NL GenWeb 1870 - 1871 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Spaniard's Bay, Long Bridge to Bryant's Cove

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 2002. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.
Surname Given Names Occupation Direction
Anthony Caleb fisherman
Baldwin William fisherman
Baggs Joseph fisherman
Baggs William planter
Barrett Abraham fisherman
Barrett Bethel fisherman
Barrett George fisherman
Barrett Henry fisherman
Barrett John fisherman
Barrett John planter
Barrett John, jun. planter
Barrett Joseph planter
Barrett Moses planter
Barrett Nathaniel planter
Barrett Thomas fisherman
Barrett William fisherman
Brazzil John planter
Brazzil Joseph fisherman
Brazzil Thomas planter
Brown Robert mechanic
Butler Peter fisherman
Butt John fisherman
Butt Josiah fisherman
Callaman John mechanic
Callaman William mechanic
Carroll Thomas fisherman
Corbin Richard fisherman
Costello Martin mechanic
Crane Christopher fisherman
Crane James farmer
Crane William fisherman
Farrell John fisherman
Finn John fisherman
Frayne Mathew mechanic
Galway William fisherman
Godsell John planter
Gosse James planter
Gosse John planter
Gosse Jonathan planter
Gosse Moses planter
Gosse Nathaniel planter
Gosse Richard fisherman
Gosse Robert planter
Gosse Robert (2) planter
Gosse Stephen planter
Gosse William planter
Gosse William, jun. planter
Hinds John fisherman
Hoshorn Thomas fisherman
Hutchings George fisherman
Hutchings George planter
Jones Francis fisherman
Jones Solomon farmer
Kennedy John fisherman
Kent James planter
Keough Jeremiah fisherman
Lundergars Joseph fisherman
Lynch John fisherman
Lynch Joseph fisherman
McCarthy Thomas farmer
Mercer Henry fisherman
Mercy George fisherman
Minchens John fisherman
Minchens Matthew fisherman
Minchens Thomas fisherman
Mugford Henry fisherman
Mugford James fisherman
Mullins James farmer
Murren John fisherman
Murren Thomas fisherman
Murren William fisherman
Neil George fisherman
Noseworthy George planter
Noseworthy James fisherman
Noseworthy Jacob fisherman
Noseworthy John fisherman
Noseworthy Jonathan fisherman
Phelan David fisherman
Phelan James fisherman
Phelan Matthew fisherman
Phelan William planter
Piddle Joseph fisherman
Porter George planter
Porter Jonathan planter
Roberts John fisherman
Roberts Joseph fisherman
Ryan Jeffrey planter
Ryan John fisherman
Seymour Henry mechanic
Seymour Matthew fisherman
Seymour Robert fisherman
Sheppard Henry planter
Sheppard James planter
Sheppard Martin

Smith Abraham fisherman
Smith Isaac fisherman
Smith Jacob planter
Smith Joshua fisherman
Smith William fisherman
Stickland Benjamin fisherman
Thompson John fisherman
Thompson Patrick planter
Vokey John fisherman
Vokey Jonathan fisherman
Vokey William fisherman
Young Edward fisherman
Young Michael fisherman

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