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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District

South Side

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Barron James,fisherman,Feather Point
Barron Michael,dodo
Butt Arthur,carpenter,South Side
Butt Selby,laborer,do
Bowe John,fisherman,do
Bowe Nicholas,fisherman,do
Brien Thomas,cooper,do
Cleary John,fisherman,do
Cleary John,dodo
Callahan John,dodo
Callahan Edward,dodo
Collins James,doSpaniard's Bay Road
Callahan John,dodo
Cody Michael,doSouth Side
Clance James,doSpaniards Bay Road
Conway Michael,dodo
Clance Michael,doSouth Side
Dunn William,dodo
Dunn James,dodo
Dunn Thomas,dodo
Duggan Michael,doSpaniard's Bay Road
Duggan John,dodo
Duggan Wm,dodo
Duggan Daniel,dodo
Duggan Nicholas,dodo
Duggan Walter,dodo
Farrell Thomas,dodo
Farrell Thomas,dodo
Fitzgerald Chas,ferryman,South Side
Fitzgerald Thos,fisherman,do
Fitzgerald Edw,dodo
Fitzgerald David,dodo
French John,dodo
George Robert,fisherman,South Side
George Martin,dodo
George Jonathan,dodo
George Clement,dodo
George Charles,dodo
Gillard John,dodo
Gillard William,dodo
Glavine James,dodo
Glavine James,dodo
Glavine Richard,dodo
Glavine Edward,dodo
Glavine John,dodo
Gilfoyle Edward,doSpaniard's Bay Rd
Gilfoyle Michael,dodo
Gilfoyle Thomas,dodo
Gilfoyle William,teacher,do
Higgins George,fisherman,South Side
Higgins Wm,dodo
Higgins Robert,dodo
Higgins Robert,dodo
Higgins Eli,dodo
Higgins Richard,dodo
Hall William,laborer,South Side
Hayes Thomas,fisherman,do
Hickey Alex,doSpaniard's Bay Rd
Hickey Richard,dodo
Hanrahan John,dodo
Jones John,seaman,South Sides [sic]
Jones James,block maker,do
Jones Richard, seaman,do
Kehoe Thos,master mariner,do
Morrissy Patrick,fisherman,South Side
Morrissy Patrick,dodo
McGrath Matthew,cooper,do
McGrath Wm,dodo
Mulcahy William,fisherman,do
Mulcahy Michael,dodo
McCarthy Tim,doSpaniard's Bay Rd
McCarthy James,dodo
McCarthy John,dodo
McCarthy John,dodo
Mullowney Pat'k,dodo
Morrissey John,doSouth Side
Northcott Patrick,doFeather Point
Northcott Wm,dodo
Northcott John,dodo
Northcott Tim,dodo
Northcott Michl,dodo
Noel Moses,doSouth Side
Noel Moses,dodo
Noel Elizear,dodo
Noel William,dodo
Noel John,dodo
Noel Archibald,dodo
Noel Josiah,dodo
Noel John,dodo
Noseworthy Wm,trader,do
Noseworthy J,fisherman,do
Noseworthy M,dodo
Noseworthy Wm,dodo
Noseworthy E,dodo
Noseworthy Alf,dodo
Noseworthy Arch,dodo
Noel Martin,dodo
Noel Ambrose,fisherman,South Side
Noel Alfred,dodo
Noel William,dodo
Noel Eldred,dodo
Noel Mark,dodo
Noel William,dodo
Noel Selby,dodo
Noel William T,dodo
Noel Ambrose,dodo
Noel Azariah,dodo
Noel Albert,dodo
Noseworthy Levi,dodo
Noel Clement,dodo
Purchy John,dodo
Purchy George,dodo
Purchy John,dodo
Parsons Ambrose,planter,South Side
Parsons Henry,planter,do
Parsons Edwin,fisherman,do
Parsons George,dodo
Parsons John,dodo
Parsons Edward,dodo
Parsons James,dodo
Parsons Samuel,dodo
Parsons Edward,dodo
Parsons Joshua,dodo
Parsons Andrew,planter,do
Parsons James,fisherman,do
Parsons Alex,dodo
Parsons James,planter,do
Parsons Jas, jr,fisherman,do
Regglar James,dodo
Regglar Richard,dodo
Regglar James,dodo
Ryan William,dodo
Reynolds Wm,doSpaniard's Bay Road
Sacry William,doSouth Side
Sacry Moses,dodo
Sheppard M W,dodo
Sheppard James,dodo
Sheppard Jon'thn,dodo
Sheppard John,dodo
Sheppard Wm,dodo
Sheppard Thomas,dodo
Sheppard Alfred,dodo
Sheppard Clement,dodo
Sheppard Richd,dodo
Sheppard Martin,dodo
Sheppard Joseph,dodo
Sheppard John,dodo
Sheppard N,dodo
Sheppard Eli,dodo
Sheppard Moses,dodo
Sheppard Abijah,dodo
Sheppard Edward,dodo
Sheppard Thos,dodo
Sullivan Paul,dodo
Sullivan Patrick,dodo
Sullivan Edmund,dodo
Sullivan Paul,dodo
Sheppard Henry,dodo
Sheppard Richd,dodo
Sheppard H W,dodo
Shute Robert,dodo
Shute William,dodo
Shute Stafford,dodo
Shute John,dodo
Sheppard John,dodo
Sheppard Ambrse,dodo
Sheppard Richd,dodo
Sheppard Amb,dodo
Sheppard Abijah,dodo
Sheppard Eli,dodo
Sheppard Hugh,dodo
Shute Stafford,fisherman,South Side
Shute William,dodo
Sheppard Tobias,dodo
Sheppard Simeon,dodo
Shogrue Bart,dodo
Shogrue Michael,dodo
Sheridan John,dodo
Sheridan John,dodo
Sheridan James,dodo
Taylor Edward,dodo
Taylor Archelius,dodo
Yetman Moses,fisherman,South Side
Yetman James,dodo
Yetman John,dodo

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