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Conception Bay North Region - Carbonear District


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CARBONEAR - A town on the north side of Conception Bay, district of Carbonear. A large business is done here in fish. It is a port of entry. The New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. has an office here. Distant from Harbor Grace, by road, 3 miles, from Portugal Cove, by steamer, 3 times a week, 21 miles, fare $1.40; from St. John's, by steamer and stage, 31 miles, fare $2.40. Mail tri-weekly. Population about 2000.

Anderson & Kennedy merchants
Anderson Robert of Anderson & Kennedy
APSEY JOHN F., & CO. general dealers in dry goods, fisheries, groceries, flour, produce and commission merchants
Arsball John blacksmith
Ash William fisherman
Badcock William clerk
Balmer Robert of Duff & Balmer
Bemister Edward fisherman
Bemister Frederick trader
Barry John fisherman
Bennett Samuel blacksmith
Bennett William blacksmith
Berigan James cooper
Best George cooper
Best George tavern
Biggs John cooper
Bransfield Richard fisherman
Bransfield Richard school teacher
Browne Patrick grocer
Bryan John butcher
Bulger Michael storekeeper
Barbridge Henry, B. A. school teacher
Butler George fff
Butler Mrs. Catherine wid Patrick
Butt Alfred constable
Cahill Edward master mariner
Casey William cooper and lumber surveyor
Case Mrs. Elizabeth wid Michael
Clarke Henry
Clarke Richard fisherman
Clarke Robert fisherman
Cleary Joshua M. D.
Comben rev Charles Wesleyan
Connors Mrs. Judith wid John
Cooper Michael T cooper
Costigan Michael fisherman
Coultas Mrs. E. boarding house
Donnelly John master mariner
Doyle James fisherman
Doyle Michael fisherman
DUFF & BALMER general importers and commission agents. See Adv.
Duff William of Duff & Balmer
Dwyer Ed
Dwyer Michael master mariner
Emberley Joshua mariner
Evans Samuel fisherman
Fanning Matthew fisherman
Fanning Mrs. A. wid William
Farrell Morgan shoemaker
Finn William cooper
Fitzgerald Edward shoemaker
Fitzgerald John fisherman
Fitzgerald Thomas master mariner
Fitzpatrick Edward cooper
Fogwill Samuel storekeeper
Foot John sailmaker
Fortune Matthew fisherman
Forward Ambrose boarding house
Forward Henry master mariner
Forward Mark master mariner
Furlong Mrs. Mary wid Watt
Furlong Thomas storekeeper
Geary Thomas fisherman
Geary Thomas fisherman
George Richard fisherman
Gerry Mrs. Anastasia wid James
Giles John master mariner
Giles Richard master mariner
Giles William master mariner
Goff James tailor
Goff Thomas tailor
GOULD BENJAMIN T. H. general importer and commission merchant
Gould Michael storekeeper
Griffin John policeman
Guy James blacksmith
Guy Mrs. Emma wid Joseph
Guy William blacksmith
Haskiel John fisherman
Hawker William of John F. Apsey & Co.
Hogan Patrick James butcher
Howell Albert fisherman
Howell Frederick fisherman
Howell Henry fisherman
Howell James fisherman
Howell James laborer
Howell John fisherman
Howell Mrs. Mary wid William
Howell Samuel fisherman
Hoyles rev, Wm. J. ch of England
Joy Patrick fisherman
Joyce Edgard fisherman
Joyce George master mariner
Joyce William master mariner
Kenealy David fisherman
Kenealy James fisherman
Kenealy John fisherman
Kenealy Mrs. J. wid James, storekeeper
Kearney Michael storekeeper
Kennedy Thomas C. of Anderson & Kennedy
Keough James cooper and grocer
Leary Daniel fisherman
McBey Peter high constable
McCarthy John master mariner
McCarthy Simon butcher
McCARTHY RICHARD general commission merchant and auctioneer, dealer in groceries and spirits
McKay John clerk of the Court
MACKAY LAWRENCE teacher St. Patrick's commercial school
McNeil Israel stipendary magistrate
Maddock J. & R.s importers
Maddock John of J. & R. importers
Maddock Robert of J. & R. importers
Malone Thomas cooper
Marshall Cleophas fisherman
Marshall John fisherman
Marshall Robert storekeeper
MUNDY WILLIAM H. school teacher
Moors John carpenter
Moran Mrs. Margaret wid Michael
Moran John trader
Morice Thomas fisherman
Murphy James fisherman
Murphy William fisherman
Nelson Roland M. M. D.
New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. George A Nichole, operator
Newel Charles fisherman
Newel Clement fisherman
NICHOLE GEORGE A. agent New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co.
Nichole Nicholas postmaster
Noel John fisherman
Noel Mrs. S. wid R.
Oates Charles fisherman
Oates Mark fisherman
Oates Mrs. Elizabeth wid John
O'Connor rev John R. catholic
O'Shaughnessy Mrs. Mary wid Dr. I. S.
Parsons Samuel master mariner
Poarce John trader
Penny Edgar master mariner
Penny Hugh fisherman
Penny Josiah master mariner
Penny Loyle fisherman
Penny Stephen fisherman
Penny William ship owner
Penny William D. fisherman
Pike Edward sailmaker
Pike Francis farmer
Pike J. E. sailmaker
Pike Mark sailmaker
Pike Stephen storekeeper
Pike Thomas master mariner
Pike Woodbine trader
Police office
Post office Nicholas Nichole, postmaster
Power M. fisherman
Power Mrs. B. wid William
Power Mrs. Bridget wid William
Priddle Issa fisherman
Priddle Jacob fisherman
Riley Peter cooper
Rorke Edward master mariner
Rorke James bookkeeper
Rorke John, M.P. importer
Rowe John fisherman
Ryall John M. D.
Ryan Michael J. merchant
Scanlon Mrs. B. wid Daniel
Scaplin John trader
Scanlon Mrs. Sarah wid Edward
Scully Edward laborer
Snook Henry fisherman
ST. PATRICK'S COMMERCIAL SCHOOL Lawrence Mackay, teacher
Stapleton James master mariner
Stapleton John trader
Stowe Miss E. school teacher
Sweeney Edward fisherman
Sweeney Michael fisherman
Sweeney Patrick fisherman
Taylor Abel fisherman
Taylor Charles fisherman
Taylor Francis master mariner
Taylor Frederick carpenter
Taylor George fisherman
Taylor Hayward master mariner
Taylor Henry fisherman
Taylor James fisherman
Taylor Jonathan fisherman
Taylor Joseph fisherman
Taylor Joseph H. fisherman
Taylor Mrs. Naomi wid Joseph
Taylor Nicholas master mariner
Taylor Richard fisherman
Taylor Richard trader
Taylor Robert fisherman
Taylor Samuel fisherman
Taylor Solomon fisherman
Taylor Stephen fisherman
Taylor Thomas master mariner
Taylor Thomas master mariner
Taylor W. II. fisherman
Taylor William fisherman
Taylor William master mariner
Taylor William P. master mariner
Thomas Jeremiah fisherman
Thomas Joseph fisherman
Thomas William fisherman
Toffin George Richard traders
Tucker Ambrose blacksmith
Udell Joseph master mariner
Udell Mrs. Jane wid William
Wesleyan church
Wesleyan Day school Richard Bransfield, teacher
Wesleyan Grammar School D. Henry Burbidge, B. A., teacher
Windsor John fisherman
Woods Thomas tinware

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