NFGenWeb 1894 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North Region - Carbonear District


Population of District, 5,765, Chief Town, Carbonear; Population, 4,127.

The information was transcribed by ELEANOR ATKINSON ~ February 2, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Ward #1
ANGLO-AMERICAN TEL'GPH CO, A Nicholl supt, P O Building
Ash William S, fisherman, Crocker's Cove
Ash Joseph, do do
Ash William, do Burnt Head
Ash John, do do
Ash Thomas, do do
Ash Solomon, do do
Ash William, do do
Ash George, do do
Ash Josiah, do do
Ash William, do Liberton's Hill
Ash Robert, do do
Bemister Aubrey, fisherman, Water
Bemister Arthur, do do
Bransfield James, do do
Badcock Richard, school teacher, Water
Badcock William, accountant, do
BADCOCK THOS, dry goods do
Burke Samuel, planter, do
Burke Joseph, planter, do
BLACK A of Simpson & Black, h do
Bransfield F, fisherman, Crocker's Cove
BRANSFIELD FELIX, general dealer, Crocker's Cove
Bransfield Ewd, fisherman, Crocker's Cove
Butt Charles, do do
Butt Joseph, do do
Butt Joseph, do do
Butt Alfred, do do
Butt Robert, do do
Butt William, do do
Butt David, seaman do
Butt James, fisherman do
Butt Robert, do do
Bridle Stephen, do LeMarchant
Bridle Reuben, do do
Bridle Richard, do do
Burke George, do do
Burke John, do do
Burk Thomas, do do
Burk James, do do
Burk Edgar, do do
Burk Mark, do Liberton's Hill
Burke William, do Long's Hill
Burden George, do Burden's Hill
Burden John, do do
Burden James, do do
Burden Ephriam, do do
Burden William, fisherman, Burden's Hill
Burden Willis, do do
Clark Richard, do Crocker's Cove
Clark John, do do
Clarke Samuel, do do
Clarke John, do do
Clark Moses, do do
Clark William, do do
Clark Alexander, do do
Clark Richard, do do
Clark Nicholas, do do
Clark Alenas, do do
Clark George, do do
Clarke George A. do do
Clark Lionel, do do
Clark John, do do
Clark Samuel, do do
Clark Mark, do do
Clark Henry, do do
Clark David, do do
Clark William, do do
Clark Martin, do do
Clark Eli, do do
Clark Ferdinand, do do
Clark Thomas, do do
Clark John, do do
Clark Robert, do do
Clark John Wm, do do
Clark Edgar, do do
Clark Edward, do do
Clark James, do do
Clark Silas, do do
Clark Nicholas, do do
Clark William, do do
Clark Robert, do Libertson's Hill
Clark Noah, do do
CLARK WM HY, planter, do
Clark John, do do
Clark George, fisherman, do
Clarke Luke, farmer, do
Collins Farncis, mason. do
Crocker George, planter, do
Crocker Alfred, planter, do
Cole Robert, fisherman, Hiscock's Hill
Cole William, seaman, do
Cole Reuben, fisherman, do
Cole John, do do
Cole Elias, do do
Cole William, fisherman, Hiscock's Hill
Cole Nathaniel, do do
Cole William, fisherman, Hiscock's Hill
Cole Edward, do do
Cole Joseph, do do
Cole Bartlett, do do
Cole Willis, do do
Cole Elias, do do
Cole Robert, do Burnt Head
Coombs, Stephan, farmer, do
Coombs, Wm, fisherman, do
Clark John, do Water
Clark Robert, do do
Clark William, do do
Clark Edward, do do
Dean Henry, do Crocker's Cove
Dean Thomas, do do
Dean Henry, do do
Dean John, do do
Dean Samuel, do do
Dean Alfred, do do
Day James, do Liberton's Hill
Day Samuel, do do
Davis John, sea captain Capt. Frank Lane
Davis James, fisherman, do
DRAKE Rev F G, Methodist, Water
Forward Henry, light-house keeper, Carbonear Island
Forward Hy, asst light-house keeper, Carbonear Island
Forward Geo, fisherman, Burnt Head
FORWARD ERNEST, bailiff, Water
Fogwill Henry, accountant, do
Frampton Charles, planter, Burden's Hill
FOX BRIDGET, groceries and millinery Water, h do
George Edward, fisherman, Crocker's Cove
George John, do do
George Thos, do do
George Matthew, do do
George Luke, do do
Gillispie Jacob, do do
Gillispie Joseph, do do
Gillispie Samuel, do do
Gillispie John, do do
Gillispie Moses, do do
Gillispie George, do Burnt Head
Gillispie Wm, do do
Giles John, sea captain, Water
Gillett Frederick, fisherman, LeMarchant
Gillett James, do do
Gillet John, do do
Gillett Samuel, do do
Gillett Benjamin, do do
Homer Joseph, do Burnt Head
Horwood William, do Croker's C've
Horwood Hugh, planter, Liberton's Hill
Horwood John, fisherman, do
Horwood Samuel, do do
Horwood Richard, do do
Horwood Robert, carpenter, do
Hall Richard, fisherman, do
Hiscock Wm, fisherman, Hiscock's Hill
Hiscock John P, do do
Hiscock Wm Jas, do do
Hiscock Joseph P, do do
Hiscock Wm, do do
Hiscock Henry, do do
Hiscock Wm Hy, do do
Hiscock Joseph, do do
Hiscock Thos, do do
Hiscock John, do do
Hiscock Thomas, do do
Hiscock George, do do
Hiscock John, do do
Hounsell William, do Water
Hounsell James, do do
Howell Tobias, do do
Howell Samuel, do do
Howell Samuel, do do
Howell Ernest, do do
Howell Samuel, do do
Johnson George, do Crocker's Cove
Johnson Richard, do do
Jeffry George, do Liberton's Hill
Kennedy James, do Crocker's Cove
Kennedy John, do do
Kennedy Nicholas, planter, do
Kennedy Thomas, do do
Kennedy Edward, do do
Kennedy Denis, do do
Kennedy Terrence, do do
Kennedy Nicholas, do do
Kennedy John, fisherman, do
Kennedy John, fisherman, Crocker's Cove
Kennedy Terrence, do do
Kennedy John, do do
Kennedy Edward, do do
Kennedy Joseph, do do
Kennedy Terrence, do do
Kennedy William, do do
Kennedy Peter, do do
Kennedy John, planter, do
Kennedy Wm John, planter, do
King George, do Liberton's Hill
King Reuben, do do
King Eli, do do
LeDaun Thomas, fisherman, Crocker's Cove
LeDaun John, do do
Long William, do do
Long Alfred, mason Long's Hill
Long Francis, fisherman do
Moore John, do Crocker's Cove
McCarthy Charles, do do
McCarthy James, do do
McCarthy Flor'nce, do do
McCarthy Wm, do do
McCarthy Owen, do do
McCarthy Patrick, do do
McCarthy Thos, do Burnt Head
McCarthy Felix, do do
McCarthy Wm, do do
McCarthy Richd, fisherman, Burnt Head
McCarthy John, do do
McCarthy Felix, do do
Mahaney Fredk, do Long's Hill
Mahaney Silas, do do
Mahaney Nicholas do do
Mahaney Francis, do do
Mahaney Josiah, farmer, do
Nicholl John, fisherman, Crocker's Cove
Nicholl John C, do do
Nicholl Albert, do do
Nicholl Abijah, do do
Nicholl George, do do
Noel William, do Water
Noel John, do do
Noel Geerge Ed, do do
Osmond Joseph, planter, Le Marchant
Osmond George, do do
Osmond Edward, do do
Osmond William, do do
Oats Joseph, fisherman, Burnt Head
Powell William, do Crocker's Cove
Powell Richard, do do
Powell George, do do
Pye Samuel, do do
Pye Elijah, do do
Pye Frederick, do do
Penney Robert, do Liberton's Hill
Penney Noah, accountant do
Powell John, planter, Burnt Head
Powell Richard, fisherman do
Powell William, do do
Powell Noah, do do
Powell William, do do
Pike John, do do
Powell Joseph, do Hiscock's Hill
Powell Joseph, planter, Water
Powell John, do do
Penney Richd, fisherman do
Penney John, do do
Penney William, planter, do
PENNEY BROS, dry goods, and grocers Water, h do
Penney Alfred, of Penney Bros, h Water
PENNEY EDGAR, of E & W Penney h Water
General Merchants, Labrador, h Water
Penney Josiah, fisherman, Water
Penney Stephen, planter, do
Penney Stephen, do do
Penney George, fisherman, do
Penney Saml, do do
Penney Francis, do do
Penney Richard, do do
Penney Robert, do do
Penney Jacob, do do
Penney Geo E, do do
Penney John, do do
Penney Lionel, fisherman, Water
Penney James, do do
Penney Clement, carpenter, do
PENNEY WM, of E & W Penney, Water
Penney Robert, planter, Water
Penney Israel, fisherman, do
Penney Wm, do do
Pike Reuben, sea captain, do
Pilgrim Henry, fisherman, Le Marchant
Pilgrim Butler, do do
Pilgrim William, do do
PEACH JAMES R. butcher and farmer Peach's Farm
Parsons George, planter Farm
Parsons Arthur, do do
Reed James, seaman, Liberton's Hill
Reed John, fisherman, do
Reed Michael, do do
Robinson John, seaman do
Rowe John, planter, Water
Rowe William, fisherman, do
Symms Simeon, mail carrier Crocker's Cove
Sutton James, fisherman do
Snook Israel, do Liberton's Hill
Snook Joseph, do do
Snook William, do do
Snook John, do do
Smith Joseph, cooper, Water
Saunders Philip do do
Saunders John, do do
Saunders Wm, do do
Saunders Philip, do do
Taylor William, fisherman, Burnt Head
Taylor Edmond, planter, Liberton's Hill
Taylor James, do do
Taylor Wm, fisherman, Water
Taylor William, do do
Taylor Richard H, planter, do
Taylor Arthur, accountant, do
Taylor Corbett, seaman, do
Taylor Robert, fisherman do
Taylor Cyrus, sea captain, do
Taylor Francis, fisherman, do
Taylor Richard, do do
Taylor John, do do
Taylor William, do do
Taylor Halladay, do do
Taylor Richard O, planter do
Taylor Nicholas, carpenter, do
Taylor Robert, fisherman, do
Taylor William, do do
Taylor Enos, do do
Taylor Lemuel, cooper, do
Taylor Richard, fisherman, do
Taylor Frederick, do do
Taylor Noah, do do
Taylor Richard, do do
Taylor Edward, do do
Taylor William, do do
Torphy Benjamin, sea captain do
Tuffin George, planter, Le Marchant
Tuffin Richard, do do
Thistle Alfred, do Hiscock's Hill
Vatcher Wm Thos, planter, Tantamorant
Vatcher Wm, do do
Vatcher Reuben, carpenter, do
Vatcher Robert, fisherman, Burnt Head
Vatcher Charles, carpenter, do
Vatcher Josiah, fisherman, do
Vatcher John, do do
Watts Samuel, do Liberton's Hill
Watts William, do do
Watts John. do do
Watts Joseph, do do
Winsor Isaac, do Water
Winsor John, do do
Winsor William, do do
Winsor John, do do
Ward #2
Ash Edward, fisherman, Water
Ash Joshua, do do
Ash Nicholas, do do
Ash Charles, do do
Ash Moses, do do
Ash William, do do
Ash Edgar, do do
Ash Robert, do do
Best Joshua, cooper do
Best William, cooper, do
BEMISTER BROS, dry goods, groceries Water
and provisions,
Bemister F T, accountant, Water
Bemister Geo, do do
Bemister Francis, of Bemister Brothers, h Bemister's Hill
Bennett Sam'l, blacksmith, Bennett's Hill
Bennett George, do do
Bennett Stephen, do do
Bennett Wm, do Moor's Hill
Brine John, butcher, Water
COSTIGAN MICHAEL general dealer Water
Chipman John, planter Le Marchant
CHIPMAN E, school teacher, do
Chipman George, fisherman do
CHAFE LEVI T, school teacher, Bennett's Hill
COLLEY REV F W, Episcopal, Bennett's Hill
Dean George, sea captain, Bennett's Hill
Dean Wm Thos, fisherman, do
DUFF & BALMER, imp'rtrs & exp'etrs Water
DUFF WM, of Duff & Balmer, accountant h Water
Duff Robert, accountant, h Water
Duff Wm. accountant, h do
Duff James, clerk, h do
Donnelly Patrick, sea captain, h do
Donnelly John, seaman, Water
Finn Patrick, planter, do
Finn Thomas, planter, do
Gillett Robert, fisherman, English Hill
Gillett George, do do
Gillott James, do do
Gillett John, do do
George Adam, do Water
George Edward, do do
GOFF JAMES, tailor, Water, h do
Howell Edward, carpenter, do
Howell John, fisherman, do
Howell Augustus, carpenter, do
Howell Robert, do do
Howell Pickaveul, planter, do
Howell Albe t, fisherman, do
Howell Arthur, do do
Howell Frederick do do
Howell Amos, do do
Howell John, do do
Howeil John, do do
Howell James, shoemaker, do
Howell Duder, fisherman, do
Howell John, do do
Howell Frederick, do do
Howell Francis, do do
Howell Wm, do do
Howell John, do do
Howell Horatio, do Bemister's Hill
Howell Geo Wm, do do
Howell Simeon, do do
Hawker, William, accountant do
Hawker Manoah, accountant do
Joyce Edward, planter Water
Joyce Robt, sea captain do
Joyce Gilbert, do do
Joyce Robt, accountant do
Marshall George, fisherman, Le Marchant
Marshall Joseph, do do
Marshall Samuel, do do
MADDOCKS WALTER, general dealer Water
Moors Charles, carpenter Le Marchant
Moors William, carpenter, do
Moores John, fisherman, Moore's Hill
MOULTON GEO, manager water works h Water
McCarthy Owen, fisherman, Water
McCarthy William do
McCARTHY JOHN, gen'l dealer, Water
McCarthy Owen, fisherman, Water
McCARTHY JOHN, tailor, h do
McCarthy Charles, variety, do h do
McCarthy William, cooper, do
McCarthy Michael, fisherman, do
MOORE ROBERT, groceries, & c, Water, h do
Moore James, accountant Water
McNEIL J, postmaster to Labrador
Mills James, fisherman, Bennett's Hill
Mills John, fisherman, Bennett's Hill
Mills Henry, do do
Mills Samuel, do do
Nickoll Edward, do do
Neil George, do do
Norcott Nathaniel, do Le Marchant
Norcott Robert, do do
Nurse Rev Jas, sea captain Water
Parsons Joseph, fisherman, do
Parsons Samuel, do do
Penney Simeon, do do
Penney Willis, clerk, do
PIKE WILLIAM, sailmaker do
Parsons Arch, fisherman , do
Parsons Urban, do do
Perry George, do Le Marchant
Smith Thomas, do do
Stokes James, do English Hill
SIMPSON & BLACK, General Merchants, Water
SINPSON ROBT, of Simpson & Black h Water
TUCKER GEORGIANA, milliner, Water, h do
Taylor Archibald, fisherman, Water
Taylor Joseph, sea captain, do
Taylor Joseph, planter, do
Taylor Richard, do do
Taylor James, do do
Taylor John, do do
Taylor Joseph, do do
Taylor Willis, do do
Taylor Joseph, do do
Taylor Frederick, carpenter do
Taylor Duncan, seaman do
Taylor Hayward, sea captain, do
Taylor John, fisherman, do
Taylor James, do do
Taylor William, do do
Taylor Richard, do Burden Hill
Taylor Manoah, do do
Tucker A, blacksmith, Bennett's Hill
Tucker John, fisherman do
Tucker Manoah, carpenter, do
UDELL JOSEPH, General Merchant, Water, h do
Winsor James, planter, Water
Winsor Francis, do do
WINSOR R J, school teacher do
Walsh James, fisherman do
WOODS THOMAS, tinsmith do
Woods John, tinsmith, do
Walsh George, fisherman, Le Marchant
Ward #3
Antle George, fisherman, English Hill
BEMISTER JOHN, of B Bros, Water
Brown Thomas, fisherman, Water
BROCKLEHURST GEO, Chem & Drug, Water, h do
Bransfield J, sea capt, No 1 Fire Break
Bransfield Wm, cooper, do
Brine Wm, seaman, do
Brine Edward, fisherman, do
Brine Thomas, do do
Brenan James, constable do
Colbourn H, fisherman, Bennett's Hill
Colbourn Joseph, do do
Colbourn Geo, do English Hill
Chubbs Geo, do do
Chubbs Thomas, do do
Chubbs Wm, do do
Chubbs James, do do
Clarke John, do do
Colbourn Thos, do Gadden's Marsh
Colbourn Henry, do do
Colbourn Chas, do do
Clarke James, do do
CULLEN THOS P, Groceries and Provisions Water, h do,
CAMERON H, of Tucker & Cam, Water
Dollard Michael, shoemaker, Water
Dollard Andrew, cooper, Water
Donnelly John, planter, Water
Dalton Fred, carpenter, No 1 Fire Break
Dalton Jas, fisherman Gadden's Marsh
Doyle Patrick, do do
Doody John, planter, Crowdy
Foote John, sail maker, Water
Foot John, sail maker, do
Fitzgerald Wm, sea captain, Water
Gillott Stephen, fisherman, Crowdy
Gillett, Kenneth, do do
Geeary James, do do
George Robert, do No 1 Fire Break
Howell George, do Gadden's Marsh
Howell Hayward, do do
Hearn James, do Bunker's Hill
Hearn Michael, do do
Hearn Thomas, do do
Hurley Maurice, do do
KENEALLY MRS J, Groceries and provisions Water, h do
KEANEALLY JOHN, Labrador trader water, h do
Kennedy John, fisherman, Water
Keough Peter, cooper, Water
KIELY PUTRICK, grocer, Water
Light John, fisherman, Bennett's Hill
Light Wm, do do
Lock Alfred, seaman, English Hill
Lee James, fisherman, Gadden's Marsh
Lee Patrick, do do
Moors Mark, do Bunker's Hill
Moriarty Jas, do do
Moriarty John, fisherman, Bunker's Hill
Malone Thos, cooper, Water
Malone James, cooper, do
Malone Thos, do do
Murphy Richard, fisherman, Water
McPherson Alex, carpenter do
MADDOCK J & J, genl imptrs, Water
Maddock J, of J & J Maddock, h Crowdy
Maddock Jos, of J & J Maddock, do
McCarthy Richard, accountant do
Merrigan J, fisherman, Gadden's Marsh
Merrigan Michl, do do
Mertigan John, do do
POWELL H, plumber, English Hill
Pike William, fisherman do
Pye John, do do
Pye John, do do
Pye Thomas, do do
Pearce Robert, farmer, do
PIKE S B, collector customs, Flower Cove
Pike Stephen, farmer, Water
POWER MATTHEW, grocer, Water
PIKE & PARSONS, importers and gen merchants, Water, h do
Power Maurice, fisherman, Bunker's Hill
Power John, do do
Pearce George, cooper, Gadden's Marsh
Rodgers Patrick, farmer do
Riley Philip, cooper, Water
Riley Peter, do do
Rice William, fisherman, do
Rice Bernard, do do
ST GEORGE ED, druggist, do
Squibb Chas, fisherman, Bunker's Hill
Squibb John, do do
Squibb Reuben, do do
Snow Geo, fisherman, Gadden's Marsh
TUCKER & CAMERON, general merchants, Water
TUCKER W, of Tuc & Cam, h Water
Tobin Thos, fisherman, Water
Tobin John, shoemaker, do
Tobin Patrick, fisherman, Water
Tobin Martin, do do
Tobin Michael, sea captain, do
Tobin Joseph, fisherman, do
Tucker T, fisherman, Heart's Content Rd
Tyre George, planter, English Hill
Windsor Arthur, seaman, do
Windsor George, planter, do
Windsor George, do do
Windsor G, fisherman, do
Williams Geo, do do
Williams John, do do
Wescott Henry, do do
Wescott Thos B, fisherman, English Hill
Widger Silas, do do
Walsh J, fisherman, Gadden's Marsh
Williams F, head const, No 1 Fire Break
Williams Geo, accountant, do
Williams G, school teacher, do
Young Geo, fisherman, Gadden's Marsh
Ward #4
Barry Andrew, fisherman, London Road
Barry Joseph, do do
BOYLE ALBERT, physician, St Patrick
Brine Michael, laborer, do
Brown Stephen, seaman, Irish Town
Butler Michael, tailor, do
Brine Michael, fisherman, do
Brine Matthew, do do
Brine John, do do
Brine Matthew, do do
Brine Michael, do do
Babstock James, do Valley Road
Babstock, Thos, do do
Babstock Richard, do do
Babstock Patrick, do do
Barry Michael, do do
Butt Wm, do do
Brine Patrick, do do
Baker William, do Bunker's Hill
Baker Daniel, do do
Butt William, do Crowdy
Butler Edward, do do
Butt George, do Pond Head
Butt John, fisherman, Pond Head
Butt James, do do
Clark Wm, do Adelaide
Clark Richard, do do
CLARK JAS, tinsmith, do
Carroll John, planter, do
CARROLL JOS, shoemaker, do
Colbert Edward, cooper, do
Colbert Joseph, fisherman, Irish Town
Colbert Patrick, do do
Colbert Joseph, do do
Colbert Patrick, do do
Colbert James, do do
Colbert, Michael do do
Cook James, do do
Cook Stephen, do Valley Road
Cook Patrick, do do
Carroll Martin, do do
Calahan James, do do
Calahan Patrick, do do
Call William, do do
Colford Thomas, do do
Colfrod Thomas, do do
Colford Patrick, do do
Cullen Peter, do do
Cullen Michael, do do
Cullen Eugene, fisherman, Valley Rd
Clarke John, do do
Cullen Patrick, do Gladstone Rd
Cullen Richard, do do
Cullen James, do do
Cummings Thos, do do
Cahill Patrick, planter, Chapel Hill
Cahill Thos, do do
Comford J, fisherman, Chapel Hill
Connolly Daniel, sea captain, St Patrick
Connelly William, cooper, do
CLEARLY JOSHUA, physician, do
Colford Michael, cooper, Beach
Doody William, planter, Crowdy
Doyle James, fisherman, do
Dunphy Michael, planter, Chapel Hill
Dunphy Eugene, fisherman, do
Dooley John, do Bunker's Hill
Dooley John, do do
Dooley Patrick, do do
Dooley Joseph, do do
Dooley William, do do
Dooley Michael, do do
Dooley Peter, do do
Drake Francis, do do
Drake Thomas, do do
Drake Charles, do do
Drake Francis, do do
Dooley Daniel. do do
Doherty David, do Valley Rd
Doherty John, do do
Doherty William, do do
Dinn Martin, do do
Dinn John, do do
Dinn Michael, do do
Dinn Richard, do do
Drake John, do Bunker's Hill
Evans William, do Irish Town
Evans John, do do
Ellis Richard, do do
Finn Peirce, cooper, St Patrick
Finn Wm, do do
Finn T, do do
Finn Thos, do do
Finn P, do do
Finlay L, fisherman, do
Fardy James, constable, Crowdy
Fitzgerald Thos, planter, do
Fitzgerald T, fisherman, do
Fitzgerald J, fisherman do
Forward George, accountant, Water
Forward Robert, do do
Farrell Charles, farmer, do
Fogerty Richard, fisherman, do
Fogerty Michael, do do
Furlong William, seaman, Pond Head
George John, fishernman, Adelaide
Grady Patrick, planter, Crowdy
Grady Joseph, fisherman, do
Grady Owen, fisherman, Crowdy
GUY WM, blacksmith, do
Guy James, do do
Guy James, do do
GUY WM blacksmith, do
Gould Michael, planter Bunker's Hill
Griffin Martin, farmer do
HOGAN PATRICK, butcher, Water
Hogan Thomas earpenter, Water
HIPPISLEY JAMES, Stipendary Magistrate, St Patrick
Hayden Edward, fisherman, St Patrick
Hayden Michael do do
Hayden Edward, do do
Haskell John, do Irish Town
Haskell George, do do
Hamilton Charles, do Crowdy
Jones George, planter, do
Jones Edward. fisherman, do
Jones Thomas, planter, Chapel Hill
Jones Thomas, do do
Jones Michael, do do
Jones John, cooper, Irish Town
Joy Patrick, fisherman, do
Joy Thomas, sea captain, do
Joy Patrick, fisherman, do
Joy Michael, do do
James Mark, sea captain, Beach
Kennedy Ambrose, mason, Irish Town
Kennedy Samuel, farmer, Bunker's Hill
Kennedy Bernard, fisherman, do
Kennedy John, do do
Kelly James, planter, do
Keough John, fisherman, Irish Town
KEARNEY MICHAEL, grocer, Water
Keefe William, planter, Gladstone Road
Knox John, fisherman, Valley Road
Kelly Michael, fisherman, Valley Road
Luther George, do do
Luther William, sea captain, do
Luther John, fisherman do
Lundrigan Peter, fisherman, St Patrick
Lundrigan James, seaman, do
Lacey Edward, fisherman, Chapel Hill
Leary Peter, do do
Leary Daniel, do do
Marshall John, planter, Adelaide
Marshall David, carpenter, Adelaide
Murphy John, fisherman, do
Murphy Matthew, do do
Murphy Keyron, do do
McGuire James, mason, do
Meany Laurance, fisherman, Valley Road
Meany John, do do
Meany Jeremiah, do do
Meany James, do do
Meany Ignatius, do do
Maloney John, seaman, do
Maloney Dugleton, seaman, Valley Road
Maloney Richard, seaman, Valley Road
Murray John, fisherman, do
Murphy Thomas, do do
McGrath William,, do do
McGrath Joseph, do do
McLean Thomas, do do
MacKAY JOS. clerk of the peace, St Patrick
MacKAY LAURENCE, school teacher St Patrick
McCARTHY FELIX, sub collector of customs, St Patrick
McCARTHY REV FELIX, R Catholic St Patrick
Murphy James, fisherman, Chapel Hill
Murphy John, do do
Murphy Bernard, do do
Murphy John, do do
McGrath John, do do
Marshall Jonathan, do Irish Town
Marshall Charles, do do
Marshall George, do do
Marshall Eugene, do do
Marshall Ambrose, planter, do
Marshall Jacob, do do
Marshall Edward, do do
Maddock Stephen, seaman, do
Maddock Henry, fisherman do
Maddock Patrick, do do
MADDOCK JOSEPH, of J & J Maddock h Crowdy
NICHOLL GEO, supt tel company, h Water
Oats Mark, carpenter, Crowdy
Oats Charles, seaman, Irish Town
Pike Sweetland, sailmaker, Pond Head
Pike Wm J, fisherman, do
Pike Colin, planter, do
Pike Josephus, planter, do
Pike Josephus, do do
Pike John E, do do
Pike Herbert, do do
Pike Jabez, fisherman, do
Pike Frederick, seaman, do
PIKE EDWARD S, of Pike & Parsons, h Pond Head
Pike Segar, sailmaker, Pond Head
Pike Simeon, do do
Pike James, sea captain, do
Priddle Jacob, planter, Irish Town
Priddle Esau, fisherman, do
Priddle Hayward, do do
Priddle Joseph, do do
Parson Joseph, farmer, Valley Road
Parson Philip, fisherman, do
Pike Mark, sailmaker, Crowdy
Pike George, do do
Pike Urban, do Adelaide
Pike Woodbine, sea captain, Adelaide
Pike Leander, do do
Rowe Gilbert, farmer, Pond Head
Rowe Henry, fisherman, do
Rowe James, do do
Rowe Benjamin, do do
Rowe Frederick, do do
Rowe William, do do
Rowe Joshua, farmer, do
Rowe Frederick, constable, do
Rowe William, fisherman, do
Rumson George, planter, do
Rumson William, do do
Rumson George, do do
Rumson Carswell, do Adelaide
RORKE JOHN & SON, General Importers and Exporters Water,
RORKE HON JOHN, of John Rorke & Sons, h Water
RORKE JOHN. of John Rorke & Sons, h Water
RORKE JAMES, of John Rorke & Sons H Water
Ray John, fisherman, Bunker's Hill
Ray Richard, do do
Reed James, do Irish Town
Reilly John, cooper, Crowdy
Reilly Thomas, cooper, Crowdy
Reilly Edward, do Chapel Hill
Redmond James, sr, cooper, Valley Rd
Redmond James, jr, do do
Redmond Thomas, do do
Redmond William, do do
Shea George, do Bunker's Hill
Shea Patrick, fisherman, Chapel Hill
Shea Daniel, do do
Spencer Nathaniel, carpenter, Pond Head
Spencer John, seaman, Pond Head
Spencer Edward, fisherman, Pond Head
Spencer Albert, do do
Squibb James, do Adelaide
Sweeney Michael, do Irish Town
Sweeney James, do do
Sweeney John, do do
Sweeney Patrick, do do
Sweeney Thomas, do do
Sweeney Edward, do do
Sweeney Michael, cooper, do
Supple John, fisherman, St Patrick
Supple William, do do
Taylor Hedley, accountant, Crowdy
Tucker Richard, salesman, do
Taylor John, carpenter, Pond Head
Thoms James, fisherman, Valley Road
Thoms Jeremiah, do do
Thoms Ambrose, do Irish Town
Thoms Joseph, do do
Thoms Joseph, do do
Tobin Michael, do do
Tuckerson Wm, sea captain, Adelaide
Thoms Joseph, fisherman, Gladstone Road
Winsor William, planter, Crowdy
Winsor Benjamin, do do
Winsor Thomas, do do
Wescott Joseph, sea captain, Crowdy
Whelan Edward, planter, Adelaide
Whelan John, planter, Valley Rd
Wells Justin, fisherman, Chapel Hill
Wells Matthew, do do
Ward #5
Ash Henry, fisherman, South Side
Ash William, do do
Ash Robert, do do
Ash Eli, cooper, do
Bingham John, fisherman, London Road
Boggan Denis, do do
Butt Solomon, do South Side
Butt Reuben, do do
Butt William, do do
Butt John, do do
Butt Esau, do do
Butt William, do do
Butt Eli, do do
Babb John, do do
Babb John, do do
Babb William, do do
Babb George, do do
Brine James, do do
Burgess John, planter, do
Burgess John, fisherman, do
Baker John, do do
Baker Nicholas, do do
Butler Patrick, do Knight's Marsh
Carran Matthew, do London Road
Corbett Edward, do do
Curran Thomas, do do
Curran Michael, do do
Cleary William, do South Side
CHURCHILL THOS, bailiff, do
Churchill Chas, fisherman, do
Churchill Bartlett, do do
Cotter John, planter, Saddle Hill
Crofford David, planter, do
Crofford Pat'k, fisherman, do
Crofford John, do do
Crofford Davis, do do
Clarke Edward, do Har Grace Rd
Driscoll Daniel, do Saddle Hill
Donnelly John, farmer, London Road
Donnelly Mich'l, fisherman, do
Donnelly Michael, do do
Donnelly Joseph, seaman, do
Davis George, carpenter, South Side
Davis Eugene, do do
Davis James, do do
Davis George, do do
Elson James, fisherman, do
Earle William, do Har Grace Rd
Earle Cephus, do do
Earle John, fisherman, Har Grace Rd
Earle Moses, do do
Earle William, do do
Earle Frederick, do do
Earle William, fisherman, Har Grace Rd
Earle George, do do
Furlong Thomas, do London Road
Fitzpatrick Rich, laborer, do
Fitzpatrick Rich, fisherman. do
Fitzpatrick John, do do
Fitzpatrick Thos, do do
Fortune Parick, farmer, do
French John, fisherman, South Side
French Thos, do do
Forward Josiah, do do
Forward Arthur, fisheman, do
Forward Joshua, do do
Forward Nathl, do do
Forward James, do do
Forward Mard, do do
French James, do do
French Thomas, do do
French John, do do
French James, do do
French John, do do
French John, do do
French Henry, do do
Frayse Robert, do do
Frayse Thomas, do do
Frayse John, do do
Frayse Moses, do do
Frayse Edward, do do
Foley John, farmer, Saddle Hill
Foley Jeremiah, fisherman, Saddle Hill
Foley Patrick, do do
French John, do Knight's Marsh
Fitzgerald John, do do
Guest Edward, do London Road
Guest Patrick, do do
Guest Thomas, do do
Guest Patrick, farmer, do
Garland Augustus, cooper, Knight's Marsh
Garland James, do do
Garland Charles, do do
Hartnot William, fisherman, London Rd
Hyde Patrick, do do
Hyde John, seaman, do
Hogan Peter, fisherman, do
Hogan Eugene, do do
Hogan William, do do
Hibbs Joseph, do do
Harrington Maurice, farmer, do
Harrington Michael, do do
Harrigan Murice, do do
Harrigan John, fisherman, do
Harrigan Patrick, do do
Hearn John, do do
Hibbs Thomas, do do
Hogan John, do do
Hamilton Henry, fisherman, London Rd.
Hamilton Daniel, do do
Hamilton Eugene, do do
Hamilton Peter, planter, do
Hamilton John, fisherman, do
Hamilton Michael, do do
Hartnott Michael, farmer, do
HOGAN JOSEPH, gen dealer, do
Hogan Daniel, fisherman, do
Hogan Alexander, do do
Hogan Stephen, do do
Hogan John, do H'bor Grace Rd
Hogan William, do do
Hogan John, do do
Hogan Joseph, do do
Hyde Patrick, do do
Hyde Patrick, do do
Hyde Peter, do do
Hyde John, do do
Howell Willis, do Knight's Marsh
Howell John, do do
Howell Solomon, do South Side
Howell Absalom, do do
Hiscock Edward, do do
Herald Henry, do do
Herald George, do do
Herald John, do do
Herald Levi, do do
Herald Samuel, do do
Herald William, do do
Hogan Daniel, do Saddle Hill
James Joseph, do South Side
Janes Edward, do do
Janes Ambrose, do do
Janes Samuel, cooper, do
Keefe Michael fisherman, London Road
Keefe Andrew, do do
Knox William, do do
Kane Thomas, farmer, do
Kane Thomas, fisherman, do
Kennedy Nicholas, do do
Kennedy Wm, do do
Keilly John, do do
Keilly Peter, planter, do
Keefe Edward, fisherman, Sadd e Hill
Keefe James, do do
Keefe Matthew, do do
Luther Thomas, do Pond Side
Luther Frederick, do do
Luther George, do do
Luther William, do do
Luther William, sea captain, South Side
Laurane Thomas, do do
Lang John, fisherman, do
Lang James, do do
Lang William, do do
Lang Andrew, do do
Lang Henry, do do
Lang Aubrey, do do
Lang Charles, do H'bor Grace Rd
Lang Joseph, do do
Loe Thomas, do do
Lee William, fisherman, do
Lee John, do do
Murray Peter, do London Road
Murphy Michael, do do
Murphy James, do do
Murphy Cornelius, fisherman, do
Murphy John, do do
Murphy Patrick, do do
Murphy Thomas, do do
McCarthy Kenneth, farmer, do
Mullin John, mail carrier, Knight's Marsh
McCarthy Charles, farmer, do
McCarthy Charles, carpenter, do
McCarthy Michael C, fisherman, do
McCarthy John, fisherman, Saddle Hill
Murphy John, do do
Moriarty Daniel, do do
Moriarty Patrick, do do
Moriarty John, do do
MARKS J, blacksmith, Har Grace Road
Mootry George, fisherman, do
Mootry Robert, do do
Mootry Geo W, do do
Murray John, do do
Murray Josiah, do do
Murray George, do do
Murray Mark, do do
Marshall James, do South Side
Oats John, do do
Oats David, do do
Oats Thomas, do do
Oats George, do Pond Side
Oats Marks, do do
Oats David, do Knight's Marsh
Oats Archibald, do Har Grace Rd
Oats Thomas, do do
Oats Williams, do do
Oats John, do do
Prendergast Ptk, do Knight's Marsh
Penney Solomon, farmer, do
Penney John M, planter, do
Penney George, sea captain, do
Penney Robert, fisherman, do
Pike John, do do
Power Willis, do do
Power John, do do
Power George do do
Power Edward, do do
Penney Robert, do Har Grace Rd
Power Henry, do do
Penney William, do South Side
Penney Nathaniel, do do
Penney Ambrose, do do
Penney George, do do
Penney Hugh, do do
Penney John, do do
Pike Charles, fisherman, South Side
Pike William J, do do
Pike Joseph, do do
Pike George Wm, do do
Pike Mark, do do
Pike Cephus, do do
Pike Ernest, seaman, do
Pike John, fisherman, do
Pike Samuel, planter, do
Pike Wilson, fisherman, do
Pike Eleazer, planter, do
Pike George, do do
Pike Richard, seaman, do
Pike John, do do
Pike Reuben, do do
Pike Edward, do do
Pike John, do do
Pike Joseph, do do
Pike Fred'k fisherman, do
Pike William, do do
Pike George, do do
Pike Absalom, do do
Pike John, do do
Power Richard, do do
Power George, do do
Power Geo, sr, do do
Power Geo, jr, do do
Power Stephen, do do
Power John, do do
Power John C, do do
Power Solomon, do do
Power Willis, do do
Pelley James, planter, do
Pelley S, fisherman, do
Pelley Silas, do do
Pynn James, do do
Penney William, do do
Pearce George, do do
Pumphrey Jas, planter, do
Pumphrey M, fisherman, do
Pumphrny Jer, do London Road
Rodgers Wm, do do
Reed James, do do
Rossiter Wm, planter, Pond Side
Rossiter James, do do
Rossiter George, do do
Rossiter Joseph, do do
Ryan Michael, farmer, Saddle Hill
Ryan James, do do
Shea Patrick, fisherman, London Road
Shea Thomas, do do
Shanahan M'chl, do do
Southwell Chas, do do
Sloane John, farmer, do
Sloane Geo, fisherman, do
Soper Nath'nl, planter, South Side
Soper Theodore, do do
Soper George W, do do
Soper George H, do do
Soper Wm, sea captain, do
Simonds John, fisherman, South Side
Simonds Jos do do
Soper Geo E, planter, do
Taylor Nath'nl, do do
Taylor Colin, fisherman, do
Taylor Hayw'rd, do do
Taylor R K, do do
Taylor Herbert, do do
Taylor Arthur, do do
Taylor Hedley, do do
Taylor Edward, do do
Taylor Thomas, do do
Taylor John, do do
Taylor Lorenzo, do do
Taylor Samuel, do do
Taylor Richard, do do
Taylor George, do do
Taylor Francis, do do
Taylor Eugene, do do
Thistle William, do do
Thistle George, do do
Thistle Stephen, do do
Thistle William, do do
Thistle Thomas, do do
Thistle Frederick, do do
Thistle James, do do
Thistle Benjamin, do do
Thistle Henry, do London Road
Thistle Francis, do do
Thistle Maurice, do do
Tracey John, do do
Tierney Patrick, do do
Tierney John, do do
Thomas John, do H'bor Grace Rd
Thomas Wm Henry, do do
Thomas Charles, do do
Thomas James, do do
Thomas Nicholas, do do
Teirney Joseph D, do London Road
Walsh Bernard, do do
White William, do do
White Patrick, farmer, do
White Bart, fisherman, do
Walsh Wm, do Knight's Marsh
Walsh Patrick, do do
Walsh Michael, do do
Walsh Joseph, farmer, do
Walsh John, do do
Walsh Charles, do do
Walsh James, shoemakes, H'bor Grace Rd
Woodford Philip, fisherman, do
White Charles, do South Side
Ward #6
Butler John, farmer, Mosquito
Butler Thomas, farmer, do
Butler Peter, do do
Cahill John, do do
Cahill Richard, fisherman, do
Connelly Robert, do do
Connelly Daniel, fisherman, Mosquito
Carroll James, do do
Cormack Francis, farmer, do
Doran James, do do
Doran Edward, do do
French William, do do
Gordon William, fisherman, do
Herald Moses, do do
Herald Willis, do do
Herald Frederick, do do
Hanrahan William, do do
Haw Richard, do do
Haw Patrick, do do
Hannon James, do do
Harris James, farmer, do
Howell John, fisherman, do
Malone John, farmer, do
Moors John, do do
Moors James, fisherman, do
Moors Lemuel, do do
Moors Martin, do do
Pike John, do do
Pike Edward, do do
Pike George, do do
Pike Moses, do do
Pike Edward, do do
Pike Edward, do do
Pike Moses, do do
Pike Joseph, do do
Pike William, do do
Pike Edward, farmer, do
Pike Allison, fisherman, do
Pynn Edward, do do
Pynn Francis, do do
Pynn Shadrach, do do
Pynn Joseph, do do
Power Richard, farmer, do
Piddle Lemuel, planter, do
Piddle Nicholas, do do
Piddle Thomas, do do
Piddle John, fisherman, do
Piddle Martin, do do
Piddle James, do do
Piddle Elijah, do do
Rodgers James, do do
Simmons Benjamin, do do
Soper Joshua, farmer, do
Soper Noah, fisherman, do
Sullivan John, do do
Sullivan Patrick, do do
Sheppard Nathaniel, do do
Taylor Mark, fisherman, Mosquito
Thomey Arthur, farmer, do
Thomey John, do do
Thomey Rodger, do do
Thomey William, do do
Thomey John, do do
Thomey Henry, do do
Wells James, fisherman, do
Wells Eugene, do do
Ward #7
Ash William, fisherman, Victoria Village
Ash Francis, do do
Antle Joshua, do do
Antle Ananias, do do
Antle Robert, do do
Butt William, do do
Bright Edward, do do
Budden William, farmer, do
Budden John, fisherman, do
Budden Thomas, do do
Baldon Joseph, do do
Baldon Thomas, do do
Baldon Henry, farmes, do
Burden Wm Hy, fisherman, do
Burk Wm, do do
Burk Henry, do do
Burk Wm Thomas, do do
Burk Joseph, do do
Burk Edward, do do
Burk Samuel, do do
Cole Stephen, do do
Cole Ambrose, do do
Cole Robert, do do
Cole Nathaniel, do do
Clark Abel, do do
Clark Edward, do do
Clark Abel. do do
Clark David, do do
Clark John, do do
Clark Isaac, do do
Clark Clement, do do
Clark William, do do
Clark Robert, do do
Clark John, do do
Clark Nathaniel, do do
Clark Richard, do do
Clark Samuel, do do
Clark George, do do
Clark Joseph, do do
Clark Mark, do do
Clark Alfred, do do
Clark Elihu, do do
Clark John, do do
Clark Frederick, do do
Clark James, do do
Clark Arthur, do do
Clark Lionel, do do
Clark Willis, do do
Clarke James, do do
Clarke George, do do
Collins John, do do
Clarke James, do do
Collins Noah, do do
Curnew John, do do
Curnew Eli, do do
Curnew Alfred, do do
Curnew William, do do
Curnew John, do do
Dean Alfred, do do
Dean Samuel, fisherman, Victoria Village
Dean John, do do
Dean Mark, do do
Deer Benjamin, do do
Deer Robert, do do
Frampton Wm, do do
Garland John, do do
Holloway Robert, do do
Holloway Wm, do do
Hiscock Joshua, do do
Hiscock Philip, do do
Hiscock Wm, do do
Hiscock Reuben, do do
Hiscock Gilbert, do do
Hiscock Azariah, do do
Hiscock Nath'nl, do do
Jeffery Henry, do do
King Michael, do do
Laurence Joseph, do do
Little John, do do
Little William, do do
Moors Archibald, farmer, do
Moors Mark, fisherman, do
Mahaney Wm, do do
Mahaney George, do do
Mahaney V'lntine, do do
Newman Henry, do do
Pye John, do do
Peckham George, do do
Peckham Wm, do do
Peckham John, do do
Pottle William, do do
Powell George, do do
Pye Samuel, do do
Pye John, do do
Pye Elijah, do do
Pye William, do do
Penney Richard, do do
Penney John, do do
Penney Archibald, do do
Penney Frederick, do do
Penney Edward, do do
Penney Moses, do do
Parsons George, fisherman, Victoria Village
Parsons Richard, do do
Parsons Silas, do do
Parsons John, do do
Parsons Samuel, do do
Parsons Robert, do do
Rose John, do do
Rose William, do do
Rose Alfred, do do
Rose James, do do
Rose Lionel, do do
Rose Theopilus, do do
Royal George, do do
Riddle Cephas, do do
Snook Robert, do do
Snook John, do do
Snook Henry, do do
Snook Richard, do do
Snook Alfred, do do
Sutton Nathaniel, do do
Slade John, do do
Summers John, do do
Stevenson John, do do
Stevenson Wm, do do
Stevenson Robt, do do
Sutton William, do do
Taylor Reuben, do do
Vaters James, do do
Vaters Japheth, do do
Vaters Elijah, do do
Vaters John, do do
Vaters Moses, do do
Ward John, do do
Wareham Samuel, do do
Wescott John, do do
Wescott Joseph, do do
Wescott Samuel, do do
Wescott John, do do
White Charles, do do
White John, do do
White George, do do
White Hayward, do do

Name Description of Error My Name
KELLOWAY I'm not a 100% sure of what the spelling may of been back in 1894, but the surname Kelleway, is spelled now as Kelloway. Rendell Slade

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