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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District

Spaniard's Bay

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Barrett Thos,fisherman,Spaniard's Bay
Barrett Joseph,dodo
Barrett Abraham,dodo
Barrett Abraham,dodo
Baggs William,dodo
Baggs Stephen,dodo
Barrett Matthew,dodo
Butt Josiah,dodo
Barrett Joseph,dodo
Barrett Abraham,dodo
Butt Josiah,dodo
Butt William,dodo
Butt John,dodo
Byrne John,dodo
Babb Joseph,dodo
Brazil James,dodo
Baggs Richard,dodo
Barrett John,laborer,New Harbor Road
Barrett James,fisherman,do
Barrett Henry,dodo
Barrett Thos, sr,laborer,do
Barrett Levi,fisherman,do
Barrett William,laborer,do
Barrett Benj,fisherman,do
Byrne Bernard,laborer,do
Byrne John,farmer,do
Byrne Thos,fisherman,do
Barrett Noah,dodo
Barrett Francis,dodo
Butt William,fisherman,Spaniard's Bay
Babb William,dodo
Babb John,dodo
Brown Azariah,dodo
Brown Solomon,laborer,do
Baker George,dodo
Baker Henry,dodo
Brown James,laborer,do
Butler Peter,doGreen Head
Barrett Jacob,fish'rmn,do
Butt Charles,dodo
Barrett Leonard,doSpaniard's Bay
Barrett Elisha,fisherman,Spaniard's Cove
Barrett Abraham,dodo
Carroll Thos,laborer,do
Callanan Wm,dodo
Coombs H'y,fisherman,do
Callanan J, jr,dodo
Costello Math'w,dodo
Chipman Solom'n,dodo
Chipman Owen,dodo
Chipman Levi,dodo
Chipman Nath,dodo
Chipman Edward,dodo
Chipman Jas,dodo
Chipman Wm,dodo
Clifford James,dodo
Chipman Moses,dodo
Cains Joseph,doGreen Head
Collins Robert,dodo
Collins George,dodo
Collins T'mthy,laborer,do
Collins Ab'hm,fisherman,do
Chipman John,trader,Spaniard's Bay
Chipman Nath, fisherman,do
Collins Geo, sr,doNew Harbor Road
CLEARY WM T,General Merchant,Spaniard's Bay
Cleary Michael,farmer,Spaniard's Bay
Delaney John,fisherman,do
Drover Arch,dodo
Drover Leander,dodo
Drover Arch,doNew Harbor Road
Drover Uriah,laborer,do
Drover Arch,fisherman,do
Dryer Patrick,doGreen Head
Frayne Peter,carpenter,Spaniard's Bay
Fitzprtrick [sic] J,fisherman,do
Fitzpatrick M,laborer,do
Fitzpatrick T,fisherman,do
Finn Thomas,trader,New Harbor Road
Finn John,trader,Green Head
Finn Edward,laborer,do
Finn Richard,dodo
Fitzpatrick John,dodo
Flemming R,fisherman,do
Flynn Thomas,fisherman,Green Head
Fitzpatrick Thos,dodo
Galloway Geo,doNew Harbor Road
Godsell John,laborer,Spaniard's Bay
Gosse Willis,fisherman,do
Gosse Solomon,dodo
Gosse John,dodo
Gosse Absolam,dodo
Gosse William,dodo
Gosse James,dodo
Gosse Robert,dodo
Gosse William,dodo
Gosse Wm, of N,dodo
Gosse Augustus,dodo
Gosse Thomas,dodo
Gosse Moses,fisherman,Spaniard's Cove
Gosse George,doNew Harbor Road
Gosse Israel,doSpaniard's Bay
Gosse Esau,dodo
Gosse Moses,mailman,do
Gosse Rich'd,fisherman,do
Gosse Job,dodo
Gosse Leonard,dodo
Gosse Silas,dodo
Gosse Nath,dodo
Gosse Jacob,dodo
Gosse Jesse,dodo
Gosse Josiah,dodo
Gosse Cyril,dodo
Gosse Thomas,doGreen Head
Gosse Mark,dodo
Gosse Barth,dodo
Gosse Barth,dodo
Gosse George,dodo
Gosse Robt,master mariner,do
Gosse Martin,fisherman,do
Gosse Moses,dodo
Gosse Joseph,dodo
Gosse Josiah,dodo
Gosse James,dodo
Gosse Horatio,doSpaniard's Bay
Gosse Moses,dodo
Gosse John,dodo
Gosse Richard,dodo
Gosse Albert,dodo
Gosse William,fisherman,Spaniard's Cove
Gosse James,dodo
Gosse John Chas,dodo
Gosse Joseph,dodo
Gosse Richard,carpenter,do
Gosse Lorenzo,fisherman,do
Gosse Ebenezer,dodo
Gosse Frederick,dodo
Gosse Henry,dodo
Gosse Robert,dodo
Gosse Robert jr,dodo
Gosse Solomon,dodo
Gosse Nath,dodo
Higgins Thomas,laborer,do
Higgins Jonathan,dodo
Higgins William,doNew Harbor Road
Higgins John,fisherman,do
Hutchings Geo,dodo
Hutchings Levi,dodo
Hutchings John,dodo
Hutchings Nath,dodo
Hutchings Wm,dodo
Hutchings John,dodo
Hutchings Wm B,dodo
Hutchings Hy,dodo
Hutchings Wm,dodo
Hutchings Amb,doSpaniard's Bay
Hutchings Geo,dodo
Hutchings Wm,dodo
Hutchings Hy,dodo
Hutchings John T,dodo
Hutchings Geo sr,dodo
Hutchings Geo jr, dodo
Hutchings Jas jr,laborer,do
Hutchings Hy,dodo
Hutchings Robt,dodo
Hutchings M,fisherman,Green Head
Hutchings Jas,dodo
Hutchings John,doSpaniard's Bay
Hutchings Step,dodo
Hutchings Moses,dodo
Hutchings Josiah,dodo
Hutchings Arch,dodo
Hutchings John,dodo
Hutchings Wm,dodo
Hutchings Ber,dodo
Hutchings Arch,dodo
Hutchings Hy sr,laborer,do
Hutchings Eb'r,fisherman,do
Jewer James,fisherman,Spaniard's Bay
Jewer Wm H,dodo
Jewer Wm, sr,dodo
Jewer Henry,laborer,do
Jewer Henry,fisherman,do
Kent James,dodo
Kennedy Richard,doNew Harbor Road
Leary William,laborer,Green Head
Menchins John,fisherman,Spaniard's Bay
Menchins John, sr,laborer,do
Mercer Jas H,carpenter,Spaniard's Bay
Murrain Wm, sr,laborer,New Harbor Hd
Murrain Wm, jr,fisherman, do
Murrain Moses,dodo
Murrain John,doGreen Head
Murrain Thomas,dodo
Murrain Wm,dodo
Noseworthy Wm,doSpaniard's Bay
Noseworthy Jac'b,doNew Harbor Head
Neil George,dodo
Noseworthy Jas,dodo
Noseworthy Geo,dodo
Noseworthy Rich,dodo
Noseworthy Jas,dodo
Neil Richard,dodo
Neil Umphrey,dodo
Neil William,dodo
Noseworthy Rich,dodo
Noseworthy Jas,dodo
Neil Richard,doGreen Head
Neil James,dodo
Neil Josiah,dodo
Neil John,dodo
Noseworthy G, sr,laborer,do
Noseworthy G, jr,fisherman,do
Noseworthy Wm,fisherman,do
Peddle Francis, farmer,New Harbor Road
Porter Moses,fisherman,do
Pike Joseph,doSpaniard's Bay
Pike Robert,dodo
Pike Levi,laborer,do
Peddle Jas,school teacher,Green Head
Peddle Henry, fisherman,do
Peddle John,laborer,do
Peddle Joseph,fisherman,do
Peddle Joseph,dodo
Peddle William,dodo
Peddle Wm, sr,dodo
Porter Jonath, jr,dodo
Porter Jonath, sr,dodo
Porter William,dodo
Porter Jonathan,dodo
Porter James,dodo
Porter Richard,dodo
Porter Azariah,dodo
Porter Josiah,dodo
Porter William,dodo
Reid Joseph,doSpaniard's Bay
Roberts George,dodo
Ryan James,dodo
Roberts Jos,dodo
Ryan John,doGreen Head
Ryan Thomas,dodo
Ryan Geoffrey,farmer,do
Ryan James,planter,do
Ryan Matthew,fisherman,do
Ryan Edward,dodo
Ryan Thomas,dodo
Ryan John,dodo
Ryan Geoffrey,dodo
Smith William,fisherman,Green Head
Seymour Wiiliam [sic],doSpaniard's Bay
Seymour Robert,dodo
Seymour Eleazar,dodo
Seymour Isaac,dodo
Seymour John,dodo
Sheppard James,mason,do
Smith Jesse,fisherman,do
Stickland Benj,dodo
Stickland John,dodo
Shave William,constable,do
Smith John,fisherman,New Harbor Road
Sheppard Francis,dodo
Snow Thomas,dodo
Sheppard Nath,dodo
Sheppard Wm,dodo
Sheppard Levi,dodo
Sheppard John,dodo
Sheppard John,dodo
Sheppard Simeon,dodo
Sheppard John, sr,doGreen Head
Sheppard Abrm,dodo
Squires B B,school teacher,Spaniard's By
Smith Jacob,fisherman,Green Head
Smith Selby,dodo
Sheppard Jon'thn,dodo
Sheppard Geo,blacksmith,Spaniard's Bay
Sheppard John,dodo
Sheppard Josiah,fisherman,do
Sheppard Richd,dodo
Sheppard Henry,dodo
Sheppard Hy, jr,dodo
Sheppard David,dodo
SNOW BEV [sic] P G,Episcopal,do
Thompson J,fisherman,do
Thompson Jas,dodo
Thompson Michl,dodo
Vokey Philip,dodo
Vokey John,dodo
Vokey William,dodo
Vokey Isaac,dodo
Vokey Jonathan,dodo
Vokey Nathaniel,dodo
Vokey Philip,dodo
Vokey Wm, sr,dodo
Vokey James,dodo
Vokey Wm,dodo
Vokey John,dodo
Vokey Simon,dodo
Vokey Wm,dodo
Whelan David,dodo
Whelan Matthew,dodo
Whelan Thos,dodo
Whelan Edward,dodo
WILLEY REV F G,Methodist,Spaniard's Bay
YOUNG JAS,merchant,Spaniard's Bay

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