butt Gordon fshrmn
Butt Hubert miner
Butt John cooper
Butt Martin cooper
Butt Stewart miner
Canning Andrew miner
Canning Chas miner
Canning Fred miner
Canning Jacob miner
Canning Mark miner
Canning Nelson miner
Clarke Albert trkmn
Clarke Alex miner
Clarke Alfred miner
Clarke Arthur miner
Clarke Arthur electrcn United Towns Electric Co Ltd
Clarke Augustus carp
Clarke Augustus miner
Clarke Mrs Belle wid
Clarke Chas -
Clarke David miner
Clarke Ed blksmth
Clarke Ed miner
Clarke Eleazer miner
Clarke Elihu mason foreman
Clarke Elliott lmbrmn
Clarke Miss Elsie clk R & W Clarke
Clarke Fred miner
Clarke Geo miner
Clarke Geo miner
Clarke Gilbert miner
Clarke Herbert miner
Clarke Isaac cook
Clarke James miner
Clarke James miner
Clarke James miner
Clarke James miner
Clarke John miner
Clarke John miner
Clarke John miner
Clarke John miner
Clarke John C carp
Clarke Joseph miner
Clarke Mrs Katherine wid
Clarke Mrs Louise wid
Clarke Malcolm miner
Clarke Mark miner
Clarke Miss Mary UC tchr
Clarke Nicholas genl dlr
Clarke Mrs Patience wid
Clarke R & W genl dlrs
Clarke Reuben miner
Clarke Reuben mer of R & W Clarke
Clarke Richard miner
Clarke Robt genl dlr
Clarke Miss Sadie UC tchr
Clarke Saml of John miner
Clarke Silas miner
Clarke Silas miner
Clarke Wallace miner
Clarke Walter miner
Clarke Wm mer of R & W Clarke
Clarke Wm miner
Clarke Wm miner
Clarke Willis cook
Clarke Willis miner
Cole Alex miner
Cole Ambrose fshrmn
Cole Arch carp
Cole Baxter fshrmn
Cole Chas miner
Cole Chesley fshrmn
Cole Ellsworth miner
Cole Eugene fshrmn
Cole Geo fshrmn
Cole Mrs Harriet wid
Cole James miner
Cole James miner
Cole John miner
Cole Lewis fshrmn
Cole Mrs Matilda wid
Cole Moses miner
Cole Nathaniel fshrmn
Cole Robt fshrmn
Cole Robt miner
Cole Saml miner
Cole Stephen fshrmn
Cole Walter fshrmn
Cole Willis carp
Cole Winston fshrmn
Collins John miner
Collins Wm miner
Crocker James miner
Curnew Mrs Ann wid
Curnew Eli miner
Curnew Jabez miner
Dean Mrs Amelia wid
Dean John miner
Dean Joseph miner
Dean Richard miner
Dean Saml miner
Dean Saml miner
Dean Walter miner
Dean Wm miner
Dearing Arthur electrcn United Towns Electric Co Ltd
Dearing Arthur miner
Dearing Benj miner
Dearing John miner
Dearing Robt miner
Evely Gordon miner
Frampton Marcus miner
Frampton Wm frmr
Hiscock Gilbert carp
Hiscock John miner
Hiscock Mrs Nellie wid
Hiscock Reuben carp
Hiscock Wm miner
Howse Rev G G UC
Jolliffe John UC tchr
Lambert John miner
Langer Geo miner
Larkum Wm miner
Mahaney James seaman
Mahaney Valentine miner
Moores Arch -
Mortimer Mrs Susanna wid
Mulley Mrs Dinah wid
Murray Absalom miner
Murray Obediah miner
Murray Silas miner
Murray Wm miner
Newman Henry miner
Nicholl Albert genl dlr
Nicholl John miner
Nicholl Moses frmr
Osmond Wm miner
Parsons Arthur miner
Parsons Benj fshrmn
Parsons Ernest miner
Parsons Geo miner
Parsons Henry miner
Parsons James miner
Parsons Moses miner
Parsons Richard miner
Parsons Robt miner
Parsons Saml miner
Parsons Mrs Sarah wid
Parsons Wm miner
Peckham Alex miner
Peckham Ephraim rly foreman
Peckham Ephraim miner
Peckham Geo miner
Peckham John miner
Penney Ed mason
Penney Ernest frmr
Penney John miner
Penney John miner
Penney Mrs Mary J wid
Penney Mrs Moses wid
Penney Richard miner
Penney Saml miner
Penney Silas miner
Penney Thos frmr
Penney Thos miner
Penney Valentine miner
Powell Mrs Caroline wid
Powell Geo & Son genl dlrs
Powell Nicholas mer
Powell Nicholas miner
Powell Reginald frmr
Powell Silas miner
Powell Miss Susannah clk Geo Powell & Son
Priddle Mrs Clara wid
Priddle Mrs Eliza wid
Priddle Geo miner
Priddle Lionel btchr
Priddle Reuben miner
Pye Benj miner
Pye Fred miner
Pye Mrs Mary wid
Pye Mrs Susannah wid
Pye Walter miner
Pye Wm miner
Rose Martin miner
Rose Wm fshrmn
Rose Wm miner
Rossiter Geo miner
Russell Mrs Caroline wid
Russell James miner
Russell Lochard miner
Slade Donald miner
Slade Ernest miner
Slade Geo P miner
Slade John miner
Slade Jordan miner
Slade Nicholas fshrmn
Slade Mrs Susannah wid
Snook Henry carp
Snook Henry miner
Snook John miner
Snow Geo miner
Snow Job miner
Snow Wm miner
Stephenson James miner
Stephenson John miner
Stephenson Mrs Susanna wid
Summers Israel Jr miner
Summers Israel miner
Summers Wm miner
Sutton Chesley miner
Sutton Emanuel miner
Sutton Ernest miner
Sutton Henry miner
Sutton James miner
Sutton Nathaniel miner
Sutton Silas miner
Sutton Wm miner
Taylor Chas miner
Thomas Geo miner
Vaters Elijah miner
Vaters Geo electrcn
Vaters James miner
Vaters Jeffrey miner
Vaters John E postmaster
Vaters Leander miner
Vaters Mark miner
Vaters Mark miner
Vaters Reuben miner
Vaters Wm electrcn
Vaters Wilson electrcn
Wareham Chesley miner
White Albert miner
White Gordon miner
White John M miner
White Joseph miner
White Malcolm miner
White Mrs Martha wid
White Oscar miner
White Mrs Rachael wid
White Reuben miner
White Robt miner
White Saml carp
White Saml miner

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