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Carbonear - Methodist Marriage Records, 1794 - 1848

Bert Parsons, Carbonear United Church Archivist, states in his book "Blackfoots - Our History 1788-1988" (History of the United Church, Carbonear, Newfoundland): "PLEASE NOTE - On Jan 16, 1815 Rev. Busby made this note in the marriage record book, "The Rev. James Bulpit, during his ministry at Carbonear for whatever reason, we know not, omitted to register both Marriages and Christenings, Never the less it appears that he gave Marriage Certificates to those whom he married." Rev. James Bulpit served from 1799-1805.

The following marriage records were copied from a typeset transcription at the United Church parish office in Carbonear, and are therefore NOT source documents. Consulting the source documents may yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed, witnesses names, and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies and/or microfilm of the original documents may be consulted at either:

The Rooms Provincial Archives Division
The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Bonaventure Avenue
P.O. Box 1800, Station C
St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9

Bethany United Church
2 Church Street
Carbonear, NF A1Y 1A9
Tel: (709) 596-6754

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in February 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical or interpretive errors.

Groom's Surname Groom's Given Groom's Residence Bride's Surname Bride's Given Bride's Residence Marriage Date
Vey George West Ludworth, England Butler Honor Port de Grave 1794 Oct 4
Buckingham John Carbonear Davis Mary Carbonear 1795 May 5
Pye Elijah Carbonear [Ash?] Abigail [not given] 1796 Dec --
Butt George Clowns Cove Cleary Mary [not given] 1796 Dec 2
Jellett Robert Carbonear Elliot Susannah Carbonear 1796-Nov-24
King John Broad Cove Butt Elizabeth Broad Cove 1797 Dec 22
Nicholl John Crockers Cove Kennedy Mary (widow) Crockers Cove 1797 Dec 23
Norman William Brigus Mondon Elizabeth Brigus 1797 Dec 8
Parsons Joseph Carbonear Halfyard Agnes [not given] 1797 Feb 24
Hiscock Philip Carbonear Butt Dinah [not given] 1797 Nov 19
Earl William Carbonear French Mary [not given] 1797 Nov 21
Pottle Thomas Clowns Cove Thistle Jane Mulleys Cove 1798 Feb 15
Rixon John Devils Cove Janes Lettice (widow) Devils Cove 1798 Feb 9
Simmonds William Island Cove Pike Mary (widow) Miskitty 1798 Jan 12
Chancey Thomas Cullumpton, England Parsons Elizabeth Clowns Cove 1798 Jan 20
Kilmartin William Broad Cove Baggs Dinah Broad Cove 1798 Jan 23
Melly Thomas Western Bay Puddister Elizabeth Western Bay 1798 Jan 23
Hollett Henry Western Bay Dwyer Ann Western Bay 1807 Dec 15
King Edward Blackhead Thistle Elizabeth Blackhead 1807 Dec 30
Taylor Richard Carbonear Penney Marey Carbonear 1808 Dec 31
Moors Henry (of Jonathan) Blackhead Halfyard Tamson (of Richard) [not given] 1808 Jan 1
[Tigre?] William Blackhead Killmartin Mary Blackhead 1808 Jan 4
Moors John Blackhead Tuff Elizabeth Western Bay 1808 Jan 7
Stead (Head) [Jn?] Blackhead [Russels?] Elizabeth Blackhead 1808 Jan 8
Butt Henery Crockers Cove Harvey Sarah Crockers Cove 1809 Dec 2
Taylor Joseph Carbonear Pike Marey Miskittea 1809 Jan 25
Taylor William Carbonear Pike Patience Freshwater 1809 Jan 3
Bradbury George Bishop Harbour Grace Hudson Jane Adams Cove 1809 Nov 11
Hares (Harris) William Northern Bay Melley Elizabeth Western Bay 1809 Nov 16
Rose William Christ Church, England Skinner Ann Carbonear 1809 Nov 16
Noftey William Broad Cove Thistle Ema Muleys Cove 1809 Nov 18
Penny Richard Carbonear Clark Rachel Crockers Cove 1809 Nov 18
Melley Edward Western Bay Meheney Mary Western Bay 1809 Nov 20
Harris Robert Northern Bay [Jolif or Solif?] Elizabeth Northern Bay 1809 Nov 21
[Rines?] Francis Adams Cove Murrey Elizabeth Adams Cove 1809 Nov 28
Parsons George Oterbury Butt Dina Clowns Cove 1809 Oct 26
Gully James Guncambelle, England Tuck Jane Carbonear 1810 Apr 7
Pin Shiperd Misquito Pike Elisabeth Misquito 1810 Jan 22
Durdail Charles Carbonear Clark Ann (widow) Carbonear 1810 May 23
Bemister William W. Corfe Mullen Howell Ann Corfe Mullen 1810 Nov 25
Penney William Christ Church, England Joice Mary (widow) Freshwater 1810 Nov 8
Rowe Benjimen Carbonear Parsons Elisabeth Bears Cove 1811 Jan 26
Howell John Carbonear Ash Ann Carbonear 1811 Jan 7
Rumson Samuel Exeter, England Noel Patience Carbonear 1811 Jun 11
Pike Same Clowns Cove Squire Sarah Freshwater 1811 Jun 19
Snook Joseph New Perlican Penney Elizabeth Clowns Cove 1811 Jun 3
Vane George Broad Cove King Patence Broad Cove 1811 Nov 5
Pike John Carbonear Clark Ellenor [not given] 1812 Dec 3
Parsons John Clowns Cove Moors Mary Freshwater 1812 Feb 27
Noel Clement Freshwater Hopkins Mary Carbonear 1812 Jan 1
Burges Henry Corfcastle, England Clark Elizabeth Crockers Cove 1812 Jan 23
Oats William Carbonear French Elizabeth Carbonear 1812 Nov 2
Butt Martin Freshwater Allcock Maria Freshwater 1812 Nov 8
Steel Morgan Carbonear Rixon Jane Devils Cove 1812 Oct 28
Babb John Carbonear Neal Jane Carbonear 1813 Jan 16
Penney Nicholas Carbonear Ash Agnes Carbonear 1813 Jan 28
Northcott Thomas Lympstone, England Tuffin Isabella Carbonear 1813 Jan 7
Taylor Henry Mosquito Moores Grace Freshwater 1813 Nov 14
Clark Henry Carbonear Lilly Patience Carbonear 1813 Nov 25
Edwards William Carbonear Short Christiana Carbonear 1814 Dec 26
Pike William Carbonear McLeen Eliza (widow) Carbonear 1814 Jan 12
Ash Francis Carbonear Burdan Sarah Carbonear 1814 Jan 20
Long John Carbonear Mahany Jane Carbonear 1814 Jan 9
Pike John (widower) Carbonear Pike Patience Mosquitto 1814 Nov 26
Calland Matthew Freshwater Penny Elizabeth Freshwater 1814 Oct 20
Vatcher Philip [not given] Joice Elizabeth [not given] 1814 Oct 28
Baker Sammuel Warem Dorset Pelley Jane Carbonear 1815 Dec 26
Moors Jonathan Freshwater Noel Elizabeth Freshwater 1815 Dec 6
Moors William Carbonear Mercer Patience Clowns Cove 1815 Dec 6
Penny James Carbonear Noel Elizabeth Harbour S.S. 1815 Feb 1
Clark George Crockers Cove George Eliza Across the Country 1815 Jan 6
Penny Hugh Carbonear [Belman?] Elizabeth Mosquitto 1815 Jun 10
Sims William late of Charlton, Musgrove, Somerset, England Parsons Jane Crockers Cove 1815 May 11
Rose James Marshalls Folly White Ann Marshalls Folly 1815 May 16
Penny John Carbonear Dean Ann Crockers Cove 1815 Nov 25
Burden William Carbonear Penny Agnes Carbonear 1815 Oct 29
Parsons Henry Harbour Grace Parsons Ann Clowns Cove 1816 Feb 2
Garland Henry Island Cove Lilly Susan Carbonear 1816 Jan 4
James Daniel Carbonear Frise Eleanor Carbonear 1816 Jan 4
Rearden William Castletown Roach, Cou. of Cork - now H.G. Summers Sarah Gooseberry Cove 1816 May 26
Moors George (of George) Carbonear Moors Charlotte (of William) Carbonear 1816 Nov 1
George Thomas Cily Cove, Trinity Bay Butt Prudence Crockers Cove 1816 Oct 25
Oates Thomas Carbonear Pike Jane Carbonear 1817 Dec 2
Vandenhoff George Western Bay Parsons Elizabeth Clowns Cove 1817 May 31
Hiscock Philip Carbonear Penny Rachel Carbonear 1819 Dec 11
Moors John Freshwater Skinner Katharne Oakert Pit 1819 Dec 13
Norman Henery Carbonear Spencer Julia Carbonear 1819 Dec 22
Smith William Bread and Cheese Cove Smith Rabekah Bread & Cheese Cove 1819 Dec 7
Luther John Carbonear Marshal Susan Carbonear 1819 Dec 8
Rowe John Hearts Content Pike Ellonar Carbonear 1819 Feb 20
Pike Edward Carbonear Butt Elizabeth Carbonear 1819 Jan 16
Spracklin John Brigus Thistle Frances Carbonear 1819 Jan 8
Fraze Thomas Carbonear King Mary Bears Cove 1819 Nov 25
Newhook Charles New Harbour Penny Martha Carbonear 1820 Aug 9
Parkin Josiah Liverpool, G.B., now of Parries Cove Parsons Susanah Bears Cove 1820 Jan 11
Taylor Joseph Carbonear Spencer Mary Carbonear 1820 Jan 5
[Haigh?] John Port de Grave Parsons Susan Clowns Cove 1820 Jun 16
Penney Charles Carbonear Ash Elizabeth Carbonear 1821 Jan 5
Neehole Edward Carbonear Dean Prudence Carbonear 1823 Jan 6
Joyse George Freshwater Parsons Elizabeth Freshwater 1823 Jan 8
Clarke James Carbonear [Galsby?] Mary Carbonear 1823 Nov 17
Pike Christopher [not given] Burden Prudence [not given] 1823 Nov 21 circa
Tucker William Davy Carbonear Spencer Elizabeth Carbonear 1825 Feb 20
Joice William Carbonear Clark Sarah Carbonear 1833 Dec 12
Apsey George Carbonear Nichol Mary Carbonear 1833 Dec 20
Penny William Carbonear Pike Catherine Carbonear 1833 Dec 26
Moores Charles Freshwater Moores Mary Freshwater 1833 Dec 31
Clark John Carbonear Clark Susannah Carbonear 1833 Dec 5
Pitman Charles Carbonear Perry Martha Carbonear 1833 Dec 5
Emberley Samuel [Burene?] Tocque Frances Carbonear 1833 Jul 21
Evely George Carbonear Summers Patience Carbonear 1833 Nov 20
Hussey Thomas Port de Grave [Parsons?] Mary Ann Brients Cove 1833 Nov 27
Summers Peter Carbonear Kirby Ann Carbonear 1833 Nov 28
[Gilaway?] John Carbonear Parsons Nancy Carbonear 1833 Oct 30
Spencer Christopher Carbonear Rowe Eliza Carbonear 1833 Sep 10
Spencer William Carbonear Taylor Catherine Carbonear 1834 [Apr 3 circa]
White Charles Perrys Cove White Mary Perrys Cove 1834 [Dec 27 circa]
Rice George Carbonear Young Rachel Carbonear 1834 [Jun 16 circa]
Churchwill Charles W. Carbonear Taylor Leonora Carbonear 1834 Apr 2
Parsons John Clowns Cove Parsons Rachel Clowns Cove 1834 Apr 2
Mors Thomas [not given] Penny Ann [not given] 1834 Apr 3 circa
Pike John Carbonear Pike Ana Sarah (Rachel) Carbonear 1834 Dec 21
Peach Francis Carbonear Howell Elizabeth Carbonear 1834 Dec 26
Rose James Carbonear Bauldon (Burden) Ann Carbonear 1834 Dec 9
Penny Thomas Freshwater Clark Teresa Freshwater 1834 Feb 16
Parsons Joseph H. Carbonear Parsons Catherine Carbonear 1834 Feb 19
Fox Thomas Carbonear Lilly Julia Carbonear 1834 Feb 25
[Pack or Talk?] Joseph Carbonear Cook Ann Carbonear 1834 Jan 10
Taylor Richard Carbonear Taylor Mary Ann Julia Misquite 1834 Jan 2
Parsons Samuel Carbonear Taylor [Mahila or Mahalie?] Carbonear 1834 Jan 30
Garland John Carbonear Brinson Mary Carbonear 1834 Jan 9
Butt William Broad Cove Nicholl Easter Broad Cove 1834 June 15
Shepherd Richard Carbonear Bemister Mari Ann Carbonear 1834 May 27
Oats George Carbonear Pike Jane Carbonear 1834 Nov 19
Rowe George Carbonear Watts Ann Susan Carbonear 1834 Nov 26
Butt John (Josa) Carbonear Clark Mary Carbonear 1834 Nov 27
Dean Henry Carbonear Pipy (Bussy) Elizabeth Trinity Bay 1834 Nov 27
Dawlan Samuel Carbonear Coish Susan Carbonear 1834 Nov 30
Moors George Freshwater Pottle Jane Clowns Cove 1834 Nov 8
Pearce (Perce) Abraham A. Twilingate Taylor Charlotte Laura Carbonear 1834 Oct 12
Ford Joseph Poole Rowe Martha Trinity 1835 Dec 20
Taylor Jonathan Carbonear Moores Martha Carbonear 1835 Dec 28
Howell William Carbonear Howell Julia Carbonear 1835 Dec 30
Butt George Misquitto Pike Timuthus Misquitto 1835 Dec 4
Stabb John Carbonear Parsons Triphena Carbonear 1835 Jan 30
Howell John Carbonear Powell Mary Carbonear 1835 Jun 13
Butt Roger Clown Cove Efford Sarah Trinity Bay 1835 Nov 11
Clarke Moses Freshwater Cannons Johanna Freshwater 1835 Nov 12
Killaway Robert Perrys Cove Slade Susanna Perrys Cove 1835 Nov 18
Page Samuel Salmon Cove Rose Hannah Marshalls Folly 1835 Nov 19
Butt Hezekiah Perrys Cove White Elizabeth Salmon Cove 1835 Sep 15
Florence John Carbonear Savary (Savury) Grace Brines Cove 1835 Sep 3
Wareham Thomas Ringwood, Hampshire Parsons Elizabeth Otterbury 1836 Aug 8
Homer Henry Freshwater Soaper Ann Freshwater 1836 Dec 11
Moors Richard Freshwater Parsons Elizabeth Freshwater 1836 Dec 11
Butt John Perrys Cove King Eliza Perrys Cove 1836 Dec 6
Perry Nicholas Western Bay French Sarah Carbonear 1836 Dec 9
Major William Degary St. Ives, Cornwall Rumson Ann Carbonear 1836 Feb 9
Taylor Henry Carbonear Newell Francis Carbonear 1836 Jan 21
Howell Francis Carbonear Fagnor Grace Lower Island Cove 1836 Jun 10
Davis George Freshwater Pottle Jane Clowns Cove 1836 Jun 15
Burke Williiam Carbonear Powell Christianna Carbonear 1836 Jun 2
Taylor Joseph William Carbonear Parsons Mary Ann Freshwater 1836 May [21 or 26?]
Moore William Bere Regis, Dorset Perchard Mary Ann Bay Roberts 1836 May 12
Parsons Henry Otterbury Pottle Rebecca Clowns Cove 1836 May 15
Cook Thomas Carbonear Burgess Mary Carbonear 1836 May 25
Dean Richard Salmon Cove White Sarah Salmon Cove 1836 Nov 17
Best George Taylor Carbonear Burton Mary Carbonear 1836 Nov 27
Brown Robert Brigus Legg Fanny Carbonear 1836 Nov 3
Turtle Charles Carbonear Bradbury Julia Bay Roberts 1836 Nov 3
Soaper John Freshwater Noel Olivia Carbonear 1836 Nov 6
White George Salmon Cove White Patience Salmon Cove 1836 Oct 12
Clark William Crockers Cove George Ann Hearts Desire 1837 Dec 22
Oates Thomas Carbonear Moores Frances Perrys Cove 1837 Dec 23
French Joseph Carbonear Clark Phebe Carbonear 1837 Dec 6
Clark Joseph Crockers Cove Butt Catherine Crockers Cove 1837 Dec 7
Widger Richard Totneys, Devon, England Piercy Mary [not given] 1837 Dec 7
Davis William Clowns Cove Taylor Agnes Carbonear 1837 Jan 3
Moors George Blackhead Parsons Jane Freshwater 1837 Jan 8
Clarke William Crockers Cove Clarke Sarah Crockers Cove 1837 Jun 2
Jellett Samuel Carbonear Penny Mary Carbonear 1837 May 10
Parsons John Freshwater Moores Elizabeth Freshwater 1837 May 10
Butt John Clowns Cove Stapleton Margaret Harbour Grace 1837 May 13
Howell James Carbonear Howell Eliza Carbonear 1837 May 13
Pike Nathaniel Carbonear March Florence Old Perlican 1837 May 30
Taylor Basil Mortons Harbour Taylor Elizabeth Carbonear 1837 May 5
Bauldin Patrick Blow-me-down White Elizabeth Salmon Cove 1837 May 6
Pike John Ellis Carbonear Best Mary Ann Carbonear 1837 Nov 23
Butt Joseph Crockers Cove Clark Eliza Crockers Cove 1837 Nov 30
Parsons George Otterbury Butt Sarah Perrys Cove 1837 Oct 15
Spry Thomas Westlake Carbonear Kennedy Susanna Harbour Grace 1837 Sep 22
Bulling Henery Hamworthy, Dorset Hancock Martha Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay 1838 Apr 15
Newell Thomas Carbonear Mulchy Catherine Carbonear 1838 Aug 11
Pike Timothy Carbonear Clark Jane Carbonear 1838 Dec 30
Vey William [not given] Howell Elizabeth Carbonear 1838 Feb 3
Delaney William Western Bay Legrove (Legrow) Elizabeth Broad Cove 1838 Jan 2
Taylor William Pike Carbonear Taylor Elizabeth Ann Carbonear 1838 Jan 3
Badcock Robert Carbonear Hopkins Ellen Carbonear 1838 Jun 7
Thoms George Christ Church, Hants, England Young Mary Upper Island Cove 1838 Jun 9
Ash William Carbonear Read Ann Carbonear 1838 May 27
Parsons Joseph Perrys Cove Parsons Ann Perrys Cove 1838 Nov 12
Taylor Solomon Carbonear Perry Susan Carbonear 1838 Nov 22
Burgess Charles Crockers Cove Clarke Elizabeth Crockers Cove 1839 Dec 10
Taylor George Carbonear Moore Martha Clowns Cove 1839 Dec 25
Power Henry Carbonear Pike Mary Ann Carbonear 1839 Dec 3
Butt William Perrys Cove Kellaway Elizabeth Perrys Cove 1839 Jan 15
Rowe Fredric Carbonear Penny Sarah Carbonear 1839 Jan 15
Martin John Willis Carbonear Taylor Eliza Carbonear 1839 Jan 24
Bemister John Carbonear Taylor Jane Carbonear 1839 Jan 3
Clark William Carbonear Snook Ann Carbonear 1839 Jun 11
Watts William Carbonear Street Grace Carbonear 1839 Jun 4
Taylor George Carbonear Butt Maria Carbonear 1839 Jun 8
Penney John Carbonear Spencer Charlotte Carbonear 1839 May 19
Bridle Robert Carbonear Howell Anne Carbonear 1839 May 9
Thistle Thomas Carbonear Taylor Henretta (Heneretta) Carbonear 1839 Nov 19
Clarke James Carbonear Pridle Ann Carbonear 1840 Dec 2
Parsons William Freshwater Giles Julia Carbonear 1840 Dec 24
Penny John Carbonear Winser (Winsor) Ann Carbonear 1840 Dec 24
Parsons George Clowns Cove Parsons Susanna (Susanah) Freshwater 1840 Dec 26
Parsons Jonathan Freshwater Parsons Mary Ann Clowns Cove 1840 Dec 26
Taylor Joseph Pike Carbonear Rowe Hariet Carbonear 1840 Feb 2
Cunningham William Carbonear Howell Maria Carbonear 1840 Jun 28
Burden Thomas Carbonear Penney Hannah Dean Carbonear 1840 Jun 6
Taylor William Joseph Carbonear Howell Harriot Carbonear 1840 May 10
Butt John Carbonear Jetson Elizabeth Salmon Cove 1840 Nov 17
McLean Donald Carbonear Penny Eliza Carbonear 1840 Nov 17
Gillespie William Carbonear Clarke Susannah Carbonear 1840 Nov 18
Penny John Otterbury Kirby Frances Otterbury 1840 Oct 1
Nicholl Nicholas Carbonear Stabb Tryphena Freshwater 1840 Oct 24
Anderson George Glasgow Howell Dorothy Carbonear 1841 Apr 12
Rumson George Best Carbonear Rowe Amelia Julia Carbonear 1841 Dec 15
Butt Terrence Perrys Cove Butt [Eve?] Blow-me-down 1841 Dec 2
Vatcher William Carbonear Clarke Amelia Carbonear 1841 Dec 2
Penny John Freshwater Jeffers Mary Ann Hart Freshwater 1841 Dec 23
Howell Henry Carbonear Howell Mary Carbonear 1841 Dec 29
Penny Henry Carbonear Hiscock Dianna Carbonear 1841 Dec 29
Pike John Carbonear Penny Olivia Carbonear 1841 Dec 30
Stevenson Richard Harbour Grace Homer Elizabeth Freshwater 1841 Dec 30
Butt John Freshwater Butt Mary Ann Perrys Cove 1841 Dec 8
Ash Robert Carbonear Pike Rachel Carbonear 1841 Jan 7
Carter Samuel Greene Pond, Bonavista Bay Butt Eliza Freshwater 1841 May 13
Howell Solemon Carbonear Cannons Mary Ann Freshwater 1841 May 30
Earle William Carbonear Marrigan Margaret Carbonear 1841 May 31
Slade John Marshalls Folly Summers Mary Otterbury 1841 Nov 11
Moore (Moores) Moses Hearts Content Howell Anne Carbonear 1841 Nov 13
Burt James Sturminster Newton, Dorset Burton Eleanor Carbonear 1841 Nov 20
Marshall Cleophas Carbonear Priddle Alice Carbonear 1841 Nov 9
Luther Richard Carbonear King Patience Perrys Cove 1841 Oct 27
Andrews Henry Harbour Grace Moores Dorcas Freshwater 1841 Sep 19
Cole Nathaniel Carbonear Phelan Annastatia Carbonear 1842 Dec 26
Butt John Carbonear Bradbury Maria Bay Roberts 1842 Jan 1
Parsons Edward Freshwater Parsons Harriot Carbonear 1842 Jan 15
Butt Basford Carbonear Muleahy Elizabeth Bay Bulls 1842 Jan 24
Moores John Freshwater Moores Elizabeth Blackhead 1842 Jan 28
Penny Clements Blow-me-down Parsons Susan Otterbury 1842 Jun 1
Burke William Carbonear Clarke Sarah Carbonear 1842 Jun 8
Murley (Morly) George East Coker, Somerset, England Winsor (Winser) Amanda Carbonear 1842 Nov 29
Moores Stephen Carbonear Steel Mary Carbonear 1843 [no date given]
Penny Samuel Carbonear Howard Emelia Carbonear 1843 Dec 24
Pike John Thomas Carbonear Burton Mary Ann Carbonear 1843 Dec 25
Jacobs James Northern Bay Rines Elizabeth Adams Cove 1843 Dec 5
Butt George Carbonear Adams Mary Ann Harbour Grace 1843 Feb 25
Pike Edmond Carbonear Penny Elizabeth Carbonear 1843 Jan 18
Burden Robert Carbonear Moors Frances Jane Freshwater 1843 Jan 28
Pike John Frederic Clowns Cove Parsons Julia Clowns Cove 1843 Jan 28
Parsons Charles Freshwater Jeffers Elizabeth Freshwater 1843 Jan 5
Pike Francis Clowns Cove Penny Frances Carbonear 1843 Jan 5
Taylor Alfred Carbonear Burton Emma Carbonear 1843 Jun 11
Parsons John Perrys Cove Button Hannah Perrys Cove 1843 Jun 16
Moores Jonathan Freshwater Parsons Emelia Freshwater 1843 Nov 12
Parsons Francis Freshwater Parsons Catherine Freshwater 1843 Nov 13
Dean Loyal Carbonear Fraize Frances Carbonear 1843 Nov 21
Clark George Carbonear Bridle Susannah Crockers Cove 1843 Nov 22
Vatcher Joseph Freshwater Snook Sarah New Perlican 1843 Nov 22
Gudgar James Carbonear Pike Ardelenia Carbonear 1843 Nov 9
Burden James Carbonear Winsor Ann Mosqutta 1843 Oct 12
Laurence William Carbonear Puddy Mary Carbonear 1843 Sep 13
Bemister Willis Carbonear Bartlett Mary Elizabeth Carbonear 1844 Aug 14
Edwards John Carbonear Clarke Mary Carbonear 1844 Dec 12
Forward Ambrose Carbonear Taylor Louisa Carbonear 1844 Dec 18
Taylor Thomas Chancey Carbonear Legg Caroline Carbonear 1844 Dec 19
Penny Robert Carbonear Ash Agnes Carbonear 1844 Dec 21
Homer James Freshwater Davis Mary Ann Clowns Cove 1844 Dec 25
Howell Frederick Carbonear Penny Frances Carbonear 1844 Dec 27
Taylor Israel Carbonear Waterman Jane Carbonear 1844 Dec 28
Pike William Carbonear Howell Jane Carbonear 1844 Dec 3
Guy Thomas Poole Wilkinson Elizabeth Carbonear 1844 Dec 31
Butt Charles Clowns Cove Parsons Jane Perrys Cove 1844 Dec 5
Howell Ebenezer Carbonear Sanders Elizabeth Brigus 1844 Dec 5
Pilgrim Thomas Carbonear Clark Prudence Carbonear 1844 Dec 5
Taylor Soloman Carbonear Giles Elizabeth Carbonear 1844 Dec 5
Taylor Francis Carbonear Giles Mary Carbonear 1844 Jun 10
Clarke Samuel Crockers Cove Thistle Maria Carbonear 1844 Jun 6
Forward Mark William Carbonear Bemister Mary Carbonear 1844 Jun 6
Clark Richard Carbonear Snook Jane Carbonear 1844 May 16
Davis Richard Clowns Cove Bransfield Mary Crockers Cove 1844 May 8
Butt Roger Perrys Cove Read Anne Carbonear 1844 Nov 11
Ash George Carbonear Evans Sarah Carbonear 1844 Nov 16
Drake Thomas Carbonear Farrale Mary Carbonear 1844 Nov 2
Rose Thomas Salmon Cove Judson Jane Flat Head 1844 Nov 21
Snook Henry Carbonear Clarke Mary Anne Crockers Cove 1844 Nov 22
Nelson John Christ Church Clarke Jane Freshwater 1844 Nov 27
Cannon Ambrose Freshwater Moores Mary Adams Cove 1844 Nov 29
Ash Robert Carbonear Penny Jane Carbonear 1844 Nov 30
Taylor John Carbonear Ahearn Anna Maria Carbonear 1844 Nov 4
Burden John Carbonear Chisel Hannah Harts Delight, Trinity Bay 1844 Nov 7
Power David Carbonear Penny Susan Carbonear 1844 Nov 8
Butt William Blow-me-down King Mary Ann Perrys Cove 1844 Oct 30
Gould Benjamin Thomas Howell Carbonear Gould Jemima Emily England 1844 Sep 5
Penny Charles Carbonear King Jane Bradley Cove 1845 Dec 27
Powell John Carbonear Penny Mary Ann Carbonear 1845 Dec 9
Parsons John Clowns Cove Moores Jane Clowns Cove 1845 Feb 27
Newell John Carbonear Ash Eliza Carbonear 1845 Jan 1
MacNeal Samuel Halifax, NS Taylor Susannah Elizabeth Carbonear 1845 Jan 2
Bulley George Ferris Dawlish, Devonshire Legg Anna Maria Carbonear 1845 Jul 16
Pike Joseph Carbonear Burden Anne Carbonear 1845 Jun 13
Butt John Clowns Cove Parsons Mary Ann Perrys Cove 1845 Jun 7
Howell Peter Carbonear Taylor Patience Carbonear 1845 Mar 19
Moores Jacob Freshwater Best Mary Ann Carbonear 1845 May 30
Penny Ambrose Blow-me-down Peckam (Peckham) Mary Salmon Cove 1845 Nov 27
Rose John Salmon Cove Dean Care [Appoek?] Crockers Cove 1845 Nov 28
Luther Joseph Carbonear Trenchard Matilda Bay Roberts 1845 Nov 7
Torphey (Torpey) Thomas Carbonear Embarley Francis Carbonear 1846 Apr 6
Taylor Mark Carbonear Nichole Catherine Carbonear 1846 Dec 10
Simms (Sims) Joseph Carbonear Cole Elizabeth Carbonear 1846 Dec 16
Taylor Stephen Valentine Carbonear Taylor Mary Carbonear 1846 Feb 3
Parsons Richard Freshwater Parsons Henrietta Clowns Cove 1846 Jan 10
King Thomas Perrys Cove Butt Catherine Perrys Cove 1846 Jun 2
Parsons Sampson Busby Freshwater Parsons Leonora Freshwater 1846 Jun 2
Stanley Denis Dorsetshire, England Badstock Mary Carbonear 1846 Nov 14
Winsor John Carbonear Rion [or Rien or Rixon?] Jane Adams Cove 1846 Nov 28
Penny William Carbonear Oates Sarah Carbonear 1847 Dec 16
Penny James Carbonear Rose Hannah Otterbury 1847 Dec 2
Howell Henry Carbonear Pike Mary Ann Carbonear 1847 Dec 21
Pike Edward S.(L.) Carbonear Pike Mary Carbonear 1847 Dec 23
Howell Robert Carbonear Squires (Squiers) Amelia Bay Roberts 1847 Dec 24
Taylor John Carbonear Clark Julia Ann Carbonear 1847 Dec 24
Thistle John Carbonear Fraize (Fraze) Mary Carbonear 1847 Dec 24
Clark William Carbonear Day Mary Ann Carbonear 1847 Dec 8
Dwire William Otterbury Welch Fanney Otterbury 1847 Jan 14
Taylor Henry H. Carbonear Moors Sarah Blackhead 1847 Jan 5
Rose James Salmon Cove Veters Mary Otterbury 1847 Jan 6
Slade James Otterbury White Catherine Otterbury 1847 May 16
White Roger Salmon Cove White Ann Blow-me-down 1847 May 5
Clark John Carbonear Butt Mary Ann Freshwater 1847 Nov 25
Clark William Crockers Cove Parsons Patience Otterbury 1847 Nov 25
Clark Samuel Crockers Cove Welman Mary Jane Carbonear 1847 Nov 26
Newell Thomas [not given] Teuson Catherine [not given] 1847 Nov 27
Tubbs William [Winman, Devonshire?], England Snooke Ann [not given] 1847 Nov 27
Moores Fredrick Blackhead Moores Tryphena Freshwater 1848 Jan 20
Shepard Thomas Harbour Grace George Sarah Carbonear 1848 Jan 23

Name in Record Description of Error My Name
SIMS Marriage of William Sims of Charlton Musgrove, Somerset to Jane Parsons in 1815 - name of groom is recorded as "Simslate". Should be "Sims". Susan Snelgrove
NICHOL Marriage of Prudence Dean to Edward Neehole on Jan 6, 1823. Found will of John Dean, which mentions his daughter Prudence Nichol. "Neehole" should be written as "Nichol". Susan Snelgrove

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