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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Spaniard's Bay

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 2002. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Surname Given Names Occupation Direction
Babb Thomas planter
Baggs Jeremiah fisherman
Baggs William planter
Bishop Esau planter
Bishop Francis fisherman
Bishop Frederick fisherman
Bishop John fisherman
Bishop Joseph fisherman
Brazell John fisherman
Brazell Thomas planter
Briffitt Loial fisherman
Broffin Robert mechanic
Butt John fisherman
Coombs Albert fisherman
Coombs Alexander fisherman
Coombs Fredric fisherman
Coombs James fisherman
Coombs William fisherman
Coughlan Richard fisherman
Coughlan William fisherman
Crane Jonathan fisherman
Drover Aaron fisherman
Godsell John planter
Good James fisherman
Goos William fisherman
Gosse James planter
Gosse John planter
Gosse Jonathan fisherman
Gosse Moses planter
Gosse Moses tavernkeeper
Gosse Nathaniel planter
Gosse Robert planter
Gosse Robert (2) planter & vessel owner
Gosse Stephen planter
Gosse William fisherman
Gosse William planter
Hearn Timothy fisherman
Hunt Philip planter
Hussy Mathew fisherman
Hutchings George planter
James John fisherman
Kent James planter
Kidney John fisherman
Kidney Timothy fisherman
Lundergan George fisherman
Lundergan John fisherman
Lundergan Robert fisherman
Lundergan William fisherman
Maddin Timothy fisherman
Mercer Charles fisherman
Mercer Richard fisherman
Mercer Thomas fisherman
Morgan Jacob planter
Noseworthy Charles fisherman
Noseworthy George fisherman
Noseworthy George planter
Noseworthy James fisherman
Noseworthy Moses fisherman
Noseworthy Wm. fisherman
Parsons Edward fisherman
Parsons George fisherman
Parsons Jonathan planter
Parsons William planter
Phealon Laurence fisherman
Phealon Timothy fisherman
Phealon William planter
Porter George planter
Porter Jonathan planter
Reed James fisherman
Ryan Geoffrey planter
Sheppard Henry planter
Sheppard James planter
Sheppard Jonathan fisherman
Sheppard Martin fisherman
Stephenson Thomas fisherman
Stone George fisherman
Thomson Patrick planter
Yetman Henry fisherman
Yetman John fisherman
Yetman William fisherman

Name Description of Error My Name

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