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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ December 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
HARBOR GRACE - The second town for importance in the island and the capital of the district of Harbor Grace, is situated on the north side of Conception Bay. The harbor is very large, being about 5 miles long, but its shape being that of a wedge, with its point inland, the greater part is open to the sea. That portion, however, on which the wharves are built, is sheltered by a spit of beach, and inside of this vessels may lie securely in all weathers. On this spit is erected the Harbor Beacon, a double light, one being placed above the other. Harbor Grace Island light shows the entrance to the harbor; it is revolving, showing in every direction two white flashes, followed by one red flash. Harbor Grace is a town of large trade, and nearly one fourth of the total business of the country is done here. The number of ships entering in 1869 was 200. The town has a pretty appearance from the harbor, but lacks public buildings of any consequence, with the exception of the Roman Catholic cathedral, the dome of which forms a prominent object in entering the port. This building has lately been enlarged and its interior lavishly decorated, surpassing in this last respect any chuch in the colony. The Circuit Court holds both a spring and autumn session here, and a magistrate holds court daily. The New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. has an office here. Distant from Portugal Cove by steamer, tri-weekly, 20 miles, fare $1.50. Mail tri-weekly. Population 6770.

Adams, Mrs. E. wid William Harvey
Alcock James laborer Water, riverhead
Alexander Andrew master mariner Bannerman
Allan William M. D. 94 Harvey
Allcock Azariah master mariner 4 Water
Allcock Henry fisherman 368 Water
Anderson Mrs. Jane wid Richard Water
Ash Ambrose fisherman Harvey
Ash Edmund fisherman Water
Ash Francis carpenter Water
Ash James fisherman Water
Ash Richard carpenter 116 Harvey
Aylward Mrs. Julia wid Edward
Badcock Robert engineer r 36 Water
Bailey Henry master mariner Victoria
Barnes George blacksmith 13 Le Merchant
Barry John shoemaker 146 Water
Bell John school teacher Water
Bemister John sheriff Court house, h Cochrane
Bennett Stephen blacksmith 69 Cochrane
BOLGER JAMES general dealer in dry goods, groceries, provisions, hardware, boots, shoes, &c., 113 Water
BOWDEN ROBERT baker and confectioner 188 Water
Bray A. laborer
Bray Frederick fisherman
Bray James fisherman
Bray John, jun. fisherman
Bray John, sen. laborer
Bray William fisherman
Brazil Mrs. Frances wid njamin [sic] 34 Water
Breaker Stephen blacksmith 15 Le Marchant
Bremner Robert bookkeeper 43 Cochrane
Brennan Tobias fisherman 100 Water
Brien Mrs. Judith wid J. 138 Water
British hall
Brown George master mariner 32 Water
Brown James master mariner 34 Water
Brown Philip fisherman Water
Brown Robert bookkeeper 225 Water
Burrows Johnston F. landingwaiter 7 Carbonear road
Bush James fisherman Harvey
Butler Patrick tavern 22 Cochrane
Butt Wm. master mariner Cochrane
Cahill Edward fisherman Harvey
Cahill Jeremiah fisherman Cochrane
Cairns Thomas clerk Harvey
Caledonia house Mrs. H. Reed, proprietress 108 Water
Callahan John tavern 89 Water
Callanan James saloon 202 Water
Candler Ths. butcher 53 Le Merchant
Carson George fisherman 17 Bennett's Lane
Cathrae John clerk bds at 8 Victoria
Cleary Richard fisherman 10 Bennett's lane
Clift Alex. auctioneer 75 Water
Clift Henry A. barrister 75 Water
Clow Robert laborer Harvey
Clow Henry W. sailor
Coates James clerk 223 Water
Cody John laborer 100 Harvey
Cody Mrs. Catherine wid W. Water
Cole John fisherman
Collins Terence storeman Cochrane
Condon Garrett sailmaker 148 Water
Connel Jeremiah fisherman 70 Water
Connel John shoemaker 67 Water
Connell Maurice tavern 74 Water
Cook Nicholas cooper Harvey
Cooney Michael laborer 36 Cochrane
COOPER JOSEPH dealer in tinware, stoves, copper, lead, iron and brass goods. Force pumps of all sizes, port and starboard lanterns, codfish jiggers and all kinds of job work Water east Police station.
Corbin James fisherman Harvey
Corbin Mrs. Sarah wid Thomas Cochrane
Courage Joseph fisherman Water, river head
Courage John fisherman Water, river head
Court house Jos. Peters, chief magistrate, David Rogers, keeper, Carbonear road
Cram Thos. blacksmith r 206 Water
Cram Thomas blacksmith 170 Water
Cronan Mrs. Ann wid Timothy 42 Water
Cutler Jacob seaman 4 Cochrane
Dancey Robert fisherman Water
Davis Hannibal fisherman 372 Water
Davis Henry fisherman 366 Water
Davis James fisherman Water
Davis John fisherman 370 Water
Davis, Nathaniel master mariner Water
Davis Robert fisherman 368 Water
Davis William planter 209 Water
Dawley John fisherman 71 Water
Dawley Mrs. Alice wid Patrick Harvey
DEARIN JOHN J. , jun. druggist and apothecary 87 Water. See Adv
Devereux Patrick merchant 171 Water
Donald John laborer 69 Water
Donaldson John shoemaker 162 Water
Donnelly W. J. S. , M. L. C. merchant h 218 Water
Doolan Edward
Dooley Miss Bridget hotelkeep r [sic] Water
Dooling Mrs. Catherine wid M. 82 Water
Dooling Mrs. Mary wid Michael Harvey
Dorothy Mrs. Ellen wid Patrick Le Merchant
Dow Mrs. Caroline wid William Harvey
Dow Selby bookkeeper Harvey
Drover John fisherman Water river head
Drysdale Andrew Thomas postmaster, notary Water
Drysdale James clerk Harvey
Duffy James laborer Harvey
Edgecomb Elie fisherman Cochrane
Edison George sailor Harvey
Elliott Samuel salesman Victoria
Emerson Lewis W. chief clerk and registrar, Court house h, Main st
Elliott William cooper Water
England Joseph storeman Harvey
Evill Mrs. E. wid Charles Victoria
Fallon Luke high constable Water
Fannon Peter sailor Harvey
Farrell George blacksmith Water, river head
Farrell John shoemaker Water
Farrell Mrs. Margaret wid E. 104 Water
Farrell Patrick fisherman 104 Water
Fennell John J. clerk of peace, Court house Carbonear road, h 102 Water
Fitzgerald Edmund fisherman 52 Water
Fitzgerald Henry clerk 10 Bennett's lane
Fitzgerald John fisherman 18 Cochrane
FITZGERALD JOHN marine insurance agent Harvey
Fitzgerald William fisherman 200 Water
Fletcher Daniel cooper Harvey
Foley Mrs. Mary wid Edmund, saloon 216 Water
[F?]oley Patrick laborer
Foley Stephen ship carpenter Cochrane
Fox James
French George carpenter Water, river head
French John fisherman 385 Water
French Mrs. Mary wid F.
French Richard laborer
French Stephen storekeeper Water, river head
French William fisherman
Gaden Mrs. G. C. boarding house 8 Victoria n Water
Garland Charles
Garland Fred. laborer Harvey
Garland George laborer Harvey
Gillard Thomas clerk 159 Water
Garland Mrs. H. wid John Harvey
Gas works J. Strathie, manager
GODDEN JOSEPH chronometer, watch and clock maker, importer and dealer in all kinds of hardware, watches, clocks and American goods 163 Water
Godden Thomas farmer
Goff David tailor 90 Water
Gordon George fisherman 8 Church hill
Gordon Henry fisherman Water
Gordon Hugh master mariner Water
Gordon Mrs. E. wid William Water
Gordon Mrs. L. wid John Water
Gordon Reuben cooper Water
Gordon Samuel ship owner 26 Water
Gordon William of Neyle & Gordon 121 Water
Gorman James farmer
Gray Patrick gardener 212 Water
Green captain Thomas
12 Br[a?]zils lane
Green Daniel merchant 137 Water
Green John salesman 9 Bannerman
Green Mrs. R. wid Daniel 208 Water
Grimm Fritz cooper Water
Grubert Michael cooper Harvey
Grubert John shoemaker 144 Water
Grubert William shoemaker 124 Water
Hall Richard agent Water
Hamilton Eugene N. school teacher Water
Halfpenny Michael fisherman
Hampton Frederick ship carpenter Harvey
Hanrahan Joseph fisherman Cochrane
Hanrahan Nicholas master mariner
Hanrahan Rodger crockery 93 Water
Harbor Grace Grammar school
J. I. Roddick, principal Harvey
weekly; annual subscription $4; R. T. Squarey, editor, proprietor and printer 47 Water. See Adv.
Harbor Grace Volunteer Fire Co.

Harris rev. Thomas Wesleyan 4 Water
Hartery Andrew master mariner Cochrane
Hartery Michael sailmaker 9 Bennett's lane
Hartery Stephen sailmaker 98 Water
Hawkins Charles fisherman Water, river head
Heater George master mariner Water
Heater John C. master mariner Water
Henderson Thomas clerk Cochrane
Hennessey Mrs. Barbara wid M. 59 Water
Hennessey Mrs. M. wid D. Cochrane
Hennessey William master mariner 207 Water
Higgins Mrs. Caroline wid Thomas 28 Water
Hippisley James commission merchant 165 Water
Hippesley Mrs. E. wid George 204 Water
Hogan John butcher 156 Water
Howell George bookkeeper Water
Howlett Mrs. E. wid William 114 Water
Howlett Thomas fisherman 65 Water
Hunt Mrs. Margaret wid Edward 60 Water
Hunt William fisherman Water, river head
Hutchings James builder Harvey
Hutchings John carpenter 213 Water
Hutchings Miss Mary fancy goods 116 Water
Jewer James master mariner off 210 Water
JILLARD BROTHERS general importers of British and foreign goods, linen and woollen drapery, ready-made clothes, cooking stoves and grates, ironmongery and cutlery, provisions and groceries, boots and shoes, also watches, clocks and jewellery 159 Water
Jillard John P. of Jillard Brothers 159 Water
Jillard Nathaniel of Jillard Brothers 159 Water
Jones Michael fancy goods 91 Water
Jones rev. Bertram ch of England Cochrane
Jones William laborer Harvey
Keefe Michael fisherman 57 Water
Keefe Mrs. Bridget wid Edward, hotel Le Marchant
Keevan John laborer
Kehoe William master mariner Victoria
Kelly Mrs. Helen wid Martin 88 Water
KENNEDY C. L. manufacturer and dealer in tinware, stoves, copper, lead and iron goods [24 or 34 or 84 or 94?] Water See Adv
Kennedy Mrs. Anna wid John 14 Church hill
Kennetick Patrick fisherman 106 Water
Kent Henry cooper
King John fisherman 1 Morris lane
Knight Henry master mariner 38 Water
Kruger Otto cooper Harvey
Lahy Richard butcher 120 Water
Lahy Robert butcher 94 Water
Lambert John
Lannan William fisherman 57 Water
Layton captain Charles
Leary John fisherman 59 Water
Lindsay James fisherman Water
Literary institute
136 Water
Lovelock Mrs. M. D. superioress Presentation convent
Lynch James fisherman Harvey
Lynch John laborer Harvey
LYNCH JOHN manager Harbor Grace Water works 14 Victoria
Lynch John tailor Water
Lynch Joseph fisherman Harvey
Lynch Thomas grocer 154 Water
LYON EDWARD W. agent for J. Lindberg, jeweller, watchmaker, bookseller and stationer 142 Water
Macey Thomas clerk 159 Water
McCarthy Felix clerk
McCarthy Mrs. Mary wid Patrick Le Merchant
McCarthy Patrick policeman Harvey
McKay Michael laborer Cochrane
McKinnon Murdoch tailor 152 Water
McLeod George clerk 8 Victoria
McRae Roderick clerk bds 8 Victoria
MADDIGAN RICHARD tailor and clothier 3 Bannerman. See Adv.
Maher Mrs. J. wid P. 142 Water
Makinson George engineer and proprietor Conception Bay steamer Victoria
Maloney Peter tinsmith 160 Water
Marine railway George Makinson, engineer Ships head
Martin Charles laborer r 230 Water
Martin Hamilton carpenter 15 Martins Brook
Martin Hector fisherman r 206 Water
Martin James fisherman 230 Water
Martin John policeman 236 Water
Martin Jonathan fisherman 1 Martin's lane
Martin Joseph carpenter r 226 Water
Martin Joseph laborer r 206 Water
Martin Mrs. B. wid William r 226 Water
Martin Mrs. Emma wid Frederick r 226 Water
Martin Mrs. Sarah wid Charles r 226 Water
Martin Mrs. Susannah wid Henry r 230 Water
Martin Nathaniel blacksmith Le Merchant
Martin Peter fisherman Harvey
Martin Stephen laborer r 226 Water
Martin William laborer Harvey
Masonic Hall
Meany Michael fisherman Harvey
Merchant Thomas policeman Water
Merchant Tobias fisherman Water
Miller Jacob cooper Harvey
Miller William cooper Water
Mitchel George tailor 40 Cochrane
Mitchel John carpenter 20 Cochrane
Mitchel Thomas clerk 16 Cochrane
MOLLOY WILLIAM general dealer in dry goods, groceries, provisions, hardware, boots, shoes, spirits, &c., n 112 Water
Moore Henry T. sub-collector of customs h 23 Victoria
Moriarty James laborer Harvey
Morissey Morgan fisherman Harvey
Morissey Thomas sailor 3 Church hill
Morris John shoemaker 112 Water
Munn Archibald of Punton & Munn Harvey
Munn James clerk 159 Water
Munn John of Punton & Munn 13 Bannerman
Munn Mrs. E. wid captain John 14 Harvey
Munn Robert merchant Harvey
Munroe William clerk Victoria
Munwright John sailor Harvey
Murden Joseph laborer Harvey
Murphy John cooper Harvey
Murphy Lawrence fisherman Harvey
Murphy Maurice fisherman Harvey
Murray John fisherman Harvey
Neil Edward laborer Water, river head
Neil John laborer
Neil William fisherman
W. H. Thompson, agent Water
general dealers in dry goods, groceries, provisions, boots and shoes 121 Water
Nicholas Jacob barber 158 Water
Nicholl Joseph S. tailor 63 Water
Noble William clerk 8 Victoria
O'Neil Dennis master mariner Victoria
O'Neil Mrs. Margaret wid M., tavern 150 Water
O'Toole Bernard coachman off 210 Water
Parsons Ambrose fisherman Harvey
Parsons Bernard blacksmith r 206 Water
Parsons E. grocer 92 Water
Parsons John master mariner 201 Water
Parsons Josiah master mariner 5 Martin's lane
Parsons Mark dealer 232 Water
PARSONS SIMEON H. cabinetmaker and upholsterer 180 Water
Parsons William fisherman Water
Paterson & Foster
merchants 139 Water
Payne John fisherman 215 Water
Payne John manager 238 Water
Payne Nicholas clerk 217 Water
Payne William
242 Water
Payne William, sen. fisherman 211 Water
Peters Joseph J. P. Harvey
Peters Nicholas joiner 13 Church hill
Peters Stephen carpenter Cochrane
Phelan James cooper 61 Water
Picker William G. cabinetmaker Water
Pike Charles fisherman Water
Pike John fisherman Harvey
Pippy George fisherman Water
Pippy Thomas fisherman Water
Police station Luke Fallon, high constable off Water
Power Mrs. Mary wid Robert Harvey
Power Richard joiner 73 Water
Prendergast George cooper
Prendergast James L. importer 169 Water
Prendergast John laborer 63 Water
Prendergast Patrick cooper 51 Water
Prendergast Richard laborer 63 Water
Presentation Convent Mrs. Mary Desales Lovelock, superioress Carbonear road
Pumphrey John planter 219 Water
Punton & Munn
merchants Water
PYNN AUGUSTUS carriagemaker, upholsterer, cabinetmaker and general jobber Stanley road [n?] Water
Pynn Joseph master mariner 348 Water
Quinn Mrs. Helen wid Patrick 66 Water
Quinton Edward W. traveller 131 Water
Quinton Edward W manager Cochrane
Rankin William clerk Victoria
Read Arthur
r 230 Water
Reed Mrs. Helen proprietress Caledonia house 108 Water
Richards John master cooper
Ridley & Sons
merchants Water
Ridley Thomas H. of Ridley & Sons Water
Roger David gaol keeper Carbonear road
Rogers William blockmaker r 230 Water
Rohan Patrick shoemaker 68 Water
Ross C. W. of C. W. Ross & Co. Water
Ross C. W. & Co. merchants Water
Ross rev. Alexander Presbyterian Victoria
Rutherford Brothers merchants 129 Water
Rutherford Goerge C. of Rutherford Brothers 129 Water
Ryan Edward cooper Water
Ryan John master mariner 36 Water
Scott Charles fisherman Harvey
Shea Daniel fisherman 11 Church hill
Shea Dennis tavern 164 Water
Shelmadina Mrs. Julia wid Charles Harvey
Sheppard W. H. fisherman Victoria
Shinner Mrs. Susan wid Thomas Water
Shortis Michael tailor 96 Water
Simms Joseph C. clerk 58 Water
Smart Martin master mariner Victoria
Smith William blacksmith Victoria
Snelgrove Solomon fisherman Water
Snow George fisherman Harvey
Sparks Joseph carpenter Cochrane
Spence John sailor Harvey
Spence John W. master mariner Harvey
SQUAREY ROBERT THOMAS editor, proprietor and printer, Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser 47 Water. See Adv
Squires John photographer 204 Water
St Paul's church
ch of England, rev. B. Jones Cochrane
Stephenson John fisherman Harvey
Stevenson John master mariner Water, river head
5 Bannerman
Strathie John manager Gas works Le Merchant
Stuart George clerk 223 Water
Stuart Neil clerk 8 Victoria
Sullivan Mrs. Mary wid P. 15 Bennett's lane
Syme John bookkeeper Harvey
Taylor Eugene clerk Victoria
Temperance hall
Thistle John cooper Victoria
Thistle William fisherman Water, river head
Thompson William tavern 186 Water
Thompson William H. manager r 22[6 ?] Water
THOMPSON WILLIAM H. chemist and druggist, agent New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co., and Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. 134 Water. See Adv
Thomey Henry ship owner Water
Thomey John fisherman Water
Toussaint Mrs. hotelkeeper Water
Trappnell Henry crockery 110 Water
TRAPNELL HUGH W. commission merchant and importer of lumber and deals, also general exporter 173 Water, h 210 Water. See Adv
Trenchar Charles blacksmith 12 Church hill
Tucker Mrs. L. wid John r 230 Water
W. H. Thompson, general agent office Water
Vass Edward shoemaker 34 Cochrane
Verge Heli laborer Water, Ships head
Verge John laborer Water, River head
Voisy George rigger Harvey
Wall Garrett dealer 72 Water
Walsh Mark hotelkeeper Ships Head
Walsh Philip fisherman 62 Water
Walsh rev. Francis E. R. catholic Water
Walsh Robert butcher 132 Water
Walsh Thomas tailor 38 Cochrane
Walsh William cooper r 206 Water
Walsh William tavernkeeper 76 Water
Ward Robert policeman Cochrane
Waters George laborer 244 Water
Watts Claudius secretary Gas Co. Le Merchant
Watts Richard sailor Harvey
Webber Albert fisherman Water
Webber Alfred tidewaiter Water
Webber Charles preventive officer Harvey
Webber Charles fisherman Water
Webber Duncan ship carpenter Water
Webber Ebenezer ship carpenter Water
Webber Henry fisherman Water
Webber Mrs. E. wid Arnold 18 Water
Webber Tobias fisherman Harvey
Webber Valentine mariner 18 Water
Welsh Miss Mary
Williams Edward carpenter Water, river head
Williams Frederick fisherman
Williams John fisherman
Williams John F. watchmaker Harvey
Williams William fisherman
Wills Richard fisherman Harvey
Wills Robert baker Water
Wills Thomas storeman Harvey
Wills William C. carpenter Water
Wilson Charles fisherman 24 Cochrane
Wittly William sailor Cochrane
Wood William Olive lawyer Harvey
Woolfrey George blacksmith Water
Worrell James clerk Victoria

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