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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District

Bryant's Cove

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Briffet Eliel,fisherman,Bryant's Cove
Briffet Jacob,dodo
Babb John,dodo
Coughlan William,dodo
Duggan Edward,dodo
Duggan James,dodo
Hayes John,dodo
Hayes Laurence,dodo
Hearne James,dodo
Hunt Thomas,dodo
James John,dodo
James Isaac,dodo
James William,laborer,do
James Samuel,dodo
Kidney James,fisherman,do
Kidney John,dodo
Kidney Patrick,dodo
Morgan Jacob,dodo
Noseworthy James,planter,do
Noseworthy T,fisherman,do
Noseworthy Lor,dodo
Noseworthy Jacob,dodo
Noel Nathaniel,dodo
Noel Alexander,dodo
Noel John,dodo
Noseworthy Selby, school teacher,do
Noseworthy Geo,fisherman,Ridge
Noseworthy John,dodo
Noseworthy Noah,doBryant's Cove
Noseworthy N,dodo
Noseworthy G,laborer,do
Noseworthy J,fisherman,do
Noseworthy R,dodo
Noseworthy H, planter,do
Noseworthy J,fisherman,do
Nail Richard,dodo
Noseworthy Thos,dodo
Noseworthy John,fish'mnBryant's Cve
Northcote T,dodo
Northcote M'chl,dodo
Northcote Abram,dodo
Northcote Pat'k,dodo
Northcote John,dodo
Noseworthy M,dodo
Noseworthy Robt,dodo
Parsons George,dodo
Parsons Ambrose,dodo
Parsons Edward,dodo
Parsons Mark,dodo
Parsons George,dodo
Phelan Michael, doSquid Cove
Phelan James,dodo
Phelan Bryan,dodo
Phelan Patrick,dodo
Phelan William,dodo
Stone William,do Bryants's [sic] Cove
Stone John,dodo
Sheppard Josiah,dodo
Stone Edward,dodo
Stone Ambrose,dodo
Stone William,dodo
Stone James,dodo
Stone Thomas,dodo
Stone George,dodo
Yetman Henry,dodo
Yetman George,dodo
Yetman Nath,dodo
Yetman Moses,dodo
Yetman Henry,dodo
Yetman Henry,dodo
Yetman Mark,dodo
Yetman Joshua,dodo
Yetman Wm,dodo
Yetman William,dodo
Yetman Thomas,dodo
Yetman Andrew,dodo
Yetman John,dodo

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