NFGenWeb 1898 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North - Carbonear District

Flat Rock

Pop. of District, 5765; Chief Town, Carbonear; Pop. 4127
The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Name (& Relation) Occupation
Butt Henry fisherman
Butt Julia, wid
Butt Martin fisherman
Butt mrs, wid
Butt Wm fisherman
Butt Richard do
Butt John sr do
Butt John jr do
Butt Edgar do
Butt WM ( Samson blacksmith
ButtWm ( Wm sr fisherman
Butt Thos do
Butt Wm sr do
Butt Theodore F do
Butt Edw do
Clark Joseph do
Dearen John do
Dearen Thos do
Dearen Jas do
Dearen Henry do
Dearen Wm ( Hy do
Dearen Wm ( Thos do
Everley John do
Everley John C school teacher
Everley Stewart fisherman
Everley Benjamin do
Everley Jas do
Everley Joseph do
Everley Geo do
Everley mrs, wid
Everley Francis fisherman
Hiscock Wm do
Hiscock Dinah, wid
Kirby Elizabeth, wid
Marshall Wm fisherman
Marshall Robt do
Marshall Richard do
Marshall Jonathan do
Marshall Thos do
Marshall Geo do
Marshall Samson do
Marshall Francis do
Pottle Jas E do
Pottle Mary Anne, wid
Pottle Jethao fisherman
Pottle Wm T do
Pottle Wm do
Pottle Geo W do
Summers Clement do
Summers Rachel, wid
Summers Jos ( Peter fisherman
Summers Peter do
Summers Wm sr do
Summers Robt jr do
Summers Thos do
Summers Joseph ( Jos do
Summers Horatio do
Summers Jas do
Summers Wm jr do
Summers Edw do
Summers Robt sr do

Name Description of Error My Name
EVELY The name Everley is Evely. june wilkinson

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