NL GenWeb 1870 - 1871 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 2002. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Surname Given Names Occupation Direction
Adams David photographer Public wharf, h Harvey
Adams James fisherman South side
Alcock Azariah mechanic South side
Alcock Henry fisherman 280 Water
Alcock Henry planter South side
Alcock James fisherman South side
Alcock Mark planter South side
ALLAN W. M. physician h Harvey
Allen Selby G. accountant h Harvey
American Consul
P. Devereux 173 Water
Andreoli Val. clock repairer 196 Water
Andrews George fisherman 312 Water
Andrews Henry fisherman 306 Water
Andrews Richard fisherman 308 Water
Andrews Stephen planter 300 Water
Andrews William (of Robert) planter 310 Water
Andrews William planter 304 Water st
Ash George fisherman 288 Water
Ash James fisherman 288 Water
Ash John fisherman 288 Water
Ash Thomas fisherman 286 Water
Ash William fisherman 288 Water
Ash William laborer 272 Water
Badcock Robert engineer
Badcock W. Spanish clerk h 22 Noad
Barry G. fisherman Bennet's lane, h 8
Barry J. boot and shoemaker 146 Water
Barry Nicholas fisherman Bennet's lane, h 8
BELL JOHN L. teacher Central school Cochrane
BENISTER JOHN sheriff office Courthouse, h Cochrane
Bennet Sam. blacksmith Cochrane, h 75
Bennet Stephen blacksmith Cochrane
Best William fisherman South side
Bolger James general dealer 133 Water, h do.
Bowden Robert baker 188 Water
Bowe Thomas fisherman South side
Bradbury Charles fisherman South side
Bradbury James mechanic South side
Bray Ambrose fisherman South side
Bray Frederick fisherman South side
Bray James planter South side
Bray John fisherman South side
Bray John planter South side
Bray Joseph fisherman South side
Bray Richard fisherman South side
Bray William planter South side
Brazil William fisherman South side
Bremner Robert manager h Water r Cochrane
Brennan John fisherman South side
Brennan Zubias fisherman 100 Water
Brien Jeremiah farmer South side
Brien M. policeman h Carbonear road
Brown Eli fisherman South side
Brown George keeper Harbor Grace beacon light 32 Water
Brown George fisherman South side
Brown James sea captain 34 Water
Brown John fisherman South side
Brown Philip fisherman South side
Brown Robert accountant h 225 Water
Brown William fisherman South side
Brown William mechanic South side
Brown William wharfinger h Water
Bryan John shipowner 36 Water
Bryan Jeremiah sailor 298 Water
Bryan Michael shipowner 40 Water
Bryan Mrs. wid, groceries 140 Water
Bryan Mrs. wid 60 Water
Burke John fisherman South side
Burke Wm. policeman h Carbonear rd
Burrows Johnston F. landingwaiter H.M. customs 7 Carbonear road
Butland P.R. bookkeeper 192 Water
Butler James fisherman South side
Butler John mechanic South side
Butler P. groceries and liquors 26 Cochrane
Butt Charles mechanic South side
Butt Joseph mechanic South side
Cahill J. fisherman h 52 Cochrane
Callahan James liquors 202 Water
Callahan J. groceries & liquors 89 Water
Casey P. cooper bds 10 Holbrook road, h do
Casteen Michael planter South side
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Clark W.L. salesman bds 129 Water
Cleary William fisherman
CLIFT A. auctioneer and commission merchant 15 Water, h do (See Adv p1240)
Clift Henry A. barrister h Water
Clow William fisherman 29 Harvey
Coady John mechanic
Coady John storekeeper 146 Water
Coady Mrs. Kate groceries 182 Water
Coady Patrick fisherman South side
Coady Thomas mechanic
Coakely H. fisherman h 28 Cochrane
Coates James salesman h 223 Water
Colbert E. master mariner bds Caledonian house
Cole John fisherman South side
Collins John farmer South side
Collins Patrick farmer
Collins Ter. salesman bds Cochrane
Condon Garrel sailmaker 148 Water
Connell Jer. fisherman 70 Water
Connell John boot and shoemaker 67 Water
Connell Maurice grocer 74 Water
Cook Nicholas cooper 47 Harvey
COOPER JOSEPH stoves and tinware Beach, n Water (See Adv p1230)
Courage Garland fisherman South side
Courage John fisherman South side
Courage Joseph fisherman South side
Courage Robert fisherman South side
Courage Thomas fisherman South side
Courage William planter South side
Court House

Carbonear rd cor Harvey
Costigan Maurice fisherman 66 Water
Cram Thomas blacksmith h 170 Water
Croak Thomas storekeeper h Water
Crocker Charles planter South side
Cullin T. storekeeper h Statton's hill
Cummins John fisherman South side
Cunningham Maria
266 Water street
Curtis Wm. shipcarpenter h 14 Noad
Dalton Ellen
290 Water
Dalton Richard fisherman
Dalton Thomas fisherman
Davis Henry planter South side
Davis George planter South side
Davis John planter South side
Davis Robert planter South side
Davis William planter h 209 Water
Dann William planter South side
Dawley John clerk h 71 Water
Dawley William fisherman
Dealy Charles farmer South side
DEARIN J.J. jun. druggist 87 Water, h do (See Adv opp)
Dempsey John mechanic South side
Devereaux Patrick general dealer and American vice-consul 173 Water, h do
Devenpool Wm. mechanic South side
Dise Thomas farmer
Donaldson P. boot and shoemaker 162 Water
Donnell John variety store 69 Water
Donnelly James fisherman South side
DONNELLY Hon. W.J.S. general merchant 181 Water, h 218 do (See Adv opp)
Dooley Miss Bridget confectioner and proprietor International hotel 141 Water
Dooling Mrs. Wid liquors 80 Water
Doran Michael fisherman South side
Dormady John fisherman South side
Dow Ronald warehouseman h Harvey
Dow Selby Allan accountant h Harvey
Downey Ambrose fisherman South side
Downing Uriah fisherman South side
Doyle John fisherman South side
Doyle Michael fisherman South side
Drover William fisherman South side
DRYSDALE A.T. postmaster, notary public, broker, and commission merchant 141 Water, h do
Drysdale James B. accountant h 83 Harvey
Duggan Edward fisherman
Duggan John fisherman South side
Duggan Michael fisherman
Elliott Samuel storekeeper h Victoria
Elliott Thomas assistant storekeeper h Cochrane
Emerson George H. salesman h Water
EMERSON LOUIS W. clerk and registrar of court office Courthouse, h Water, east
Fahey Patrick planter South side
FALLON LUKE superintendent of police Beach, h Carbonear road
Farrell George mechanic South side
Farrell Michael groceries and liquors 104 Water
Fennell John clerk of the peace office Courthouse, h Water
Fitzgerald E. fisherman 52 Water
FITZGERALD J. insurance agent Harvey n Cochrane
Fitzgerald John liquors and groceries 18 Cochrane
Fitzgerald M. fisherman South side
Fitzgerald W.S. accountant bds Water
Fitzgerald Wm. J. salesman h Harvey
Fitzgerald Wm. fisherman 200 Water
Fletcher D. master cooper h Harvey
Flynn David musician bds 243 Water
Flynn John cooper bds 243 Water
Flynn Patrick cooper bds 243 Water
FLYNN MICHAEL J. cooper and guager 243 Water, h do
Foley Mary liquors 216 Water
Foley Patrick fisherman South side
Ford William cooper h 46 Water
Fox James carman 24 Harvey
French Charles mechanic South side
French Elias fisherman South side
French George fisherman South side
French George policeman h Water
French John carpenter 284 Water
French John E. fisherman South side
French Moses fisherman South side
French Patrick grocer 126 Water
French Richard fisherman South side
French Robert fisherman South side
French R. jun. fisherman South side
French Stephen mechanic South side
French Thomas fisherman 282 Water
French William fisherman South side
Goden Mrs. G.C. boardinghouse 196 Water
Gardiner Christ. fisherman South side
Garland George mechanic South side
George William fisherman
Gillard Thos. salesman bds 159 Water
Gillespie John planter South side
Glarene James planter
Glendon W. salesman bds 135 Water
Godden Geo. fisherman Bennet's lane
Godden Geo. watchmaker h 163 Water
Godden James mechanic South side
Godden Joseph hardware and watchmaker 163 Water, h do
Godden Thos. mechanic South side
Goff David tailor 90 Water
Gordon Samuel shipowner 26 Water
GORDON WILLIAM merchant 121 Water, h do
Graham Joseph cooper 284 Water
GREEN DANIEL general merchant 135 Water, h do (See Adv p1218)
Green John outside agent for DeGrein h Water
Green Mrs. Rachel
212 Water
Grey Patrick gardener 214 Water
Griffin Daniel fisherman South side
Grubert Elizabeth grocer 144 Water
Grubert John boot and shoemaker 144 Water
Grubert William boot and shoemaker 124 Water
HAMILTON E. school teacher 2 Water
Hamilton Thos. fisherman South side
Hanrahan Joseph mariner 1 Water
Hanrahan Roger junkstore 93 Water
Harbor Grace Literary Institute

136 Water
Harper Mathew planter 298 Water
Harris George warehouseman h Water
HARRIS Rev. THOMAS (Wesleyan) 3 Water
Hartery George master mariner h 63 Cochrane
Hartery Jer. sailmaker 98 Water
Hartery Stephen sailmaker 98 Water
Hatcher James policeman h King town
Hawkins Chas. fisherman South side
Hawkins Thomas planter South side
Heally Patrick fisherman South side
Heath Samuel fisherman 20 Water
Henderson Thomas storekeeper h 15 Cochrane
Hennessy Captain John
South side
Hennessy William master mariner h 207 Water
Hickey Michael fisherman
Hickey Richard fisherman
Higgins Mrs. Z. wid 28 Water
Hinds Edward fisherman South side
Hinds Patrick fisherman South side
Hippsley Mrs. Elizabeth
204 Water
HIPPISLEY JAMES general dealer 165 Water, h do
Hogan John butcher 156 Water
Holland William fisherman South side
Horwood Alfred planter South side
Horwood Frederick planter South side
Howell George bookkeeper 24 Water
Howlett Mrs. William wid Victoria house, 152 Water
Howlett Thos. fisherman h 65 Water
Humber Andrew farmer South side
Hunt John fisherman South side
Hunt Mrs. Edward wid 60 Water
Hunt Wm sen. farmer South side
Hunt Wm. fisherman South side
Hushings Miss Mary shopkeeper 116 Water
Hutchings John carpenter h 43 Water
Hutchings Sosser Jas. master builder h 91 Harvey
Hutchins John mechanic South side
International Hotel B. Dooley prop. 143 Water
Jarvis James salesman bds 121 Water
Jenkins John fisherman South side
Jenkins Robert fisherman South side
Jewer J. master mariner h off Water
general merchants 159 Water (See Adv opp)
Jillard John merchant 159 Water, h do
Jillard Nath. merchant 159 Water, h do
Johnstone William M. salesman bds 127 Water
JONES Rev. BERTRAM (Episcopal) Cochrane
Jones Michael grocer and confectioner 91 Water, h do
Kearney Wm. fisherman South side
Kelly David fisherman South side
Kelly Edward farmer South side
Kelly James fisherman and farmer South side
Kelly John planter South side
Kelly Michael planter South side
Kelly Timothy fisherman South side
Keefe Michael fisherman h 57 Water
Keefe Mrs. Mary liquors 224 Water
Kenefick P. boardinghouse 106 Water
Kennedy C.L. tinsmith and stove establishment 184 Water
Keough Bartholomew farmer
Keough James fisherman South side
Keough Maurice fisherman 64 Water
Keough Michael fisherman
Kilfoy Edward fisherman South side
King John mechanic South side
Knight Henry sea captain 38 Water
Knight John fisherman South side
Kruger Otto cooper h 85 Harvey
Langdown Geo. fisherman South side
Lannan Wm. fisherman h 57 Water
Lanrey Andrew J. accountant h Water
Layton Chas. master mariner Cochrane
Leahy Richard butcher 118 Water
Leahy Robert butcher 94 Water
Leary John fisherman h 59 Water
Lewis Michael fisherman South side
Longwell B. salesman bds 139 Water
Lufman Henry fisherman South side
Lynch John tailor 54 Water
Lynch Thomas liquors 154 Water
Lyon Edwin W. bookseller and stationer 142 Water
Macey Thos. salesman bds 159 Water
Mackey Richard planter
Maher Mrs. P. widow, boardinghouse 142 Water
Maher William sergeant of police Beach, h Harbor Grace hill, north
Mahoney Thomas fisherman
Malone John fisherman 64 Water
Martin Austin blacksmith 236 Water
Martin Hamilton carpenter h Water
Martin James fisherman 230 Water
Martin John T. fisherman South side
Martin John tailor 148 Water
Martin Joseph mechanic South side
Martin Mat. vessel owner South side
Martin Mrs. C.
220 Water
Martin N. blacksmith 15 Cochrane
Martin William fisherman 236 Water
McCarthy Chas. fisherman South side
McCarthy Daniel farmer
McCarthy Felix accountant h Water
McCarthy John fisherman South side
McCarthy T. fisherman h 65 Water
McCarthy P. policeman h Stratton's
McGrath John cooper
McKiman Murdick tailor 152 Water
McLeod George accountant h Water
McRae Roderick salesman h Water
Merchant T. policeman h Caplin Cove
MILLER JACOB cooper Harvey near Kerry's lane
Mills W. blacksmith h Prendergast lane
Mills William watch and clockmaker 142 Water
Mitchell J. cabinetmaker h 20 Cochrane
Mooney James salesman Water
Moore H.T. collector of customs Water
Morieu James fisherman South side
Morris J. boot and shoemaker 112 Water
Morris Thomas fisherman Water
Morrissey Chas. fisherman South side
Morrissey Charles grocer 294 Water
Morrissey M. fisherman South side
Morrissey Morgan fisherman 68 Water
Morrissey Patrick fisherman South side
Malcahy B. fisherman South side
Malcahy Michael planter South side
Malcahy William fisherman South side
Mullowney Peter tinplate worker 160 Water
Munn Archibald merchant h Harvey, n Victoria
Munn James salesman bds 159 Water
Munn John M.H.A. merchant 149 Water, h Bannerman
Munn Robert S. merchant 149 Water, h Harvey
Munn Stewart cashier h Harvey
MUNN WILLIAM P. merchant 149 Water, h Bannerman
Munro T.H. salesman bds 139 Water
Munroe Wm. J. storekeeper h Water
Murphy John cooper 54 Harvey n Cochrane
Murphy Morice fisherman 47 Harvey
Murphy Pierce fisherman South side
Neil Daniel fisherman South side
Neil Edward fisherman South side
Neil John fisherman South side
Neil Mrs. M. wid, grocer 150 Water
Neil William fisherman South side
Newhook Henry mechanic South side
general dealers 121 Water (See Adv p1242)
Nichols Archibald farmer South side
Nichols Charles fisherman South side
Nichols C. master builder h Water
Nichols Edwards fisherman South side
Nichols Jacob barber 158 Water
Nichols John mechanic South side
Nichols Joseph S. tailor 63 Water
Nichols Moses mechanic South side
Nichols N. fisherman South side
Nichols Thomas carpenter h Water
Nichols Thomas farmer South side
Nichols Tobias fisherman South side
Noble William

Noel Aaron fisherman
Noel Alfred fisherman
Noel Jonathan fisherman
Noel Joseph fisherman
Noel Josiah fisherman
Noel Martin fisherman
Noel William fisherman
Norcott Abraham planter
Norcott James planter South side
Norcott Joseph fisherman South side
Norcott Patrick fisherman
Noseworthy Alfred fisherman
Noseworthy Edgar fisherman
Noseworthy Moses fisherman
Noseworthy Thomas fisherman
O'Brien Patrick planter h 61 Water
Oliver Adam salesman bds 129 Water
O'Toole Bernard hostler h Water
Parmiter Samuel planter South side
Parsons A. cabinetmaker 180 Water
Parsons Ebenezer liquors and groceries 92 Water
Parsons E. carpenter 180 Water
Parsons J. salesman bds 159 Water
Parsons John fisherman h 201 Water
Parsons Mark trader 232 Water
Parsons Moses, sen. planter
Parsons S. fisherman bds 201 Water
Parsons Thomas farmer South side
Parsons & Warren
cabinetmakers 180 Water
Parsons William planter South side
Parsons W. salesman bds 121 Water
PATENT SLIP Hon. W.J.S. Donnelly President (See Adv p1242)
dry goods dealers 139 Water (See Adv p1242)
PATERSON JOHN merchant 139 Water, h do
Payne John fisherman h 285 Water
Payne John storekeeper 238 Water
Payne John wharfinger h Water
Payne Nicholas mechanic South side
Payne Nicholas overseer of oil works h Water
Payne W. fisherman h 211 Water
Payne W. fisherman h 242 Water
Peat W. policeman h Carbonear road
Pendergast John laborer h 63 Water
Pendergast Patrick cooper and variety store 51 Water
Peters Joseph stipendiary magistrate Courthouse, h Harvey
Peters N. housejoiner 13 Church hill
Peters S. housejoiner 51 Cochrane
Petherick H. fisherman 278 Water
Pickad J. cabinetmaker 220 Water
Picott J. carpenter h Pendergast lane
Pike Albert
Indian town, h 11 Noad
Pike B. policeman h Meath [sic] hill
Pike Charles planter South side
Pike Eli planter South side
Pike George merchant South side
Pike John fisherman Harvey
Pike Richard sea captain South side
Pippy William fisherman South side
Police Station

Beach n Water
Pomphrey D. fisherman 16 Cochrane
Pomphrey Jer. planter h 221 Water
Pomphrey John planter and vessel owner h 219 Water
Power John fisherman 302 Water
Power John fisherman South side
Power Richard joiner 73 Water
Prendergast C. librarian 138 Water
Prendergast Jas. L. commission agent 167 Water
Presentation Convent

Water, n Cathedral
Priddicombe F. fisherman South side
general merchants 149 Water (See Adv opp)
Purcell Joseph fisherman South side
Purcell Michael fisherman South side
Purcell William fisherman South side
Pynn Joseph mechanic South side
Quinn Mrs. Ellen wid 66 Water
Quinton Edward W. buyer for Ridley & Son h Cochrane
Quirk Hugh cooper h 28 Cochrane
Rankin William salesman bds Victoria
Reid Mrs. Ellen Caledonian house 108 Water
Richards John cooper and gauger 10 Holbrook road
Richards John farmer South side
Ridley & Sons
general merchants Beach ft of Cochrane
Ridley Thomas merchant Cochrane, h Liverpool England
RIDLEY THOMAS HARRISON M.H.A. merchant Cochrane, h Water
RIDLEY WILLIAM HENRY merchant Cochrane, h Liverpool, England
Rigler James fisherman
Rigler Richard fisherman
Roach William gardener 48 Water
Robbins John fisherman South side
Rogers Eli mechanic South side
Rogers Silas storekeeper h Water
Ronan Patrick shoemaker 68 Water
Ross C.W. merchant 115 Water
Ross Charles W. & Co.
general dealers 115 Water
Ross Robt. W. salesman bds 115 Water
Ross Thomas salesman h 115 Water
RUDDOCK JOHN J. principal, Harbor Grace grammar school Harvey
Russell James fisherman South side
Rutherford Andrew merchant 129 Water, h Montreal
general merchants 127 Water (See Adv opp)
Rutherford George C. J.P. merchant 129 Water, h do
Rutherford Richard storekeeper bds 129 Water
Ryan Augustine fisherman Cochrane, h 52
Ryan Lawrence fisherman
Ryan Timothy fisherman
Sacrey John fisherman South side
Sacrey William fisherman South side
Savage Eugene policeman Beach S. Station house, Beach
Scanlon James fisherman South side
Scanlon Mrs. P.
262 Water
Sellars William fisherman South side
Shannahan Edward farmer
Shaughrue B. fisherman South side
Shea Daniel fisherman South side
Shea Dennis liquors 164 Water
Shea James fisherman South side
Shea Stephen fisherman South side
Shea Stephen planter South side
Shea Thomas fisherman South side
Sheehan John farmer South side
Sheppard Alfred fisherman South side
Sheppard John fisherman South side
Sheppard Levi fisherman South side
Sheppard Martin planter South side
Sheppard N. fisherman South side
Sheppard Nathaniel planter South side
Sheridan John fisherman South side
Shortis Michael tailor 96 Water
Simmons Jas. E. fisherman South side
Simms Joseph C. bookkeeper 58 Water
Sinwott John farmer South side
Smallcombe C. fisherman South side
Smallcombe Peter farmer South side
Smallcombe S. planter South side
Snow George fisherman South side
Spencer William fisherman South side
Spurdle William fisherman
SQUIRES JOHN photographer Public wharf, Victoria, h Water (See Adv p1241)
Squarey William R. printer bds Water
Squarey Robert T. publisher and proprietor of "The Standard" Water, h do
Stabb William B. accountant h Water
"Standard The" R.T. Squarey publisher and proprietor Water
Staples John C. fisherman South side
Stapleton John fisherman
Stapleton Joseph mechanic
Stapleton M. fisherman South side
Stephenson Captain John shipowner South side
Stephenson Wm. fisherman South side
Stewart Charles salesman h 223 Water
Stewart George salesman h Water
Stewart Neil storekeeper h Water
St John Dennis fisherman South side
St John Joseph fisherman South side
Stowe Frederick mechanic South side
Stowe Richard mechanic South side
Stowe Samuel mechanic South side
Stowe William mechanic South side
Sullivan Ellen wid 83 Water
Sullivan Jer. fisherman South side
Sullivan M. sea captain South side
Sweetland Ben. cashier h Cochrane
Syme John accountant h Harvey
Taylor John fisherman South side
Taylor Richard fisherman South side
Thistle Frederick fisherman South side
Thistle Thomas planter South side
Thistle William fisherman South side
Thomas John H. fisherman 274 Water
Thomey Arthur master mariner h Beach n Water
Thomey Henry master mariner h Beach n Water
Thompson Mrs. Elizabeth
246 Water
Thompson W. liquors 186 Water
THOMPSON WILLIAM H. druggist and telegraph operator 134 Water (See Adv opp)
Toussaint Charles F. physician Water cor Bannerman
Trapmell Henry china and glassware store 110 Water
TRAPNELL Hugh W. commission merchant and auctioneer 173 Water, h Water (See Adv opp)
Travers O.V. salesman bds 139 Water
Travers William fisherman South side
Trencher Chas. blacksmith Church hill
Vass Edward boot and shoemaker, groceries and liquors 32 Cochrane
Verge John fisherman South side
Verge Joseph farmer South side
Verge Philip fisherman South side
Wall Garrett grocer 32 Water
WALSH Rev. E.F. Catholic curate h Bishop's palace, Water
Walsh Francis fisherman South side
Walsh George fisherman
Walsh James planter South side
WALSH Rev JOHN administrator of diocese h Bishop's palace, Water
Walsh Michael fisherman
Walsh Patrick butcher 198 Water
Walsh Patrick fisherman South side
Walsh Philip fisherman 62 Water
Walsh Robert butcher 132 Water
Walsh Thomas farmer South side
Walsh William liquors 76 Water
Warren James mechanic South side
Warren William mechanic South side
Warren W. jun. mechanic South side
Webber Alfred tidewaiter 18 Water
Webber E. shipcarpenter h Caplin cove
Webber Mrs. Arnald wid 18 Water
Webber Tobias fisherman Harvey
Webber Valentine mariner 18 Water
WEBBER WILLIAM school teacher
Whelan James cooper h 61 Water
White Frederick mechanic South side
White Levi laborer 4 Water
Whiteway E. storekeeper bds 129 Water
Williams Edward mechanic South side
Williams Fred. fisherman South side
Williams John fisherman South side
Williams J.F. cloakmaker Harvey
Williams William planter South side
Wills Richard fisherman h 167 Harvey
Wills Robert H. baker 84 Water
Wills Thos. storekeeper h 104 Harvey
Wilson Alex. salesman bds 129 Water
Wilson Thos. salesman bds 139 Water
Withicombe J.D. mechanic South side
Wolfrey Thos. blacksmith cor Water and Le Merchant
Worral James salesman h Victoria
Yetman William fisherman
Youdall Hugh salesman h 115 Water

Name Description of Error My Name
GLAVINE Glarene, James, planter" should be Glavene. This is my gggrandfather. The real ancestral name is "GLAVIN". The Newfoundland version from very early on is "GLAVINE". One of the many variations I have seen is "GLAVENE", in addition to Glaveen, Glavein, etc.).
Matt Glavin

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