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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District

North Side and Riverhead

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Ash John,farmer,Hard Path
Byrne James,fisherman,Upper Gullies
Byrne Henry,farmer,Glover Road
Butt Joseph,fisherman,do
Byrne John,doNorth Side
Butt Patrick,doGlover Road
Crocker George,doOtterbury
Crocker Samuel,dodo
Crocker Charles,dodo
Connors Michl,sectionman Ry,Glover Rd
Cody John,cooper,Riverhead
Cody John,dodo
Cody James,dodo
Callahan Jas,doSpaniard's Bay Road
Cody Thos,doCooper Corner Road
Cody Thos,dodo
Donnelly Robert,fisherman,Otterbury
Donnelly James,dodo
Dalton Samuel,doBannerman Lake
Doyle Thomas,doDungarvon Road
Dawley Patrick,fisherman,North Side
Daly Thomas,mason,Hard Path
Doran Michael,farmer,do
Doran Francis,fisherman,do
Doran John,dodo
Dalton Thomas,doFisherman's Road
Dalton Richard,dodo
Dalton Thomas,dodo
Dunn John,planter,Riverhead
Griffin John,police force,Cooper Corner Rd
Griffin John,fisherman,do
Galway James,fisherman,Upper Gullies
Gardiner Michael,laborer,North Side
Gillespie Samuel,farmer,do
Gillespie John,fisherman,do
Hynes Edward,dodo
Hearn James,dodo
Healy Thomas,doCooper Cor Rd
Healy John,dodo
Hickey William,doRiverhead
Hickey Patrick, sr,dodo
Hickey Patrick,dodo
Hickey John,dodo
Hickey James,dodo
Hickey Michael,dodo
Hynes Edward,dodo
Hamilton Thomas,dodo
Hamilton Thomas,dodo
Hamilton Patrick,dodo
Kelly Michael,dodo
Kelly Francis,dodo
Kelly David,doGlover Road
Kelly Patrick,dodo
Kelly Michael,doRiverhead
Kelly William,laborer,do
Kehoe Michael,fisherman,do
Kehoe Edward,seaman,do
Kearney Patrick,fisherman,Cooper Cor Rd
Kearney William,dodo
Kehoe Denis,doRiverhead
Kelly Michael,doCooper Cor Road
Kelly Michael,doFisherman's Road
Kehoe Matthew,dodo
Kelly Timothy,farmer,North Side
Langsdowne Rich,fisherman,Cooper Cor Rd
Martin Elijah,fireman,Otterbury
Martin John,fisherman,do
Murphy John,dodo
McCarthy Justin,dodo
Mackey Rich'd,doCooper Corner Rd
Mackey John,doFisherman's Rd
Mackey Richard,dodo
Mackey Michael,dodo
Mahony Wm,dodo
McCarthy Con,dodo
McCarthy Daniel,dodo
McCarthy John,dodo
Mercer John,doUpper Gullies
Mahoney Wm,doFisherman's Rd
Mulcahey Wm,doRiverhead
Mulcahey Mich'l,fisherman,Riverhead
Norcott Andrew,doOtterbury
Neil John,laborer,Pipe Track
Neil Alfred,fisherman,do
Neil Arthur,dodo
Nichols Nath'nl,dodo
Norcott Joseph,doHard Path
Noseworthy J,doUpper Gullies
Norcott Abraham,doNorth Side
Power John,dodo
Parsons William,doOtterbury
Parsons William,dodo
Pippy Edw'd,carpenter,do
Parmiter S,fisherman,do
Penny William,doGlover Road
Pynn Aug'sts,carpenter,do
Pynn George,dodo
Power John,fisherman,Upper Gullies
Quirk John,laborer,Glover Road
Quirk Mich'l,fisherman,do
Russell Patrick,doRiverhead
Russell John,dodo
Russell William,dodo
Ryan Laurence,doFisherman's Rd
Sullivan Michael,doOtterbury
St John, Denis,dodo
St John, Joseph,dodo
Smallcombe Thos,doGlover Road
Shogrue Bart,doDungarvon Rd
Shogrue John,dodo
Stapleton Jos,cooper,do
Stapleton Jos,dodo
Stapleton Pat'k,dodo
Smallcombe P,seaman,do
Shea Stephen,farmer,Hard Path
Shea John,fisherman,do
Shea Thomas,doCooper Corner Rd
Sinnott Walter,dodo
Sullivan Maurice,dodo
Shanahan Thos,doFisherman's Rd
Sullivan Edward,dodo
Shanahan N'chls,dodo
Shanahan John,dodo
Sullivan Jere'mh,doCooper Corner Rd
Shea Thomas,doSouth Bridge
Smallcombe J,laborer,North Side
Smallcombe P,sect'nman,do
Shanahan N,fisherman,Fisherman's Rd
Shanahan James,dodo
Shanahan James,dodo
Traverse Wm,fisherman,North Side
Thompson John,fisherman,Dungarvon Road
Umberson Geo,doGlover Road
Umberson Wm,dodo
Whelan Laurence,doNorth Side
Walsh James,doCooper Corner Rd
Walsh Thomas,planter,do
Walsh Rich,fisherman,Fisherman's Road
Whelan John,doUpper Gullies
Walsh Francis,doRiverhead
Walsh John,fisherman,Riverhead
Walsh Patrick,dodo
Walsh Patrick,planter,do

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