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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District

Spaniard's Bay Road

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Location
Badcock Robt,fisherman,Span'rds Bay Rd
Badcock Sam,fisherman,Span'rd's Cove
Badcock Jas,dodo
Badcock Wm,dodo
Badcock Ed,dodo
Badcock Jas,dodo
Badcock Geo,dodo
Badcock Charles,dodo
Badcock James,dodo
Badcock Amb,dodo
Butler Patrick,doSpanrd's Bay Pnd
Butler Michael,dodo
Butler John,dodo
Butler Joseph,dodo
Ballam John,dodo
Delaney Patrick,doSpaniard's Bay Rd
Delaney Philip,dodo
Delaney Matthew,dodo
Delaney Matthew,dodo
Delaney John,dodo
Dear Abram,dodo
Dear Wm H,dodo
Dear James,dodo
Dear George,dodo
Dwyer James,dodo
Dwyer Stephen,dodo
Dwyer James,dodo
Dwyer William,dodo
Earle Charles,doSpaniard's Bay Pond
Earle John,dodo
Earle Richard,dodo
Earle George,dodo
Earle Jonathan,dodo
Earle Moses,dodo
Earle George,dodo
Earle William,dodo
Earle Stephen,dodo
Earle William,dodo
Earle Charles,dodo
Franey Patrick,dodo
Franey Michael,dodo
Franey Pater,dodo
Holmes Edward,dodo
Holmes Edward,dodo
Holmes James,dodo
Holmes George,dodo
Holmes Edward,dodo
Holmes George,dodo
Holmes James,dodo
Holmes John,dodo
Hedderson Geo,dodo
Hedderson Jas,dodo
Hedderson Thos,dodo
Mercer Solomon,dodo
Mercer Robert J,dodo
Mercer Henry,school teacher,do
Mercer James,fisherman,do
Mercer William,dodo
Mercer Jas, jr,dodo
Mercer Robert, dodo
Mercer Jonathan,dodo
Mercer Jordan,fish'man,Span'rd's Bay Cve
Mercer John,dodo
Mercer Ananias,dodo
Mercer Reuben,dodo
Mercer Isaac,dodo
Mercer Henry,dodo
Mercer Henry,dodo
Martin Wm,dodo
Parsons Samuel,dodo
Parsons Robert,dodo
Parsons Jon'thn,dodo
Parsons William,dodo
Parsons Abram,dodo
Parsons John,dodo
Power John,dodo
Power Edward,dodo
Power James,dodo
Richards Wm,seaman,do
Sparks Isaac,fisherman,do
Sparks Isaac,dodo
Sparks Ebenezer,dodo
Snow Wm J,dodo
Snow Abner,dodo
Saunders Isaac,dodo
Saunders John,dodo
Saunders John,dodo
Saunders James,dodo
Saunoers [sic] Jas, sr,dodo
Saunders Jas, jr,dodo
Saunders Wm,dodo
Sharp Martin,dodo
Sharp Thomas,dodo
Sharp Abram,dodo
Seymour Charles,dodo
Seymour Charles,dodo
Seymour John,dodo
Titford James,dodo
Titford George,dodo
Titford Isaac,dodo
Titford George,dodo
Titford John,dodo
Turtle Henry,dodo
Turtle George,dodo
Turtle George,mason,do
Toole Edw'd,fisherman,do

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