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Conception Bay North ~ Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace Roman Catholic Marriages 1806 - 1845

This transcription of the Harbour Grace Roman Catholic Baptismal records of 1806 - 1845 was interpreted from various sources. I started with the transcription by Bonnie Hickey & Judy Barker. I then scanned the years 1822-1845 from the appendix of James M. Fleming's book "The Story of the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Harbour Grace and Grand Falls" (James Fleming Sr, publisher; Bothwell WA 2003).

After parsing the file, I fused the two databases, and added a few records that Fleming had for 1806-1822 that the other database didn't. I removed duplicates (with two exceptions) and generally noted where dates differed in the different transcriptions. In a number of cases the transcribers also read the names differently; I have generally only kept one version. In addition to different dates, at rare times a witness appears to have slipped by one or two lines so there may be errors there as well. I generally kept the witnesses as listed in Fleming's appendix. I then tried to find another source to verify the data. I compared the data to that in the Murphy-Connell-Kennedy-Broderick file. I found a posting of Cody and Sullivan marriages and compared their data to mine. Some Thistle records were from Gary Thistle. The Doyle and Hayden records are consistent with what I copied from the records at PANL. There will certainly be errors, from the original transcriptions, from the less-than-perfect optical character recognition, and possibly from my manipulations. The records were transcribed by JEREMY HILL.

Let the user beware. Anyone doing any serious research can use this file for leads, but ALWAYS check original records for confirmation.

1806-08-24   Leary, Tim Jacob, Ruth Hunt, Edmund Cahill, D.  
1806-10-21   Forgarty, Bartholomew Reid, Elizabeth Power, Patrick Power, James  
1806-10-22   Connelly, Thomas Clarke, Anne Mackey, Michael Power, Joseph  
1806-10-23   Driscoll, Martin Low, Margaret Cummins, John English, James  
1806-10-23   Furlong, John Low, Mary Cummins, John English, James  
1806-10-23   Kennedy, Richard Prendergast, Ann Broderick, William McCarthy, Daniel  
1806-10-25   Delaney, John Byrne, Joanna Phelan, William Phelan, Thomas  
1806-10-27   Conroy, John Slate, Sera Duson?, Denis Thistle, Sam  
1806-10-29   Cullinan, John Houlet, Sara McCarthy, Cornelius McCarthy, Juliana  
1806-11-18   Strange, Patrick Bussy, Anne Brown, Joseph Richards, Charlotte  
1806-11-18   Neville, Laurence Cavanaugh, Mary Lawless, James Guilly?, P.  
1806-11-29   Meighers, Thomas Mullony, Elinor Ezekiel, Thomas Kennedy, James  
1806-12-02   Kennedy, James Mackey, Mary Crawley, Patrick Quinlan, John  
1806-12-02   Keating, John Moore, Mary Woodford, John Ezekiel, Thomas  
1806-12-29   Farril, Michael Phelan, Margaret Brennan?, Denis Dalton, William  
1806-12-31   Barron, James Peddle, Grace Walsh, Peter Lahey, Mary  
1807-01-06   Smoakum, John Harrington, Mary Butler, Walter Grant, John  
1807-01-10   Dalton, James Shea, Elizabeth Dunn, Dennis McGrath, Dennis  
1807-01-12   Baggs, William Hearn, Joanna Hearn, Timothy Hease?, Laurence  
1807-01-21   Higgins, Philip Woodford, Elizabeth Duggan, William Corban, John  
1807-02-22   Sullivan, Denis Moore, Mary Slattery, John Murray, Margeret  
1807-02-24   Barrett, John Hawco, Susanna Mullowny, W. Mullowny, Elisabeth  
1807-02-24   Cahill, Patrick Meany, Mary Meany, William MacDonnell, Patrick  
1807-02-24   Keating, William O'Connor, Mary Keating, John O'Connor, Dennis  
1807-02-26   Ezechiel, Thomas Hickey, Patience O'Neal, John Kennedy, John  
1807-03-02   Driscol, Bartholemy Costello, Winny Costello, Thomas Costello, James  
1807-03-28   Dooling, Timothy Savory, Charity Noonan, Denis Connell, Richard  
1807-05-03   Barry, John Butt, Catherine Reilly, Patrick Connor, Morris  
1807-05-19   Meighers, Thomas Wall, Ellenor Ryan, W. O'Leary, Fanny  
1807-05-21   Phelan, James Merrigan, Mary Phelan, David Nowlan, Alice  
1807-06-05   Wooford, William O'Neal, Margaret Condon, Richard Cane, Bridge  
1807-06-14   McCarthy, Florence Kennedy, Jane McCarthy, Charles Mahony, Patrick  
1807-08-09   Nowlan, Richard Green, Bridget Hurley, John Dooly?, Ellen  
1807-10-04   Magee, Nicholas Maher, Margaret Regan, Richard Maher, Joanna  
1807-10-18   Neary, Nicholas Jones, Elis Coughlan, Morris Coughlan, James  
1807-11-01   Hickey, Patrick Kennedy, Mary Mollowny, James Mollowny, William  
1807-11-15   Regan, Richard Donovan, Susan Green, William Donovan, Daniel  
1807-11-20   Mallea, William Butt, Dorothea Dunn, Dennis Illegible, Moses  
1807-11-21   Macdonald, James Wall, Sera Nonan, William Fitzgerald, James  
1807-11-24   White, Richard Lahey, Anne Mackey, James Cody, Richard  
1807-12-28   MacCarthy, Cornelius Shepherd, Bridget Norcott, Abram MacCarthy, Denis  
1808-01-08   Driscol, John Collins, Mary Hearn, Daniel Wiseman, Henry  
1808-01-18   Brien, John Dobbin, Mary Gall ?, William Messen?, William  
1808-02-01 1818-02-02 Curtis, John Currage, Mary Currage, John Donahy, John  
1808-02-05   Hartry, John Fahey, Mary Fahey, Thomas MacCarthy, Thomas  
1808-02-06   Broderick, Terry Wells, Anne Connor, Garrett Daly, Thomas  
1808-02-28   Corbet, Patrick Haco, Sera Haco, Thom Costello, Martin  
1808-03-03   Doyle, Patrick Walsh, Mary Dalton, Edmund Kennedy, John  
1808-05-06   Dunphy, William King, Sera Keefe, Michael Flynn, David  
1808-05-12   Lane, Thomas Tilly, Anne Broderick, William Donovan, Denis  
1808-06-06   Phelan, Martin Murphy, Ellen Murphy, Patrick Connell, Richard  
1808-06-10   Regan, John Barrit, Elisa Berry, Joseph Becket, Thomas  
1808-09-28 1818-09-25 Cod, Richard Eddy, Anne Cotter, James Connell, Richard  
1808-10-01   Pornl, James Pornl, Anne Power, Patrick Pornl, Thomas  
1808-11-02   Mahony, Philip Walsh, Mary Mahony, James Costello, Patrick  
1808-11-05   McGrath, John Murphy, Honora Wright, Laurence Hogan, John  
1808-11-21   Lonnergan, William Walsh, Widow Maher, Thomas MacDonald, James  
1808-11-26   Sweeny, John Gorg, Elisabeth Phelan, Stephen Phelan, Thomas  
1809-01-01   Kemp, Joseph Earl, Abigail Coates, William Connor, Mary  
1809-01-10   Gorman, John Lacour, Mary Gorman, Simon Keating, Michael  
1809-01-22   Power, Patrick Barrett, Mary McGrath, Denis Denihea, John  
1809-01-29   Elson, John Dalton, Alice Foley, Thom Connell, Richard  
1809-02-14   Mory, Daniel Hedorton?, Mary Daly, William Hearn?, Peter  
1809-02-14   Flemming, Joseph Quirk, Mary Fogerty, Denis    
1809-03-19   Louis, Philip Leary, Catherina Mollowny, William Leary, Denis  
1809-05-28 1809-05-29 Gleason, Thom Godfrey, Mary Fogarty, Thom Ponsire?, George  
1809-06-01   Broderick, William Murphy, Honora Murphy, John Lenore, James  
1809-06-06   Carol, Phil Dugan, Elenor Cleary, C of N Cleary, William  
1809-06-12   Keefe, John Butler, Mary Gleason, William Butler, James  
1809-10-03   Doody, Thomas Noonan, Ellenor Connell, Richard Dineen, Timothy  
1809-10-05   Butler, James Perry, Jane MacNamara, Florence Keough, William  
1809-10-08   Cole, Henry Butler, Catherina Welsh, Edmund Merrigan, Morris  
1809-10-08   Merrigan, Morris King, Olivia Murphy, John Barry, Cath  
1809-11-06   Fewer, Walter Haco, Ellen Carey, William Kennedy, Anthony  
1809-11-06   Dalton, Edmund Murphy, Catherine Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy, John  
1809-11-08   Merrigan, Edmund Conway, Mary Burk, William Burk, Patrick  
1809-11-08   Wall, Patrick Ryan, Anastasia Ryan, William Maher, Thomas  
1809-11-09   Mason, Joseph Baker, Elisa Mason, George Mason, Thomas  
1809-11-28 1809-11-23 Howard, Edmund Bradberry, Anne Cleary, William Fogarty, Grace  
1810-01-01   Coughlan, James Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzgerald, John Kennedy, Francis  
1810-01-03   Redmond, Joseph Ryan, Honora Walsh, Patrick Roach, Ellen  
1810-01-06   Donevan, Rand Bow, Ellen Donevan, Dan Bow, Ellen  
1810-01-06   Corbin, Richard Phelan, Ellen Phelan, William Badcock, Patrick  
1810-01-25   Brien, Thom Quilty, Mary Byrne, James Quilty  
1810-02-06   Hearly, John Morisy, Joanna Cahil, Patrick Keough, Ellen  
1810-02-07   Martin, William Shea, Cath Dalton, James Green, Michael  
1810-02-19   Freeny, Peter Bradbury, Patience Phelan, William Corbitt, Ellen  
1810-02-20 1811-02-20 Kennedy, William Wade, Mary Connell, Rob Costello, Thomas  
1810-03-01   Louis, Erin Goudin, Elis Kennedy, John Kennedy, Mary  
1810-03-03   Mahony, Michael Barry, Mary Costello, Patrick Louis, Elisa  
1810-03-13 1810-03-15 Farril, John Corbin, Patience Keating, Redmond Connell, Catherine  
1810-04-02   Doyle, John English, Ellen English, Thomas Murphy, Elis  
1810-04-07   Phelan, Martin Powel, Jane Phelan, Martin Phelan, Ellen  
1810-04-10 1810-04-20 Walsh, Edmund Pike, Cath Godfrey, Michael Regan, Elis  
1810-04-23   Barry, David Reynolds, Mary Connor, Daniel Dunfey, Cath  
1810-06-02   Rogers, Samuel Gilfoy, Anastasia Dobbin, William Byrne, Mary  
1810-07-18   Keefe, James Dunn, Mary Walsh, Maurice McGrath, Alice  
1810-08-20   Maclane, John Heffernan, Charlotte Gleeson, James Bradbury, Jane  
1810-10-06 1810-10-05 North, Thomas Manning, Sera Noonan, Denis Denin, T.  
1810-11-08 1810-11-06 Mason, Thomas Hicks, Elis Hicks, Thom Kennedy, John  
1810-11-26   Thistle, Thom Goss, Cath Barrett, John Taylor, Richard  
1810-12-17   Woodford, James Ezechiel, Mary Conway, Patrick Kane, Mary  
1810-12-26   Fitzgerald, John Kennedy, Frances Geary, Thomas Hartory, Mary  
1810-12-28   Phelan, Thomas White, Rachel Phelan, David Phelan, Frances  
1811-01-31   Glavin, James Butler, Elisa Brill, James Brill, Mrs.  
1811-01-31   Mory, Tim Marshall, Ann Mory, Patrick Marshall, Mary  
1811-02-05   Power, James Lonnergan, Mary Hollerhan, James Walsh, Stephen  
1811-02-12   Goussin, Charles Costello, Martha Foley, Thomas Foley, Mary  
1811-03-03   Mahony, Thomas English, Diana Broderick, William English, Thomas  
1811-03-31   Keating, Patrick Connor, Ellen Woodford, William Wife  
1811-03-31   Murphy, Michael Healy, Mary Butler, William Wife  
1811-04-03   Haly, Edmund MacCarty, Mary MacCarty, William Magrah, Mary  
1811-04-05   Lahouny, George Woodford, Martha Woodford, John King, Mary  
1811-05-08   Feehan, Michael Hanly, Margaret Power, Laur Regan, Justin  
1811-05-17   Hays, Luke Kelly, Bridget Kelly, Edm Smoakum, Mary  
1811-11-13   Fitzgerald, William Connelly, Mary Fahey, Edward Kilan?, Elizabeth  
1811-11-13   Fahey, Thomas Harrington, Ellen Fahey, Edward Smoakum, Mary  
1811-11-16   Woodford, John Lacour, Margaret Wall, James Corban, John  
1812-01-12   Fahey, Edmund Crummy, Jane Crummy, John Hartery, Mary  
1812-01-12   Barry, Patrick Wells, Elisa Shea, James Butler, Ann  
1812-02-13   Kelly, James Barrett, Mary Costigan, Vincent Butler, Philip  
1812-02-24   Hogan, Daniel Roach, Mary      
1812-04-07   Barry, N. Conolly, Mary Barry, John St. John, Robert  
1812-04-15   Power, Maurice Maher, Sibella Sullivan, Daniel , Wife  
1812-04-21   Mackey, Thomas Hickey, Elizabeth Hickey, John Mackey, Margaret Ewer
1812-05-31   Green, Daniel Gosse, Rachel Fooley, Thomas London, Fanny Ewer
1812-05-31 1812-06-11 Crane, George Wheeler, Jane Lanny, Walter London, Ellenor Ewer
1812-08-23 1811-08-02 Magee, Patrick Connell, Mary Roach, John Meany, Mary  
1812-08-23   Costigan, Vincent Kennedy, Joanna Shea, Richard Malowny, Elizabeth  
1812-08-23   Allen, Richard Lattin, Judith Delany, James Magee, Mary  
1812-08-24   Keefe, Michael Heffernan, Maria Murphy, Michael Cower, Joanna Ewer
1812-10-20   Cunningham, John Donnevan, Mary Donnevan, Patrick   Ewer
1812-10-20   Dunn, Thomas Morrissey, Mary Phelan, Walter Farrell, James Ewer
1812-10-22   White, John Barrett, Joanna Murphy, Richard Barrett, Ann Ewer
1812-10-22   Troke, John Butler, Mary Power, Thomas Power, Mary Ewer
1812-10-29   Oliver, Joseph English, Jane McNamary, Terry Oliver, Elisabeth Ewer
1812-11-04   Doyle, Thomas Ryan, Honor Brown, James Magher, Mary Ewer
1812-11-05   Hartery, Jerry French, Catherine     Ewer
1812-11-09   Phelan, Edward Cole, Ann King, Richard Collan, Ann Ewer
1812-11-09   Donnelly, Patrick Woodford, Sera Kennedy, James Costigan, Joanna Ewer
1812-11-13   Morrissey, Patrick Merrin, Sera Fitzgerald, William Morgan, Hanna Ewer
1812-11-24   Commins, John Brien, Catherine Lane, James Fitzgerald, Mary Ewer
1812-11-24   Mulehary, John Brien, Mary McGrath, Dennis McGrath, Mary Ewer
1812-11-24   Tiely, Thomas Carty, Mary Kavanagh, Patrick Condon, Jany(?) Ewer
1812-11-24   Kennedy, William Kents, Ann Kennedy, William Oates, Ann Ewer
1812-11-25   Geer, Patrick McNamara, Mary Shea, Martin Sullivan, Mary Ewer
1812-12-14   Sullivan, Eugene Corcoran?, Catherine Offerington?, John Coal, Mary Ewer
1812-12-15   Flood, Thomas Phelan, Mary Phelan, Richard Whiteway, Elisabeth Ewer
1812-12-22   Shean, John Gosse, Margaret Goose, James Green, Elisabeth Ewer
1812-12-26   Lecourt, Nicholas Lehurey?, Margaret LeHurve, James Nolan, Ann? Ewer
1812-12-30   Healy, Thomas Harrington, Catherine Hickey, Richard Fahey, Ellen Ewer
1813-01-10   Tearney, Thomas Terney, Mary Kennedy, John Dunfey, Bridget Ewer
1813-01-21   M?ley, John Roach, Mary Meaney, John Kennedy, Ellen Ewer
1813-01-27   Conaway?, Patrick Dunfey, Briget Dunfey, James Magher?, Mary Ewer
1813-02-10 1813-02-18 Carrol, Thomas Collins, Catherine Donahey, John Palmer?, Elizabeth Ewer
1813-05-29   Brien, Lawrence Burt, Briget Connell, Robert Connell, Jane Ewer
1813-09-10   Carey, Patrick Wade, Elizabeth Wade, Edmond Brien, Brige Ewer
1813-10-10   Costelo, David Barry, Elisa Costello, Michael Costello, Ann Ewer
1813-10-10   Wade, Edm. Kenny, Briget Flanigan, John Walsh, Ann Ewer
1813-10-10   Costelo, Michael Walsh, Ann Wade, Edmond Wade, Bridget Ewer
1813-11-05   Dunn, James Quin, Mary Quigley, Patrick Pendergast, Mary Ewer
1813-11-12   Healey, John Innis, Ann Healy, James Power, Anty Ewer
1813-11-17   Reily, Patrick Whiteaway, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Morris Phelan?, Richard Ewer
1813-11-18   Mory, William Conol, Mary Mory, Daniel Hanrahan, Alice Ewer
1813-11-22   Croak, Laurence Flaharty, Mary Anne Tierney, James Newlan, Hanna  
1813-11-28   Targate, John Mullownay, Anne Witch, George Sullivan, Sera  
1813-12-01   Walsh, Philip Corbit, Mary Corbit, Michail Walsh, Mary  
1813-12-01   Byrne, James Ploughman, Widow Lean, Constantine ,  
1813-12-03   Walsh, Stephen Mackay, Margaret Walsh, Patrick Gushue, Mary  
1813-12-04   Trecher, Thomas Toole, Johanna Toole, Patrick Gushue, Mary  
1813-12-09   Mullaly, Laurence Hingy, Ann Sterling, William MacNamara, Fern? Ewer
1813-12-27   George, Matth. Clerk, Patience George, Robert Clerk, George  
1814-01-11   Delany, Patrick Parsons, Judith Delany, John Parsons, Julian  
1814-01-11   Owens, Peter Poor, Mary Sinnot, James Duggan, Laurence  
1814-01-16 1814-01-18 Ennet, William Hartery, Maria Hartery, George Kerney, Mathew Ewer
1814-01-23   Denehey, John McGrath, Ellen Glaveen, Richard Glaveen, James Ewer
1814-01-27   F?, James McGrath, Alice Kerney, Math Foley, Mary Ewer
1814-01-30   Coughlin, John MacCarty, Ellen MacCarty, John MacCarty, Elizabeth Ewer
1814-01-31   Phelan, James Solivan, Mary Gosse, Samuel Phelan, Ellen Ewer
1814-02-04 1814-02-01 Colbert, Morris Collins, Catherine Crooneen?, Philip Mulahaey, Mary Ewer
1814-02-15   Barrett, John Power, Briget Magrath, Dennis F?, Alice Ewer
1814-02-22   Bradberry, Thomas Dobbin, Honor Morricey, Thomas Power, Anty Ewer
1814-03-17   Condon, Patrick Phelan, Briget Collins, John Gelasby, Mary Ewer
1814-03-31   Burk, William Lewis, Eliz Wall, Garret Hicks, Elizabeth  
1814-04-03   LeHury, James Le Court, Eliz Gorman, John Gorman, Mrs  
1814-04-10   Hearn, William MacNamara, Joana Hearn, Mary Hearn, Mary Ewer
1814-04-10   Baker, Henry Sullivan, Eliz Kennedy, John Kennedy, Margaret  
1814-04-26   Morris, Patrick Foley, Mary Magher, Thomas Cawley, Fanifred Ewer
1814-04-30   Murphy, Maurice Colbert, Mary Driscoll, Michael Gushue, Mary  
1814-05-09   George, Thomas Polum?, Eliz Flinn, James Power, Patrick  
1814-05-18   Doran, Peter Nosery, Patience Gorden, Mark Nosery, Susanna Devereux
1814-05-20 1814-05-28 Shayer?, Thomas Hogan, Hanna Legrue, Daniel Power, Mary Ewer
1814-06-16   Harrington, Darby Collins, Margereth Driscal, John Caulbert, Cath Ewer
1814-07-28   Sheehan, Edward Kavanagh, Anne Conners, Dr. Skehan, Elizabeth  
1814-07-28   Hartery, Dennis Walsh, Widow Conners, Doctor Sheehan, Elizabeth  
1814-09-03   Walsh, Joseph Cole, Mary Murphy, Morris Griffin, Ann Ewer
1814-09-04   Walsh, Edward White, Ann Gover, Charles Costolo, Ann Ewer
1814-10-18   Holohan, Edmund Barnet, Anne Noonan, Thomas Noonan, Mrs.  
1814-10-29   Woodford, Matthew Fahey, Ellen Woodford, James Fahey, Joanna Ewer
1814-11-10   Wall, Nicholas Walsh, Mary Walsh, Michael Hickey, John Ewer
1814-11-11   Poor, John Gushue, Mary Murphy, Maurice Murphy, Mary  
1814-11-14   Kelly, John Brien, Mary Power, David Ewer, Alice Ewer
1814-11-14   Murphy, Maurice Mary Murphy      
1814-11-16   Kinwick, John Hicks, Elizabeth Wall, Garret Hicks, Mary Ewer
1814-11-17   Haly, James Hicks, Mary Kenwick, John Kenwick, Elizabeth Ewer
1814-11-23   Youngs, John Powell, Annistas Youngs, George Wheeler, Ellen Ewer
1814-11-30   Kelly, John Toole, Catherine Connell, Robert Lewis, Elizabeth Ewer
1814-12-01   Skane, William Cole, Mary Skane, John Whelan, Anne Ewer
1814-12-03   Kendler, Daniel Magher, Mary Troy, Patrick Hickey, Margaret Ewer
1815-01-07   Hearn, James Hearn, Mary Conway, Philip Conway, Bridget Ewer
1815-01-18   Cleary, Edmund Gibbs, Johanna Hickey, Michael Hicks, Elizabeth Ewer
1815-01-19   Barron, James Woodford, Grace Woodford, Michael Hines, Elizabeth Ewer
1815-02-05   Dawley, James Pool, Ann Kendler, Daniel Kendler, Mary Ewer
1815-02-06   Fogerty, Richard Mackey, Mary Doyle, James Shea, Ellen Ewer
1815-02-07   Harrington, Patrick Becket, Ann Walsh, Patrick Maddox, Mary Ewer
1815-03-02   Leary, Thomas Hornes or Homes?, Mary Huhengame?, Thomas Power, Oner? Ewer
1815-03-10   Maguire, Patrick Parson, Elizabeth McGrath, Mathew McGrath, Mrs. Ewer
1815-03-27   Murphy, Martin Toomey, Mary Broderick, Mr Broderick, Mrs Ewer
1815-04-04   Ryan, Martin Duggan, Sera Barrett, John Harris?, Margaret Ewer
1815-04-09   Kehoe, Patrick Phealan, Ellen Quigley, Patrick Kennedy, Ellen Ewer
1815-04-12   Woodford, William Fardy, Constantia Whitny, Thomas Pennel?, Ellen Ewer
1815-05-03   Healy, Michael Murphy, Johana Macky, Michael Loheer?, Jane Ewer
1815-05-21 1815-05-11 Thistle, John Balden, Honer Roach, Mr. Roach, Mrs. Ewer
1815-05-28   Foley, Laurence Haco, Ann Fewer, Walter Meason, Cora Ewer
1815-05-28   Kennedy, Patrick Terry, Catherine Kennedy, Mr. J. Terry, Mrs Ewer
1815-05-xx   Collins, John Geary, Ellen Hearn, Michael Hamilton, Jane Ewer
1815-06-03   Conaway, Thomas Pendergast, Catherine Pendergast, Mr. Quoney?, Mary Ewer
1815-06-17   Mara, Thomas Nevens, Briget Power, David Mandasel?, Mary Ewer
1815-07-28   Kehoe, James Ryan, Julia Ryan, Mrs. Deverea?, John Ewer
1815-08-08 1815-08-04 Boughen, Stephen Byrn, Cera Bryan, Mr. Cook, Mary Ewer
1815-09-02   Doyle, Philip Kelly, Margaret McGrath, Mr. Nowlin, Hanah Ewer
1815-09-04   Ryborn?, Thomas Duggen, Mary Bryan, Thomas Darby, Mary Ewer
1815-09-30   White, Robert Griffen, Ann Gosne?, George Lyons, Michael Ewer
1815-10-01   Griffin, Timothy White, Mary Mangen, Edmond White, Ann Ewer
1815-10-08   Murrey, Laurence Connors, Margaret Furlong, Patrick Ryan, Catherine Ewer
1815-10-08   Broderick, Micheal Kennedy, Mary Walsh, Thomas Kennedy, Mrs.  
1815-10-12   McCarn, Neil Oliver, Elizebth Fowlow, Mr. Fowlow, Mrs. Ewer
1815-10-28   Mandaval, Thomas Shea, Eleonor Henisy, Micheal Connors, Mrs. Ewer
1815-10-30   Kehoe, John Woodford, Ursula Woodford, Micheal Kennedy, Mrs. Ewer
1815-11-01   Hicks, John Witch, Catherine Wall, Garret Witch, Mrs. Ewer
1815-11-02 1815-11-11 Mahony, James Forn? Or Torn?, Mary Lynes, Bridget Darby, James Ewer
1815-11-02 1815-11-11 Eagan, John Hallaran, Bridget Foley, Catherine Mansfield, Robert Ewer
1815-11-02   Toole, Patrick Wall, Mary Wall, Mary Connors, Dennis Ewer
1815-11-05   Fitzgerald, James Maher, Mary Griffin, Mrs. St. John, Robert Ewer
1815-11-07   Ryan, Bryan McDonald, Catherine Phealan, Mrs. Murphy, Laurence Ewer
1815-11-14   Kennedy, John Glasby, Mary Kennedy, Edward McCarthy, Elizabeth Ewer
1815-11-14   Shea, Richard McGrath, Mary Connors, Daniel Kennedy, Elenor Ewer
1815-11-17   Mulroney, Patrick Moran, Jude Dunn, Mary Moran, Patrick Ewer
1815-11-18   Custeen?, John Cashan, Julia Quinlan, Mr. Kean, Marian Ewer
1815-11-20   Fahey, James Fitzgerald, Mary Fahee, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Maurice Ewer
1815-11-22   Lawless, Richard King, Margaret Murphy, Catherine King, Patrick Ewer
1815-11-29 1815-12-29 Power, James Burns, Anne Bohan, Mr. Quinlan, Mary Ewer
1815-11-29   Kallinen, Richard Phealan, Fanny Farrel, Mr. Farrel, Mrs. Ewer
1815-11-30   Poor, James Byrne, Nancy Byrne, Joseph Bohans, Mrs. Ewer
1815-12-02   Bryan, James Mandival, Mary Kennedy, Mrs. Mandival, Thomas Ewer
1815-12-10   Williams, John Kelly, Bridget Walsh, Philip Walsh, Mrs. Ewer
1815-12-10   St. John, John Ryan, Catherine Walsh, Thomas Butler, Mrs. Ewer
1815-12-19   Connelly, Patrick Roofe, Mary Cooke, Mary Shea, Micheal Ewer
1816-01-01   Thomson, James Byrne, Cath Greath, Mr. Butten, Elinor Ewer
1816-01-02   Moray, Daniel George, Jean Maray, Mr. Moray, Miss Ewer
1816-01-03   Cody, Richard Cody, Anastasia Cody, John Mehan, Mary Ewer
1816-01-11 1816-01-10 Lawlor, John King, Mary F?, Mr. Barry, Mrs. Ewer
1816-01-14   Fitzgibbons, Jon? Sullivane, Mary Meehan, David Fennell, William Ewer
1816-01-16   Daly, John Neigle, Mary Neigle, Mr. & Mrs Kennedy, Elenor Ewer
1816-01-25   Humphry, Jeremiah Barry, Bridget Hearn, John Kennedy, Anastasia Ewer
1816-01-30   Dunphy, Patrick Connell, Honora Connell, Maurice Hanrahan, Elizabeth Ewer
1816-01-30   Furlong, Michael Walsh, Mary Walsh, John Kennedy, Mary Ewer
1816-01-31   Stapleton, Bartholemew McCarthy, Elizabeth McCarthy, Calahan Conydon, Mary Ewer
1816-02-01   Hines, Edward Delany, Mary Power, Martin Moors, Miss Ewer
1816-02-01   Costello, John Doyle, Mary Costello, David Connell, Elizabeth Ewer
1816-02-04   Scully, James Hickey, Margaret Hickey, William Lines, Bridget Ewer
1816-02-07   Hartry, Thomas Power, Mary Murray?, John Murray?, Mrs. Ewer
1816-02-11   McGrath, John Buttin, Allice McGrath, Mr. Thompson, Cath Ewer
1816-02-18   Walsh, Edward Brophy, Mary Power, Patrick , James Ewer
1816-02-19   Penny, Mathew Nowlan, Hanaugh Woodford, Mathew Woodford, Mrs. Ewer
1816-02-26   Flanagan, Robert Cook, Mary Cook, Mrs. Walsh, Robert Ewer
1816-02-26   Meany, Patrick Hanrahan, Allice Meany, Philip Hanrahan, Mary Ewer
1816-02-27   Walsh, Walter Cahill, Mary Meany, Patrick , Patrick Ewer
1816-02-27   Hogan, Daniel Hammilton, Jean Hogan, Timothy Hammilton, Elenor Ewer
1816-04-14 1816-04-29 Norris, John Geary, Mary Kelly, James Cotter, Ellen Ewer
1816-04-14   Lahee, Edward Locuier, Catherine Coleman, Timothy Coney, Mary Ewer
1816-04-16   Whelan, William Whelan, Elenor Corban, Mr & Mrs Farrell, Mr. Ewer
1816-05-02 1816-05-12 Hearne, Timothy Devere?, Catherine Hicky, William Reagan, Mrs. Ewer
1816-05-02   Doody, Patrick Godfrey, Hanaugh Godfrey, Micheal Noonan, Mrs. Ewer
1816-05-29   Walsh, James Hartry, Elenor Fogartry, James Walsh, John Ewer
1816-05-30   Butler, Thomas Henesy, Judith Butler, Edmund Henesy, Martin Ewer
1816-06-10   Lannan?, Thearn Woodford, Charlotte Woodford, Michael Woodford, Grace Ewer
1816-06-11   Griffin, Micheal Coney, Mary Broderick, Edmund Power, Margaret Ewer
1816-07-01   Thorn, William Kane, Marian Kane, Thomas Quinlan, Mrs. Ewer
1816-07-25   Dunn, John Collens, Ally Carrel, Peter Gaul, Mary Ewer
1816-08-12   Phealan, John Criste?, Hanaugh Duggen, William Phealan, Catherine Ewer
1816-08-12   Forrestal, John Mulroney, Ann Dooten?, Edmund Mulroney, Mrs. Ewer
1816-08-25   Farrel, Thomas Leary, Mary Hiden, Richard Barren, Ann Ewer
1816-10-14 1816-09-14 Ryan, Thomas Brien, Elizabeth Shea, Henry Murry, Margaret Ewer
1816-10-25 bis 1816-08-25 ? Farril, Thomas Geary, Mary Headen, Richard Brennan, Annestas Ewer
1816-11-02 1816-11-03 Maddigan, John Hickey, Honor Carey, Daniel Learn?, Catherine Ewer
1816-11-03   Sullivan, Peter Cheevers, Mary Farril, John Farril, Patience Ewer
1816-11-03   Moores, William Macky, Bridget Coleman, Patrick Beeson, Corra Ewer
1816-11-07   Kelly, John Barret, Elizabeth Wall, Jas Wall, Cora Ewer
1816-11-07   Power, Richard Beeson, Cora Dunn, Patrick Kerwick, Margaret Ewer
1816-11-07   Bennet, James Beeson, Jane Barrat, Roger Beeson, Catherine Ewer
1816-11-09   Mansfield, John Bryan, Ellen Gushue, Charles Gushue, Mrs. Ewer
1816-11-09 1816-10/11-07 Wall, Patrick Murphy, Judith Pendergast, Thomas Frisby, David Ewer
1816-11-09 1816-10-09 English, Edward Pendergast, Margaret English, Edward Murphy, Mary Ewer
1816-11-10 1816-11-18 Geary, James Maddock, Catherine Dooley, William Naddy, Catherine Ewer
1816-11-10 1816-10-10 King, Patrick Murrey, Catherine Delaney, Thomas King, Daniel Ewer
1816-11-12   Carrol, Patrick Ryan, Mary Connol, Robert Ryan, Margaret Ewer
1816-11-14   Ryan, Patrick Shehan, Honor Currin, Darby Oates, Alice Ewer
1816-11-19   Hitchingham?, Thomas Power, Jane Moore, Morgan Keating, Charlotte Ewer
1816-11-27 1816-10-27 Domphy, John Murrey, Ellen McGrath, John Murry, Johana Ewer
1816-11-29 1816-10-29 Kenny, Laurence Morea, Mary Morea, William Dunfey, Honor Ewer
1816-11-29   Oats, Thomas Shea, Catherine Gooby, Gerimiah Gooby, Ellen Ewer
1816-11-31 1816-10-31 Wall, James Brennan, Mary Walsh, Martin Cane, Mary Ewer
1816-12-04   Shea, Thomas Quindlan, Mary Delaney, Thomas Grant, Mary Ewer
1816-12-10   O'Donnel, James Lynch, Ann Chorus, Laurence Crawley, Ellen Ewer
1816-12-25   Kent, James Kelly, Judy Kent, John Poor, Catherine Ewer
1817-01-03   Linahen, John Murphy, Catherine Kane, James Glaveen, Mary Ewer
1817-01-04 1817-01-01 Barret, Roger Witch, Jane Witch, George Barret, Susanna Ewer
1817-01-16   Shea, Micheal Mullowney, Johanna Moricy, Thomas Strap, Catherine Ewer
1817-01-21 1817-01-28 Meany, John Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, James & Mary Dunn, Denis Ewer
1817-01-26 1817-01-20 Driscol, Bartholomew Maher, Bridget Dealy, Micheal Barren, Margaret Ewer
1817-02-09   Kavanaugh, Brian Aspen?, Mary Kavanaugh, John Kavanaugh., Margaret Ewer
1817-02-11   Dunn, Patrick Coulchlough, Francis Dunn, John Coulchlough, Margaret Ewer
1817-02-13   Furlong, Nicholas Ryan, Catherine Gauton, James Nowlan, Ann Ewer
1817-02-13   Murphy, John Shea, Ellen Solvan?, James Lyons, Briget Ewer
1817-02-18   Casey, Martin Brien, Briget Power, Patrick Walsh, Mary Ewer
1817-02-18   Hogan, Math Brien, Mary Foley, John Foley, Cath Ewer
1817-02-18   Lawler, David Dalton, Briget Conaway, Patrick Dalton, Elisabeth Ewer
1817-03-04   Head, James Shea, Ally Soolivan, George Connell, Elizabeth Herron
1817-04-26   Hogan, Richard Hussey, Catherine Hogan, James Hussey, Bridget Herron
1817-05-04   Cotter, John Quirk, Mary Cotter, James Kelly, Margaret Herron
1817-05-11   Murphy, John Howlet, Margaret Cotter, John Kelly, Margaret Herron
1817-05-26   Kn?, Micheal Gaul, Mary Walsh, James Furlong, Mary Herron
1817-06-10   Doyle, Martin McCarthy, Mary Lawlar, David Flemming, Mary Herron
1817-06-15   Drysdale, Andrew Pendergast, Mary F?, James Lambert, Ellen Ewer
1817-06-19 1817-06-11 Bryan, Patrick Cooke, Mary Walsh, Martin Sutton, Catherine Herron
1817-08-01   Doyle, Thomas Fahey, Margaret Fogerty, James Quinlan, Margaret Herron
1817-09-23   Colebert [Cole?], James Murphy, Mary Murphy, Joseph Foley, Ellen Ewer
1817-09-27   Walsh, Thomas Doyle, Catherine Magher, Patrick Crowley, Ellen Ewer
1817-10-02   McCarthy, Daniel Kehoe, Ellen Scanlan, Margaret Dunfey, Honnor Ewer
1817-10-04 1817-10-21 Leamy [Cearney?], Thomas Hicky, Mary Delaney, James Malone, Mary Herron
1817-10-10 1817-10-18 Walsh, Michael Wall, Serra Driscal, William Wall, Ellen Ewer
1817-10-11   Hacket, James Kennedy, Margaret Shea, Doctor Kennedy, Mrs. Herron
1817-10-13   Strap, Patrick Deady, Alley Shea, Henry Kennedy, Mrs. Herron
1817-10-16   Bransfield, John Rose, Grace Murphy, John Sims, Mary Herron
1817-10-20 1817-11-20 Murphy, William Shorthill, Mary Mullowney, Patrick Phelan, Mary Herron
1817-10-22   Carrol, Dennis Dunn, Catherine Hingey, Patrick Dunn, Mrs. Ewer
1817-11-06   Walsh, Morris Driscal, Margaret Crowly, Ellen Scanlan, Margaret Ewer
1817-11-12   Pennell, Joseph Kehoe, Margaret Kelly, Thomas Doyle, Mary Herron
1817-11-12   Quilty, John Power, Catherine Brien, Thomas Hunt, Briget Ewer
1817-11-14   Cole, James [Timothy] Shea, Mary Shean, James Brian, Ellen Herron
1817-11-14   Haco, Philip Walsh, Judith Cunningham, James Crawly, Ellen Ewer
1817-11-17 1817-11-18 Shea, Patrick Fogarty, Ellen Farril, Moran Murphy, John Ewer
1817-11-19   Haw, William Dauton, Ann Murphy, John Phelan, Margaret Ewer
1817-11-21   Hurly, Thomas Driscal, Mary Burnett, James Murphy, Mary Ewer
1817-11-23   Dollan, Samuel Murry, Mary Dempter, John Shurley, Joanna Ewer
1817-11-30   Doyle, Micheal Dooley, Mary Harnet, William Fowler, Mary Herron
1817-12-04   Walsh, Martin Hunt, Briget Stone, William Brien, Marg Ewer
1817-12-09   Meaney, Philip Hearly, Margaret Harney, John Cahil, Johann Ewer
1817-12-27   Ganey?, Samuel Brofey, Mary Murphy, William Herron, Ann Ewer
1818-01-06 1819-01-06 Hawco, William Shortell, Margaret Crawly, Humphry Hawco, Matty  
1818-01-07   Kennedy, Edward Gelasby, Ann Gleasby, William Kennedy, Jane  
1818-01-07   Kennedy, Terrence Kenny, Jane McCarthy, John Schave?, Ann Ewer
1818-01-09   King, John Murry, Ellen   Fitzgerald, Ann Ewer
1818-01-11 1819-01-11 Hickey, John Solivan, Mary Hickey, Michael Walsh, Judith  
1818-01-11   Hickey, John Sullivan, Mary Hickey, Michael Walsh, Judith  
1818-01-25   Fahey, Philip Dunn, Mary Dunn, John Phelan, Ann Ewer
1818-01-29   Britt, James Brein, Catherine Flynn, James Condon, Mary Ewer
1818-01-30 1819-01-07/30 Murphy, John Churley, Joanna     Ewer
1818-01-31 1819-01-31 Kenny, Frederick Elworth, Mary Shea, Michael Griffin, Mary Cronin
1818-01-31 1819-01-31 Flaherty, Patrick Sullivan, Nelly Harrington, John Sullivan, Sally Cronin
1818-02-10 1819-02-10 Brennan, Patrick Norris, Mary Norris, Patrick? ?, Ann Jane  
1818-02-12 1819-02-02 McCarthy, Fel? Coughlin, Margaret McCarty, Callanan Neil, Jane Ewer
1818-02-17   Kelly, Michael Herron, Mary Prendergast, James Neil, Ann Ewer
1818-02-17 1819-02-07 Kelly, Mich Herron, Mary Pendergast, James Neil, Ann Ewer
1818-02-23   Redmond, James Hamilton, Elinor Hamilton, John Hamilton, Margaret  
1818-02-23 1819-02-23 Redmond, James Hammilton, Elenor Hammilton, John Hamilton, Margaret  
1818-02-24 1819-03-24 Babb, John Grant, Bridget Brenan, Robert Walsh, Kitty Cronin
1818-04-02   Ryan, Thomas Tuberet?, Elizabeth Tuberet, Thomas Ryan, Ellen Herron
1818-04-09   Kinsella, Thomas Healy, Catherine Healy, Timothy [John?] Moores, Elizabeth Herron
1818-04-09   Dower, Patrick Moore, Mary Kerricey, Mary Scanlan, Margereth Ewer
1818-04-19   Hearne, James Treasy, Mary Burke, Edmund Plowman, Catherine Herron
1818-04-20   Dunfey, John Hearne, Elizabeth Rogers, John Phealan, Catherine Herron
1818-04-20   Ford, James McDonald, Elizabeth Phealan, Edward Cole, Elizabeth Herron
1818-04-22   Hartery, Laurence Denning, Lucretia Bennet, James Scanlan Ewer
1818-04-22 1819-04-21 Fitzgerald, Michael Naddy, Catherine Grace, Michael Duggan, Mary Cronin
1818-05-02 1819-05-02 Dooley, William Mina, Elizabeth Michinan, Nelan English, Mary Ewer
1818-05-04 1819-05-04 Maggenly, Dennis Butten, Mary Hogan, William Oliver, Mary  
1818-05-04   Corbet, Bartholemew Wells, Elizabeth Byrne, Patrick Corbet, Mary Herron
1818-05-09 1819-05-09 Kenney [Hennicy?], Thomas O'Brien, Margaret Carre?, Michael Casey, Briget Ewer
1818-05-17 1819-05-17 Cody, James Lawless, Anastasia Ryan, Joseph Healy, Peggy Cronin
1818-05-17 1819-05-17 Cowen?, Marten Macky, Anna Maguire, Richard Smilley, Mary  
1818-05-23 1819-05-23 Hegarty, William Gaul, Mary Custeau, Richard Scanlan, Peggy Cronin
1818-05-26 1819-05-26 Walsh, William Williams, Elizabeth Rearson, Catharine Condon, Rebecca Cronin
1818-05-30 1819-05-30 Lawless, Richard Fitzgerald, Ann Phelan, John Delaney, Briget Ewer
1818-05-xx 1819-05-01 Hamilton, John Donnevan, Ann Hennicy, Mich; Collins J Hamilton, Mary Cronin
1818-06-05   Cavanough, John Murphy, Mary Walsh, John Nary, Catherine Ewer
1818-06-05 1818-06-08 Barry, Timothy [John?] Nowlan, Ann Dunfey, Math Currin, Margaret Ewer
1818-10-15   Costican, William Connell, Elizabeth Shea, Henry Mahoney, Catherine Herron
1818-10-16   Stafford, John English, Elizabeth English, John English, Mary Herron
1818-10-16   English, Thomas Pendergast, Elizabeth English, Edward Murpy, Mrs. Herron
1818-10-18   Larmey?, Patrick Griffen, Diana Griffen, Timothy Lyons, Elizabeth Herron
1818-10-19   Finieken?, Patrick Broadberry, Mary Whelan, John Shea, Miss? Cronin
1818-10-21   Devine, James Haco, Mary Ryan, Peter Doyle, Mary Herron
1818-10-26   Toole, Roger Walsh, Johanna Barry, James Mahoney, Ann Herron
1818-10-30   McCarthy, Daniel Nowlan, Bridget Deady, John Hurley, Mary Ewer
1818-11-07   Aide, Michael Gorden, Anne Richerdson, William Fogerty, John Cronin
1818-11-11   Conners, Michael Hartry, Elizabath Heartry, Jeremiah Murphy, Timothy Cronin
1818-11-17   Purcel, Richard Roberts, Mary Lynch, John Sullivan, Ellinor Cronin
1818-11-19   Custolo, John Kerby, Margaret Mahoney, James Custolo, Patrick Cronin
1818-11-24   Murphy, Thomas Murphy, Ellen Maccan, Patrick Ship, Cath Cronin
1818-11-28   Adams, Thomas Doyle, Ellen Brien, Patrick Browne, Elizabeth Ewer
1818-12-04   Forrestal, Michael Murphy, Honor Murphy, Anthony Mulroney, Judith Ewer
1818-12-09   Gahan, John Conaway, Judith Dunn, Patrick Hunt, Mary Ewer
1818-12-12   Quoney? or Ivoney?, James MacCarty, Honor Ennett, William Lyons, Briget Ewer
1819-01-02   Stack, William Marrey, Catherine Stack, John Connell, Elizabeth  
1819-01-06 1820-01-06 Dwyer, Edmond McCarthy, Elizabath Kehoe, William Kennedy, Elenor  
1819-06-03 1818-06-03 Lecer?, William Sheridan, Ann Doyle, James Cole, Ann Cronin
1819-06-21   Moron, Patrick Nolan, Betty Kennedy, John Woodford, Mary Cronin
1819-08-29   Made, John Walsh, Honora Phelan, Pierce Cokely, Margaret  
1819-09-04   McDanniel, Mark Cody, Mary Cody, James Gorman, Margaret  
1819-10-03   Aspil, Michael Riordan, Mary Whelan, Walter Dooling, Winford Cronin
1819-10-04   Neil, Patrick Deleny, Margaret McGrath, John Daulten, Mary  
1819-10-04   Hanlin, Timothy Ryan, Mary Pendergast, Edmond Mason, Mary  
1819-10-05   Griffin, John Foley, Mary Madick, John Cotter, Mary  
1819-10-05   Mackey, Michael Ginn?, Mary Kehoe, Michael Duff?, John  
1819-10-23   Dunn, John Jane, Fanne Dunn, Patrick King, Charlot  
1819-10-25   Delaney, Micheal Danniel, Kelly Bucket, James Bucket, John  
1819-10-29   Harden, William Madden, Mary Fewer, Edmond Kennedy, Mary  
1819-10-29   Doyle, Patrick Scanlan, Mary Ryan, Thomas Wall, Sera  
1819-11-09   Power, Michael Phelan, Aice Keys, Patrick Driscol, Mary  
1819-11-09   Hurly, William Shepard, Jane? Hatcher, James Solivan, Ann  
1819-11-17   Brit, Richard Kelly, Mary Bow, Nicholas Condon, Alice  
1819-11-20   Howell, Nicholas Fowler, Jane Hawlen, John Hollehan, Honer Cronin
1819-11-20   Lane, Henry Fowler, Mary Heart, Edmond Fowler, Magereth  
1819-11-23   Fitzpatrick, John Lehey, Briget Mulolone, Thomas Hogan, Mary  
1819-11-25   Cotter, William Kennedy, Briget Eginton, Francis Kennedy, Mary  
1819-11-27   Walsh, Patrick Mahoney, Elisb(H) Mulchay, Phil(P) Magrath, Catherine  
1819-11-30   Power, Michael Cahell, Margaret Harden, Richard Cahill, Mary  
1819-11-30   Herron, James Jones, Alice Keaton, William Jones, Ellen  
1819-11-30   Nolan, Thomas Mullowney, Mary Keefe, Michael Peley?, Catherine Cronin
1819-12-26   English, Richard Bolan, Mary English, Thomas English, Mary  
1820-01-06   Delaney, James Commins, Mary Callinan, Rich Eufrid?, Francis  
1820-01-08   Lynch, Francis Lyons, Briget Foley, John Macdonal, Mary  
1820-02-01   Kehoe, John Tierney, Magdalen Doyle, John Kehoe, Philis Cronin
1820-02-15   Troy, Patrick Doyle, Christiana Murphy, Michael Condon, Alice  
1820-04-09   Duggan, William Power, Mary Power, Patrick Brothers, James  
1820-05-06   Burk, Thomas McNamara, Briget Lynch, John Dalton, Catherine  
1820-05-14   Callahan, William Walsh, Catharine Duggan, John Knox, Elenor  
1820-05-31   Walsh, Thomas Hays, Margeth Casey, Martin Mara, Anastasia Ewer
1820-06-03   Kehoe, William Conners, Mary McCarthy, Fel? Kennedy, Elenor  
1820-06-03 1820-06-08 Joy, Mich Magee, Briget Power, James Gunnet, John Ewer
1820-06-27   Monaghan?, Michael Hawil, Dorkis Murphy, Timothy English, Catherine Cronin
1820-08-01   Hollon, Daniel Richard, Mary Rurk, John Macdonald, Mary Ewer
1820-09-17   Kehoe, James Hangan, Mary Noonen, Dennis Cotter, Mary  
1820-09-17   Neil, Thomas Jane, Mary Troy, Maurice Cotter, Mary  
1820-09-18   Fleming, Michael Blunden, Letice Mackey, Richard Doody, Elenor  
1820-09-19   Keyes, Laurence Edan?, Susana Mackey, Richard Doody, Elenor  
1820-09-21   Moors, Edmond Duffit, Ann Noonan, Thomas Daulten, Mary  
1820-09-23   McCarthy, John Danton, Mary Mackey, Richard Doody, Elinor  
1820-09-26   Kennefick, Maurice Norris, Mary Collins, John Regan, Elenor  
1820-09-27   Donnevon, Cornelius Hays, Mary Brne, Lary Mahoney, Mary Ewer
1820-09-27   Power, Michael Solivan, Sera MacCarty, Thomas Mahoney, Mary  
1820-09-28   Murphy, David Glaveen, Elenor Broderick, William Murphy, Honor  
1820-10-02 1820-10-25 Morrissey, Morgan Delehanty, Mary Fonnly?, Edmond Kinsella, Mary  
1820-10-07   Woodford, James Fahey, Mary Woodford, Mathew Woodford, Ann Cronin
1820-10-11   Power, Patrick Lynch, Mary Sherin, James Jones, Ellen Cronin
1820-10-12   Doyle, James Power, Elenor Dalton, William Kennedy, Elenor  
1820-10-17   Murphy, Patrick Redmond, Elenor Power, John Scanlan, Margaret  
1820-10-29   McCarthy, Fel? Candler, Elenor McCarthy, John Kinsela, Mary Devereux
1820-10-xx   Henrehik, Patrick Butler, Jane Keefe, John Butler, Mary  
1820-11-02   Hogan, James Foley, Margaret Duggan, William English, Catharine  
1820-11-05   Mulcahy, William Jones, Mary Mucahey, Philip Condon, Mary Cronin
1820-11-06   Flynn, Michael Flaherty, Peggy Rockett?, Robert Murphy, Margareth Cronin
1820-11-10   Deato?, William Daniel, Mary Ann Penny, William Cole?, Ann  
1820-11-11   Keefe, David Couney, Mary Joy, James Knox, Nelly Cronin
1820-11-12   Sheridon, John Power, Nancy Power, James McGrath, Anne Cronin
1820-11-20   Dellaney, Thomas King, Mary Phelan, Walter Dunn, Peggy Cronin
1820-11-22   Morgan, Dennis Heagesly?, Mary Mellane, Ned Cleary, Ellen Cronin
1820-11-23   Whelan, Michael Butt, Charlot Geare, Mick Kennedy, Ellenor Cronin
1820-11-24   Harvey, Peter Hanlon, Hargret Hanlon, Joseph Crowley, Ellen Cronin
1820-11-25   Gare, Mick Austin, Mary Riordan, William Kellaway, Elizabeth Cronin
1820-11-26   Flaherty, George Flemming, Catharine Flemming, Martin Godfree, Jane Devereux
1820-11-27   Callaghan, James Flaherty, Briget Power, Edmond Fitzgerald, Ellen Cronin
1820-11-27   Gillasby, William King, Mary McCarthy, Fel? McCarthy, Ellinor Cronin
1820-11-30   Doran, John Ceverin, Peggy Fox?, James Scanlan, Peggy Cronin
1820-12-28   Kennedy, William Kennedy, Ellen Clark, John Kennedy, Julian  
1820-12-28   Walsh, Rich Walsh, Elisabeth Doyle, James Walsh, Mary Devereux
1821-01-05   Delany, William Snow, Elisebeth Troy, Richard Snow, Rebecca  
1821-01-07   Wells, Joseph Flynn, Ellen Flynn, William Flynn, Mary  
1821-01-07   Hart, Edmond Lane, Jane Brine, Daniel Hallehan, Honor Devereux
1821-01-08   Kelly, Thomas Ronan, Mary Cody, Thomas Maddock, Mary  
1821-01-09 1821-12-09 Power, Edwad Janes, Catherine Quilty, John Janes, Elisabeth Cronin
1821-01-14 1821-12-14 Finn, Patrick Fitzgerad, Elinor Butler, Thomas Butler, Mary  
1821-01-17 1821-12-17 Shea, Michael Snow, Rachell Power, Perce Hively, Julia Cronin
1821-01-23 1822-01-23 Fitzgerald, Maurice Dalton, Elizabeth Fahey, James Whiteway, Jane  
1821-01-24 1821-01-03 Murphy, John Phelan, Bridget Butler, Patrick Phelan, Nancy Cronin
1821-01-27   Skane, James Lyons, Alice Skane, John Skane, Mary Devereux
1821-01-xx   Grace, Oliver Meason, Mary Kennedy, Jeremiah Scivier, Mary Devereux
1821-02-01   Fitzpatrick, Thomas Cahil, Elisebeth Duggun, William English, Christian?  
1821-02-13   Sheehan, Laurence Hallaran, Julia Mahone, James Hollaran, Bridget Cronin
1821-02-21   Doyle, James Kelly, Elizabeth Phelan, Walter Dunn, Peggy Cronin
1821-02-22   Hanrehan, Patrick Cahell, Janna Cahall, Patrick Keefe, Mary  
1821-02-22   Leary, Patrick Power, Peggy Shea, Richard Kennedy, Bridget Cronin
1821-02-26   Fanny, John Condon, Ellen Byrn, Patrick Condon, Mary Ewer
1821-03-04   Shea, John Gawin?, Ellen Hanreahan, John Canty, Mary  
1821-03-05   Fogarty, Cornelius Foley, Cathrin Merch, James Dalton, Mary  
1821-03-06   Flynn, Michael Bowe, Peggy Dunivan, Daniel Jones, Ellen Cronin
1821-03-06   Haley, John Kelly, Maria Brien, Patrick Flaherty, Bridget Cronin
1821-03-06   Walsh, Peirce Kennedy, Mary Cody, Thomas Doyle, Mary  
1821-03-06   Brenan, John Sullivan, Ellenor Sullivan, James Lynch, Ellenor Cronin
1821-05-10   Rourk, Patrick Madd?, Mary Nail, James Power, Briget Ewer
1821-05-10   Mulcahey, Timothy Richard, Mary Moor, Antony Hurley, Julian Ewer
1821-05-11 1822-01/05-11 Murphy, Brine Hearn, Catharine Leary, George Phelan, Johannah Devereux
1821-05-12 1822-05-12 Ryan, John Wall, Mary Solivan, Timothy Keating, Catharine Devereux
1821-05-13   Harnett, William Hamilton, Peggy Lee, Thomas Healy, Margaret Cronin
1821-05-13 1821-06-10 Ryan, Thomas Phelan, Joanna Shean, Jame Shean, Ann Ewer
1821-05-13   Burn, John Wall, Elenor Burn, Peter Wall, Ann Devereux
1821-05-16 1822-05-16 Dwyer, Edward Sweny, Mary Callahan, Patrick Murphy, Catherine Ewer
1821-05-21   Connor, Michael Aspell, Anastatia Phelan, Margaret Phelan, Walter Devereux
1821-05-29   Lee, Thomas Driscoll, Mary Connors, Daniel McKee, Mary Devereux
1821-05-30   Sherin, Michael Hurly, Julia Hurly, Mathew English, Catherine Cronin
1821-05-31   Dooling, Mathew Foster, Sue K? Fitzgibbon, James Fitzgibbon, Ann Cronin
1821-06-14   King, Henry Cotter, Julia King, Samuel Geary, Elenor Devereux
1821-07-22   Ryley, Edward Finn, Anasstasia White, Thomas Fowler, Susanna  
1821-08-17   Russell, Patrick Burn, Susan Melone, Thomas Golahoe, Jane  
1821-08-23   Morricy, Richard Morricy, Ellen Crowley, Ellen Fitzgerald, Richard  
1821-08-29   Quilty, John Golahar, Jane Power, Edmond Gollehar, Elizabeth  
1821-11-08   Kehoe, Michael Henaburry, Elenor Sennott, Michael Kinsella, Mary  
1821-11-17   Ezekiel, Peter Woodford, Catharine Ezekiel, Thomas Gormin, Mary Devereux
1821-11-18   McCue, John Bartler, Joanna Leary, James Hederson, Margaret Devereux
1821-11-18   Leary, John Hedderson, Margaret Leary, James Bartlett, Joanna Devereux
1821-11-18   Quinley [Dunley]?, Daniel Murphy, Judy Conly, Thomas Moores, Elizabeth Devereux
1821-11-19   Wall, Thomas Fury, Joanna Gormin, John Gormin, Mary Devereux
1821-11-19   Murphy, John Gormin [Grace?], Joanna Gormin, John Gormin, Mary Devereux
1821-11-19   Gormin, Thomas Gormin, Margaret Gormin, John Gormin, Mary Devereux
1821-11-19   Broderick, Michael Hogan, Briget Tool, Timothy Kirby, Elizabeth  
1821-11-21   Murphy, Edmond Dobbins, Mary Wall, Thomas Murphy, Elizabeth  
1821-11-25   Hammilton, Owen Healy, Margaret Hammilton, John Hammilton, Margarth  
1821-11-27   Tobin, Thomas Dannell, Elizabeth Linan?, Patrick Gammon, Catharine  
1821-11-29   MacCarty, Bartte Cosh, Ann Bowlin, John Butler, Mary  
1821-12-21   Costello, Joseph Deady, Mary Gushue, Charles Walsh, Elizabeth Cronin
1821-12-27   Power, Joseph Dalton, Mary Wade, James Mackey, Mary Cronin
1822-01-08   Donahue, Jeremiah Fogarty, Mary Hogan, Thomas Hogan, Mary Cronin
1822-02-10   Fahey, Patrick Molloy, Sara Sterling, William Sterling, Mrs Ewer
1822-05-10   Lavers, Edmond Driscoll, Elizabeth Roche, John Roche, Margaret Cronin
1822-05-12   Joy, John Penny, Jane Kennedy, John Penny, Eleanor Devereux
1822-05-15   Tobin, Patrick Foley, Ann Healy, Andrew Grant?, Ann Ewer
1822-05-16   Symmes, George Odle, Peggy Roche, John Kennedy, Catherine Cronin
1822-05-20   Nugent, Michael Carbory?, Johanna Morrey, Michael Murphy, Catherine Ewer
1822-05-25   Cunningham, James Hines, Catherine Becker, Thomas Cunningham, Margaret  
1822-05-26   Murphy, Michael Pike, Carrolin Kelly, Patrick Condon, Ellen Ewer
1822-05-27   Roach, Lawrence Coulchlough, Margaret Phelan, Edward Crowley, Ellen Ewer
1822-05-27   Hilled?, William Sullivan, Joanne Fahey, Philip Connell, Mary Cronin
1822-05-30   Marks, Thomas Kennedy, Ellen Fitzgerald, John; E. Mulloy Taylor, Julia Ewer
1822-06-05   Manuoy?, James Delaney, Mary Shea, Richard Shea, Bridget Cronin
1822-06-15   Dunn, John Inoney?, Martha Duggan, William Moore, Mary  
1822-06-25   Hawco, Thomas Corbett, Mary Corbett, Patrick Corbett, Sarah  
1822-06-28   Row, Richard Coughlin, Mary Phelan, Richard Healy, Maria Cronin
1822-06-30   Walsh, Richard Dunford, Alice Clancy, James Grant, Ellen Cronin
1822-06-xx   Roe?, John Clack, Martha Black, James Butler, Jane  
1822-09-13   Driscoll, Michael Champion, Ann McCarthy, Timothy? Masky?, Ann Devereux
1822-09-15   Butler, Thomas Curtis, Mary Hogan, William Tobin, Margaret Devereux
1822-10-05   Simmons, Laurence Brien, Frances Kelly, James Wall, Ann  
1822-10-05   Kennedy, John Cloney?, Elinor Kennedy, Jakes ?, ? Devereux
1822-10-27   Bow, Nicholas Kennedy, Mary Condon, Richard Jones, Ellen Ewer
1822-11-02   Sheans, James Brine, Eleanor Cole, Michael Skane, Mary Devereux
1822-11-03   Wall, Edmond Fogerty, Mary Brien, William Mahar, Mary Devereux
1822-11-04   Sheans, John Cahill, Margaret Flood, Richard Walsh, Catherine Devereux
1822-11-07   Keefe, John Condon, Mary Kennedy, Timothy Jones, Ellen Ewer
1822-11-09   Hogan, Thomas Crawly, Patience Power, Michael Murphy, Judith Devereux
1822-11-10   Byrne, Richard Power, Anastasia Dunn, Edmond Connolly, Jane Mackin
1822-11-12   Talbot, Thomas Butler, Mary Kn?, Michael Walsh, Johanna Devereux
1822-11-12   Dooley, William Maddock, Bridget Codey, Thomas Power, Bridget Devereux
1822-11-12   Furlong, Michael O'Brien, Mary Fleming, Patrick Colbert, Rachael Mackin
1822-11-12   Power, James Scanlon, Margaret Power, Michael Finn, Elizabeth Devereux
1822-11-12   Williams, John Stickler, Mary Walsh, Michael Barrett, Sarah Devereux
1822-11-14   Kavanagh, Morgan Hurley, Susanna Kavanagh, James Conney, Anne Mackin
1822-11-17   Shea, Martin Williams, ? March, George McGrath, Mary Devereux
1822-11-21   Finn, James Cleary, Catherine Kenna?, Richard Kn?, Eleanor Devereux
1822-11-21   Murphy, Nicolas Geary, Elinor Colbert, James Murphy, Ann  
1822-11-22   Colbert, John Colbert, Anne Gall, Edmond Delaney, Bridget Mackin
1822-11-22   Rose, Joseph Corbett, Mary Codey, Edmund Corbett, Joanna Mackin
1822-11-22   Hurley, John Cummins, Jane Kennedy, Dennis Cummins, Margaret Mackin
1822-11-23   Butler, Thomas Elms, Susannah Delaney, Richard Elms, Mac Devereux
1822-11-24   Brian, John Connor, Mary Joy, James Power, Bridget Devereux
1822-11-24   Keane, David Finn, Elizabeth Healy, Andrew Willy, Eleanor Mackin
1822-11-25   Kent, William Kennedy, Mary Kent, John Kent, Mary Devereux
1822-11-25   Tewry?, Nicholas Leary, Anne Keys, Michael Leaky, Catherine Mackin
1822-11-27   Kavanagh, Michael Mekiffe?, Susanna Walsh, Patrick Walsh, Anne Mackin
1822-11-28   Dwyer, Edmond Morry?, Elizabeth Keys, Patrick Marshall, Elizabeth Mackin
1822-11-30   Gushue, James Croke, Catherine D?, John ?, Anastasia  
1822-12-10   Hunt, Patrick Brine, Judith Brine, James Hunt, Mary  
1822-12-21   Murphy, Michael Condon, Jane Roche, Patrick Sullivan, Johanna Mackin
1822-12-24   Poles, Patrick Glaveen, Eleanor Moore, Patrick Glaveen, Elizabeth Mackin
1822-12-26   Dunphy, Patrick Penny, Margaret Foley, James Penny, Eleanor Devereux
1822-12-27   Greney?, John Egan?, Harry Scanlan, Thomas ?, Mary Mackin
1823-01-01   Hickey, Michael Murphy, Eliza Sullivan, John Keating, Margaret  
1823-01-07   Sullivan, John Nowlan, Alice Nowlan, William Sullivan, Mary Devereux
1823-01-15   Long, John Burn, Bridget Hachett, James Denning, Charlotte Devereux
1823-01-27   Power, James Sullivan, Joanna Reardon, Maurice Morracy, Ann  
1823-01-29   Byrne, James Dening, Mary Dening, Charles Dening, Charlotte  
1823-01-30   Hunt, James Corbett, Jane Corbett, George Malone, Mary Devereux
1823-02-02   Mulloy, Patrick Pike, Catherine Quigley, Patrick Cullin, Catherine  
1823-02-06   Rochford, John Keane, Elizabeth Thorne, William Thorne, Maryann  
1823-03-04   Connell, Michael Furlong, Mary Gushue, Charles Costello, Mary  
1823-04-13   Walsh, Patrick Naddy, Bridget Murphy, James Murphy, Catherine  
1823-04-25   Hogan, James Fleming, Margaret Flaherty, George To?, Catherine Devereux
1823-05-06   Walsh, James Wells, Ellen Finn, Thomas Kennedy, Margaret Ewer
1823-05-12   Gray, Michael Cullen, Mary Conner, John Healey, Mary  
1823-05-12   Lother?, James murry, Ellen Sharly, Paul Murphy, Judith  
1823-05-15   White, Thomas Kn?, Ellen Shea, Michael Walsh, Janna  
1823-05-18   Mahone, Patrick Widow Mary of Sylvester Mahone Hunt, James King, Catherine Mackin
1823-05-21   Doyle, Edmond Doyle, Mary Rourke, John Donovan, Catherine Mackin
1823-05-25   McCarthy, John Condler, Mary McCarthy, Callaghan McCarthy, Dorothy Mackin
1823-06-01   Ryan, Michael Kehoe, Alicia Nagle, John Connell, Catherine Mackin
1823-06-06   Birk, Patrick Mahoney, Anna Kennedy, Martin Connell, Ellen  
1823-10-01   Phelan, John Power, Mary Donovan, Patrick Phelan, Alicia  
1823-10-16   Bulger, James Murphy, Catherine Cooley, Jerry Monaghan, Mary  
1823-10-20   Hanlon, James King, Eleanor Power, Patrick Delaney, Bridget Mackin
1823-11-05   Walsh, Richard Kelly, Mary Morgan, Richard Dawe, Grace Mackin
1823-11-13   Maher, James Kinchella, Harry Dwyer, James McDonnell, Mary Mackin
1823-11-16   Walsh, William Foley, Margaret Moore, Thomas Conly, Jane Devereux
1823-11-20   Deoly ?, Thomas Hickey, Catherine Norris, Richard Hickey, Anastasia Devereux
1823-11-23   George, Edward Clark, Mary Clark, Stephen Flynn, Mary  
1823-11-23   Austin, John Corbett, Johanna Sliney?, Patrick Walsh, Anne Mackin
1823-11-23   McGrath, John Gardner, Ellen Foley, John Monaghan, Mary  
1823-11-23   Kelly, James Griffin, Elinor Morrisey?, Patrick Lehey?, Catherine Mackin
1823-11-24 1823-10-24 Murphy, Patrick Farrell, Mary Banville, Patrick Dunn, Margaret Devereux
1823-11-24   Power, Walter Terry, Mary Walsh, James Kennedy, Elizabeth Mackin
1823-11-26   Kiely, James Beeson, Susannah Doyle, James Doyle, Mary Mackin
1823-11-26   Clancey, John Quinlan, Margaret Keefe, Thomas Sullivan, Mary Mackin
1823-11-27   Keefe, Thomas Kennedy, Mary Shea, Henry Furlong, Elinor Mackin
1823-11-27   Walsh, Maurice Kidny?, Elizabeth Sullivan?, Patrick Richards, Mary Devereux
1823-11-29   Hamilton, Patrick Murray, Mary Whitty, William Richards, Mary Devereux
1823-12-03   Maloney, Patrick Dwyer, Margaret Brogan?, Patrick Ledrowe?, Maria Mackin
1823-12-04   English, James Fogarty, Mary Colford, Patrick English, Jane Devereux
1823-12-04   Hawsey, Dennis Riordan?, Catherine Mackey, Patrick Rafer?, Margaret Mackin
1823-12-07   Burrow, Robert McCarthy, Ellen McCarthy, John Bap?, Bridget Ewer
1823-12-11   Purcell?, James Colbert, Rachael Power, Thomas Whelan, Margaret Mackin
1823-12-11   Danly, Patrick McNamara?, Ann Hurly, Michael Codey, Mary Devereux
1823-12-11   King, Thomas Nosery, Patience King, John Walker, Ann Devereux
1823-12-12   Colford, Patrick English, Jane English, John Fogarty, Mary Devereux
1823-12-13   Coal, Michael Coal, Ann Poor, Thomas Power, Elinor Devereux
1823-12-17   Dooling, John Tobin, Margaret Rawley, Richard Ryan, Elinor Mackin
1823-12-21   Austin, Thomas Orbit, Margaret Hurry, John Austin, Johanna Devereux
1823-12-23   Finn, Michael Fowler, Mary Power, Nicholas Fowler, Nicholas Mackin
1823-12-29   Browne, William Monahan, Mary Gooley, Jeremiah Walsh, Mary Mackin
1823-12-30   Hennifin, Cornelius Nowlan, Hannah Dunchingh?, Bartholomew Sullivan, Mary Devereux
1823-12-30   Delaney, Matthew Tippett, Susanna Bradbury, James Gearly?, Alicia Mackin
1823-12-30   Crawley, John Wall, Ann Crawly, James Wall, Sarah Devereux
1824-01-01   Hannan, Edmond Gorman, Mary Carroll, Joseph Keating, Catherine Devereux
1824-01-02   Keyes?, Michael Hurry, Mary Kennedy, Jeremiah Pennell, Elizabeth Devereux
1824-01-04   Grace, Edward Mullouney, Elinor Dunford, Thomas Grant, Elinor Mackin
1824-01-05   White, Thomas Fitzgerald, Elinor Walsh, Maurice Murphy, Elinor Mackin
1824-01-08   O'Donnell?, John Casey, Bridget Callahan, Patrick Norris, Mary Mackin
1824-01-11   George, Richard Farrell, Honora Phelan, John George, Margaret Devereux
1824-01-13   Coddle, Richard Savaney, Charlotte Haly, John Kelly, Maria Mackin
1824-01-18   Bouzan, Thomas Walsh, Eleanor Sullivan, Jeremiah Egentou?, Margaret Mackin
1824-01-20   Babbe, Richard Kennedy, Bridget Babbe, William Kennedy, Catherine Mackin
1824-01-29   Kelly, Patrick Condon, Alicia Condon, Garrett Condon, Rebecca Mackin
1824-01-29   Moore, Patrick Wiseman, Elinor Ryan, John Richards, Jane Devereux
1824-02-01   Murphy, Anthony Norris, Mary Crane, Daniel Nowlan, Ann Devereux
1824-02-04   Fahey, Michael Lynch, Ellen Fahey, William Fahey, Elizabeth Ewer
1824-02-08   Shea, Michael Walsh, Joannah Harding, William Holly, Ann Devereux
1824-02-19   Farrell, Maurice Carbury, Mary Purcell, Richard Roberts, Margaret Mackin
1824-02-20   McCarthy, Dennis Doling, Margaret ?e, John Ryan, John???? Ewer
1824-02-20   Brennan, Peter Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall, William Barrett, Edmond Ewer
1824-02-26   Bolen, John Barren, Mary Ryan, James Quinlin, Elizabeth Devereux
1824-02-29   Joy, Michael Marshall, Ann Kn?, Michael Kenny, Margaret Ewer
1824-03-01   Richards, George Dwyer, Mary Ronan, Francis Roman, Mary Ewer
1824-03-17   Gear, Thomas McGrath, Mary McGrath, John Connell, Mary Ewer
1824-03-20   McCabe, James Driscoll, Bridget Dooling, Thomas Gushue, Joannah Devereux
1824-04-23   Hickey, Patrick Gilvay, Mary Bolen, Dennis Kelly, Bridget Devereux
1824-05-02   Pearson, Robert Barnes, Mary Murphy, Edmond English, Elizabeth Mackin
1824-05-13   Walsh, James Delaney, Ann Ryan, Peter Walsh, Ann Devereux
1824-05-16   Kavanagh, James Tilley, Elizabeth Walsh, John Noonan, Joanna Mackin
1824-05-19   Hearn, William Boland, Sarah Fahey, John Fitzgerald, Johanna Mackin
1824-05-20   Phelan, Edmond Mulloney, Catherine Gear, Luke Phelan, Catherine Devereux
1824-06-02   Freany?, Richard Biggs, Sarah Donnelly, William Foster, Frances Devereux
1824-06-09   Paul, Patrick Driscoll, Catherine Harrington, Timothy? English, Catherine Mackin
1824-06-10   Brazil, William Barrett, Sarah Freany, James Foster, Frances Devereux
1824-06-10   Brazil, John Foster, Francis? Freany, James Biggs, Sarah Devereux
1824-09-10   Fitzgerald, Michael Pearle, , Mary Brennan, Patrick Walsh, Johanna Mackin
1824-09-14   Broderick, Joseph Keefe, Mary Burke, John Mulloney, Ann Mackin
1824-10-14   McGahey, Francis Gushue?, Joanna Farley, Own Gushue, Ann Devereux
1824-10-14   Grace, Edmond Wall, Elinor Hearn, James Scanlan, Joanna Devereux
1824-10-15   Nowlan, John Hayse, Elisa Cob?, James Hayse, Ann Devereux
1824-10-18   Walsh, Edmond Hogan, Margaret Walsh, Patrick Hogan, Julian Devereux
1824-11-01   Kehoe, Michael Leary, Catherine Griffin, Richard Cole, Eliza Devereux
1824-11-04   Drohan, John Hallehan, Elinor Ceary, George Walsh, Mary Devereux
1824-11-04   Collins, Thomas Houlahan, Honor Walsh, Patrick Connolly, Jane Mackin
1824-11-04   Dierney, Philip Skehan, Elizabeth Caluhan, Patrick Delaney, Amelia Mackin
1824-11-08   Delaney, John Mifsn?, Frances Delaney, Matthew Cummins, Mary Devereux
1824-11-10   Gullivanta?, Thomas Keet?, Margaret Carye', George Wetch, Johana  
1824-11-11   Coscoras?, Michael Hynes, Mary Hynes, Richard Harrington, Mary Mackin
1824-11-16   Fogarty, Thomas Biggs, Ann Fogarty, Philip Hogan, Mary Devereux
1824-11-16   Tobin, Richard Hogan, Margaret Tobin, James Biggs, Ann Devereux
1824-11-17   Harden, William Hally?, Ann Mackey, John McKee, Mary Devereux
1824-11-17   Conly, James Richards, Catherine Mackey, John Burn, Judith Devereux
1824-11-19   Doyle, Michael English, Elizabeth Farrell, Morgan English, Sarah Devereux
1824-11-23   Harty, Philip Carberry, Hannah Egenton?, Francis Egenton?, Mary Mackin
1824-11-23   Seward, James Fardy, Mary? Holohan, John Egenton, Elinor Mackin
1824-11-23   Moore, Philip Gordon, Catherine Dalton, Thomas F?, Johanna Mackin
1824-11-25   Connell, John Brawther, Sarah Curran, Richard McCarthy, Elinor Mackin
1824-11-25   Tobin, Thomas Richardson, Mary Mulcahy, Timothy? Kelly, Mary Mackin
1824-11-27   Meany, Philip Connell, Joanna Meany, John McGee, Mary Devereux
1824-11-27   Connery, James Murphy, Johanna Dunn, Patrick Canty, Margaret Mackin
1824-11-30   Broderick, John Kelly, Mary Fennell, Sylvester Grace, Sarah Mackin
1824-12-07   Whelan, Michael Hearn, Elinor Madden, Nicholas Hayes, Mary? Mackin
1824-12-07   Sullivan, Cornelius Woodford, Mary Regan, Dennis Keating, Catherine Devereux
1824-12-10   Rourk, Timothy Bison, Rachael Wetch, John Barrett, Ann Devereux
1824-12-10   Ryan, Peter Rochford, Margaret Grace, Edmond Keating, Catherine Devereux
1824-12-14   Wetch, John Luis?, Eliza Luis, Moses Walsh, Bridget Devereux
1824-12-20   Lynch, Patrick Britt, Margaret Gushue, Dennis Britt, Mary Mackin
1824-12-20   Flynn, William Kennedy, Annie Clarke, Stephen Flynn, Mary Mackin
1824-12-30   Keefe, David Murphy, Catherine Walsh, Patrick Walsh, Mary Mackin
1825-01-08   Keefe, John Walsh, Eliza Walsh, Thomas Mahoney, Mary Devereux
1825-01-11   Hawco, Thomas Barrett, Sarah Hawco, John Kennedy, Bridget Devereux
1825-01-11   Power, Joseph Kerrigan, Mary Byrne, James St, John, Catherine Mackin
1825-01-11   Power, William McDonnell, Mary Malone, Thomas Maker, Mary Mackin
1825-01-12   Tuomey, (Kennedy)? Gordon, Jane Hanrahan, Roger Daly, Catherine Mackin
1825-01-13   Lee, William Wells, Frances Heffernan, Richard McCarthy, Elinor Mackin
1825-01-15   Bartler, Pierce George, Margaret Whelan, John Whelan, Elisa Devereux
1825-01-25   Flynn, William Walsh, Mary Kennedy, Timothy Prendergast Devereux
1825-01-27   Beacon?, Thomas Leary, Mary Leary, Peter Cudagh?, Mary Devereux
1825-01-27   Codey, Johh Walsh, Honora Malone, Thomas English, Catherine Devereux
1825-02-01   Prendergast, James Bransfield, Margaret Fitzgerald, John McCarthy, Elisa Mackin
1825-02-01   Griffin, Walter Lynch, Emilia Madden, James Ryan, Elinor Devereux
1825-02-11   Corbin, Richard McGuire, Elizabeth Donnelly, John Hunt, John Devereux
1825-02-15   Morrissey, Thomas Farrell, Johanna Callaghan, Patrick Tobin, Mary Mackin
1825-03-07   Leary, James Wall, Sarah Whelan, Edmund Finley, Margaret Mackin
1825-04-26   Mackey, John McCarthy, Elizabeth McCarthy, John McCarthy, Mary Devereux
1825-05-13   Whelan, Thomas Walker, Susannah Walker, William Whelan, Alicia Mackin
1825-05-23   Burn?, John Delaney, Emilia Gordon, Hark Doyle, Mary Devereux
1825-06-05   McCarthy, Fel? Pike, Julia Hamilton, Charles Morry?, Elizabeth Mackin
1825-06-20   Murphy, Thomas Geary, Johanna Murphy, Thomas Geary, Elinor Devereux
1825-09-18   Dwyer, James English, Sarah English, William Bolan?, Elinor Devereux
1825-09-25   Nowlan, William Quinlan, Bridget Shea, Richard Pennell?, Margaret Mackin
1825-09-29   Power, John Carrell, Ann Neil, Thomas Kehoe, John???? Devereux
1825-10-13   Bennett, James Barrett, Frances Brien, Nicholas Kennedy, Mary Mackin
1825-11-11   Lynch, John Pennell, Ann Lamb, Michael Marshall, Elisa Devereux
1825-11-13   Kavanagh, Morgan Walsh, Sarah Ryan, Thomas Walsh, Mary Mackin
1825-11-17   Murphy, Peter McDonald, Mary Fitzgerald, John Fogarty, Bridget Devereux
1825-11-22   Barrett, Edmond Dalton, Mary Brand, Patrick Gorman, Elizabeth Devereux
1825-11-24   Power, William Walsh, Mary Hitchenham, Thomas Connolly, Jane Mackin
1825-11-26   Keyes, Patrick Roach, Margaret Mackey, John Roach, Elinor Devereux
1825-11-27   Walsh, William Flynn, Catherine Wall, John Myers, Mary Mackin
1825-11-28   Hunt, James Keane, Mary Sheehan, Edmund Landers, Mary Mackin
1825-12-01   Corbett, Bartholomew Chatman, Ann Dee, Patrick Moracy?, Elinor Devereux
1825-12-17   Walsh, Michael McCarthy, Mary Hollohan, John English, Catherine Mackin
1826-01-05   Jones, James Fitzgerald, Mary Harney, John Jones, Margaret Mackin
1826-01-05   Scanlon, Jeremiah Ronan, Rebecca Bailey, John Fouler, Susannah Mackin
1826-01-05   Norcott, William Wiseman, Rebecca Richards, William Richards, Isabella Mackin
1826-01-09   Hearn, Timothy? Jones, Johanna Whelan, Michael Hearn, Catherine Mackin
1826-01-16   Harrington?, Daniel Kelly, Catherine Meany, Patrick Machler?, Margaret Mackin
1826-02-02   Power, John Donavan, Margaret Ceary, Patrick Walsh, Mary Devereux
1826-02-06   Mulloy, Richard Cahill, Elinor Aylward, Nicholas Pynne, Patience Mackin
1826-02-07   Butler, Patrick Thomey, Elizabeth Hunt, Edmond Howes, Patrick Devereux
1826-03-17   Long, Patrick Dobbin, Honora Mansfield, Robert Smart, Mary Mackin
1826-04-11   Power, James McCarthy, Dorothy McCarthy, Charles McCarthy, Mary Devereux
1826-04-12   Parsons, Edward Norcott, Alicia Boland, Dennis Duggan, Anastasia Mackin
1826-04-13   Leonard, Jeremiah Murphy, Ann Bolund, Dennis English, Catherine Mackin
1826-05-12   Brine, Thomas Kehoe, Alice Molley, Richard Walsh, Mary Devereux
1826-05-20   Sullivan, Thomas Connell, Mary Londrigan, Richard Murphy, James Devereux
1826-05-20   Huland?, James Peddle, Patience St. John, Edmond Codey, Elinor Devereux
1826-05-21   Delaney, Richard Cummins, Elizabeth Delaney, James Cummins, Mary Devereux
1826-05-21   Hayes, John McCarthy, Mary Carey, George James, Mary Mackin
1826-05-21   Fahey, John Noseworthy, Elizabeth Kavanagh, Patrick Noseworthy, Susanna Mackin
1826-05-23   Dooling, John Mulcahy, Mary Ryan, Jerry Ryan, Anne Devereux
1826-05-24   Walsh, James Hickey, Anastasia Tallent, Tobias Callehan, Patrick Devereux
1826-05-25   Clancey, Thomas Dealy, Ann Kean, Davio Crawly, Elinor Devereux
1826-05-28   Brahan, James Murphy, Anne Wright, John Lyng, William Devereux
1826-06-05   McGrath, Thomas Pennell?, Elizabeth Grace, Edmond Keating?, Catherine Devereux
1826-06-08   Power, John Rose, Mary Hearn, William Hayden, Elizabeth Mackin
1826-06-11   Bailey, John Cahill, Catherine Cahill, John Connors, Johanna Mackin
1826-06-12   Brine, Patrick Plowman?, Catherine Doyle, James Kelly, Elizabeth Devereux
1826-06-14   Cole, James Keating, Margaret Gorman, John Gorman, Martha Mackin
1826-06-15   Dawson, James Russell, Mabilla Whelan, Pierce Russell, Anne Mackin
1826-06-17   Moran, Nicholas McCarthy, Anne Mackey, John Morar?, Mary Mackin
1826-06-21   Gorman, Thomas Geary, Bridget Doyle, Morgan Sullivan, Cornelius Devereux
1826-06-22   King, James Delaney, Bridget Molloy, Nicholas Byrne, James??? Devereux
1826-06-23   Leary, William Conway, Catherine Lloyd, Thomas Hogan, Edward Devereux
1826-06-24   Connors, Patrick Colbert?, Elizabeth Byrne, James Mahar, Bridget Devereux
1826-09-04   Cullen, Michael Walsh, Margaret Power, Thomas Dunn, James Devereux
1826-09-10   English, William Delaney, Catherine Dwyer, James Hicks, Richard Devereux
1826-10-08   James, John Walsh, Elizabeth Taylor, Edmund Doyle, Elizabeth Mackin
1826-10-10   Sliney?, Patrick Hawko, Martha Duff, Arthur Myers, Mary Mackin
1826-10-10   Kelly, John James, Henrietta Molloy, Nicholas Burke, Mary Mackin
1826-10-14   Corbett, Patrick Murphy, Johanna Walsh, James Hackett, James Mackin
1826-10-28   Murphy, Patrick Power, Mary Banvill, Patrick Kelly, Patrick Devereux
1826-10-28   Currin, James Wetch, Sofia Wetch, John Wetch, Elizabeth Devereux
1826-11-02   Griffin, Richard Cole, Elizabeth Gushue, John Gushue, Margaret Mackin
1826-11-02   Cole, William Moores, Elizabeth Brien, John Cole, Charlotte Mackin
1826-11-04   Kelly, Edmond Dee, Margaret Dee, Michael English, Mary  
1826-11-07   Kehoe, Carolan? Bryan, Bridget Earle, Thomas Scanlan, Rebecca Mackin
1826-11-12   Croke, Richard Power, Bridget Casey, John Callahan, ? Devereux
1826-11-13   Norcott, Joseph Byrne, Mary Dobbin, Nicholas Kilfoyle?, Elizabeth Mackin
1826-11-13   Ford, Thomas Dobbin, Mary Byrne, John Galway, Elizabeth Mackin
1826-11-16   Meany, Patrick Driscoll, Maria Mackey, John Kennedy, Margaret Mackin
1826-11-16   Goodsville?, John Whelan, Alice Walsh, James Baggs, Sarah Devereux
1826-11-17   Kinsella, James Bowe, Catherine Bayley, James Donovan, Catherine Mackin
1826-11-18   Whelan, Martin Brien, Margaret Manivell, Tobias Cashman?, John Devereux
1826-11-20   Murphy, John Britt [Butt?], Mary Hearn, Timothy Glaveen, Richard Devereux
1826-11-25   Hearn, John Dalton, Mary Kidny?, Patrick Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Devereux
1826-11-25   Brien, Bartholomew Wetch, Elizabeth Kiely, John Wetch, John Devereux
1826-11-27   Hinchy?, William Fitzgerald, Elinor Dunn, John Power, Nicholas Devereux
1826-11-28   Moran, John McCarthy, Maria McCarthy, John McCarthy, Mary Mackin
1826-11-28   Gambon?, John Nugent, Mary Meany, Patrick Nugent, William Devereux
1826-11-30   McCarthy, Charles Canty, Margaret Howard, David Richards, Isabella? Mackin
1826-11-30   Condon, Garrett Casey, Mary Power, James Bayley, Frances Devereux
1826-11-30   Howse, Patrick Connor, Catherine Hunt, Edmond Butler, Patrick Devereux
1826-11-30   Hearn, William Fitzgerald, Jane Fahey, John Fitzgerald, John Devereux
1826-12-04   Whelan, James Osborn, Mary Ford, Thomas Ford, Mary Devereux
1826-12-10   Brophy, Michael Kelly, Margaret Byrne, John Myers, Mary Mackin
1826-12-19   Richards, William Mackey, Anne Phelan, Walter Grubert, Arthur Devereux
1826-12-xx   Fitzgerald, Patrick Duggan?, Anastasia Hiane?, Michael Coughlin?, Margaret Mackin
1827-01-02   Duggan, John Cronan, Bridget Hearn, William Finn, Patrick?? Devereux
1827-01-04   Tobin, Patrick Fitzgerald, Ann Keating, Michael Trapnell, Elizabeth Devereux
1827-01-07   Murphy, Dennis Meagher, Cecilia Bohan?, Patrick Fleming, Catherine Devereux
1827-01-07   Beckett, William Whelan, Elizabeth Beckett, John Kennedy, Thomas?? Devereux
1827-01-08   Britt, Pierce Hunt, Mary Flynn, Edmond Roche?, Margaret Mackin
1827-01-08   Murphy, David Walsh, Johanna Kenny, David Connell, Elinor Mackin
1827-01-09   Gushue, Nicholas Sheehan?, Anne Sheehan?, John Gushue, Margaret Mackin
1827-01-10   Purcell, William Mackey, Bridget Cooney, Patrick Beeson, Mary Mackin
1827-01-11   Kennedy, Roger Walsh, Bridget Louis, Moses Kennedy, Mary Mackin
1827-01-12   Duff, Arthur Myers, Mary Brown, Nicholas Keating, Catherine Mackin
1827-01-13   Crawley, James Mulloney, Mary Sullivan, Timothy? Mulloney, Elizabeth Mackin
1827-01-14   Butler, Patrick Dunevan, Catherine Quigley, Patrick Buckly, John Devereux
1827-01-16   Sullivan, John Farrell, Elinor Keefe, Thomas Foster, Elizabeth Mackin
1827-01-16   McCarthy, Daniel McCarthy, Margaret Farrell, Daniel McCarthy, William Devereux
1827-01-23   Duhigg?, Michael Donovan, Elinor Walsh, James Leary, Edmond Mackin
1827-01-28   Phelan, Edmond Brine, Mary Brine, Michael Wright, John??? Devereux
1827-01-28   McDermott, Patrick Gold, Elizabeth Gold, James Hearn, John??? Devereux
1827-01-30   Hurly, John McGuire, Frances Connell, John Hurly, Maurice Devereux
1827-02-10   Walsh, James Kelly, Sarah Kelly, James Tobin, Michael Devereux
1827-03-22   Cullen, Michael Kenny, Mary Connell, Richard Gushue, Margaret Mackin
1827-05-01   Phelan, John Baggs, Jane Gushue, John Fingrace?, Richard Ewer
1827-05-03   Nonnan, Thomas Cullinan, Mary Molley, Edmond Hely, Mary Mackin
1827-05-13   Broders, John Duffett, Catherine Brady, John Cotter, Ednond Devereux
1827-05-14   Dready, Maurice Codey, Elinor Morriarty, Richard Morahem?, Margaret Mackin
1827-05-16   Driscoll, William Flynn, Mary See?, William Hurley, Mary Mackin
1827-05-21 bis 1827-05-01 ? Phelan, John Baggs, Jane Costello, John Costello, Anestic?  
1827-05-21   Cullen, Edmond Prendergast, Mary Power, David Meagher?, Mary Mackin
1827-05-22   Slattey, Michael Fleming, Margaret Kinchella?, John Fleming, Elinor Mackin
1827-05-22   Dobbin, Nicholas Galway, Elizabeth Dobbin, George Fad, Mary Mackin
1827-05-23   Shea, Thomas Fowler, Susannah Frisby, John Casey, Margaret Mackin
1827-05-23   Britt, James Walsh, Johanna Innott, Joseph Condon, Rebecca Mackin
1827-05-27   Jonson, William Murphy, Ann Culbert, James Murphy, Mary Devereux
1827-05-29   Murphy, James Rose, Elizabeth Londregan, Richard Power, John Devereux
1827-06-03   Brennan, Richard Brennan, Catherine Dowling, John Maddocks, Margaret Mackin
1827-06-05   Marshall, William Croke, Margaret Cuddihy, James Landrigan, Elinor Mackin
1827-06-06   Maddon, Nicholas Hearn, Catherine Hearn, John Hickey, Mary Mackin
1827-06-09   Scanlan, Patrick Dooly, Catherine Connell, John Boe, Thomas Devereux
1827-06-10   Dooly, Daniel Burke, Mary Marshall, Robert Scanlan, Jerry? Devereux
1827-06-10   Power, Richard Noseworthy, Jane Flynn, David Connelly, Jane Mackin
1827-06-11   Swords, Jakes Scanlan, Mary Sanlon?, Laurence Richards, Martha Mackin
1827-06-12   Fanton, Thomas Power, Bridget Hogan, Daniel English, Catherine Devereux
1827-06-24   Kenna, Patrick Whelan, Elizabeth Harding, Robert Casey, Margaret Mackin
1827-07-12   Wallace, Patrick Farrell, Mary Grenne?, Daniel Richards, Mary Mackin
1827-07-xx   Sealy, James Croke Rourk, Patrick Headen, Mary Ewer
1827-09-14   English, Thomas Neil, Anastaia Browne, Henry Slogan, Jane Mackin
1827-09-18   Burke, William Healy, Mary Cullin, Nicholas McGee, Mary Devereux
1827-09-23   Murphy?, Laurence Baggs, Sarah Murphy, Patrick Dunn, Mary Mackin
1827-10-08   Whelan, John White, Anastasia Whelan, Patrick Butler, Margaret Mackin
1827-10-09   Geary, William Farrell, Mary Brahan, Edmond Griffin, Marqaret Mackin
1827-10-11   Lynch, John Dermody?, Dorothy Brennan, John Fahey, Elinor Mackin
1827-10-16   Walsh, Richard Fahy, Margaret Rourk, Michael Luis?, Ann Devereux
1827-10-28   Roach, Stephan Howlan, Catherine Walsh, Maurice Haberlin?, Mary-Ann Devereux
1827-11-01   Smith, Michael Cavanary, Susanna Ryan, James Freeman, Michael Devereux
1827-11-03   Cearea, John Power, Mary Show?, William Healy, Catherine Devereux
1827-11-04   Hennessey, John Doran, Anastaia Hurley, Michael Doran, Catherine Mackin
1827-11-05   Power, Nicholas Walsh, Bridget Flynn, Patrick Carey, Mary Ewer
1827-11-11   Connors, David Prendergast, Elizabeth Fanning, Patrick Dunn, Margaret Mackin
1827-11-18   Dawley, William Kenny, Mary Cashman?, Patrick Cusick?, John Devereux
1827-11-19   Hicks, Richard Murphy, Honora Murphy, John Murphy, Mary Devereux
1827-11-20   Trol?, John Brine, Susanna Hayse, Thomas McCarthy, Michael Devereux
1827-11-20   Higgins, Patrick Whelan, Mary Duhy?, Michael Mulcahy, Mary Devereux
1827-11-21   Boman?, William Scully, Judith Fitzpatrick, Edmond Ceacy, Margaret Devereux
1827-11-29   Crawley, John Rearden, Honora Kent, John Long, John Devereux
1827-12-01   Kane, John Cossly?, Jane Conly, Jeffery Conly, Margaret Devereux
1827-12-01   Flynn, Thomas Ryan, Bridget Brown, John Carey, Margaret Ewer
1827-12-03   King, Michael Spark, Mary Flynn, Patrick Whelan, Thomas Devereux
1827-12-04   Brine, Daniel Quinlin, Elizabeth Gall, Patrick Quinlin, Bridget Devereux
1827-12-04   Hayes, John Walker, Mary Nowlan, John Walker, William Devereux
1827-12-06   Etchingham?, Thomas McGuire, Elizabeth Williams, Thomas Martin, Elinor Devereux
1827-12-07   Gordon, Mark Ryan, Mary Kennedy, James Healy, Catherine Devereux
1827-12-10   Luis?, John Mullowny?, Elizabeth Kennedy, Roger Woodford, Ann Devereux
1827-12-14   Walsh, Patrick Shauchenry?, Mary Phelan, Richard Dalton, Barbara Ewer
1827-12-15   Woodford, William Woodford, Ann Joy, James Gorman, John Devereux
1827-12-16   Walsh, John Sullivan, Mary Terry, William Moores, Catherine Devereux
1827-12-16   Kenny, David Walsh, Margaret Wade, James Connell, Elinor Devereux
1827-12-17   Sullivan, Jeremiah Ryan, Ellen Collins, John Meagher, Mary Ewer
1827-12-18   Grace, Edmond Pennell?, Margaret Keefe, Thomas Keating, Catherine Devereux
1827-12-19   ?, Daniel How, Norry? Glaster, Patrick Morrey, Catherine Ewer
1827-12-22   Pennell?, William Keating, Catherine Joy, James Gorman, Martha Devereux
1827-12-22   Loid?, Charles Quinlin, Bridget Gall, Patrick Whelan, Catherine Devereux
1827-12-23   Sweetman?, Nicholas Joy, Jane Shea, John Keating, Catherine Devereux
1827-12-23   Nowlan, Jerry Mahony, Mary Flynn?, William Connell, Elinor Devereux
1828-01-01   Doran, Peter Maddock, Catherine Brennan, William Doyle, Anne Devereux
1828-01-03   Kint?, John Dobbin, Ann Crawly, John Long, John Devereux
1828-01-03   Butler, Thomas Doran, Catherine Dunn, John Hinbert?, Margaret Ewer
1828-01-06   Browne, Michael Clarke, Catherine Flynn, Patrick Clarke, Ellen Ewer
1828-01-08   McCarthy, Charles Bransfield McCarthy, John McCarthy, Mary Ewer
1828-01-08   Griffin, Thomas Meagher?, Mary Phelan, Richard Crowley, Ellen Ewer
1828-01-08   Sheehan, Edward Richards, Martha Duffit, Philip Whelan, Walter Devereux
1828-01-13   Moore, Lorenso Kennedy, Catherine Meany, John Cullin, Catherine Devereux
1828-01-17   Hamilton, Charles Cafs?, Maurine Redmond, James Cahill, John Devereux
1828-01-20   Branscombe, William Kennedy, Margaret Moore, Lorenso Marks, Thomas Devereux
1828-01-22   Ryan, John Butt, Jane Cockrane, John Butt, Samuel Devereux
1828-02-02   McCarthy, Coleman Kimbel, Judith Cotter, James Gorman, Elizabeth Devereux
1828-02-04   Anderson, Richard Mokiler, Margaret Power, Michael Hickey, John Devereux
1828-02-25   Hawe, James Ryan, Margaret Duffy?, Philip McGee, Mary Mackin
1828-02-26   Brian, Matthew Whelan, Elinor Mackey, Richard Nicco, Mary Devereux
1828-04-14   Costello, John Carey, Alicia Wade, James Costello, Patrick Mackin
1828-05-03   Dwyer, Thomas Dimmoy?, Elinor Mulcahy, Patrick Shea, Elinor Devereux
1828-05-03   Brian, Michael Redmond, Mary Whelan, Patrick White, Anastasia Devereux
1828-05-04   Lewis, Elias Kennedy, Mary Mulloney, William Lewis, Elizabeth Mackin
1828-05-04   Shelly, Edmond Morrasy, Bridget Power, Maurice Morehan?, Margaret Devereux
1828-05-11   Quinlin, Jeremiah Moores, Mary Connors, John Keys, Mary Mackin
1828-05-24   Lynch, John Keette?, Sarah Dennun?, Thomas North, Bridget Devereux
1828-05-24   Heffernan, Richard Ridoy, Mary Mahon, James Keefe, Frances Mackin
1828-05-25   Wallis, Edmond Loney?, Elinor Hurley, Michael Lakur?, Susanna Devereux
1828-06-07   Doyle, Thomas Connors, Anastasia Hickey, John Crowley, Elinor Mackin
1828-06-07   Cole, John Gorman, Martha Bryan, John Cole, Charolotte Mackin
1828-06-28   Ceacy?, John Richards, Isabella Brown, Peter Dwyer, Justin?? Devereux
1828-09-01   McAuliffe, John Byrne, Mary Hurley, Michael Nowlan, Bridget Mackin
1828-09-02   Kennedy, Thomas Collins, Mary Campen?, Francis Fitzpatrick, Ewer
1828-09-02   Fitzpatrick, Thomas Conway, Catherine McAuliffe, John Murphy, Mary Mackin
1828-09-02   Whelan, Thomas Whelan, Annie Power, Martin Baggs, Mary Mackin
1828-09-06   Rice, Patrick Doyle, Mary Kilfoyle, James Martin, Anna Mackin
1828-09-06   White, Richard Evoy, Mary Broderick, William Broderick, Honora Mackin
1828-09-07   Murphy, Thomas Whitney, Mary Hicks, Richard Nowlan, Margaret Mackin
1828-09-10   Kelly, Patrick English, Mary Browne, Henry Johnson, Anne Mackin
1828-09-10   English, William Kinsella, Anastasia Stafford, John English, Mary Mackin
1828-09-20   Hayes, John Dillehunty?, Anastasia Ryan, John Whelan, Anastasia Devereux
1828-09-25   Duggan, James Kilfoyle, Catherine Duggan, John Norcott, Mary Mackin
1828-09-30   Bryan, William McGrath, Elizabeth Power, Norris Envil?, Elizabeth Ewer
1828-10-01   McGrath, Joseph Melrein, Lucinda Power, Maurice Dwyer, Elizabeth Mackin
1828-10-02   Keefe, Michael Corbett, Catherine Keefe, Patrick Dunn, Margaret Mackin
1828-10-12   Walsh, Robert Rohan, Catherine Wade, James Costello, Anne Devereux
1828-10-21   Ryan, Patrick Martin, Elinor Walsh, Patrick Neagle, Thomas Devereux
1828-10-24   Duggan, Richard Mackey, Mary George, Thomas Sullivan, Mary Mackin
1828-10-30   Show, William Mandevil?, Catherine Snow, Edward Snow, Ruth Devereux
1828-11-09   Keefe, Laurence Condon, Rebecca Power, James Condon, Richard Devereux
1828-11-14   Cawfields, Peter Reardon, Mary Ryan, Patrick Cain?, Thomas?? Devereux
1828-11-16   Connors, Michael Quinn, Mary Keevin?, John Keefe, Mary Mackin
1828-11-16   Morracy, John Walsh, Honora Joy, Michael Delaney, Edward Devereux
1828-11-17   Morris, Thomas Ford, Cornelia Maclane, John Ford, Anne Devereux
1828-11-17   Summers, Edward Lamb, Margaret Lamb, William Delaney, Cornelius? Devereux
1828-11-17   Sullivan, Timothy Moore, Catherine Power, Walter Myres, Catherine Devereux
1828-11-17   Neagle?, Thomas Whelan, Alice Ryan, Patrick Walsh, Patrick Devereux
1828-11-19   Dunford, Thomas Lumburt, Ellen Dwyer, Justin Prendergast, Lucy Ewer
1828-11-20   Fahey, John Fogarty, Ellen Hogan, Joseph Hogan, Jane Ewer
1828-11-21   Mulloy?, Edward Byron?, Catherine Dempsey, Garret Downey?, Mary Ewer
1828-11-24   Fahey, Charles Meason, Ann Meason, James Meagher?, Mary Devereux
1828-11-25   Dobbin, John Bradbury, Susanna Dobbin, George Byren, Mary Ewer
1828-11-26   Power, Richard MacDonald, Jane Fitzgerald, John King, Ann Ewer
1828-11-26   Lewis, Moses Woodford, Anastasia Connell, Richard Joy, Elizabeth Devereux
1828-11-27   Murphy, Dennis Connors, Ann Power, Nicholas Power, Mary Ewer
1828-11-27   Farrell, Morgan Meaney, Joanna Headen, William Britten, Ellen Ewer
1828-11-27   Flynn, William Sullivan, Anne Connell, Richard Shea, John Devereux
1828-11-27   Beeson, Michael Wall, Sarah Connell, Richard Rourk, Timothy? Devereux
1828-11-29   Collins, John Bride, Ellen Kelly, John Bride, Joanna Ewer
1828-11-29   Joy, Patrick Butler, Ellen Dayly, Michael Phelan, Ellen Ewer
1828-11-29   Kennedy, John Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Nicholas Scott, Sophia Ewer
1828-11-30   Griffin, John Cole, Margaret Griffin, Richard Griffin, Judith Devereux
1828-12-17   Squires, William Hogan, Julia Anthony, Joseph Doyle, Anne Devereux
1829-01-03   Keefe, Edmund Daly, Mary Condon, Garbett Keefe, Mary Mackin
1829-01-06   Dunn, John Purcell, Margaret Scanlan, Stephen Doyle, Judith Mackin
1829-01-08   Hannan, John Keefe, Mary Thomey, Dennis Lawless, Joseph Devereux
1829-01-10   Hickey, John Gelaspy?, Julia Martin, Peter Hickey, Catherine Devereux
1829-01-12   Mullouny?, Michael Power, Elinor Maher, Thomas Brien, Elinor Devereux
1829-01-15   Malone, Edmond Bryan, Anastasia Keefe, Richard Keefe, Catherine Mackin
1829-01-15   Mulcahy, Philip Jones, Eleanor Jones, Thomas Jones, Mary Mackin
1829-01-15   Gould, James Lyons, Mary Gould, Michael Lyons, William Devereux
1829-01-20   Farrell, Edmound Monahan?, Marqaret Walsh, Robert Brown, William Devereux
1829-01-28   Power, Patrick Kino, Catherine Lawless, Maurice Neville, Bridget Mackin
1829-02-01   Talbot, William Murphy, Mary(Alias Buckley) Foley, Thomas English, Catherine Mackin
1829-02-17   Fitzpatrick, James Kearley, Lucinda Neil, Richard Russell, Elinor Mackin
1829-02-21   McGrath, John Smart, Mary Hickey, John Hickey, Julia Mackin
1829-02-23   King, John McCarthy, Anastasia Loftell, Jacob Hurley, Catherine Mackin
1829-02-26   Loftell, Jacob Hurley, Catherine Hurley, Maurice Loftell, Elizabeth Devereux
1829-03-01   Butler, John Dempsey, Mary Harding, Robert Brown, John??? Ewer
1829-03-02   Dunn, Edmond Power, Bridget Nagle, Thomas Sweeney, Mary Mackin
1829-03-02   Gall, Patrick Whelan, Catherine Flanagan, William Whelan, Mary-Ann Mackin
1829-03-03   Hanrahan, John Kinsella, Margaret Moores, Patrick Dawmey?, Timothy?  
1829-03-17   Murphy[Hickey?], John Murphy, Margaret Connell, Richard Myers, Catherine Mackin
1829-05-12   Driscoll, Cornelius Duggan, Elinor Cullinan, Edhond Rohan, Elinor Mackin
1829-05-14   Howard, David Tankard?, Margaret Cashin, Patrick Kenny, Mary Mackin
1829-05-17   English, William White, Anne English, John English, Mary Devereux
1829-05-18   Gill, John Hart, Mary Bolan, John Bolan, Sarah Devereux
1829-05-21   Costigan?, Michael Byrne, Judith Murphy, Michael Cascy?, Margaret Mackin
1829-05-21   Dalton, James Shenahan, Anastasia Hackey, John Dalton, Catherine Mackin
1829-05-22   Dooley, Patrick Keef, Bridget Dooley, John Walsh, Mary-Ann Ewer
1829-05-24   Finn, Thomas Howell, Frances Bayley, James Bayley, Elinor Mackin
1829-05-26   Murphy, Lawrence Doyle, Bridget Doyle, Philip Doyle, Mary Mackin
1829-05-28   Harty, Bartel Richards, Elizabeth Richards, John Gelasby?, Judith Ewer
1829-05-30   Kelly, Martin Slantry?, Julia Power, James Murphy, Judith Mackin
1829-05-31   Redmonds, Richard Hartley, Catherine Flynn, Michael Fleming, Catherine Mackin
1829-06-01   Briady?, John Blundell, Anne Hurley, Michael Brian, Owen Devereux
1829-06-01   Harly, Michael Duffett, Johanna Manning, John Briady?, John Devereux
1829-06-05   Connell, John Canty, Ellen Kelly, John[Thomas?] Brit [Burt], Julia Ewer
1829-06-05   Barans, Isaac Kennedy, Margaret Kennedy, James Kennedy, Bridget Ewer
1829-06-05   Kehoe, John Power, Mary Hayes, John Keefe, Catherine Mackin
1829-06-05   Ryan, John Shean, Mary Dwyer, William Shean, Alice Ewer
1829-06-07   Callahan, Patrick Ryan, Anastasia Dwyer, Edmond Hickey, Mary Mackin
1829-06-09   Cahill, John Brown, Honora Dooly, Daniel English, Catherine Devereux
1829-06-27   Flynn, Michael Fleming, Catherine Kerrigan?, Thomas Redmond, Richard Devereux
1829-07-01   Butler, Thomas Breen?, Elinor Bowe, John Dumphy, Martin?? Devereux
1829-08-16   English, Edward Kinsella, Elinor Ryan, John English, Mary Devereux
1829-09-05   Seary?, John Dermody?, Mary Hearn, William Lynch, Dorothy Mackin
1829-09-07   English, John Parsons, Jane Kelly, Patrick Johnson, Anne Mackin
1829-09-15   Kehoe, James Noonan, Johanna Wells, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Catherine Mackin
1829-10-04   Furey, William Corbett, Margaret Corbett, Thomas Kelly, Mary Devereux
1829-10-06   Hogan, Joseph Johnson, Mary McNamara, William Norman, Margaret Mackin
1829-10-23   Thomey, Dennis Coryear?, Elinor Thomey, William Thomey, Mary Mackin
1829-10-27   Power, John Pearle, Anastasia Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, Mary Mackin
1829-10-28   Dobbin, George Galway, Catherine Galway, John Byrne, Margaret Mackin
1829-11-01   Hayden, William Ryan, Diana Wright, John Kavanagh, Anastasia Mackin
1829-11-03   Daly, Michael Murphy, Judith Keating, Michael Henderson, Joanna Mackin
1829-11-04   Power, David Lambert, Johanna Kenny, Luke Cahill, Honora Mackin
1829-11-04   Butler, William Waters, Catherine Brown, John Redmonds, Mary Mackin
1829-11-07   Costello, John Power, Bridget Croak, Walter Costello, Anne Devereux
1829-11-09   Shea, Edward Howley, Margaret Quoney, Patrick Commins, Margaret Ewer
1829-11-09   Healy, Dennis Murphy, Elizabeth Tobin, Michael Ryan, Mary Mackin
1829-11-11   Sheehan, John Driscoll, Anne Kenny, Luke Driscoll, Mary Mackin
1829-11-11   Griffin, John Healy, Mary Ryan, Dennis Murphy, Elizabeth Mackin
1829-11-11   Devore?, Patrick Magher, Elizabeth Beckett, John Griffin?, Mary Ewer
1829-11-11   Gooley, Lawrence Shea, Elizabeth Golman, Lawrence McCarthy, Margaret Mackin
1829-11-11   Brine, James Sims, Diana Brine, John Gorman, Jane Devereux
1829-11-11   Doyle, William Snelgrove, Sarah Doyle, James Meany, James Devereux
1829-11-12   Cain, Thomas Wall, Mary Whelan, Edward Dunn, Luke Devereux
1829-11-13   Currin, John Connell, Eleanor Connell, Robert Mahoney, Michael Devereux
1829-11-13   Rondalls, Richard Ryan, Mary Griffin, John Griffin, Mary Mackin
1829-11-14   Lynch, Andrew Gushue, Johanna Gushue, Daniel Butt, Julia Mackin
1829-11-15   Keefe, Michael Callaghan?, Johanna Fitzgerald, Maurice Driscoll, Johanna Mackin
1829-11-16   Sullivan, William Dawley, Mary Duggan, Daniel Howard, Margaret Mackin
1829-11-18   Flynn, Patrick Griffin, Mary Murphy, Moses Flynn, Edmond Devereux
1829-11-19   Keane, John Walsh, Elinor Kn?, Michael Casey, Margaret Mackin
1829-11-20   Cuddihy, Matthew Cuddihy, Bridget Whelan, James Whelan, Catherine Mackin
1829-11-22   Dunn, Michael Cantwell?, Elizabeth Tobin, James Neil, Mary Devereux
1829-11-22   Patten, Michael Cullinan, Margaret Hanney, Jeffery Mocksley?, Margaret Mackin
1829-11-22   Kehoe, John Leary, Margaret Gushue, John Kehoe, Michael Devereux
1829-11-22   Kn?, Michael Marche, Mary Cullen, Nicholas Kennedy, Julia Mackin
1829-11-22   Ezekiel?, Philip Mason, Mary Kennedy, John Walsh, Elinor Devereux
1829-11-22   Clarke, John McCarthy, Mary Dwyer, Robert Mackey, Kary Ewer
1829-11-23   Ivoy, James Walsh, Margaret Fitzpatrick, James Laurence, Mary Mackin
1829-11-24   Walsh, Patrick Fowler, Rachael Fowler, William Walsh, Elizabeth Devereux
1829-11-24   Kavanagh, William Joy, Margaret Marshall, Robert Power, Mary Mackin
1829-11-24   McGrath, George Moua?, Matilda Fitzpatrick, Thomas Richards, Margaret Mackin
1829-11-25   McGrath, Michael Ryan, Catherine Lynch, Michael Roach, Margaret Devereux
1829-11-26   Fitzpatrick, Edward Casey, Margaret Walsh, Edmond Finn, Catherine Mackin
1829-11-26   Lamgar?, Henry Connolly?, Alice Lannigan, Thomas Phelan, Catherine Ewer
1829-11-27   Doyle, Thomas Hays, Elinor White, Patrick Sweeny, Anthony Devereux
1829-11-27   Mason, John Healy, Mary Mason, John Sivier, Hannah Devereux
1829-11-28   Morrissey, William Bride, Johanna Sullivan, James Connell, Eleanor Mackin
1829-11-28   Fewer?, William Thistle, Alicia Keys, Patrick Roche, Eliuor Mackin
1829-11-28   Mulcahy, Michael Walsh, Bridget Harty, Patrick Griffin, Mary Mackin
1829-12-03   Wade, James White, Honora Hahony, Michael Deady, Mary Devereux
1829-12-05   Joy, William Woodford, Elinor Regan, Dennis Gorman, Jane Devereux
1829-12-06   Hawco, John Mares?, Sarah Kelly, Richard Hastsv, Catherine Devereux
1829-12-06   Kennedy, John Walsh, Elinor Lewis, Philip Wetch, Mary Devereux
1829-12-07   Flynn, Edward Fewer, Mary Corbett, Thomas Flynn, Mary Devereux
1829-12-07   Kennedy, John Gorman, Jane Kennedy, Jerry Gorman, Anne Devereux
1829-12-07   Ezekiel, Peter Hickey, Mary Gorman, John Mullowney, John??? Devereux
1829-12-07   Gorman, Simon Joy, Elizabeth Mullowney, John Mullowney, Elinor Devereux
1829-12-15   Heafy?, Patrick Reily?, Mary Heafy?, Thomas Heafy?, Catherine Devereux
1829-12-16   Lawless, Maurice Neville, Catherine Hogan, Edward Rafter?, Anastasia Devereux
1829-12-27   Walsh, John McCarthy, Johanna Fleming, Thomas Connell, Eleanor Devereux
1829-12-29   Hennessey, Michael Cullen, Anne Murphy, Patrick Brown, Richard??? Devereux
1829-12-29   Hunt, Philip Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Hanrahan, Edmond Fitzgerald, Anne Devereux
1830-01-02   Walsh, Patrick Walker, Catherine Mandual, Tobias Walker, Anne Devereux
1830-01-20   Byran, John Morripey?, Bridget Morripey?, John Farrell, Honora Mackin
1830-01-24   Longhlan?, Patrick Driscoll, Mary Butler, Patrick Driscoll, Joannah Devereux
1830-02-11   Glossry?, Alexander Quigley, Mary Wade, Patrick Kelly, Anastasia Mackin
1830-02-14   Toole, Martin Mackey, Margaret O'Connor, William Duggan, Margaret Mackin
1830-02-23   Brian, James Summers, Judith Cooney, James Cooney, Honora Mackin
1830-04-17   Codey, William Hoskins, Martha Shea, Patrick Dooling, Mary Mackin
1830-04-17   Fleming, Martin Rohan, Eleanor Doheny?, Timothy? Doyle, Mary Mackin
1830-04-25   Murphy, William Connolly, Elizabeth Molloy, Edmond Grace, Anastasia Mackin
1830-04-29   Cleary, Charles Clarke, Mary Marshall, Charles Nicholl, Mary-Ann Mackin
1830-05-05   Dawley, Michael Britt, Julia Foley, Mials Scanlan, James Devereux
1830-05-05 1830-05-11 Bryan, Edward Murphy, Mary Freeman, John Dobbin, Elizabeth Devereux
1830-05-18   Milican, Patrick Garrett, Bridget Karavin, Michael Gwing?, Edward Devereux
1830-05-20   Doyle, Edward Murphy, Catherine Butler, Leonard Gold, Mary Devereux
1830-05-24   Bryan, Michael Bryan, Catherine Cochran, Thomas Killy, Richard Devereux
1830-05-24   Fitzgerald, Edmond Richards, Jane Richards, John McGrath, Mary  
1830-05-29   Dunn, Thomas Power, Margaret Dillin, Walter Power, Maurice Devereux
1830-05-30   Tangen, John Kelly, Anestas Smoakem, Stephen Cohmins, Mary Ewer
1830-06-01   Toole, Timothy? Duggan, Margaret Power, James Duggan, Honora Mackin
1830-06-04   Colbert, Stephen English, Mary Kinshelough, Timothy? Gerret, Catherine  
1830-06-05   Call, Andrew Landy, Judith Doyle, Michael Roughon, Ellen Ewer
1830-06-06   Cormick, John Sheehan, Margaret Mochles, James Hall, James Mackin
1830-06-08   Hanrahan, Edmond McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, John Callahan, McCarthy Devereux
1830-06-15   Walsh, Philip Griffin, Mary Butler, Patrick Candler, Judith Devereux
1830-08-08 1830-08-03 Murphy, David Holden, Judith Rohan, John St.-John, Mary Mackin
1830-08-29   Kavanagh, James Walsh, Bridget Hennessey, Patrick Hennessey, Catherine Mackin
1830-09-23   Candler, Thomas Walsh, Mary Innottt?, William Innott?, William??? Mackin
1830-09-25   Pine, Thomas Cahill, Margaret Nichols, James N??, Patrick Devereux
1830-09-26   Whelan, Benjermin English, Mary Hogan, Joseph Dower?, Elizabeth Mackin
1830-10-11   Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Honora Healy, Patrick Dalton, Anastasia Mackin
1830-10-14   Mulcahy, John Ryan, Bridget McGrath, Thomas Ryan, Mary Devereux
1830-10-18   Flynn, John Critch, Martha Keefe, Patrick Keefe, Elizabeth Mackin
1830-10-19   Connors, Michael Corbett, Mary Kennedy, Timothy Dalton, Barbara Mackin
1830-10-21   Harty?, Michael Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh, James Hallahan, Amry Devereux
1830-10-23   Power, Edmond McNamara, Jane Shehan, Edmond Kn?, Robert Devereux
1830-10-24   Tobin, James Cormick, Anastasia Henecy, William Contwell?, Elizabeth Devereux
1830-10-29   Costello, James Keily, Mary Quinolan?, Lawerence French, Levenia Ewer
1830-10-30   Tobin, Michael Cormick, Bridget Tobin, James Cantwell, Elizabeth Devereux
1830-10-31   Whelan, James Scanlan, Joanna Ganey, John Ryan, Mary Devereux
1830-11-05   May, Thomas Dolland, Anastasia Dollard, Andrew Dwyer, Catherine Dalton
1830-11-06   Hennessey, Patrick Carroll, Anastasia Doyle, Edmond Hynes, Catherine Mackin
1830-11-06   Nash, John Casey, Ellen Curry, Michael French, Elizabeth Ewer
1830-11-06   Sweeney, John Doyle, Judith Ryan, John Butler, Susannah Mackin
1830-11-09 1830-11-11 Murphy, Edward Day, Mary Green, John Murphy, Elizabeth Devereux
1830-11-09   Dwyer, Philip Malone, Catherine Farrell, Thomas Ronan, Eleanor Mackin
1830-11-14   Dalton, Barnet Butler, Joanna Rocket, Robert Coadey, Catherine Ewer
1830-11-14   Cullen, Patrick Gushue, Rachael Cullen, John Sheehan, William Devereux
1830-11-14   Keefe, Patrick Power, Alicia Crane, Daniel Murphy, Mary Murphy
1830-11-16   Farrell, Michael Meylor?, Anne Moran, Michael Landy, Judith Devereux
1830-11-18   Noonan, Edward Whelan, Bridget Whelan, Patrick Whelan, Joanna Devereux
1830-11-19   Burke, James Cummins, Ann Cummins, James English, Catherine Devereux
1830-11-20   Dwyer, Edmond Larnes, Mary Hanrehan, John Carrol, Anastasia Devereux
1830-11-22   King, Patrick Slattery, Judith Bryan, James Rowe, Alicia Mackin
1830-11-23   Conlyng?, Edward Burke, Catherine Fitzgerald, Morris Dwiet?, Joanna Ewer
1830-11-24   Donahey?, Daniel Tobin, Mary Fitzgerald, Morris Ronln, Mary Ewer
1830-11-25   Galway, John Byrne, Margaret Dobsin, Nicholas Galway, Elizabeth Mackin
1830-11-25   Kennedy, Nicholas Cleary, Mary Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy, Elizabeth Mackin
1830-11-25   Fitzgerald, John Fogarty, Bridget Fahey, Andrew Fahey, Elizabeth Mackin
1830-11-27   Whelan, Michael Bryan, Catherine Melican, Matin Melican, Bridget Mackin
1830-11-27   Murphy, Thomas Hogan, Judith McDonnell, James English, Catherine Mackin
1830-11-27   Doherty, Patrick Hynes, Catherine O'Connor, William Tobin, Bridget Mackin
1830-11-27   Finnerty, John McCarthy, Mary Moran, Johm Hollahan, John Mackin
1830-11-27   Ryan, William McCarthy, Sarah McCarthy, Daniel McCarthy, Mary Mackin
1830-11-28   Walsh, Thomas Roche, Elinor Gaery, Edmond Roche, Abigail Mackin
1830-12-14   Holden, Lawrence Neville, Mary Mackesey, Lawrence Heafy, Catherine Mackin
1830-12-16   Orucke?, Michael Emmine, Mary Benit, John ??, Honora  
1830-12-16   Connell, Thomas Murphy, Elizabeth Brown, Nicholas Walsh, Mary  
1830-12-16   Murphy, John Murphy, Mary Murphy, John Walsh, Michael  
1830-12-26   Fedd?, William Foster, Elizabeth Brazil, John Peddle, Ann Ewer
1831-01-02   Doyle, Michael Bride, Fanny Collins, John Collins, Ellen Ewer
1831-01-06   Power, Thomas McCarthy, Agnes Bransfield, Richard McCarthy, Alicia Mackin
1831-01-07   Power, Nicholas Dalton, Alicia Murphy, Garrett Shelly, Johanna Mackin
1831-01-09   Bryan, John Power, Honora Dwyer, William English, Catherine Mackin
1831-01-10   Fahey, William Dower?, Elizabeth Dunn, Dennis Fahey, Elizabeth Mackin
1831-01-15   McCarthy, Felix Thistle, Mary Fintan, John Roach, Fanny  
1831-01-18   Neil, John Connors, Bridget Leehy, Maurice Finnerty, Margaret Mackin
1831-01-18   Kehoe, Michael McCarthy, Mary Cody, John Dunphy, Elizabeth  
1831-01-20   Norcott, Michael Hemon, Margaret Bay, Gery Norcott, Mary  
1831-01-23   Fardy, Laurence Connell, Anastasia Bennett, John Hamilton, Joanna  
1831-01-23   Terry, William Widford, Juliana Terry, Thomas Joy, John Herron??
1831-01-24   Hogan, Thomas O'Neill, Mary-Ann Bannen?, Laurence Fahey, James  
1831-01-27   Ryan, John Gushue, Margaret Gushue, John Syms, Diana  
1831-01-27   Muney?, John Hanigan, Mary Keaghtny?, John-Curin?, Rick Kennedy, Michael  
1831-01-29   Power, Morris McGrath, Elizabeth Emott, William English, Catherine  
1831-01-29   Coale, Thomas Syvia?, Hanna Coale, James Garney, Ann  
1831-02-08   Hennery?, David Hamilton, Margaret O'Connell, Daniel Richards, Rebecca  
1831-02-08   Kennedy, Nicholas Kennedy, Julia Geary, Richard McCarthy, Julia Mackin
1831-04-07   Donnaly, Patrick Coony, Elinor Ellis, Kevan Ellis, Ann  
1831-04-19   F?, Patrick Whelan, Catherine Cuddehu?, James Murphy, M-Shelby, Michael  
1831-04-21   Vincent, Thomas Carroll, Catherine Butler, Edward King, Juoif?  
1831-04-27   Dugan, John O'Ryely, Catherine Norcott, Edmond-Nugent, Lawrence Mary, Norcott  
1831-05-03   Mary, Thomas Clarke, Alice Ryak, John Edwards, Mary  
1831-05-09   Dunn, Dennis Delaney, Mary Dunn, Shusana White, Micheal  
1831-05-10   Keefe, Edward Grace, Bridget Hogan, Laurence Cavenough?, Anty Ewer
1831-05-11   Walsh, Patrick Dwyer, Mary Lynch, John Connors, Michael Mackin
1831-05-16   Farrell, Patrick Bryan, Honora Slitton, Richard Gefae?, Frances Mackin
1831-05-16   Walsh, Richard Tool, Ellen? Walsh, Michael Dadey?, Mary Ewer
1831-05-17   Moran, John Butt, Ellen Spring, Arthur Mory?, Mary Ewer
1831-05-17   Fanning, William Grace, Anastasia Fanning, Patrick Murphy, Ellen Ewer
1831-05-21   Toomey, Roger Power, Mary Marchal, Nich Freeman, Elizabeth Ewer
1831-05-24   Browne?, Patrick Monohan, Sarah Browne?, William McKee, Mary Mackin
1831-05-25   Mochler, James Beley, Margaret Fender, John Michael, Margaret  
1831-05-25   Geany?, Edmund Oriscoll, Hannah Meany, John Roche, Abigail Mackin
1831-05-28   Walsh, John Fleming, Catherine Hunt, Henry Shehan, Bridget Mackin
1831-06-01   Murphy, Henry Murphy, Mary O'Connor, William Walsh, Mary Mackin
1831-06-04   Morrissey, Robert Bryan, Catherine Keefe, Laurence Power, Thomas  
1831-06-04   Hamilton, Alexander Richards, Rebecca O'Connell, Daniel Hamilton, Margaret Ewer
1831-06-04   Kielley?, John Tobin, Catherine White, Thomas Tobin, Mary Mackin
1831-06-08   Laundy?, Thomas Lanecy?, Joana Hickey, Joseph Kelly, Elizabeth  
1831-06-08   Lundrican, Henry Roberts, Susana Gave?, Patrick Roberts, Sera  
1831-06-11   Kennedy, Martin Curran, Bridget Aylward, Patrick Gushue, Mary Mackin
1831-06-11   Nowlan, Andrew Ryan, Mary Brennan, Patrick Wall, Sera Ewer
1831-08-07   Prendergast, John Harding, Eleanor Doqling, Michael Candler, Margaret Mackin
1831-08-13   Walsh, John Sarkin, Margaret Kenny, David Costigan, Catherine Mackin
1831-09-04   Reddy, Thomas Dwyer, Mary Candler, Thomas Scully, Marcaret Ewer
1831-09-18   Mason, John Moore, Elizabeth Kennedy, John   Ewer
1831-09-21   Walsh, William Condon, Jane White, Richard Walsh, Michael Nowlan
1831-09-30   White, Michael Piddle?, Elizabeth Bareley, Doctor English, William Nowlan
1831-10-08   Cotter, Edward Sother, Susen Doherty, Richard Dinnccn?, Timothy Nowlan
1831-10-12   Bryan, Own Stevens, Mary Dinnun, Timothy? Hurley, Michael Nowlan
1831-10-18   Hayes, Thomas Griffin, Elinor Lechan?, William Hayes, Mary Mackin
1831-10-23   Wiseman, John McKinna, Johanna Sullivan, Daniel Smith, Anastasia Mackin
1831-10-29   Murphy, Edmond Doyle, Ann Murphy, Michael Wilson, Catherine Ewer
1831-11-00   Malowney, Patrick Dugan, Bridget Higgins, Patrick Quirk, James Nowlan
1831-11-03   Allen, Martin Broderick, Ann Scanlan, Patrick Howard, Catherine Ewer
1831-11-03   Cormick, John Dealt, Bridget Connin?, Patrick Connolly, Mary Ewer
1831-11-03   Moore, James McCarthy, Honor Burn, Dennis McCarthy, Mary Ewer
1831-11-03   Hickey, Thomas Scanlan, Anastasia Keefe, William Nagle, Margaret Mackin
1831-11-05   Daniel, John Keefe, Catherine Fooley, Edmond Keefe, Mary Ewer
1831-11-05   Crabbe, William Kennedy, Mary Deane, Abraham Winters, Catherine Mackin
1831-11-09   Rea?, Daniel Whelan, Anty Drake, Thomas Brennan, Margaret Nowlan
1831-11-10   Kennedy, Michael Hucheson, Margaret Ryan, Daniel Kennedy, Norry Nowlan
1831-11-10   Butler, Leonard Quin, Johanna Kenny, Luke Rowe, Alicia Mackin
1831-11-12   Harty?, James Howard, Catherine Connell, Jeremiah Kenny, Mary Mackin
1831-11-13   Butler, Pierse Grant, Catherine White, Thomas Madigan, Elinor Mackin
1831-11-15   Madd?, Stephen Shelly, Johanna Fitzgerald, John F?, Catherine Mackin
1831-11-16   Beham, Moses Maher, Judy Power, James Duggan, Norry Nowlan
1831-11-17   Comerford, Matthew Deacon, Rose Whelan, James Cummins, Elinor Mackin
1831-11-17   Crane, Daniel Murphy, Mary Wright, John Freeman, Elizabeth Mackin
1831-11-18   Corcoran, John Kennedy, Mary McDonnell, James McDonnell, Rebecca Mackin
1831-11-21   Flynn, Maurice Dwyer, Anastasia Hanesy?, Patrick English, Catherine Mackin
1831-11-21   Riley, Jefery Pursil, Ellen Fitzgerald, Edmond Doherty, Mary Nowlan
1831-11-21   Morrissey, Thomas Whelan, Elizabeth Sheeham, Jeremiah McGrath, Margaret Nowlan
1831-11-23   Flynn, John Dwyer, Elizabeth Scallan, Stephen Flynn, Anne Mackin
1831-11-26   Gany?, John Came?, Sera Hcgrath, Thomas Cany?, Ann Nowlan
1831-11-26   Murphy, Stephen McClain, Ann Banvil, Thomas McClain, Mary Nowlan
1831-11-26   Cole, William Swill, Margaret Cole, James Gany, Marcaret Nowlan
1831-11-26   Broune?, John Whelan, Elinor Whelan, John Butler, Margaret Mackin
1831-11-29   Novit?, Abraham Baggs, Mary Norcott, Patrick Norcott, Mary  
1831-11-29   Perry, Patrick Duggan, Margaret Waish, Patrick Freeman, Honora Nowlan
1831-11-29   Denn, James Roue, Alicia Conuay, Thomas Doyle, Mary Mackin
1831-12-01   Whelan, Nicholas Aylward, Mary Aylward, Nicholas Hidan, William Nowlan
1831-12-01   Comby, Thomas Wats, Sera Simier?, James Berney, Michael Nowlan
1831-12-02   Doyle, James Calhall Cahill?, Ann Doyle, John Calhall Cahill Patience Ewer
1831-12-04   Fitzgibbons, Gerald Jacobs, Mary O'Neill?, Gerimi O'Neill?, Ann  
1831-12-05   Hennessey, Maurice Comerford, Mary Dwyer, Edmond Dwyer, Mary Mackin
1831-12-05   Keefe, Thomas Commons?, Mavereth Dealey?, Richard Fitzpatrick, Anastasia Ewer
1831-12-05   Beckett, John Duyer, Hary Harding, Michael Griffin, Mary Mackin
1831-12-06   Cummins, Patrick Slangan?, Johanna Fitzpatrick, John Scanlan, Bridget Mackin
1831-12-07   Connell, Jeremiah Fox, Mary Keevan, John Dumphy, Johanna Mackin
1831-12-07   Hickey, Patrick Hicks, Mary Joy, William McCarthy, Owen Nowlan
1831-12-07   Fouler, William Lundrigan, Elizabeth Walsh, Patrick Doyle, John?? Nowlan
1831-12-07   Brune, Michael Ronan, Ellen Callanon, William Elinor Ewer
1831-12-08   Benit, John Beesom, Mary ?, John Beeson, Francis Nowlan
1831-12-09 1831-12-11 Power, James Doyle, Mary Doyle, Patrick Power, John Nowlan
1831-12-09   Kagrath, Thomas Ganey?, Ann Shea, John Scanlan, John Nowlan
1831-12-09   Nines, James Kelly, Mary Lewis, Philip Mealy, Patrick Nowlan
1831-12-09   Walsh, John Pendergast, Hary Minogue?, John King, Elizabeth Nowlan
1831-12-13   Power, Patrick Kelly, Johanna Conner, Thomas Many, Elizabeth Nowlan
1831-12-15   Keating, John Ronan, Catherine Curin?, John   Nowlan
1831-12-20   Breen, James Hafy?, Catherine Conuray, James Hafy, Thomas Nowlan
1831-12-20   Maloney, Daniel Lewis, Ann Connell, Richard Maloney, William Nowlan
1831-12-22   Penny, John Haly, Catherine Penny, Philip Murphy, John Nowlan
1831-12-22   Fardy, John Weech?, Mary Weech?, George Murphy, John Nowlan
1832-01-03   Flaven?, Michael Carney, Mary Nagle, Thomas Fardy, James  
1832-01-05   Hanley, James McCarthy, Julia Kennedy, Terence Kennedy, Mary Nowlan
1832-01-08   Kelly, Patrick Roberts, Sera Hernan, James Jonsin?, Jane Mackin
1832-01-10   McCarthy, John McKee, Wary Daniel, Stephen Elson, Jane Nowlan
1832-01-11   Mele?, Thomas King, Mary Kelly, Patrick King, Sera Mackin
1832-01-12   Keevan, John Cahill, Catherine Doheny?, Timothy Cummins, Elinor Berney
1832-01-14   Banvrle, Nicholas Butler, Anty Butler, Pierce Chandler, Margaret Mackin
1832-01-19   Bransfield, Richard Ashe, Anne McCarthy, Calahan Power, Dorothy Berney
1832-01-27   Fitzpatrick, John McCarthy, Mary Foren?, Richard Cony?, Anastasia Mackin
1832-01-29   Walsh, James Coneway?, Mary Coneway, Michael Quinlin, Margaret Mackin
1832-01-29   Sughare, Timothy Daly, Mary Scanlan, Thomas Nihelly, Mary Nowlan
1832-01-29   Burke, James Shea, Mary Hennessey, William Lenikan, James Nowlan
1832-02-02   Goff, Edward Connolly, Mary Mabliton?, James Peters, Bridget Nowlan
1832-02-22   Richards, John Stapleton, Elizabeth Kehoe, Michael Shea, Mary Berney
1832-03-03   Mulcahy, David Walsh, Catherine Moriarity, John Doyle, Frances Nowlan
1832-03-04   Foster, John Morry, Mary Worry, Timothy? McGrath, Matilda Mackin
1832-03-06   Fortune, Matthew Butler, Johanna Furlong, Peter Butler, Margaret Berney
1832-04-29   Hickey, William Kelly, Alicia Myles, Michael Kelly, Mary Mackin
1832-04-30   Cerwick, Michael Laherty, Mary Laherty, Peter Condon, John Mackin
1832-05-05   Hanrahan, James Tobin, Catherine Tobin, Patrick King, Patrick Nowlan
1832-05-07   Scully, Thomas Lyon, Mary Moriarty, Daniel Scanttin, Patrick Nowlan
1832-05-08   Lary, Jeremiah Farrell, Joy Connell, James Notinbook, William Nowlan
1832-05-08   Gaulu?, Michael Lambert, Rose Cullen, Patrick Bryan, Catherine Nowlan
1832-05-08   Power, Robert McCue, Mary Hearn, James Kelly, John Nowlan
1832-05-10   Hackett, James Lary?, Mary Power, James Many?, Margaret Nowlan
1832-05-17   Walsh, James Murphy, Margaret Murphy, John Conway, James Nowlan
1832-05-17   Gorman, John Scanttin?, Oner? Gaul, Patrick Lloyd, Charles Nowlan
1832-05-23   Whelan, James Duggan, Honer? Power, James Ryan, Edward Nowlan
1832-06-03   Slocum, John Gold, Mary Gold, James Murry, Jokn Nowlan
1832-06-03   Spelane, John Hayse, Ellen Martin, Thomas Kenny, Mary Nowlan
1832-06-05   Quirk, Andrew Doyle, Bridget Doyle, Michael Hayden, Mary Ewer
1832-06-10   Lynch, James Dancy, Catherine Lynch, John Purecue?, Elizabeth Berney
1832-06-10   Gaun?, William Griffin, Mary Griffin, John Power, Norry Ewer
1832-06-15   Mund?, Michael Walker, Elinor Tunford?, James Quinn, Elinor Berney
1832-06-23   Doyle, William Dawson, Margaret Walsh, Patrick Walsh, Margaret Berney
1832-06-23   Tucker, George Hollochok, Mary Meany, James Poor, Betty  
1832-07-04   Sullivan, Jeremiah Regan, Elizabeth Doyle, James Regan, Catherine  
1832-07-11   Walsh, Robert Canles, Judy Walsh, William Maher, Margaret  
1832-09-02   Meandais?, William Summers, Sera Braum, William McCarthy, Catherine  
1832-09-07   McGrath, John Summers, Margaret Mackey, Richard Condon, Margaret  
1832-09-11   Neil, Thomas Noonan, Elenor Margaret, John Noonan, Mary  
1832-09-16   Sullivan, Dennis Shonasy, Mary Burke, William Smart, Elizabeth  
1832-09-27   King, William McDonald, Mary Cody, James McCarthy, Charles  
1832-10-07   Hennebury, Michael Coleman, Mary Heran?, William Power, Ally  
1832-10-11   Short, William Leary, Margaret Foristal, John Forister, Ann  
1832-10-29   Keyes, Michael Freeman, Elizabeth Bight, John Marshall, Mary  
1832-11-05   Grace, Patrick Doyle, Margaret Kier?, Patrick Kelly, Ann  
1832-11-05   Dehy, Stephen Kelly, Ann Kelly, James Doyle, Margaret  
1832-11-08   Ryan, Patrick Carroll, Mary Hardon, William Holland, Ann  
1832-11-08   Moriarty, John Cashman, Mary Doyle, Michael Power, Mary  
1832-11-08   Whelan, Pierce Tobin, Elizabeth Ryan, Philip Noonan, Brioget  
1832-11-11   Butler, John Healy, Margaret Prendergast, James Daystle, Johanna  
1832-11-15 1832-11-18 Dooly, John Murphy, Bridget Ryan, Daniel Burke, Mary  
1832-11-22   Furlong, Silvester Conway, Catrine Nehor?, Michael Grace, Mary  
1832-11-24   Connors, Thomas Shannahan, Margaret McGrath, John Shea, Mary  
1832-11-24   Ryan, Michael Whelan, Margaret Marshall, Nicholas Kennedy, Norry  
1832-11-25   Daltoh, Michael Carey, Mary Dalton, Edmond Egan, Mary  
1832-11-26   McCarthy, Michael Crane, Patience Bryan, John Crane, Jane  
1832-12-01   O'Cosner, Michael Kiley, Catherine Troy, Michael Vivune, Mary  
1832-12-01   Bryan, Daniel Usher, Mary Luise, Robert Day, Julia  
1832-12-04   Mullins, James Quilin, Mary Finn, Richard Mangen?, Catherine  
1832-12-13   Fitzgerald, John Garbran?, Elizabeth-Ann Hipperly, James Cawley, Ann  
1832-12-31   Gold, Michael Waters, Elizabeth Whelan, Laurence Murphy, Catherine  
1833-01-27   Mulcahy, Patrick Griffin, Johanna Mullaly, Will1Am Healy, Elizabeth  
1833-02-10   Whelan, John Hingy, Elin Brenan, Peter McDonald, Richard  
1833-02-13   Woods, James Carborrean, Elson Elson, John Elson, Alias  
1833-02-18   Cormick, Michael Callins, Judy Hogan, Darby Doyle, Mary  
1833-02-18   Kamul?, John Mefren?, Fanny Bannel, Patrick Mefren?, Grace  
1833-02-19 1833-01-19 Murphy, John Cormack, Ally Walsh, Richard Meany, Patrick  
1833-03-17   Richards, John Woods, Mary Condon, Richard Green, Catherine  
1833-05-05   Doyle, Timothy Headen, Mary Headen, William Kehoe, John  
1833-05-07   Power, James Talbort, Catherine Talbort, William Brown, Peter  
1833-05-12   Farrell, James Grace, Mary Power, Richard Keefe, Catherine  
1833-05-12   Stapelton, James McClean, Mary Dunn, Larence Rily, Elin  
1833-05-12   Malone, John Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh, Patrick Malone, Catherine  
1833-05-16   Lee, James Mergan?, Elin Mcnamara, Thomas Peters, Johanna  
1833-05-17   Halfpenney, Patrick Butler, Anastasia Hunt, Edmono Daly, Mary  
1833-05-19   Brown, John Kain, Mary Deverea?, Michael Morrissey, Elin  
1833-05-19   Power, Patrick Kina, Mary Kima, Nicholas Warden, Ann  
1833-05-19   Morrissey, John Murphy, Ellen Bulger, Matthew Dumphy, Mary  
1833-05-26   Murphy, John Cody, Mary Kenney, Luke Tobin, Ellin  
1833-05-26   Fitzgerald, James Hogan, Nargaret Power, Maria Whelan, Martin  
1833-05-26   Heran?, William Walsh, Bridget Walsh, William Curtin, Timothy?  
1833-05-30   Commins, Edward Smith, Ann Maugher, Thomas Lee, Elizabeth  
1833-06-01   Power, Nicholas Rieley, Elinor Lyons, Dennis Hannon, Elinor Nowlan
1833-06-03   Keefe, Luis Churchill, Elizabeth Hinks?, John Rowan, Mary Berney
1833-06-04   Olihan, James Nuna, Mary Scantlan, Thomas McDannul, Mary Nowlan
1833-06-04   Crowley, Michael Peters, Johanna Howard, David Peters, Bridget Nowlan
1833-06-04   Power, James Sen, Catrin Shaw, Charles Marhar, Elizabeth Nowlan
1833-06-05   Ryan, William Dauby, Mary Tobin, John Parnas, Marian Berney
1833-06-11   Heart, Patrick Maroche?Tally Archibald, Michael Walsh, Caterin? Berney
1833-06-13   Scanthn, Patrick Barry, Elin, Coffy, Daniel Fentin, Mary Berney
1833-06-24   Dinnun, Thomas King, Elizabeth White, Thomas Dunphy, Margaret Nowlan
1833-06-27   Gahan, Darby Moore, Catherine Sheby, Laurence Mararty, Elin Berney
1833-07-01   Coackly, William Jones, Ann Keyes, Michael Keyes, Margaret Nowlan
1833-07-03   Glaveen, James Reede, Mary Whelan, John Dunphy, Margaret Dalton
1833-07-12   Kyan?, Michael Cahill, Alice Cahill, James Power, Catherine Berney
1833-07-12   Redmond, John Fitzmous, Honora Hickey, Philip Dumphy, Margaret Dalton
1833-08-14   Songfort, James Dinnun, Catherine Hickey, Thomas Bryne, Catherine Dalton
1833-08-22   Daniel, Stephen Kennedy, Julia Bramcombe, William Kennedy, Mary Berney
1833-09-26   Dunphy, Michael Coady, Catherien Quirk, Thomas Coady, Margaret Berney
1833-10-10   Hayden, Richard Conway, Margaret Banvill?, James Mulroney, Ann Berney
1833-10-10   Murphy, Patrick Dymond, Ann Banvill, Thomas Butler, Anty Berney
1833-10-15   Bag, Forimia Foster, Doritha Norket, Abraham Horket, Mary Berney
1833-11-03   Dalton, Nicholas Mergan, Margaret Lee, James Lee, Elin Dalton
1833-11-09   Kn?, William Green, Bridget Joy, John Pernell?, Bridget Nowlan
1833-11-09   Nowlan, Patrick Murphy, Bridget Murphy, Patrick Kane, William Duffy
1833-11-18   Elvert? James Meagher, Mary Whelan, John Mandeville, Ellen Nowlan
1833-11-18   Sary, Michael Power, Mary Cashman, Timothy? Britt, Mary Duffy
1833-11-19   Hanging?, Daniel Hanging?, Mary Hanging?, Thomas Martin, Elizabeth Nowlan
1833-11-21   Neil, Jeremiah Frinch, Ann Mackey, Richard Dumphy, Margaret Nowlan
1833-11-23   Bicket, George Walsh, Catherine Joy, John Dobbin, Elizabeth Dalton
1833-11-24   Suple, Richard Cusae, Mary Cusae, John Kenefic, Margaret Duffy
1833-11-26   Butler, William Murphy, Anty Hogan, Joseph Hogan, Margaret Nowlan
1833-11-26   Nogan, Patrick Tobin, Margaret Tobin, James Glavin, Thomas Duffy
1833-11-30   Burne, James Drover, Bridget Burne, John Norket, Mary Nowlan
1833-11-30   Hynlds?, Michael Furlong, Anastasia Meagher, Patrick Ryan, Mary Duffy
1833-11-30   McGrath, John Nowlan, Bridget Walsh, Pierce Walsh, Margaret Nowlan
1833-11-30   McDonald, James Peters, Bridget Connell, Jeremiah Maugher, Judy Duffy
1833-11-30   Shelmody, John Rinn, Julia Flinn, John Tcomey, Anne Nowlan
1834-01-03   Carroll, Cullemall Carroll, Mary Vincent, Thomas Walsh, Catherine Duffy
1834-01-04   Phelan, John Neagle, Margaret Shelly, Edmond Brue, Bridget Duffy
1834-01-06   Caren, Edward Dobbin, Elizabeth Adams, Richard Doyle, Bridget Dalton
1834-01-15   Murphy, Michael Roach, Frances Dr. Wright Mackey?, Margaret Nowlan
1834-01-21   Connel[Connors?], Matthew Calahan, Mary Calahan, Moris Cashin, Elin Duffy
1834-01-30   Ellis, Stephen Whelan, Ann Duffy, Bernard Brown, William Nowlan
1834-02-07   Gorman, James Badcock, Mary Quirk, Thomas Anders?, Mary Nowlan
1834-02-07   Quigly, Patrick Doyle, Mary Hardin, Robert Doyle, Bridget Nowlan
1834-02-16   Graves, John Egan, Sera Swift?, John Power, Edward Nowlan
1834-05-11   O'Conner, William Alin, Elin McCarthy, Charles Devier, Elin Dalton
1834-05-20   Cronin, William Broders, Johanna Cadigan, Daniel Skanehan, Mary Nowlan
1834-05-20   Harney, Jeffery Gorman, Elin Niley, John Bryan, Bridget Nowlan
1834-05-25   Kennedy, John Hare, Anne Ryan, Edward Kennedy, Betsy  
1834-05-25   Cotter, Edward Maugher, Johanna Walsh, Richard Paters, Bridget Nowlan
1834-06-02   Ryan, James Quinton, Ellen Hearn, Philip Dunphy, Margaret  
1834-06-08   Humphries, John Long, Mary Long, John Moriarity, Nilly?  
1834-06-14   Bryan, Bartholomew Hahah, Elin Cronan, William Shakahan, Mary  
1834-07-06   Dullard, Andrew Byrne, Catherine Marshall, Robert Lanagan, Thomas???  
1834-09-07   White, Thomas Shellers, Eliza White, Thomas White, Ann  
1834-09-15   Champian, Samuel Wheeler, Ann Broderick, William Walsh, Johanna  
1834-09-16 1834-09-10 Murphy, Denis McGuire, Anne English, Edward McGuire, Catherine  
1834-09-19   Spry, John Coole, Mary Spry, Richard Doyle, James  
1834-10-16   Yetman, Henery Norcott, Margaret Norcott, Abraham Norcott, Mary  
1834-11-04   Huhby, Phil Janes, Ellen Humby, John Janes, Sera  
1834-11-06   Wiseman, Henry Smart, Jane Kilfoy, Edward Hickey, Catherine  
1834-11-11   Mackey, Edward Power, Onor Power, Patrick Power, Mary  
1834-11-13   Sweeney, Michael Burke, Margaret Cosgrave, Thomas Geary, Elizabeth  
1834-11-13   King, James McDaneil, Ally King, Thomas Walsh, Mary  
1834-11-16   Barnes, John Chipman, Frances Fitzgerald, Jeremiah Stickland, Mary  
1834-11-16   Hunt, Edward Shea, Margaret Hunt, John Murphy, Margaret  
1834-11-17   Byrne, John Norcott, Mary Norcott, Joseph Byrne, Elin  
1834-11-18   Divier, Patrick Thomson, Elizabeth Fleming, Michael Comerfort, Matthew  
1834-11-19   Hauser, John Richal?, Fanny Hading?, Hichols Richal?, Jane  
1834-11-23   Broderick, David Dwyer, Anne Supple, John Supple, Margaret  
1834-11-24   Fjnnal, John Woolfry, Marta Dillion, Walter Lee, Hana  
1834-11-25   Leary, John Doyle, Bridget Kelly, Patrick Kennnedy, Norry?  
1834-11-26   Foley, James Mory, Julia Foley, Moses Mitchardstes,?  
1834-11-27   Icehoe, Dennis Bryan, Shiwan? Bryan, Patrick Doolan?, Hary  
1834-11-27   Joy, John Butler, Mary Joy, John Joy, Margaret  
1834-11-27   Gatway?, Anthony Byrme, Ann Dobbin, George Byrne, Grace  
1834-11-27   Demsy, John Kelly, Margaret Hickey, William Kelly, Catherine  
1834-11-28   Tobin, James Brennan, Sarah Tobin, Patrick Hogan, Mary  
1834-11-28   Maugher, Wiliam Walsh, Catherine Turng?, Thomas Eril, Mary  
1834-11-29   Pine, Robert Dunne, Catherine Duhiek, Patrick Scanlan, Ellen  
1834-11-29   Kelly, Patrick Kennedy, Mary Ryan, Edward Kennedy, Elizabeth  
1834-11-29   Dunn, Fel? Ryan, Johanna Nagle, John Harington, Catherine  
1835-01-01   Kennedy, John Collins, Marrea Kennedy, Nicholas Kennedy, Elizabeth  
1835-01-14   Dunn, Edward Gillasby, Frances Dunn, Nicholas Consal?, Bridget  
1835-01-14   Howard, James Norcott, Anne Bolan, Walter Kenne?, Elizabeth  
1835-01-25   Fitzgerald, Morris Conners, Johanna Conners, John Kelly, Catherine  
1835-02-03   Walsh, Richard Cavanaugh, Oner Conner, David Prendergast, James  
1835-02-14   Cullen, Owen Walsh, Fanny Coshman?, Timothy Egenton?, Mary  
1835-02-18   Sylward, John Dunphy, Mary Barry, John Doyle, Anne  
1835-02-27   Fitzpatrick, Richaro Gleeson, Johanna Walsh, Richard Gleesson, Elin?  
1835-05-05   Smith, Dennis Corsrey?, Anastasia Kelly, John Broun, Mary  
1835-05-08   Dary, Patrick Bacon, Jane Luis, James Carroll, Bridget  
1835-05-08   McCalister, James Clarke, Mary Adians?, Richard Kennedy, Ann  
1835-05-10   Tobin, John Gorman, Mary Fitzgerald, John Kearny, Ellin  
1835-05-10   Williams, P Mullony?, Lath? Pack, Stephen Pack, Mary-Ann  
1835-05-12   Dorran, John Dalton, Mary Haw, William Dalton, Ann  
1835-05-17   Bryan, Stephen Byrne, ? Elice, Stephen Dehey, Ann  
1835-05-18   Kehoe, James Dinn, Susan Dunn, Nicholas Delaney, Mary Nowlan
1835-05-19   Horrissey, Joseph Carney, Ellin Bick, William Buster, Mary Dalton
1835-05-28   Butler, Thomas Thobin, Mary Kielly, Patrick Thobin, Elizabeth Dalton
1835-05-28   Power, Thomas Tobin, Ellen Power, Michael Dawer, Ellin Dalton
1835-05-31   Power, Michael Ayton, Margaret Power, Thomas Kennedy, Ellen Duffy
1835-06-10   Dauley, Patrick English, Ally Power, Edward Ryan, Mary Dalton
1835-06-11   Scanlan, Patrick Davis, Pinnella Scanlan, Thomas Syliv?, Catherine Duffy
1835-06-12   Oliver, Joseph Scandford, Jane English, William Doyle, Ellen Dalton
1835-06-17 1835-05-17 Driscoll, Daniel Broderick, Catherine Allen, Martin Broderick, Julia Roy
1835-06-17   Braudins, Isac Burke, Catherine Burke, Michael Foran, Jane Duffy
1835-06-20   Clifford, John Doyle, Bridget Bealy, James Gold, Jane Dalton
1835-06-28   Radmond, James Foristal, Bridget Foristal, John Foristal, Bridget Dalton
1835-09-24   English, Edward Laughlan, Mary Kinsella, Timothy Kinsella, Bridget Dalton
1835-09-24   English, James McCarthy, Elizabeth English, John McCarthy, Margaret Duffy
1835-09-24   Hennessey, John Power, Elizabeth English, Thomas? English, Anne Duffy
1835-09-30   Quiulan, Peter North, Elinor Cotter, James Dunne, Mary Duffy
1835-09-30   Keefe, Patrick Whelan, Catherine Mackey, William Keefe, Thomas Duffy
1835-10-02   Cahill, Patrick Howly, Mary Besson, James Noonan, Johanna Duffy
1835-10-07   Hearne, Maurice Lyons, Mary Roynane?, Michael Power, Thomas Duffy
1835-10-25   Curtain, Timothy Barry, Bridget Crroveiu?, William Bride, Johana Duffy
1835-11-03   Moine, Michael Cahill, Mary Bayly, John N?, Mary Devereux
1835-11-08   Kenna, John Granville, Margaret Sheal?, Laurence Kenna, Mary Duffy
1835-11-10   Brine, Anthony Noonan, Elen Power, Thomas F?, Johana Duffy
1835-11-12   Kelly, Michael Baggs, Sarah Banvill, Thomas Barren, Ann Dalton
1835-11-13   Dunphy, Patrick Deady, Ellen Noel, Christopher Hart, Mary Devereux
1835-11-13   Fitzgerald, Nicholas Geighan, Margaret Sullivan, Daniel Brown, Betsy Dalton
1835-11-13   Sullivan, John Martin, Betty Daniel, James Bolen, Mary Devereux
1835-11-21   Duggin, Daniel Kennedy, Betsy Sullivan, William Kennedy, Ann Dalton
1835-11-22   Byrne?, John Doolin, Mary Good, Michael Godd, Ellen Dalton
1835-11-26   Dwyer, Michael Dee, Julia Dee, David Brine, Bridget Dalton
1835-11-26   Harringford, Patrick Quinn, Allicia Quinn, William Paters?, Judith Dalton
1835-11-27   Fitzgerald, Patrick Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzgerald, Owen Connors, Bridget Dalton
1835-11-28   Bransheld, David Lynch, Catherine Lynch, David Lynch, Mary Dalton
1836-01-04   Brown, James English, Anne Colferd, Patt English, Ann Dalton
1836-01-06   Hunt, Patrick Butler, Mary Summers, Edmond ?, Mary Duffy
1836-01-06   Kennedy, John Kennedy, Elizabeth Kennedy, William Kennedy, Ann Dalton
1836-01-10   Boland, John Dempsy, Mary Loder, James Glaster, Patrick Duffy
1836-01-17   Golford, John Meaney, Margaret Meaney, Maurice Meaney, Catherine Duffy
1836-01-30   Whelan, Pierce Hartice, Elizabeth Gould, Michael Mgee, Jean Dalton
1836-02-12   Cleary, Patrick Neuman, Bridget Waran?, Michael Walsh, Margaret Duffy
1836-02-15   Shea, Timothy? Sylivard, Catherine Kenna, David Henifan, Mary Dalton
1836-02-16   Clue, Timothy Thistle, Elizabeth Kidny?, Michael Broderick, John Duffy
1836-02-18   Newman, William Dunn, Catherine Maddock, Matthew Griffin, Ann Duffy
1836-02-29   Hugh, Connors Biddy, Conners Fitzgerald, John Wallis, Margaret Dalton
1836-05-19   Murphy, Edward Hickey, Catherine Hendrehan?, John Marshal, Mary  
1836-06-11   Thistle, Francis Taylor, Julia Glavien, Tishard Thistle, Maria Duffy
1836-06-17   Doran, Jake Lyons, Ann Schahan, Allice McCarthy, Margaret  
1836-06-18   McCarthy, Timothy Britt, Bridget McCarthy, Charles Britt, Julia Dalton
1836-06-18   Spry, Michael Cullimone, Mary Cullimone, Will1Am Doyle, Bridget Dalton
1836-06-19   Oliver, Harry English, Jean Kelly, Patrick English, Mary  
1836-06-23   Gamble, Thomas Elsow, Mary Howley, Michael Elson, Bridget  
1836-08-28   Burke, William McGrath, Mary Culliman, Edmond English, Catherine Dalton
1836-09-01   Moine, Owen Mansfield, Anne McDonald, William Fermusan, Emilia Dalton
1836-09-02   Doyle, James Whelan, Mary Whelan, Philip Doyle, Ellen Duffy
1836-09-04   O'Neil, William Oliver, Mary Oliver, John O'Neil, Mary  
1836-09-05   Cotter, James Keefe, Ally Mackey, William Muliahy?, Anne  
1836-09-05   Kelly, Michael Kelly, Eidy? Noonan, Thomas Launy?, Mary  
1836-09-27   Tobin, Peter Bryan, Ann N?, Patrick Dooling, Richard  
1836-10-30   H?, Patrick McKee, Jean N?, James McCarthy, Alice  
1836-11-04   Woodfin, William Doyle, Mary Wooofin, Michael McCashin, Catherine Duffy
1836-11-08   Clancy, Thomas Cosh, Ellen Power, Michael Foristal, Michael  
1836-11-08   Finnelly, John Redmond, Bridget Redmond, John Redmond, Mary Dalton
1836-11-09   Grandie, John M?, Bridget Brown, John Hanavan?, Mary Duffy
1836-11-10   Summers, Moses Connors, Catherine Power, William Hally, Anne Duffy
1836-11-10   Malone, Thomas Madd??, Catherine Costigan, Michael Kehoe, Margaret Dalton
1836-11-12   McGrath, Patrick Hearm, Mary Scanlan, Thomas Floey, Betty Duffy
1836-11-12   Vivic, Nicholas Smart, Johana Fahey, Pate Bower, Ellen Dalton
1836-11-16   Doody, William Flinn, Mary Dalton, Nicholas Menny, Alice Dalton
1836-11-17   McDonmc, Pate Dreery, Ellen Dreery, Patrick Colbert, Mary Duffy
1836-11-17   McGuire, Michael Fitgerlad, Mary White, George Fitzgerland, Mary Dalton
1836-11-17   Connors, John Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzgerald, Dennis Scanlan, Ellin Dalton
1836-11-20   Keough, John Dohier?, Mary Dumphy, John Kelly, Ellen  
1836-11-23   Cashman, John McCarthy, Mary Scott, Thomas Cronan, Jqliaua Dalton
1836-11-23   Byran, Michael Power, Ellen Grace, Philip Cowner, Mary  
1836-11-24   Dumphy, Daniel Doyle, Anne Byrne, Edward Meany, Patt Dalton
1836-11-24   Power, Maurice Power, Anne Kenna, Nicholas Burke, Mary Duffy
1837-01-02   Naming, Michael Keneford, Mary Maning, Thomas Heneford, Michael Duffy
1837-01-04   Broders, John Connel, Margaret Cashman, Patt Cahill, Margaret Dalton
1837-01-04   Ryan, John Sccry, Elizabeth Tobin, John Byrne, Susanna Dalton
1837-01-05   Rose, Joseph McGuire, Catherine Duggan, John McGuire, Michael Duffy
1837-01-08   Leary, James Earl, Mary Niee?, Matt Summers, Mary Duffy
1837-01-08   Nigt, John Kennedy, Ann Reed, James Kennedy, Margaret Dalton
1837-01-08   Fitzpatrick, Patt Ryan, Honor Fleming, Thomas Delaney, Mary Dalton
1837-01-18   Power, Richard Donning, Susana Tobin, John Hearlay, Anty-Stella Dalton
1837-01-23   Kelly, Edward Colbert, Margaret ?, James Power, Catherine Dalton
1837-01-23   Holley, Thomas Forrestal, Kary Murphy, Michael McKee, Anne Dalton
1837-01-23   Peddle, Richard Laurince, Patricia Nichole, John Clarke, Jane Duffy
1837-01-23   Ryan, Dennis Morrissey, Catherine Dunn, Larry Butler, Anty Dalton
1837-01-30   Lee, Jeremiah Power, Catherine Corrigan, Edward Green, Catherine Duffy
1837-01-31   Pike, John Flinn, Catherine Freany, Patrick Dunphy, Mary  
1837-02-03   McCarthy, William Peach, Alley Walsh, Walter Mo?ley, Margaret Duffy
1837-02-06   Lyons, William Goobe?, Catherine Nahan?, Edward Gold, Johana Dalton
1837-02-06   McCarthy, Justin Kelly, Margaret Ryan, William Mo?ley, Margaret Dalton
1837-02-17   Wise, Thomas Commins, Mary Brian, James Commins, Elizabeth Dalton
1837-04-09   Leary, Benjamin Ryan, Ellen Mcaffy?, Peter Jones, Margaret  
1837-04-11   Renald, Thomas March, Mary Ere, William McCarthy, Mary Duffy
1837-04-12   Divour?, Pate Brian, Mary Finnel, John Jure, Mary Dalton
1837-04-16   Kennedy, Michael Murphy, Bridget Murphy, Dennis Dunphy, Margaret Dalton
1837-04-17   Butt, John Stapleton?, Margaret Moran, John Moran, Maria Dalton
1837-04-23   Carby, William McCarthy, Margaret Walsh, John Costigan Dalton
1837-04-24   Phelan, James Walsh, Mary Sweeny, James Gary, Elizabeth Duffy
1837-04-31   Fitzgerald, Thomas McDonald, Jean Baire, William Walsh, Mary Dalton
1837-04-31   Sullivan, James Mitchel, Ann Carigan, Edward Dalton, Barber  
1837-04-31   Kelly, Patt Quire, Elizabeth Quire, James Kelly, Mary  
1837-05-02   Dunn, Patrick Meany, Mary Banville, Nicholas Morrissey, Catherine  
1837-05-07   McCarthy, Charles Riggs, Elizabeth Riggs, James Riggs, Mary Duffy
1837-05-16   Duggan, Daniel Martin, Mary-Ann Doyle, Morgan Broders, Catherine Duffy
1837-05-17   Flinn, James Godfree, Mary Neil, Thomas Noonan, Johanna Duffy
1837-06-01   Dawling, John Hickey, Catherine Sinot, John Shea, Ellen Duffy
1837-06-04   Dunn, Richard Muleowny, Mary Dunn, Dennis Muleouhy, Catherine Dalton
1837-06-19   Cahill, John Haco, Mary Furlong, Nicholas Cahill, Margaret Duffy
1837-09-03   Keefe, Patrick Hingy, Ann Power, James Hingy, Margaret Duffy
1837-09-07   Dunn, Thomas Loony, Bridget North, William Loony, Mary Duffy
1837-09-10   English, Thomas Gregory, Martha Doyle, Michael English, Alice Duffy
1837-09-10   Hanlon, Martin Walsh, Johanna Murphy, Edward Colbert, Catherine Duffy
1837-09-12   Whelan, Philip Doyle, Ellen Doyle, James Whelan, Mary Duffy
1837-09-15   Doyle, Michael Kinsella, Bridget English, John Kinsella, Anastasia Duffy
1837-09-15   Bolan, Samuel Spry, Mary Oliver, Thomas Farrele, Mary Duffy
1837-09-25   Doyle, Laurence Aylward, Winnifred Cahill, Simon ?, Catherine Duffy
1837-11-04   Asfrel, Michael Monegree, Mary Hart, Patrick Walsh, Anastasia (Mc)Kenna
1837-11-06   Deacon, John Walsh, Anne Neil, Patrick Dooling, Catherine Duffy
1837-11-09   Walsh, John Flanigan, Jean Mullony, James Smith, Ellen (Mc)Kenna
1837-11-09   Carroll, Martin Walsh, Betsy Ryan, Dennis Pumphrey, Mary Duffy
1837-11-11   Fitzpatrick, Francis Conners, Mary Lyons, William Beckett, Mary (Mc)Kenna
1837-11-12   Phelan, John Dunphy, Bridget Sweeny, James Jordin, Ann Dalton
1837-11-12   Fitzpatrick, Thomas Flinn, Ann Cossey, Daniel Finn, Catherine (Mc)Kenna
1837-11-14   Clarke, Basil Gilloman, Anne Lang, James Kennedy, Margaret Dalton
1837-11-15   Halsh, John Kennedy, Elizabeth Kelly, Patrick Walsk, Mary (Mc)Kenna
1837-11-17   McCarthy, William Marshel, Charlotte Dwyer, Richard Dwyer, Julia Duffy
1837-11-19   Slvy?, William Daly, Mary McKee, Thomas Bivin?, Susan Duffy
1837-11-20   Dunn, Richard Murphy, Margaret Power, Maurice Murphy, Mary Duffy
1837-11-23   Fitzgerald, Maurice Walsh, Mary Bousan, Thomas McCarthy, Margaret (Mc)Kenna
1837-11-24   Davin, James Dobin, Elizabeth Brian, James Headan, Margaret (Mc)Kenna
1837-11-26 1836-11-26 Murphy, William Connell [Connors?], Margaret Doherty, Patt Megher, Bridget Dalton
1837-11-26   Walsh, Michael McCarthy, Margaret Walsh, Roger Hogan, Elizabeth Duffy
1837-11-29   Neptune, James Donavan, Maria Pike, Edward Peerce, Ellen Duffy
1837-11-29   Cooke, John Whelan, Mary Murphy, Thomas Joy, Margaret Dalton
1837-11-30   Flinn, John Cullen, Bridget Brien, Daniel Kenny, Mary Duffy
1837-11-30   Sennot, John Keefy, Johanna Kehoe, William Oeady, Catherine Duffy
1837-12-01   Kehoe, Maureen Curran, Mary Canill, John Hawe, Mary Duffy
1837-12-01   Hunt, Henry Foster, Margaret Walsh, William Foster, Ellen Dalton
1837-12-02   Guinan, Matthew ?, Ellen Fogerty, John Rup?, Mary Dalton
1837-12-02   Butt, Daniel Daly, Mary Condin, Jarret Daly, Elizabeth Duffy
1837-12-02   Butt, Tevence Sheehan, Mary Kennedy, Nicholas Husk, Ellen Dalton
1837-12-22   Laveen?, Thomas Hogan, Jean Boye?, William Hogan, Mary Duffy
1837-12-22   Butler, William Joy, Margaret Harrigan, John Kehoe, Margaret (Mc)Kenna
1837-12-22   Mahony, John Novaee, Mary Mckenna, James Dunphy, Margaret Duffy
1837-12-xx   Dugan, Laurence English, Catherine Brown, Peter Green, Catherine Duffy
1838-01-07   Gigaile?, Edward Brien, Bridget Duggan, Michael Brien, Mary Dalton
1838-01-11   Hoelet?, William Cavanagh, Betty Cavanagh, John Kinsella, Jqhanha Duffy
1838-01-20   Whelan, John Boyle, Catherine Coole, John Kennedy, Ellin Dalton
1838-02-06   Parrell, Thomas Mickeagan?, Betty Scanlan, Thomas Scanlan, Bridget Duffy
1838-05-15   Meany, John Croake, Ellen Cahill, Simon Croake, Bridget Dalton
1838-07-04   Burges, Michael Cavil, Ann Hearn, William Power, Mary Duffy
1838-07-26   Butler, Edmond Clipper, Margaret Banimon, ? Dalley, Anne Dalton
1838-08-05   Auskol?, Johm Egan?, Elizabeth Lingis?, Edmond Farrell, Betsy (Mc)Kenna
1838-08-17   Allin, Peter Sullivan, Jean Glaster, Patrick Connners, Ellen (Mc)Kenna
1838-09-30   Colbert?, Richard Heron, Margaret Mullone, Thomas O'Reily, Ellen (Mc)Kenna
1838-10-03   Power, Patrick Croak, Bridget Mackey(Edmond Cooyrellen (Mc)Kenna
1838-10-07   Clancy, James Maher, Margaret Dawling, E Dawling, Ellen (Mc)Kenna
1838-11-06   King, Thomas King, Rebecca King, John King, Julia Dalton
1838-11-13   Hauel?, Matthew Riely, Ally Riely, William McCarthy, Margaret Dalton
1838-11-17   Meany, John Lee, Mary Fiun, Thomas Moran, Ellen Dalton
1838-11-18   Castoney, James Coughlin, Catherine Roman, John Brimsan, Ellen Dalton
1838-11-22   Broders, James ?, Elizabeth Drake, Thomas Marshall, Mary Dalton
1838-11-25   McCarthy, Timothy Brine, Mary Kitchen, Philip Smyth, Ellen Dalton
1838-11-29   Gibbins, Patrick Currimrcatherine Mullone, Edmond Mullone, Catherine Dalton
1838-11-30   House, Patrick Cornick, Mary Cormick, Dennis Kenna, Catherine Dalton
1838-12-06   Butler, Edmond Croak, Bridget Meany, John Croak, Ellen Dalton
1838-12-06   Taise, John Doyle, Mary Hanafan, John Flenney, Nory Dalton
1838-12-06   Walsh, Walter Lewis, Abigal McCarthy^Wliam Moresy, Mary Dalton
1838-12-06   Lynch, Timothy Phelam, Catherine Kenna, N? Doyle, Catherine Dalton
1838-12-06   Shoughrou, Batt Wallace, Margaret Lynch, Andrew Lynch, Thana Dalton
1839-01-26   Pours, Thomas Ronan, Mary Cody, William McKee, Elizabeth Dalton
1839-02-07   Scanlon, James Dunphy, Margaret Dallant? Scanlan, Nelly Cummins
1839-05-10   Griffith, John Coomey, Ellen Pours, Michael Phelan, Margaret Cummins
1839-05-14   Tobin, Michael Purcil, Celia Cahil, James Doohn, Ellen Cummins
1839-06-28   Watt, Garrit Fouy, Mary Quigley, Charles Morris, Mary Dalton
1839-10-26   Richerdah, Michael Duggen, Mary Wall, Thomas Keefe, Johana Cummins
1839-10-31   Grace, Philip Daltom, Anty Kn?, Patrick Butler, Anty Dalton
1839-11-07   Fitzgerald, John Morressey, Abby Dunn, John Maddocks, Bridget Cummins
1839-11-12   Kennedy, William Collins, Elizabeth McCarthy, Florence Pumphrey, Mary Walsh
1839-11-12   Walsh, William Laherty, Judith Deacon, John Meany, Ellen Walsh
1839-11-13   Lidane?, Ritchard Harty, Mary Clarke, John Harty, Jane Walsh
1839-11-13   George, William Mackey, Ellen Gidge?, Ritchard W!Seman, Luisa Dalton
1839-11-17   Tobin, John Hurly, Anastasia McGrath, John Murphy, Mary Dalton
1839-11-17   Martin, Peter Leary, Ellen Hartary, Michael Martin, Elizabeth Walsh
1839-11-18   McDonald, William Corn, Sara McDonald, John McCarthy, Margaret Dalton
1839-11-20   Rohan, Eduard Boland, Honora Tobin, John McKenna, Catherine Walsh
1839-11-21   McCarthy, John Hurry?, Catherine Murry, Morris McCleasty, Mary Dalton
1839-11-23   Fitzgibbon, William Darin, Amty Findny?, John Cody, Ellen Walsh
1839-11-27   Fitzgerald, John Innas?, Cathy Fitzgerald, John Morasy?, Ellin Dalton
1839-11-28   Riely, William Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzgerald, John McCarthy, Johana Dalton
1839-11-28   Fitzgerald, James Morsey?, Catherine Maguire, Michael Balm?, Johana Dalton
1839-11-28   Haw, Pate Mullone, Catherine Keefe, Richard Cahill, Mary Walsh
1839-11-29   Reed, James McHasty, Margaret Macmara, Moses English, Anne Walsh
1839-11-30   Phelan, Thomas Brine, Mary Brine, William Brine, Ellin Walsh
1840-01-02   Fitzgerald, Thomas Power, Ellen Keefe, William Power, Mary Dalton
1840-01-26   Walsh, James Shamehah, Bridget Kelly, Edmond Shea, Ellen Cummins
1840-02-26   Dunphy, John Gordon, Luisa Cahil, John Cahil, Mary Cummins
1840-05-03   Bradbury, Charles McLean, Charlet Keefe, James Melane, Maria Dalton
1840-05-04   Keefe, Peter Kenihan?, Mary Ryan, Dennis Costican, Catherine Walsh
1840-05-04   Cummins, Nicholas Wells, Ann Lonston, Edward Kinsela, Johanna Dalton
1840-05-06   Cornish, John Grace, Bridget Murphy, Patt Molloy, Mary Walsh
1840-05-08   Gaps?, Alfred Flinn, Ann Flinn, John Flinn, Catherine Dalton
1840-05-14   McCarthy, Own Batten, Elizabeth Harty, Philip Carbary?, Bridget Dalton
1840-05-15   Mullone, Thomas Broun, Mary Broun, John Brown, Abby Walsh
1840-05-18   Rogers, Michael Britt, Mary Britt, James Britt, Johanna Dalton
1840-05-24   Kennelly?, James Gaid?, Johana Callahan, John Waters, Elizabeth Dalton
1840-05-26   Foley, Edmond Keefe, Mary Shelly, Edmond Keefe, Ellen Walsh
1840-05-27   Neil, Cornelius Mocles, Bridget Howleth, William McDonald, Mary-Ann Dalton
1840-06-06   Byrne, Patt Nicial?, Julia Power, Maurice Dalton, Barbara Cummins
1840-11-07   Norcott, William Liaera, Mary Norcott, James Norcott, Catherine Dalton
1840-11-13   Gaps?, David Hunt, Ellen Kelly, John Calding?, Mary Dalton
1840-11-17   Bowler, William Conners, Betty Grantfield?, Robert Garbly, Mary Dalton
1840-11-20   Shely, James Walsh, Mary Mogher, Michael Quin, Mary O'Connor
1840-11-26   Rolan, John Barron, Johana Rolan, Thomas Barron, Betty O'Connor
1840-11-28 1840-11-23 Cody, Matthew Butler, Catherine Duggin, John McGrath, Catherine O'Connor
1840-11-28   Harper, Patrick Cody, Ellen Wright, Edward Cody, Ellen Cummins
1840-11-28   Morrisssey, Patrick Dermidy, Margaret Darmody, John Morrissey, Susanna Cummins
1840-12-30   Snooker, Stephen Shern, Mary Smooker, Michael Smooker, Mary O'Connor
1841-01-09   Power, James Burke, Margaret Pours, Matthew Meany, Anastasia Cummins
1841-01-09   Binghan, James Carroll, Bridget Brien, James Carroll, Mary O'Connor
1841-01-12   Bryan, William Thomas, Margaret McCarthy, Michael Bryning?, ? Cummins
1841-01-19   Fleming, Richard Cody, Marcaret Ryan, John Fleming, Jane O'Connor
1841-01-21   Keefe, Timothy White, Catherine Gorman, Michael White, Mary O'Connor
1841-02-04   Fitzgerald, Michael Green, Rachel? Green, John Green, Bridget Cummins
1841-03-22   Heord?, James Fling?, Catherine Fling, John Headens, Mary O'Connor
1841-04-24   Skeehan?, John Kennedy, Mary Ryan, John Murphy, Ellen O'Connor
1841-04-29   Coomd?, John McCarthy, Ann ?, Catherine Coomd, Mary Cummins
1841-04-30   Whelan, Patrick Meany, Jane Scanlin, Thomas Lanners, Mary Cummins
1841-05-15   Smoocumb, Cornelious Gardner, Hester Shea, Richard Shea, Ann Cummins
1841-05-16   Cashman, John Aylward, Mary ?, Michael Aylward, Joanna O'Connor
1841-05-30   Murphy, John Webb, Ellen Tobin, Thomas Jordin, Ann Cummins
1841-06-02   Walsh, David Duffy, Elizabeth Walsh, Edmond Harding, Mary Cummins
1841-09-02   Mahoney, James Hingy?, Mary Duhou, Thomas Dunford, Mary Cummins
1841-10-23   Sullivan, John Buttler, Anty Kennedy, Harris Grace, Anty O'Connor
1841-11-07   Colford, George Lee, Ellen Doyle, Maurice Benson, Mary Cummins
1841-11-08   Ryan, Joseph Cowny, Rebecca Ryan, David Pours, Alas Cummins
1841-11-09   Walsh, Maurice Landy?, Judith Donihoo?, Michael Hayse, Margaret Cummins
1841-11-12   Burn, William Hefferd?, Elizabeth Burn, James Burn, Mary Cummins
1841-11-14   Maddock, Robert Kinsella, Joanna Keefe, Peter Ronan, Catherine Cummins
1841-11-16   Murphy, Simon Redmond, Catherine Hearn, Thomas Red«Ond, Mary Cummins
1841-11-16   Forrestal, Gregory Whelan, Martha Murphy, Gerret Cartry, Ellen Cummins
1841-11-18   Meaky, Daniel Fleming, Mary Doyle, Maurice Fleming, Margaret Cummins
1841-11-19   Wolford, William Buyre, Margaret Candler, Thomas Shea, Elin O'Connor
1841-11-19   Harty, Michael Martin, Elizabeth Martin, James Dalton, Gatherihe Cummins
1841-11-21   Furlong, Peter Jordan, Ann Flinn, Edmond Barry, Ann O'Connor
1841-11-22   Tommy, William Harty, Diana Harty, William Muloy, Elizabeth Cummins
1841-11-24   Garlin, Charles Coghlin, Ann H?, William Coghlin, Jane O'Connor
1841-11-25   McCarthy, John Kennedy, Catherine Kennedy, Timothy McCarthy, Elizabeth Dalton
1841-11-26   Smart, Michael Butler, Catherine Smart, Thomas Keley, Elizabeth Cummins
1841-11-26   Cooing, Edmond Keefe, Elom Troby, Miles Keefe, Alice O'Connor
1841-11-26   Morris, Edmond Lee, Catherine Sweeney, Edmond Pumphrey, Mary Dalton
1841-11-26   Sullivan, John Morressey, Catherine Coushan, William Moresey, Mary O'Connor
1841-11-26   Flinn, William Qun?, Mary Cuddahy, Patt Cantry?, Johana O'Connor
1841-11-27   Donahan, Timothy Moriarty, Nelly Confers, Michael Shedhan, Ellen O'Connor
1841-11-28   Dunn, William Connell, Alas Dunn, Robirth Connell, Bridget Dalton
1842-01-13   Drover, Hicholas Byrn?, Bridget Bradberry, Thomas Byrn, Maria Cummins
1842-01-15   Quinlow, Thomas Glaveen, Johana Byrn, James Glaveen, Ellen Dalton
1842-01-18   Sweeny, James Mory, Margaret Clulan, Edmond Geary, Bridget Dalton
1842-01-21   Mullins, George White, Margaret Keefe, Timothy White, Catherine Cummins
1842-01-26   McCarthy, Florence Kennedy, Serah Kennedy, William Flinn, Margaret Cummins
1842-01-31   Furlong, Thomas Hail?, Mary Broun, James Hayes, Catherine Cummins
1842-01-31   Long, Patrick Kain, Mary Keefe, James Redmond, Elizabeth Cummins
1842-02-02   Bransfield, John Meany, Anastasia McCarthy, Fel? McKee, Elizabeth Cummins
1842-02-07   Murphy, Edmond Murphy, Catherine Dalton, Richard Carbery, Ellen Cummins
1842-04-06   Candler, Thomas Toomey, Ellen F?, James Green, Bridget Cummins
1842-05-08   Kelly, Corelious Malud?, Mary Meil, Matthew Ronan, Catherine Cummins
1842-05-09   Costello, Martin Foster, Alice Cullon, James Callan, Catherine Cummins
1842-05-16   Kehoe, James McCarthy, Ellen Mokisty?, Thomas Mokisty?, Margaret Dalton
1842-05-19   Sullivan, William Crain, Catherine Crain, Daniel Brown, Abby Cummins
1842-05-21   Ryah, ? Connelly, Elizabeth Higgins, James Connelly, Maria Dalton
1842-05-25   Glaveen, Richard Hagerty, Catherine Glaveen, James Hagerty, Mary Dalton
1842-06-02   Hamon?, James Cavanagh?, Honora Clifford, Patrick Walsh, Ana5Tasia Dalton
1842-06-02   Hennessey, Michael Dalton, Barbara F?, James Walsh, Anastasia Dalton
1842-07-10   Biggs, John Hennebury, Mary Hunt, Philip Hasey, Ellen Dalton
1842-07-17   Kehoe, Thomas Cody, Ellener Divorin?, Patk Casey, Mary Gleeson
1842-08-01   Redmond, Michael Burn, Margaret Gleeson, James Murphy, Mary Dalton
1842-08-24   Griffin, Thomas Kenna, Ellen Foley, John Granvrle, Margaret Cummins
1842-09-11   White, John Connell, Bridget Hydin, Timothy White, Elizabeth Dalton
1842-10-09   Neil, Michael Green, Margaret Maher, Pierce Murphy, Ann Dalton
1842-10-23   Meany, Patrick Brien, Mary Cormick, Lawrence Colbert, Anastasia Cummins
1842-10-30   Guistic?, James Kelly, Ann Byrne, Richard Kelly, Catherine Gleeson
1842-11-02   Leahy, Michael Young, Catherine Leahy, Patrick Hso---, Betsy Dalton
1842-11-13   Saunders, Walter Costigan, Catherine Cirban, Thomas ?, Sarah Gleeson
1842-11-15   Wiseman, William Tobin, Elizabeth Maher, Pierce ?, Isabella Gleeson
1842-11-25   Foley, James Bradbury, Ann Higgins, Thomas Bradbury, Catherine Cummins
1842-11-26   Pumphery, John Benson, Mary Hogan, William Pumphrey, Mary Gleeson
1842-11-26   Mangan?, John Callahan, Patience Callahan, Daniel Shea, Catherine Dalton
1842-11-29   Neugb?, Hugh Fitzgerald, Ellen Keefe, William Duffy, Sera Gleeson
1842-11-xx   McCarthy, William ?, Bridget Byrne, Richard Mercer, Frances  
1843-01-01   Hickey, Patrick Cooney, Ellen Stapleton, Michael Cooney, Margaret Dalton
1843-01-01   Smalcome, Peter Gied, Mary Gilesby, Samuel Smalcombe, Mary Cummins
1843-01-04   Hurley, Morrice Lofty, Charlotte Forrestor, John ?, Mary Cummins
1843-01-14   Kennedy, Richard Hanrahan, Elizabeth McCarthy, John Dwyer, ?  
1843-01-15   Fitzgerald, Michael Guhan, Joanna Kennedy, Maurice Walsh, Mary Cummins
1843-01-26   Walsh, William Walsh, Catherine Keefe, John Carew, Margaret Cummins
1843-01-29   Kearny, William Lingnaue?, Mary Fitzgerald, Thomas Lynch, Johanna Cummins
1843-02-08   Connolly, William Addoms, Jane Addoms, James Cavel?, Sophy Gleeson
1843-05-07   Hirly?, William King, Julia King, Edward ?, Suzanna Dalton
1843-05-08   Bags, Jerimiah Byrne, Mary Kidny, John Byrne, Maria Dalton
1843-05-12   Doyle, Maurice Scanlan, Bridget Fitzgerald, John Hanrahan, Mary Dalton
1843-05-14   Meil, Matt Donevan, Margaret Howlet, William Donevan, Ellen Dalton
1843-05-27   Gillespy, Sam Ahearn, Catherine Ahearn, Michael Smal__?, Mary Dalton
1843-06-06   Leydea?, Martin Morrissey, Susannah Fitzgerald, Edward Cirsearty?, Ellen Dalton
1843-06-06   Singleton, Richard Mullalby, Bridget Bags, Tony Murphy, Margaret Gleeson
1843-07-36   Mulloway? Michael Zecarey?, Elliza George, Arthur Redmond, Margaret Dalton
1843-08-01   Ryan, John Sampson, Mary Katsh, John Culn, Francis Dalton
1843-08-19   Stapleton, James Legge, Emma McCarthy, Richard Legge, Catherine Dalton
1843-08-20   Kidney, Timothy ?, Julia Baggs, Tim Kidney, Ellen Gleeson
1843-08-xx   Goff, David Hunt, Catherine Hackett, Patrick Kelly, Mary Dalton
1843-11-02   McGullten?, James Quinn, Anne McCarthy, Patrick Murphy, Mary Dalton
1843-11-08   Neptune, Sibs Harrington, Mary Shea, Philip Curry, Julianna Dalton
1843-11-16   Bradbury, Thomas Mysor?, Mary Kelly, David Bradbury, Catherine Cummins
1843-11-26   Aylward, Edward Byrne, Susan McDonald, James Fleming, Ellen Cummins
1843-11-28   Sherbray, Bartholemu Cummins, Ellen Britt, Richard Sharbray, Johanna Cummins
1843-11-28   Redmond, John Marshall, Mary Redmond, James Marshall, Bridget Cummins
1843-11-30   Merrigan, Patrick Buckley, Jane Finerty, Patrick Lee, Ellen Cummins
1843-11-30   Byrne, William Colbert, Anastasia Byrne, John Kehoe, Margaret Cummins
1843-11-30   Duggan, Michael Doyle, Anastasia Shuhan, Thomas Duggan, Ellen Cummins
1843-11-30   Murphy, Thomas Gary, Elizabeth Condon, James Joy, Mary-Ann Cummins
1843-11-30   Curry, Michael Lawbys, Anastasia Lanigan, Edmond Hunt, Mary Cummins
1843-11-30   Cody, William Walsh, Elizabeth McGrath, Patrick Cavanagh, Bridget Cummins
1843-12-01   Corbin, Philip Fleming, Jane Schehan, Philip Fleming, Mary Cummins
1843-12-02   Rinalds, Patrick Hurley, Mary McCarthy, William Hians, Mary Dalton
1843-12-02   Hogan, William Pumphrey, Mary Pumphrey, John Benson, Mary Dalton
1843-12-02   Dunn, John Ricardan, Mary Ricardan, John King, Rebecca Dalton
1843-12-24   Farrell, Patrick Shoughroe, Johana Scanlan, Thomas Canty, Catherine Dalton
1844-01-28   McGulnes, Hugh Hier?, Ridget Brune, James Dwyer, Mary Dalton
1844-02-20   Granville, Arthur Harden, Mary Fitzgerald, Thomas Lynch, Mary Dalton
1844-05-08   Diera?, John Finnal, Catherine Dansie?, Frederick James Mian, Wmily Dalton
1844-05-13   McDonnel, John Shughrue, Joliana Shughrue, Bartholomew Doyle, Bridget Dalton
1844-05-14   Anderson, William Brine, Ellen Finnal, John Walsh, Mary Dalton
1844-05-16   Hayden, Thomas Dwyer, Anne Gear, Thomas Dwyer, Mary Dalton
1844-05-16   Mirea, Richard Griffin, Anne Morea, Jqhn Maddock, Bridget Gleeson
1844-05-26   Donnqliy, John Scanlan, Catherine Power, Matthew Doyle, Catherine Gleeson
1844-09-17   Noonan, John Fogarty, Lealy Oates, Edward Croney, Mary-Anne Gleeson
1844-10-09   Dwyer, Edmond Phelan, Mary Hicks, Richard Phelan, Margaret Gleeson
1844-10-27   Leary, Patrick Murphy, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Patrick Fitzgerald, Anastasia Gleeson
1844-10-29   Donaghue, Michael Sheehan, Ellen Murphy, Patrick Cody, Mary-Ann Cummins
1844-10-31   Redmond, Maurice Hennessey, Margaret Moris, Thomas Burke, Margaret Gleeson
1844-10-31   Wells, John McCarthy, Margaret Kn?, James Hogan, Ellen Gleeson
1844-10-31   Clarke, Absalom Morey, Jane Sweeney, Edward Geary, Catherine Cummins
1844-11-02   Fitzgerald, Michael Maddock, Bridget Kennedy, Maurice Walsh, Anastasia Gleeson
1844-11-03   Callahan, John Bride, Catherine Hiarn, Darric Power, Ellen Gleeson
1844-11-05   Byrne, William Zeatman, Franey Byrn, Edward Byrn, Maria Cummins
1844-11-06   McCarthy, Owen Porter, Julia Washer?, Bcsg? Conaly?Rellen Cummins
1844-11-07   Warford, Henry Driscal, Johanna Keefe, Michael Driscol, Ellen Gleeson
1844-11-08   Kehoe, James Tones?, Anne Condom, John Shea, Mary Cummins
1844-11-10   Stapleton, James Fleming, Margaret Hickey, Richard Power, Mary Gleeson
1844-11-14   Drake, Thomas Farrell, Mary Mackey, John Farrell, Catherine Cummins
1844-11-14   Finerty, Patrick Laryer?, Sara King, Patrick Marshall, Caroline Gleeson
1844-11-14   Whelan, Edward Morrissey, Mary Sweeny, Edward Morrissey, Honora Gleeson
1844-11-16   Farrell, John Brennan, Johanna Brennan, Thomas Purcell, Mary Cummins
1844-11-16   Butt, Leir Duggan, Ellen Doyle, John Duggan, Allas Gleeson
1844-11-17   Fitzgerald, John Burke, Ellen Fitzgerald, William Cullahan, Catherine Cummins
1844-11-17   Hickey, James Cooney?, Margaret Cody, John Cody, Catherine Cummins
1844-11-21   Maguire, Thomas Byrne, Margaret Whelan, John Whelan, Ellen Cummins
1844-11-23   Murphy, John Carroll, Mary Hynes, Patrick Ruly?, Mary Gleeson
1844-11-24   Smallcombe, Michael Hearn, Mary Hearn, Simon Shea, Ann Cummins
1844-11-24   Walsh, Francis Smallcombe, Mary Kearn, Michael Fahey, Ellen Cummins
1844-11-25   Kelly, Edmond Kelly, Ellen Bcham, John Tones?, Margaret Gleeson
1844-11-25 1844-10-31 Keefe, John Walsh, Mary Condon, James Kehoe, Margaret Cummins
1844-11-30   Harper, Matthew Dalton, Ann Keefe, Peter Power, Mary Gleeson
1844-12-02   Icehoe, Francis Finn, Catherine Connell, William McCarthy, Ellen Cummins
1844-xx-xx   Clarke, Samuel Thistle, Maria Thistle, Francis Ryan, Mary Gleeson
1845?   Mackey, John Griffin, Mary Drake, John Farrell, Mary Gleeson
1845-01-01   Callahan, Daniel Doherty, Ann Pr?, Michael Shea, Mary Gleeson
1845-01-01   Byan, Michael Dooling, Ellen Parsons, Michael Butler, Margaret Dalton
1845-01-02   Dalton, Patrick Brine, Ellen Shea, Dennis Cahill, Margaret Gleeson
1845-01-02   Lacey, John Log?, Mary-Anne Breen, James Power, Mary Cummins
1845-01-09   Connory, Thomas Hassajun?, Mary Butler, James Connory, Catherine Gleeson
1845-01-09   Ryan, James Murphy, Ann Clifford, Patrick Innott, Harriott Gleeson
1845-01-26   Morissey, Patrick Callihan, Catherine Keefe, Peter Burke, Mary Cummins
1845-01-29   McGrath, Patrick Copp?, Patience Carroll, Thomas Gardner, Ann Cummins
1845-02-02   Smyth, Anthony Power, Ellen Millican, Martin McDonald, Bridget Cummins
1845-02-04   Fitzgerald, Edward M?well, Bridget Shea, Philip Yocella?, Mary Cummins
1845-05-09   Malome, John Keefe, Alice Griffin, John Deverea?, Elizabeth Cummins
1845-05-16   Kirby, Thomas Kenny, Margaret Martin, John Finn, Catherine Gleeson
1845-05-25   Leary, John Dalton, Catherine Martin, William Harper, John Cummins
1845-05-27   Hall, James Galian?, Hay Kiran, Philip Fleming, Ellen Cummins
1845-05-29   Demordy, Joseph Dwyer, Mary Deverea?, John Whelan, Ellen Cummins
1845-06-01   Keefe, William Dealy, Susanna Condon, Garret Innott?, Susanna Gleeson
1845-06-04   Fahey, Patrick Fogarty, Catherine Fahey, Thomas Shea, Mary Cummins
1845-06-05   Martin, William Connell, Kay Leary, James Connell, Ann Gleeson
1845-06-22   Butt, Alexander Kennedy, Amelia Kennedy, Edmond Kennedy, Mary Cummins
1845-06-22   Butt, Ambrose Sheahan, Anastasia Kennedy, Michael Sheahan, Ann Gleeson
1845-10-21   Stapleton, Richard Flynn, Mary McCarthy, Richard McCarthy, Anne Gleeson
1845-10-21   Redmond, John Hearn, Ellen Haern, James Redmond, Mary Gleeson
1845-10-26   Lahey, Maurice Lyons, Johanna Scanlan, Thomas Rows?, Bridget Gleeson
1845-11-06   Graham, Joseph Kelly, Catherine Fionan, Francis Ridley, Mrs Thomas Cummins
1845-11-23   Hayden, William Glavine, Ellen Broaders, Edward Roman, Johanna Dalton
1845-11-23   Rural, Michael Hayse, Honora Percil, Joseph Ronan, Catherine Cummins
1845-11-25   Hearn, Michael Power, Catherine Hvnes, Thomas Cody, Catherine Cummins
1845-11-25   Cody, Patrick Power, Ellen Shea, Stephen Riely?, Mary Cummins
1845-11-26   Doyle, James Duggan, Anastasia Rigsil?, Joseph Doyle, May Cummins
1845-11-30   Hickey, Richard Cody, Julia Walsh, James Cody, Elizabeth Cummins
1845-11-30   Teessil [Thistle?], James Doyle, Mary Healy, Patrick Thistle ?, Mary Dalton
1845-xx-29   Glendon, William Sean, Jane Walsh, David Harding, Mary Dalton

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Lary Jeremiah Leary Jeremiah, May 8, 1832 Cindy Salvato
Mac Elms
1822-11-23, Witness #2. Should be Mab Elms, short for Mabella. She is Susannah's sister Fran Vella

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