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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District

Spaniard's Bay

The information was transcribed by RICK POWER ~ December 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
SPANIARD'S BAY - A large fishing settlement on the bay of the same name, north side of Conception Bay, in the district of Harbor Grace. Most of the population spend the summer on the Labrador, prosecuting the cod fishery. Spaniards' Bay is almost surrounded by high hills, and the views of Conception Bay from some of them is beautiful in the extreme. Point after point is seen stretching out into the waters of the Bay, on several of which pretty churches stand out prominently. Altogether some of the prettiest views of Conception Bay may be had from this neighborhood. It is distant from Harbor Grace by road 6 miles. Mail weekly. Population 1182.

Baggs Joseph fisherman
Baggs William planter
Baker Henry fisherman
Barrett Abraham fisherman
Barrett Edward fisherman
Barrett Joseph fisherman
Barrett Joseph fisherman
Bauldwin William fisherman
Brazell John planter
Brazell Joseph fisherman
Brazell Thomas planter
Browne Robert fisherman
Browne Robert fisherman
Browne Solomon fisherman
Bryen Patrick fisherman
Butt Charles fisherman
Butt James fisherman
Butt John fisherman
Butt John fisherman
Butt Josiah fisherman
Butter Peter fisherman
Caleb Anthony fisherman
Callannan John
Callannan John fisherman
Callannan William
Carroll Thomas fisherman
Chapman James fisherman
Chapman Levi fisherman
Chapman Owen fisherman
Clifford Francis fisherman
Collins Abraham fisherman
Collins Timothy fisherman
Corbin Richard fisherman
Costello Martin
Crane Christopher fisherman
Crane Joseph fisherman
Crane William fisherman
Earle William fisherman
Farrell John fisherman
Finn John fisherman
Finn Richard fisherman
Fitzpatrick Michael fisherman
Fleming Richard fisherman
Flynn Thomas fisherman
Frane Richard fisherman
Frayne Matthew fisherman
Godsell John planter
Gone Robert planter
Gone William planter
Gone William planter
Gosse Francis fisherman
Gosse Henry fisherman
Gosse James planter
Gosse John fisherman
Gosse John planter
Gosse Jonathan fisherman
Gosse Joseph fisherman
Gosse Matthew fisherman
Gosse Moses fisherman
Gosse Moses planter
Gosse Moses sen.
Gosse Nathaniel planter
Gosse Nathaniel planter
Gosse Nathaniel R.
Gosse Peter fisherman
Gosse Richard fisherman
Gosse Richard fisherman
Gosse Robert planter
Gosse Robert planter
Gosse Solomon fisherman
Gosse Stephen planter
Gosse Thomas fisherman
Gosse William
Gosse William planter
Higgins Thomas fisherman
Hind John fisherman
Hussey Thomas fisherman
Hutchings Archibald fisherman
Hutchings Archibald fisherman
Hutchings Eli fisherman
Hutchings George fisherman
Hutchings George fisherman
Hutchings George planter
Hutchings James fisherman
Hutchings James fisherman
Hutchings John fisherman
Hutchings Jonathan fisherman
Hutchings Moses fisherman
Hutchings Samuel fisherman
Hutchings William fisherman
Kennedy Jonathan fisherman
Kent Francis fisherman
Kent James planter
Kough Jeremiah fisherman
Leyman John fisherman
Lynch John fisherman
McCarthy Thomas
Minchens John fisherman
Mullins James
Murrne John fisherman
Murrne Thomas fisherman
Murrne William fisherman
Neile George fisherman
Neile Humphrey fisherman
Noseworthy George planter
Noseworthy Jacob fisherman
Noseworthy James fisherman
Noseworthy John fisherman
Noseworthy Jonathan fisherman
Phelan David fisherman
Phelan James fisherman
Phelan James fisherman
Phelan Matthew fisherman
Phelan Thomas fisherman
Phelan William planter
Piddle John fisherman
Piddle Joseph fisherman
Piddle William fisherman
Pike Robert fisherman
Porter George planter
Porter Jonathan fisherman
Porter Jonathan planter
Roberts John fisherman
Roberts Joseph fisherman
Ryan Jeffery fisherman
Ryan John fisherman
Sewer Henry fisherman
Sewer William fisherman
Seymour Henry
Seymour Nathaniel fisherman
Sheppard Francis fisherman
Sheppard Henry fisherman
Sheppard Henry planter
Sheppard James planter
Sheppard John fisherman
Sheppard Josiah fisherman
Sheppard Martin planter
Sheppard Moses fisherman
Sheppard Richard fisherman
Sheppard William fisherman
Singleton John fisherman
Singleton Richard fisherman
Smith Abraham fisherman
Smith Abraham fisherman
Snow Thomas fisherman
Stickland Benjamin fisherman
Thompson John fisherman
Thompson Patrick planter
Vokey Aaron fisherman
Vokey Emanuel fisherman
Vokey George fisherman
Vokey John fisherman
Vokey Jonathan fisherman
Vokey Nathaniel fisherman
Vokey Philip fisherman
Vokey Philip fisherman
Vokey William fisherman
Vokey William fisherman

Name Description of Error My Name
ANTHONY Caleb, Anthony, fisherman.......should read Anthony, Caleb, ANTHONY is the family name and Caleb is the Christian name. Winnie (Anthony)Moores

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