NFGenWeb 1898 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North - Carbonear District


Pop. of District, 5765; Chief Town, Carbonear; Pop. 4127
The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Name (& Relation) Address Occupation
Anglo-American Telegraph Co. P O Building, Water st -
Ash Wm (Sol Crocker's cv fshman
Ash Jos (Sol do do
Ash Wm (Wm do do
Ash Thos (Wm do do
Ash Sol (Wm do do
Ash Geo (Sol do do
Ash Francis (Sol do do
Ash Josiah (Jno Burnt hd do
Ash Wm (Sol Liberton's hill do
Ash Saml (Wm do do
Ash Robt (Sol do do
Ash Edgar (Rbt do do
Ash Geo (Rbt water st do
Ash Wm (Nich do do
Ash Joshua (Nich do do
Ash Nich (Joshua do do
Ash John (Joshua do do
Ash Chas (Robt do do
Ash John (Wm do do
Ash Eli (John do do
Ash Edw (Francis do do
Ash Edgar (Sol do do
Ash Hy (Nich South side do
Ash Robt (Hy do do
Ash Wm (Sol do do
Ash Wm (Wm do do
Butt C (Bassford Crocker's c do
Butt Jos (Bassford do do
Butt Jos (Jos do do
Butt David (Jos do do
Butt Wm (Jos do do
Butt John (Jos do do
Butt Alfred (Bassfd do do
Butt Robt (Bassfd do do
Butt Robt do do
Butt Thos (Robt do do
Butt Jas do do
Butt Geo (Jas do do
Bransfield Francis do trader
Bransfield Felix (F do fisherman
Bransfield Edw do do
Bransfield Jas water st do
Bemister Aubrey (Ed do seaman
Bemister Arthur (Ed do fisherman
Badcock Rd (Robt do teacher
Badcock Wm (Rbt do acc'tant
Badcock Geo do clerk
Badcock Thos (Wm do do
Black Andrew do gen d'ler
Burk John (John do fisherman
Burk Mark (John do do
Burk Geo (Thos do do
Burk Thos (John do do
Burk Wm (John do do
Burk Jos (John do do
Burk Edgar (John do do
Burk Edw (Saml do do
Burk mrs, wid Saml do --
Burden J (Jno L'M'chant st do
Burden Jas (Jno do do
Burden Fletcher (Jas do do
Burden Geo (Jas do do
Burden Willis (Wm do do
Bridle Stephen (Rbt do laborer
Best Joshua (Geo water st cooper
Best Wm (Geo do do
Bemister Fred (Wm do acc'tant
Butt mrs, wid Basil -- --
Bemister Geo (Fred do clerk
Butt mrs, wid Rd do --
Boyle A D (Wm do physician
Burden Eph (Jno le mar st fshman
Burden Chas (Jno do do
Bennett Saml (Saml do do
Bennett S (Jas Bennett's hill do
Bennett Norman do clerk
Bennett Edw do do
Brine Jno (Stephen water butcher
Brine Stephen (Jno do cabman
Bennett Jas (S Bennett's h b'smith
Bennett Ed (Jas do do
Bennett Wm (Sml do fisherman
Bennett Geo (Sml do fish'man
Bemister Bros water merchants
Bemister John do of Bemister bros
Bemister Frank do do
Brown Thos (John do grocers
Benson Gideon do constable
Bransfield John (Jas No 1 firebreak master mariner
Brocklehurst G water druggist
Butt Chas (Geo English h fshmn
Brien Thos (Math 1 firebr'k do
Brien Edw (Math do do
Baker Danl (Wm Bunker's h do
Butler Edw (John Chapel h do
Barry Michl (Thos Valley r do
Babstock Jas do do
Babstock Thos (Jas do do
Babstock Rd (Jas do do
Babstock Patk (Jas do do
Butt Wm (Wm do do
Butt Robt (Wm do do
Butt Geo Pond head do
Butt John (Geo do do
Butt Jas (Geo do do
Butt Chas (Geo do do
Butt Wm (Terence Irish town do
Brien Michl (Math do do
Brien Math (Math do do
Brien Peter (Math do do
Brien Jas (Michl do do
Brien Michl (Mich do do
Brien Michl (John do do
Brien Patk (Michl do do
Bowman Edw St Patk's do
Bowman John do do
Bowman Michl (Ed do do
Boggan Denis (Jas London r do
Bingham John (Jas do do
Bingham Thos (Jas do do
Butler Park (John Knight's Marsh fisherman
Butt Wm (Wm south side fshmn
Butt Sol (Robt do do
Butt Geo (Robt do do
Butt Reuben (Rbt do do
Butt Jno (Saunders do do
Brien Jas (Math do do
Babb John (John do do
Babb John (John do do
Babb Wm (John do do
Burgess John (Chas do do
Burgess John (John do do
Baker Robt do do
Baker John (Robt do do
Butt Geo (Robt Pond side fshmn
Colford mrs, wid Michael Main st --
Clark Sml (Sml Crocker's c fshmn
Clark Mark (Wm do do
Clark Hy (Mark do do
Clark Eli (Wm do do
Clark Ferdinand (Eli do do
Clark John (Saml do do
Clark Rd (John do do
Clark Saml (John do do
Clark John (John do do
Clark Rd (Wm do do
Clark Alenas (Rd do do
Clark Wm (Saml do do
Clark Alex (Wm do do
Clark Geo do do
Clark Geo A (Geo do do
Clark John (Geo do do
Clark Martin (Martin do do
Clark David (Martin do seaman
Clark John (Saml do fshmn
Clark Wm (Martin do do
Clark Robt (John do do
Clark Edgar (John do do
Clark Thos (Wm do do
Clark Wm N (Wm do do
Clark Albert (Nich do do
Clark Jas (Jas do do
Clark Silas (Jas do do
Clark Edw (Jas do do
Clark Robt LeMarchant st do
Clark Luke (Jno do carman
Clark Hy W (Wm do fisherman
Clark John (Wm do carman
Clark Job (John do mechanic
Clark Noah (Wm do fshmn
Clark miss Anastatia water street tailoress
Clark Thos (Luke Liberton's hill sailor
Cole Elias (Rd Crocker's c fshmn
Cole Wm (Elias do do
Cole Robt do do
Cole Joseph do do
Cole Bartlett (Jos do do
Cole John (Nath do do
Cole Reuben (Nath do do
Cole Edw (Nath do do
Cole Wm (Nath do do
Cole Nath (Nath do do
Cole Willis (Nath do do
Collins Francis l'marchant mason
Collins Haywd (Francis do fshmn
Collins Saml (Francis do do
Crocker Geo Long's h planter
Crocker Geo (Geo do fshmn
Crocker Jas (Geo do do
Coombs Stephen Burnt hd carman
Coombs M (Stephen do fshmn
Coombs Wm (Stephen do do
Cowperthwaite Rev H P water st Methodist
Cole Geo l'marchant st fshmn
Chipman Edw (Jno do clerk
Chipman Geo do fshmn
Chafe Levi Thos (Thos Bennett's hill teacher
Costigan Michl water st fshmn
Chubbs W (Geo l'm'rchant laborer
Colford mrs Michl water st grocer
Cullen Thos do prov & groceries
Colbourn Geo (Wm English hill carpenter
Colbourn Geo English h fshmn
Colbourn Thos (Andrew Gadden's marsh carpenter
Colbourn T Gadden's m'sh fshmn
Colbourn Hy (Thos do do
Colbourn Chas (Thos do mechanic
Colbourn Reuben do fshmn
Colbourn Jos English h carpenter
Colbourn Hy do fshmn
Clark Jas Gadden's marsh do
Colley Rev F Bennett's h Epis'n
Chubbs Geo English h fshmn
Chubbs Wm (Geo do do
Chubbs Jos (Geo do do
Chubbs Thos (Geo do do
Chubbs Jas (Geo do laborer
Cameron Hugh Water street of Tucker & Cameron
Cameron Wm water st clerk
Connelly Wm T Bunker's h fshmn
Clark Jno (Rbt English h carman
Clark Rd (Hy Adelaide st fshmn
Clark Wm Irish town do
Clark John Valley rd do
Connelly John Adelaide st do
Carrol Jos (Martin do do
Carrol Jno (Martin do do
Carrol Martin Valley rd do
Cullen Michl (Eugene do do
Cullen Eugene (Michl do do
Cullen Peter (Rd do do
Cullen Rd Gladstone rd do
Cullen Jas (Rd do do
Cahill Thos (Edw Chapel h do
Cahill Patk (Edw do do
Colbert Patk Irish town fshmn
Colbert Jos (Patk do do
Colbert Patk (Patk do do
Colbert Jas (Patk do do
Colbert Ed (Patk Valley rd do
Cooke Stephen (Jno do do
Cooke Patk (Stephen do do
Colford Patk (Thos do do
Colford Thos (Thos do do
Callahan Jas (Daniel do do
Cummins Thos Gladstone r do
Churchill Chas Pond hd do
Corbett Edw London rd do
Corbett Patk (Edw do do
Curran Thos (David do do
Cane Thos (Math do carman
Cane Michl (Thos do fshmn
Cane Thos (Thos do do
Cotter John (Jno Saddle h carman
Crofford Patk (David do fshmn
Crofford John (Patk do do
Crofford David (Ptk do do
Churchill Thos south side carp'ter
Churchill Bartlett do fshman
Crane Chas (Geo do farmer
Dean Hy (Thos Crocker's c carman
Dean Thos (Thos do fshman
Dean Saml (Rd do do
Dean Alfred (Rd do do
Day Jas Liberton's h do
Day Wm (Jas do do
Day Saml (Jas do do
Davis Jas capt Frank's lane do
Davis John (Wm do mstr mariner
Doody mrs, wid David water st --
Donnelly Patk water mstr mariner
DUFF & BALMER water st general importers & exporters
Duff Wm -- of Duff & Balmer
Duff Robt (Wm water st clerk
Duff Jas (Wm do do
Duff John (Wm do do
Donnelly miss Maggie water st groceries & confectionery
Dean Hy (Sol English h fshman
Dean Geo (Thos bennett's h do
Dean Wm Thos (Geo do do
Doody John crowdy's st planter
Donnelly John water s gentleman
Doyle Patk gadden's mrsh fshman
Donnelly Wm (Sml do do
Dalton Jas (Nich do do
Dalton Fredk st patk's s carpenter
Dooley Jos (Wm bunker's h fshmn
Dooley Wm (Jos do seaman
Dooley John (Patk do fshman
Dooley Patk (Jno do do
Dooley Danl (Jno do do
Dooley Peter (Jno do do
Doody Wm (Wm crowdy's s planter
Doyle Jas (Maurice do fisherman
Drake Francis drake's h do
Drake Chas (Thos do do
Drake Francis (Thos do do
Drake Thos (Thos do do
Drake John (Thos do do
Dean Jos irish town do
Dunphy Michael chapel h do
Dunphy Eugene (Danl do do
Dinn Jos (Martin valley rd do
Dinn John (Martin do do
Dinn Michl (Martin do do
Dinn Martin (Jas do do
Dinn Richard (Jas do do
Donnelly John (Patk do do
Donnelly Michl (Patk do do
Dougherty Jno (David do do
Dougherty Wm (David do do
Donnelly Michl london rd do
Donnelly Jos (Mich do do
Donnelly Michl (Michl do do
Driscoll Daniel south side do
Dean Mark (Jy do do
Davis Geo (Wm do carp'ter
Davis Jas (Fredk do do
Davis Geo (Fredk do do
Evans Wm Irish Town fshman
Evans Saml (Wm do do
Evans John (Wm do do
Ellis Patk (Stephen do do
Elson Jas South Side do
Elson John (Jas do do
Earle Cephas Knight's mrsh do
Earle Fredk (Wm do do
Earle Moses (Wm do planter
Earle John (Wm do fshman
Earle Wm (Moses do do
Earle Em (Fredk do do
Forward Jas water st clerk
Forward Hy carbonr is lt h keeper
Forward Geo (Hy burnt hd frman
Fox Bridget water st groceries & c
Forward Earnest do painter
Frampton Chas burton's h plantr
Frampton Ed (Chas do frman
Finn mrs Wm Adelaide st gro & con
Finn mrs Patk Water st do
Finn Thos (Thos do planter
Finn Patk (Thos do planter
Forward mrs, wid Jas -- --
Finlay Law Crowdy's st fshman
FOOTE'S HOTEL, John Foote, sr Water Street proprietor
FOOTE john sr Water st sail maker and hotel keeper
Fitzgerald Wm Water st mas mar
Fitzgerald Thos do planter
Forward Geo water st clerk
Forwrrd [sic] Robt do do
Forward Jas do do
Foote John jr crowdy's st sailmakr
Fitzgerald John (T do planter
Fardy Jas (Jas crowdy's st constable
Finn Pierce (Jas patk's st cooper
Finn Wm (Jas adelaide st do
Finn Jas (Wm do do
Finn Thos (Jas do do
Finn Patk (Jas do do
Finn Patk (Thos do do
Finn Mihael [sic] (Thos do do
Farrell Chas chapel h carman
Fogarthy Wm (Rd do fshman
Furey Michael irish town do
Furey Chas do do
Furey John do do
Furey Thos (Wm do do
Fitzgerald John knight's mrh mason
Fitzpatrick Thos london rd farmer
Fitzpatrick John do do
Fitzpatrick Rd (Jas do fshman
Fitzpatrick Rd (Rd do do
Fortune Patk (John do do
Foley John saddle h farmer
Foley Jermh (John do fisherman
Foley Patk (John do do
French John (Wm south side do
French Jas (John do do
French Thos (Jas do do
French John (Jas do do
French John (Jos do do
French Hy (Jos do do
French John (Geo do do
Freize Moses (Thos do mason
Freize Ed (Moses do fshman
Freize Robt (Jos do do
Freize John (Moses do do
Forward Joshua (Mrk do do
Forward Nath (Chas do do
Forward Mark (Chas do do
Forward Jas (Chas do do
George Ed (Rob crocker's c fshman
George Jno (Wm do do
George Thos (Matt do do
George Jno (Thos do do
George Matt (Thos do do
George Luke (Thos do do
George Thos (Thos do do
Gillispie Jacob (Wm burnt h do
Gillispie Jos (Wm do do
Gillispie Moses (Wm do do
Gillispie Geo (Wm do do
Gillispie Wm (Wm do do
Gillispie John le marchant do
Gillispie Wesley (Jno do do
Gillett Frederick do mech'ic
Gillett Thos (Fred do fshman
Gillett James do do
Gillett John do do
Gillett Samuel E (Jno do do
Gullock Solomon J crocker's c do
Gillett Benjamin water st carpent'r
Goff James do tailor
George Adam do fshman
Goodison Mrs, wid rev Jno water --
Gillispie Samuel l'mar st fshman
Gillispie John do do
Gould Mrs, wid B T H english hill --
Gould Mrs wid W J english hill --
Gillett Robt No 1 firebreak fshman
Gillett Geo do do
Gillett James do do
Gillett John do do
Gradey Patrick crowdy do
Gradey Eugene do do
Gradey Michael do do
Gradey Patrick do do
Guy James do blacksmith
Guy William (Jas do do
Guy William (Jos do do
Guy James crowdy furniture and hardware
Gillett Stephen crowdy fshman
Gould Michael bunker's hill do
George John irish town carman
Griffin Martin gladstone r farmer
Gradey Joseph valley r fshman
Gillett Kenneth crowdy do
Guest Edward london rd do
Guest Thomas do do
Guest Patrick do do
Garland Augustus Harbour Grace rd cooper
Garland James do do
Hipsley James water clerk
Hipsley Archibald do do
Homer Joseph burnt head fshmn
Howell Oscar crocker's c do
Howell Ambrose do do
Howell Samuel water do
Howell Samuel liberton's hill do
Howell Solomon water cooper
Hiscock Joseph hiscock's hl fshmn
Hiscock Thos do do
Hiscock Henry do do
Hiscock Henry W do do
Hiscock James W do do
Hiscock John P do do
Hiscock George do do
Hiscock John (Hy do do
Hiscock John (Jno do do
Hiscock Wm do do
Hiscock Edward do do
Hiscock Wm do do
Hiscock Joseph P do do
Hiscock Thos (Jno do do
Horwood Wm crocker's c do
Horwood Ernest do do
Horwood Hugh le marchant do
Horwood John (H do do
Horwood Samuel do do
Horwood Cyril do do
Horwood Edgar R do carpenter
Horwood Richard do fshmn
Horwood Reuben do do
Hall Richard ht's content rd do
Hall John do do
Hogan Miss M water grocery & confectionery
Howell John water fisherman
Howell Albert (Wm do do
Howell Albert (Al do do
Howell Robert do carpenter
Howell Augustus do do
Howell Pickavant do fisherman
Howell James do do
Howell Mac do shoemaker
Howell John do fisherman
Howell Frederick do do
Howell Charles do do
Howell E Duder do do
Howell Francis do do
Howell Mrs, wid James water --
Howell George water fisherman
Howell Wm le marchant do
Howell Tobias water do
Howell Mrs, wid Robt water street --
Hopkins Augustus water street of Taylor & Hopkins
Hounsell Jas english hill laborer
Hounsell Wm do do
Hawker Wm bemister's hill agent
Hawker M J -- accountant and com: agent
Howell Horatio bemister's hill fshmn
Howell Edw crowdy carpenter
Hurly Maurice bunker's h fshmn
Howell Robt bemister's hill do
Hogan Patk water butcher and livery stable
Hogan Thomas water carpenter
Hogan James do butcher
Hogan Patrick do do
Hogan Joseph do do
Hippisley Jas water late magis
Hippisley Jas (Jas Patrick clerk
Hamilton Chas crowdy fshmn
Hamilton Chas irish town do
Heron James bunker's hill do
Heron Michael do do
Heron Thomas do do
Haskins John irish town do
Haskins George do do
Hamilton Edward do do
Hayden Edward valley rd do
Hayden Edward do do
Hayden Peter do do
Hayden Patrick do do
Hedge George pond head do
Hedge Michael do do
Harrigan Maurice london r fshmn
Harrigan Patk do do
Harrington Maurice do do
Harrington Patk do do
Harrington Michl do do
Harrington Daniel do do
Hyde Patk do do
Hyde Jas do do
Hyde John (Maurice do do
Hyde Peter knight's msh do
Hyde John (Patk do do
Hiscock Edw do fshmn
Hearon John london rd do
Hartnott Michl (Wm do do
Hartnott Michl (Michl do do
Hogan Danl (John do do
Hogan Stephen do do
Hogan Eugene (John do do
Hogan John (Alex do do
Hogan Joseph do grocer
Hogan Danl (John do fish'man
Hogan John (Danl saddle h do
Hogan Wm harbor grace rd do
Hogan Eugene (Eugene do do
Hibbs Thos london rd do
Hibbs Francis do do
Howell Geo W do do
Hamilton Peter do planter
Hamilton Jno (Peter do fish'man
Hamilton Michl do do
Hamilton Eugene do do
Hamilton Danl do do
Hamilton Hy do do
Hamilton John (Hy do do
Howell Absalom south side do
Herald Henry do do
Herald John do planter
Herald Levi do do
Herald Geo do mariner
Johnstone Rd water shoemaker
Johnstone Geo do fisherman
Jeffry Geo long's hill do
Janes Mrs, wid Mark water street --
Joyce Robt water mast mariner
Joyce Edward water fisherman
Joyce Mrs Ed do groceries
Joy Mrs, wid Thos water street --
Jones Edward crowdy fshmn
Jones George do do
Jones John irish town carpenter
Jones Thos chapel hill fisherman
Jones Michael do do
Jones Thomas do do
Joy Patrick adelaide clerk
Joy Patrick do fisherman
Joy Michael do do
Janes Joseph southside fisherman
Janes Frederick do do
Janes David do do
Janes Samuel do cooper
Janes Ambrose do fisherman
Janes Edward do do
Kennedy Terence Crocker's c do
Kennedy Wm (T do do
Kennedy Terence (J do do
Kennedy John (Ter do fish'man
Kennedy Jos (Wm do do
Kennedy John (Wm do do
Kennedy Thos do do
Kennedy Denis (Edw do do
Kennedy Peter do do
Kennedy John (John do do
Kennedy Nicholas (N do do
Kennedy John (N do do
Kennedy Wm J do planter
Kennedy Nicholas (N do do
Kennedy John do fish'man
King George Long's Hill do
King Reuben do do
King Eli do do
Kennedy Terence water planter
Kennedy Nicholas do do
Kennedy John (N do do
Kennedy Patk (Ter do carpenter
Kednedy [sic] Terence (T do teacher
Kielly Patk water genl dealer
Kielly Michael do seaman
Keough Peter (J do cooper
Kenneally Mrs Jno do groceries
Kenneally John do trader
Kent Michael do constable
Kelley Jas Bunker's hill fisherman
Kelley Jas (J do do
Kennedy Saml Chapel hill do
Keough John Irish Town do
Keefe Wm Gladstone rd do
Knox John Valley rd do
King Lawrence do carman
King Patk (L do fisherman
Kennedy Nic London rd do
Kennedy Wm do do
Kennedy Wm (J do do
Kennedy Nicholas do do
Kennedy Thos do do
Keefe Michael do do
Keefe Andrew do do
Keefe James Saddle hill do
Keefe Edw do do
Keefe Matthew do do
Knox William London rd do
Kavanagh John do do
LeDaun John Crocker's c do
LeDaun Thos do do
Long Alfred Long's hill cooper
Long Fredk do fisherman
Long John do seaman
Lyte John Bennett's hill fisherman
Lyte Wm do do
Lang Robt English hill do
Lee Jas Gadden's Marsh fish'man
Lee Patk do do
Leary Peter Chapel hill do
Leary Daniel do do
Luthur George Pond head do
Luther Wm do do
Luther Felix do do
Luther John do do
Luther Richard do do
Luther Stephen Valley rd carman
Luther Wm Pond side fisherman
Luther Thos do do
Lang Chas knight's msh net mdr
Lang Jos do fshmn
Lang Andrew South side do
Lang Henry do do
Lang John do do
Lang Jas do do
Lang Wm do do
Laurence Thos do do
Lee Wm do do
Lee John do do
Mahaney Fredk long's h c'p'ter
Mahaney Silas (Fred do fshmn
Mahaney Thos (Fred do do
Mahaney Josiah do carman
Mahaney Nich (Jno do do
Moores John water st fisherman
Moulton Geo do acc'tant
McCarthy Patk do fisherman
McCarthy Jno (Felix do do
McCarthy Thos burnt hd do
McCarthy Felix (Felix do do
McCarthy Wm (Felix do do
McCarthy Felix (WM do do
McCarthy Florence crocker's c do
McCarthy Chas (Eugene do do
McCarthy Jas (Eugene do do
McCarthy Felix (Eug do do
McCarthy Wm (Flor do do
McCarthy Florence (Flor do do
MOORE ROBERT water st gen'l merchant
Moore Jas water st clerk
Marshall Jos l'marchant fisherman
Marshall Saml do mariner
Marshall Aug G do fisherman
Maddock Walter do clerk
Mills Hy bennett's hill fisherman
Mills Willis do do
Mills Wm do do
Mills Saml do do
Mills Jas do do
Mills John do fisherman
Mills Jas do do
McCarthy Eugene water do
McCarthy Eugene do do
McCarthy John (Jno do do
McCarthy Jas (Jno do do
McCarthy John (Patk do tailor
McCARTHY WM. J. water custom tailor
McCarthy Bernard do cooper
McCarthy John (Wm do do
McCarthy Michl do do
McNeil John do mailman
Moors John Bemister's h carman
Moors Job (John do fisherman
Moors Mark bunker's h do
Murphy John gadden's msh do
Murphy Richd water st do
Merrigan Mchl gadden's m do
Merrigan Jas do do
Merrigan John do do
Maddock J & J water gen imprs
Maddock John crowdy's st of J & J Maddock
McCarthy Charles water street groceries and restaurant
McCarthy Rd crowdy gentleman
Moriarthy Jas bnker's h fisherman
Moriarthy John do do
Maddock Jos crowdy's st of J & J Maddock
Maddock Patk valley rd fisherman
Maddock Hy do do
Mackey Joseph o'donovan's lane relieving officer
Mackey Lawrence patk's teacher
Mifflin E W o'donovan's l constable
Marshall John Adelaide fisherman
Marshall David do do
Marshall Chas irish town do
Marshall Jonathan do do
Marshall Edw do do
Marshall Geo do do
Marshall Ambrose do do
Marshall Eugene do do
Marshall Jacob do do
Marshall Wm do do
Murphy Jodn [sic] (Rd valley rd do
Murphy Matthew do do
Murphy Kyran do do
Murphy Martin do do
Murphy Rd do do
Murphy John chapel hill do
Murphy John (Jno do do
Murphy Jos do fishman
Murphy Michl do do
Matthews Rev F crowdy street Methodist minister
Maloney John valley rd f'rman
Meany Jas do do
Meany Ignatius do do
Meany Jas (Lawr do do
McGuire Jas irish town do
McCarthy Felix (John patrick's st sub-collector customs
McCarthy Rev F st patk's st RC
McGrath John chapel h fisherman
McGrath Wm valley rd do
McGrath Jos do do
McLean Thos do do
Murphy Michl london rd do
Murphy Patk (Michl do do
Murphy Thos do do
Murphy Cornelius do do
Murphy Jas do do
Murphy Patk do do
Murphy John do do
Murphy Michl do do
Murphy Jas (Wm do do
Maddock Matthew london rd do
Murphy John knight's msh do
Mullins John do carman
Mullins Wm (Jno do do
Mootry Wm do fisherman
Murray Josiah do do
Murray Mark do do
Marks John do blksmith
Moriarthy Danl saddle h fisherman
Moriarthy Jno (Patk do do
Moriarthy Jno (Dan do do
Moriarthy Jno (Mchl do do
Marshall Jas do do
Marshall Denis do do
McCarthy John do do
McCarthy Timothy do do
McCarthy Daniel do do
McCarthy Ken london rd carman
McCarthy Chas knight's m fshmn
McCarthy Michl do do
Nichol John crocker's c do
Nichol John do do
Nichol John Chas do do
Nichol Albert do do
Nichol Abijah do do
Nichol Geo do do
Noseworthy Wm water shoemaker
Noel Wm do carman
Noel John L (John water teacher
Nicholl Ed bennett's h fisherman
Neil Geo (Wm do mechanic
Nicholl Geo water tel operator
Nichol Triphena do postmistress
Oats Jos (Robt burnt hd fisherman
Osmond Jos (John l'marcht do
Osmond Geo (Jos do do
Osmond Ed (John do do
Osmond Wm (Fd do do
Oats Mark (Thos crowdy's st carptr
Oats Ed (Mark do do
Oats Chas irish town fisherman
Oats Thos (Thos knight's mh do
Oats Wm do do
Oats Thos (Geo do do
Oats David do do
Oats Geo pond side do
Oats Mark do carman
Oats John do fisherman
Oats Archibald south side do
Oats David (Thos do do
Powell Wm Water fisherman
Powell Richard do do
Powell Geo do do
Powell Jos Hiscock's hill do
Powell John Burnt Head do
Powell Joseph Water do
Powell John do civil engineer
Powell Richd Burnt head fish'man
Powell Wm F do do
Powell Noah do do
Powell Henry do do
Powell Wm do do
Pye Samuel Crocker's cove do
Pye Philemon do do
Pye Elijah do do
Pye Fredk do do
Pye Wm do do
Pike John Burnt Head do
Pike William Water seaman
Pike Francis do clerk
Pike Reuben do mstr mariner
Penney John do fisherman
Penney Wm do do
Penney Albert do do
Penney E. & W. water general merchants
Penney Edgar -- of E. & W. Penney
Penney Eben Water planter
Penney Albert do clerk
Penney Stephen water fish'man
Penney Jas do do
Penney John do do
Penney Robt LeMarchant clerk
PENNEY BROS -- Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, etc.
Penney Josiah H do planter
Penney Fredk do do
Penney Stephen Water fish'man
Penney Samuel do do
Penney Josiah do do
Penney Eugene do do
Penney Francis do do
Penney Richard do do
Penney Jacob do do
Penney Geo E do do
Penney Clement do do
Penney Lionel do do
Penney Jas do do
Penney Chas do do
Penney Fredk do do
Penney Roland do do
Penney Robt do do
Penney Wm do do
Peach Arthur do trader
Peach Jas Rural Retreat butcher
Parsons Geo do farmer
Parsons Arthur do fisherman
Pilgrim Thos LeMarchant do
Parsons Arch do do
Parsons Urban do do
Parsons Samuel water do
Parsons Moses do do
Penney Alfred do magistrate
Penney Willis do clerk
Penney Mrs, wid Jas Water --
Perry Geo LeMarchant fisherman
Pike Wm (Mark Water clerk
Penney William Water of E & W Penney
Penney Robt Bennett's h fish'man
Parsons Shenston Water gent
Pike Wm Bemister's hill fisherman
Pye John English hill do
Pye Jas do do
Pye Ebenezer do do
Pye Samuel do do
Power Matthew Water gen'man
Power Maurice bunker's h fish'man
Power John do do
Power Edward do do
Powell Henry bemister's h fshmn
Pearse Geo godden's mar cooper
Pike Mark Crowdy's sail maker
Pike Geo do do
Pike John E Pond Head planter
Pike Timothy do fisherman
Pike Simeon pond head sail maker
Pike Segar do do
Pike Stephen do gentleman
Pike Stephen do farmer
Pike Jas do master mar
Pike Jabez do carman
Pike Fredk do fisherman
Pike Colin do do
Pike Josephus do do
Pike Fredk do do
Pike Herbert do do
Pike Woodbine Adelaide coaster
Pike Leander do do
Power John C Chapel hill fish'man
Priddle Hayward Irish town do
Priddle Esau do do
Priddle Joseph do do
Parsons Jos Valley rd do
Parsons Philip do do
Penney Israel do do
Pike Cephas London rd seaman
Pike Wm do mechanic
Pike John do fisherman
Pumphrey Jas do planter
Pumphrey Michl do fisherman
Pumphrey Jere do do
Prendergast Ptk knight's m do
Penney Solomon do farmer
Penney Robt knight's mrh do
Penney Reuben do do
Power John (Geo do do
Power Henry do do
Power Josiah do do
Power Wm do do
Power John C do do
Power Solomon south side do
Power Wm (John do do
Power John (Wm do do
Power Geo (Wm do do
Power Geo (Thos do do
Power John (Geo do do
Power Stephen do do
Power Edward do do
Power Willis do do
Power Richard do do
Power Geo (Geo do do
Penney Wm do do
Penney Nathaniel do do
Penney Geo do mas mar
Penney Ambrose do fisherman
Penney Hugh do do
Penney John do do
Penney John M do do
Penney Wm do do
Pike Thos south side fish'man
Pike Samuel do planter
Pike John do fisherman
Pike Jos do do
Pike Mark do do
Pike Earnest do seaman
Pike Geo do fisherman
Pike Richard do do
Pike John (Geo do do
Pike Reuben do do
Pike Edward do do
Pike Cephas do do
Pike John (Thos do do
Pike Wm do do
Pike Geo (Fredk do do
Pike Fredk do do
Pike Jos do do
Pike Geo (Geo do do
Pelley Jas do planter
Pelley Shenston do fisherman
Pelley Silas do do
Pearse Geo do do
Pynn Geo do do
Pye John do do
Pye John (John do do
Pye Thos do do
Quinn John london rd do
Reed Michael LeMarchant do
Reed John do do
Reed Jas liberton h do
Rowe Geo do do
Rowe Wm water do
Rowe John do do
Rice Wm no 1 firebreak do
Rice Bernard do do
Rodgers Patk godden's mh do
Riley Peter o'donovan's l cooper
Riley Philip do do
Riley John do do
Riley Jos do do
Riley Daniel do do
Ray John bunker's hill fshman
Ray Richard do do
Rielly Edward chapel hill cooper
RORKE JOHN & SONS -- gen Imprs & Exps
Rorke John water of J R & sons
Rorke Jas do do
Rumson Geo pond hd fshmn
Rumson Wm do do
Rumson Geo (Geo do do
Rowe Wm do do
Rowe Jas do do
Rowe Henry do do
Rowe Wm pond head fish'man
Rowe Joshua do do
Rowe Fredk do do
Rowe Gilbert do do
Redmond Jas valley rd cooper
Redmond Wm do fshmn
Redmond Michael do do
Reed Jas (John london rd do
Rodgers Wm (Thos do do
Rodgers Thos do do
Rossiter Wm pond side do
Rossiter Geo do do
Rossiter Jas do planter
Rossiter Jos do fshmn
Ryan Jas saddle hill do
Ryan Jas (Jas do farmer
Ryan Michael do do
Syms Simeon crocker's c fshmn
Snook Philip l'marchant do
Snook Jos liberton hill do
Snook Israel do do
Snook Wm do do
Snook John do do
Snook Eleazer do mechanic
Sutton Jas crocker's c fshman
Smith Thos water planter
Saunders Philip do cooper
Saunders Php (Php do do
Saunders John do do
Saunders Wm do do
Simpson Robt do agent
Squibb Chas l'marchant fshman
Squires John court ho hd constble
Sweeney Thos water fshman
Squibb Reuben bunker's h do
Stokes Jas english h do
Stokes John do do
Stokes Albert do do
Snow Geo gaddens mrh carpenter
Snow John do fshman
Shea Geo bunker's h do
Shea Patk beach do
Shea Thos do do
Stanford Bartlett irish town do
Shea Patk chapel hill do
Shea Daniel do do
Shea Michael do do
Shea Jas do do
Squibb Jas irish town do
Sweeney Thos do do
Sweeney Ed (Thos do do
Sweeney Michael do do
Sweeney John do do
Sweeney Ed do do
Sweeney Jas irish town fish'man
Sweeney Patk do do
Spencer Ed pond head do
Spencer Alfred do do
Spencer Nath do do
Sloan John london road laborer
Sloan Geo do fshman
Southwell Chas do do
Southwell John do do
Soper Nathaniel south side do
Soper Wm Hy do planter
Soper Geo do fshman
Soper Geo (Geo do do
Soper Geo E do do
Soper Geo W do mas mar
Simmonds John do fshman
Simmonds Jos do do
Taylor Wm Burnt Hd fshman
Taylor Edm (Jos l'marchant do
Taylor Jas (Jos do do
Taylor Jno (Jas do do
Taylor Thos (Jos water do
Taylor Wm (Steph do seaman
Taylor Wm (Sam do fish'man
Taylor Rd H do gen'man
Taylor Ernest (Rd do clerk
Taylor Arthur water street of Penney Bros
Taylor Corbt (Sol water seaman
Taylor Ed (Corbett do clerk
Taylor Robt (Sol do fisherman
Taylor Cyrus (Eug do mas mar
Taylor Nicholas do carpenter
Taylor Robert do fisherman
Taylor Wm (Robt do do
Taylor Enos do do
Taylor Rd O (Jno do do
Taylor Wm (Rd do do
Taylor Francis (Geo do do
Taylor Rd (Geo do do
Taylor Jos H (Jon do do
Taylor Benj (Jon do do
Taylor Lem (Eben co cooper
Taylor Rd (John do fisherman
Taylor Noah (Wm do do
Taylor Miss M do milliner
Taylor Mrs, wid Stephen water st --
Taylor Mrs, wid William do --
Taylor Jno (Noah water fish'man
Thistle Alf hiscock's hill do
Torphy Benj water mas mar
Tuffin Geo (Rd l'march't st farmr
Taylor & Hopkins Boot & Shoe Water Street --
Taylor Joseph water fisherman
Taylor Richard do do
Taylor James do do
Taylor Joseph Captain Franks's Lane Taylor & Hopkins
Taylor Edward do fisherman
Taylor John do do
Taylor Willis water do
Taylor Duncan do tidewaiter
Taylor Rd burton's hill fisherman
Taylor Manoah do do
Taylor Rd (Rd do do
Taylor William watsr [sic] st do
Taylor John do do
Taylor James do do
Taylor William do do
Taylor Mrs widow Corbett water --
Tucker Ambrose lemarchant street blacksmith
Tucker John do blacksmith
Tucker Thos G do fisherman
Tucker Manoah do carpenter
Tyre Geo English hill fisherman
Tyre John do do
Tyre Geo (Geo do do
TUCKER WALTER water st dry goods, milliner, hardware
Tobin John water shoemaker
Tobin Michael do fisherman
Tobin Joseph do do
Taylor Hedley patrick clerk
Taylor Haywd crowdy's mas mar
Taylor John pond hd carpenter
Taylor Wm chapel hill fshman
Toms Jos irish town do
Toms John do do
Toms Ambrose do do
Toms Esau do do
Toms Jos (Henry do do
Toms John do do
Toms Wm do do
Toms Jerry valley rd do
Toms Jas do do
Tobin Michael irish town do
Tracey John london rd fisherman
Thistle Henry do do
Thistle John do do
Thistle Joseph do do
Thistle Fred south side do
Thistle James do do
Thistle Thomas do do
Thistle Wm do do
Thistle Geo do do
Thistle Wm south side fish'man
Thistle Stephen do do
Thistle Benj south side fshman
Thomas John pond side do
Thomas Nich knight's msh do
Thomas Jas do do
Thomas John do do
Thomas Wm Hy do do
Thomas Chas do do
Taylor Colin south side do
Taylor Herbert do do
Taylor Arthur do do
Taylor Tobias do do
Taylor Thos do do
Taylor Saml do do
Taylor Lorenzo do do
Taylor David do do
Taylor Richd do do
Taylor Geo do do
Taylor Francis do carp'ter
Taylor Nathaniel do fshman
Taylor Hayward do do
Taylor John do do
Taylor Wm do do
Udell Joseph water genl mer
Udell Wm do clerk
Udell Miss Jessie do millinery
Vatcher W T tantamarrent fisher
Vatcher Wm do do
Vatcher Reuben do do
Vatcher Reuben do teacher
Vatcher Robt burnt head fshman
Vatcher Eugene do do
Vatcher John do do
Watts Joseph liberton's h fsh'man
Watts Samuel do do
Watts Wm do do
Watts John do do
Watts George do do
Winsor John le marchant do
Wolfe Fredk water gentleman
Widger Silas english hill seaman
Williams John do fshman
Winsor Arthur do do
Winsor Geo (Wm do do
Winsor Geo (Geo do do
White Jos gadden's marsh do
Walsh James do do
Winsor Wm crowdy planter
Winsor Benj do fshman
Westcott Jos do mas mariner
Whealan Edw'rd do fisherman
Whealan John do do
White Thomas do do
Windsor Jas water planter
Windsor Robt do fish'man
Windsor Francis do do
Windsor Isaac do do
Windsor John do do
Windsor Francis do do
Woods Thos do tinware
Woods John do tinsmith
Woods Jas do do
Walsh Jas do shoemaker
Walsh Geo LeMarchant butcher
Westcott Hy water seaman
Wells Matthew chapel hill fshmn
White Wm london rd fisherman
White Michael do do
White Patrick do farmer
White John knight's marsh fshmn
White Chas southside do
Whelan Joseph london rd do
Whelan John do do
Walsh Chas knight's marsh do
Walsh Jos do farmer
Walsh John do mason
Walsh Wm do fisherman
Walsh Patrick do do
Walsh Michael do do
Woodford Philip do do
Youngs George gadden's marsh sailmaker

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