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Conception Bay North Region - Carbonear District


The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ December 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

FRESHWATER (Bay de Verds) - A small fishing settlement on the north side of Conception Bay, in the district of Bay de Verds. Distant from Carbonear by road 2 miles. Mail weekly. Population 390.

Barrett Patrick fisherman
Bemister John planter
Broderick Joseph fisherman
Carbin James fisherman
Clarke Moses planter
Clarke Solomon fisherman
Davis George fisherman
Davis George, sen. planter
Dean Henry fisherman
Davis Jonathan fisherman
Davis William fisherman
Hains Henry fisherman
Harvey William planter
Homer Henry planter
Homer Stephen fisherman
Homer Thomas fisherman
Hunt Thomas fisherman
Jeffers Joseph planter
Joyce George fisherman
Joyce Joseph fisherman
Joyce Robert planter
Joyce William planter
Marshall Charles fisherman
Moor John, sen. fisherman
Moors Alfred fisherman
Moors Ambrose fisherman
Moors Charles fisherman
Moors Edmund fisherman
Moors James fisherman
Moors Samuel fisherman
Moors William fisherman
Noel Charles fisherman
Noel James planter
Noel John planter
Noel Richard fisherman
Noel Thomas fisherman
Parsons Charles planter
Parsons Richard, jun. fisherman
Parsons Richard, sen. planter
Parsons Samuel planter
Parsons Sampson B. fisherman
Parsons Stephen fisherman
Penny Edward fisherman
Pike Samuel planter
Soapen John fisherman
Vatcher Jethro fisherman

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