NFGenWeb 1894 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North Region - Carbonear District


The information was transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name (& Relation) Occupation
BEMISTER, John fisherman
BARRETT, Archibald fisherman
BARRETT, George fisherman
BARRETT, James fisherman
BRODERICK, Joseph, sr. fisherman
BRODERICK, Joseph jr. fisherman
BRODERICK, George fisherman
BRODERICK, Samuel L. miner
BUTT, John fisherman
BRODERICK, William fisherman
CLARK, John sr. fisherman
CLARK, Isaac fisherman
CLARK, Richard jr. fisherman
CLARK, Richard sr. fisherman
CLARK, John fisherman
CLARK, William fisherman
CALLAHAN, John sr. fisherman
CALLAHAN, John (Jno) fisherman
CALLAHAN, Bartholomew fisherman
CALLAHAN, Elihu fisherman
CALLAHAN, Henry fisherman
CALLAHAN, Matthew fisherman
DAVIS, George fisherman
DAVIS, George Edward fisherman
DAVIS, Charles fisherman
DAVIS, Robert A. fisherman
DAVIS, Matthew fisherman
DAVIS, William G. carpenter
DAVIS, Eli fisherman
DAVIS, Thomas H. fisherman
DAVIS, Ebenezer fisherman
DAVIS, William (Geo) fisherman
DAVIS, Nathaniel fisherman
DAVIS, Francis fisherman
HILL, Rev. Anthony Methodist
HUNT, Thomas fisherman
HARVY, Jesse fisherman
HARVY, William H. fisherman
HARVY, Joseph B. fisherman
HARVY, John fisherman
HARVY, Heyward fisherman
HOMER, Stephen fisherman
HOMER, William F. fisherman
HOMER, Eli fisherman
HOMER, Herbert fisherman
HOMER, William fisherman
HILYARD, Henry fisherman
HILYARD, John fisherman
HILYARD, George fisherman
HOWELL, John fisherman
HOWELL, Oscar fisherman
HOWELL, Joseph fisherman
JEFFERS, Francis fisherman
JEFFERS, Samuel fisherman
JOYCE, Joseph fisherman
JOYCE, William H. fisherman
JOYCE, John E. fisherman
JOYCE, Thomas (Jos) fisherman
JOYCE, William, sr. fisherman
JOYCE, James (Geo) fisherman
JOYCE, James (Wm) fisherman
JOYCE, Stewart fisherman
JOYCE, Thomas, sr. fisherman
MARSHALL, Richard fisherman
MARSHALL, John (Rich) fisherman
MARSHALL, John, sr. fisherman
MOORES, Edmund fisherman
MOORES, Jonathan fisherman
MOORES, John E. fisherman
MOORES, Arthur fisherman
MOORES, Henry C. fisherman
MOORES, Alfred fisherman
MOORES, Stephen fisherman
MOORES, William F. fisherman
MOORES, Horatio fisherman
MOORES, Joseph fisherman
MOORES, Charles O. fisherman
MOORES, Freeman fisherman
MOORES, Archelaus fisherman
MOORES, Samuel Sr. fisherman
MOORES, Ambrose (Saml) fisherman
MOORES, Joseph fisherman
MOORES, Samuel fisherman
MOORES, Willis fisherman
MOORES, Reuben fisherman
MOORES, John (Saml) fisherman
MOORES, Ambrose, sr. fisherman
MOORES, Robert fisherman
MOORES, Ambrose (Ambr) fisherman
MOORES, Mark fisherman
MOORES, John J. fisherman
MOORES, Henry fisherman
NOEL, John sr. fisherman
NOEL, Augustus fisherman
NOEL, William fisherman
NOEL, John W. fisherman
NOEL, George (Jno) fisherman
NOEL, Jerden fisherman
NOEL, George fisherman
NOEL, James fisherman
NOEL, Richard fisherman
NOEL, John (Richard) fisherman
NOEL, William fisherman
NOEL, Elisha fisherman
NOEL, Jonathan fisherman
PARSONS, Andrew fisherman
PARSONS, Freeman fisherman
PARSONS, Henry fisherman
PARSONS, William fisherman
PARSONS, John J. fisherman
PARSONS, Socretus fisherman
PARSONS, Leonard fisherman
PARSONS, Jonathan fisherman
PARSONS, John C. fisherman
PARSONS, Stewart fisherman
PARSONS, Samuel J. fisherman
PARSONS, Richard jr. fisherman
PARSONS, William S. fisherman
PARSONS, Eleazer school teacher
PARSONS, Jeseph (Samuel) fisherman
PARSONS, John (Joseph) fisherman
PARSONS, Henry C. fisherman
PARSONS, Charles, sr. fisherman
PARSONS, Charles jr. fisherman
PARSONS, Francis J. fisherman
PARSONS, George E. fisherman
PARSONS, Nicholas fisherman
PARSONS, Joseph (Jno) fisherman
PARSONS, John (Joseph) fisherman
PARSONS, Charles C. fisherman
PARSONS, Joseph (Samps) fisherman
PARSONS, Richard sr. fisherman
PARSONS, Richard (Richard) fisherman
SOPER, George fisherman
SOPER, John fisherman
SOPER, Richard fisherman
SOPER, Plemon (Geo) fisherman
SOPER, Clement fisherman
VATCHER, Jethro fisherman
VATCHER, Joseph fisherman

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