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Conception Bay North Region - Harbour Grace District


The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Bishop Thos, of Henry,fisherman
Brown Geo, of Jonathan,do
Barrett John, of Edward,do
Barrett John, sr, of Edward,do
Barrett Edward, of James,do
Byrne James,do
Barrett Abram, of Abram,do
Brazil William, of John,do
Brazil Joseph,do
Barrett Albert, of Abram,do
Browne Jonathan, of Ed,do
Browne William,do
Byrne Edward, of James,do
Chipman, Owen, of James,fisherman
Chipman Azariah, of John,do
Chipman James,planter
Chipman Simeon,fisherman
Chipman John,do
Crane Hugh Wm, of Chris,do
Crane Henry Wm, of Jos,do
Crane William, sr,do
Crane Joseph, of Chris,do
Crane John,do
Crane Christopher, of Jos,do
Crane James, of Henry,do
Clark David, of William,do
Clark William,do
Clark Isaac, do
Clark Robert, farmer
Dawe Alfred, of Alfred,fisherman
Drover Nathaniel, of James,do
Drover James, of Tobias,do
Fitzgerald Jno, sr, of Jer,farmer
Fitzgerald John, jr, of John,do
Fitzgerald Jeremiah,fisherman
Ford William, of Thos,do
Ford John, of Wm,do
Gosse Eliel, of Eliel,do
Gosse John Wm, of Peter,do
Gosse Peter,do
Gosse Stephen of Solomon,planter
Gosse Simeon, of Stephen,fisherman
Gosse Herbert,planter
Gosse Stephen, of Israel,school teacher
Gosse Gilbert, of Stephen,planter
Gosse Josiah,fisherman
Gosse Azariah, of Solomon,do
Gosse James, of Stephen,do
Grealy Edward, of John,do
Grealy James, of Edward,planter
Grealy John, of James,fisherman
Grealy William, of Wm,do
Grealy Thomas,do
Janes Josiah, of William,do
Janes John, of Henry,do
Lundrigan Richard, of John,do
Mercer Robert, of William,do
Mercer Thomas, of Robert,do
Mentionton Wm, of Matthew,do
Mercer Joseph, of Joseph,do
Peddle John, of Azariah,do
Peddle Joshua, of Elijah,do
Peddle James of Elijah,do
Phelan David of Thomas,farmer
Quilty Nicholas of Wm,fisherman
Quilty William,do
Smith Simeon of Patrick,do
Smith Abram of Abram,do
Smith Abram sr,do
Smith Jacob of Jacob,do
Smith Elisha of William,do
Singleton Richard of Rich,do
Singleton Albert of Richard,do
Singleton John,farmer
Swansborough Chas of Wm,tel operator
Seymour John of Henry,carpenter
Seymour Moses,do
Young Michael of John,farmer
Young Nicholas of Michl,fisherman
Young William,fisherman
Young John,do
Yetman Jesse of William,farmer
Yetman Joseph of Jesse,fisherman
Yetman Clement,do
Yetman William,do

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