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Carbonear - Anglican Marriage Records, 1820 - 1827

The following marriages were transcribed using photocopies of the Carbonear Anglican parish records at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. Consulting the records will yeild additional information: marital status of the bride and groom, names of marriage witnesses, name of minister who performed the marriage, place of marriage, and literacy of marriage party.

It is recommended that the original documents be consulted before assuming any of this transcription to be accurate.

For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. James Anglican Church
P.O. Box 915
Carbonear, NF A1Y 1C4

Provincial Archives of NF and Labrador
Colonial Bldg., Military Road
St. John's, NF A1C 2C9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The 1820 - 1822 records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in April 2000. The 1823 - 1827 records were transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE in August 2001. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical or interpretive errors. 

Marriage Date Groom's Given Groom's Surname Groom's Residence Bride's Given Bride's Surname Bride's Residence Witnesses
25 Sep 1820 John Simmons Musquito Virtue Maria Pynn Musquito
18-Nov-1820 James Clark Crockers Cove Patience Jeans of this parish
7 Dec 1820 James Pearce Stoke, Dorset, England Ellen [Josshin?] Graham, [Jappras?], Ireland
9 Dec 1820 Samuel Mills Crewekern, Somerset, England Elizabeth Durham St. John's
28 Dec 1820 Richard Cock Searle Surrey, Devon Jane Moores Freshwater
1 Jan 1821 William Short Old Perlican Margaret Leary Small Point
4 Feb 1821 Robert George Crockers Cove Francis Noel Carbonear
5 Apr 1821 William Penny Blow Me Down Mary Parsons Otterbury
26 May 1821 William Wilkinson Plymouth, Devon, England Mary Thistle of this parish
2 Jun 1821 John Barnes Wimbourne, Dorset, England Louisa Tucker Harbour Grace
6 Jun 1821 John Merchant Harbour Grace, late of [illegible] Somerset, England Ann Elizabeth Maraven St. John's
7 Jun 1821 Joseph Pippy Widower of Musquitto Jane Collins Harbour Grace
17 Jun 1821 John Charles Nuttall Bristol, Gloucester, now of Harbour Grace Mary Elizabeth Chancey of this parish
21 Jun 1821 Robert Parsons Widower of Otterbury Jane Butt Widow
1 Oct 1821 William Warford Harbour Grace Jane Snow Harbour Grace
3 Nov 1821 Henry Warford Harbour Grace Mary Snow Harbour Grace
12 Nov 1821 William Landragon Upper Island Cove Nancy Newman Upper Island Cove
5 Dec 1821 William Butt Clowns Cove Maryann Clark Freshwater
23 Dec 1821 Edward Pike Clowns Cove Ann Pynn Widow of Musquitto
26 Dec 1821 Samuel Clark Crockers Cove Julia Kenedy Crockers Cove
1 Jan 1822 Nathaniel Taylor of this parish Catherine Wagg Harbour Grace Jullia Taylor
13 Jan 1822 William Simmonds Musquitto Mary Pike Clowns Cove John Pike and Catherine Parsons
20 Jan 1822 Henry Peckam Lymington, Hants Rachel Kirby Blow Me Down Wm. But and Wm. Loader
27 Jan 1822 George Peckingham Davis of this place Susan King of this place
3 Mar 1822 Simon Levy (Levi) Newton [Dushel?], Devon Jane Penny of this place
7 Apr 1822 Francis Drake of this place Ann Way Bears Cove
11 May 1822 James Burden of this place Mary Neville Harbour Grace
20 May 1822 Elijah Pye of this place Elizabeth Clark Crockers Cove
24 May 1822 Samuel Pike Widower of this place Susan Butt of this place
29 May 1822 Richard Tuffen of this place Elizabeth Burden of this place
2 Jun 1822 William Moores Widower of Clowns Cove Sarah Parsons Widow of Clowns Cove
13 Dec 1822 John Penny Brigus Johanna Clark Crockers Cove
15 Dec 1822 James Howell Widower of this place Mary Barret Bay Roberts

Marriage Date Groom's Given Groom's Surname Groom's Residence Bride's Given Bride's Surname Bride's Residence Witnesses
Jan. 13, 1823 Patrick Edward Molloy St. John's Catharine Pike Carbonear Julia Taylor, Thomas Chancey
Feb. 2, 1823 William Pynn Muscuitto Charlotte Butt ? Wm. Sparks
April 27, 1823 William But? Widower of Carbonear Mary Burdon? Carbonear
Dec. 21, 1823 Nicholas Ash Carbonear Ann Howall Carbonear Agness Ash, Joseph Taylor, Wm. Loader
March 30, 1824 Thomas Chancey Carbonear Julia Taylor Carbonear Rachel Chancey, Robert Pack
Jan. 3, 1824 Richard Parsons Clown's Cove Mary Parsons Clown's Cove Samuel Parsons, Catherine Parsons
Jan. 3, 1825 Richard Marshall Clown's Cove Francis Butt Clown's Cove Jane Penney, ? Butt
Nov. 16, 1825 Robert Marshall Clowns Cove Mary Pottle Clown's Cove
Jan. 15, 1826 William Bennett Widower of Carbonear Sarah Pike Widow of Carbonear Lorenzo Moore
Jan. 3, 1827 Stephen Percy Brigus Elizabeth Wagg Carbonear Richard Taylor of Carbonear, Jonathon Percy of Brigus
Jan. 7, 1827 John Powell Carbonear Ann Pilgrim Carbonear
Jan. 5, 1827 Francis Pike Carbonear Merry Legg Carbonear

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2000 Bonnie Hickey, Susan Snelgrove and NL GenWeb