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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Bryant's Cove

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Briffett Elielfisherman
Briffet Jacobdo
Babb Johndo
Babb Edwarddo
Duggan Edwarddo
Duggan Jeremiahdo
Hayse Johndo
Hayse Lenusdo
Hearn Jasdo
James Danieldo
James Isaacdo
James Wmdo
James Samueldo
James Archibalddo
James Ambrosedo
James Johndo
Kidney Jasdo
Kidney Johndo
Kidney Patrickdo
Morgan Jacobdo
Noseworthy Jasgenl dealer
Nosewordhy [sic] Thosfisherman
Noseworthy Lorenzodo
Noseworthy Jacobdo
Noseworthy Austindo
Noseworthy Walterdo
Noel Nathanieldo
Noel Alexanderdo
Noseworthy Selbyteacher
Noseworthy Geofisherman
Noseworthy Noahdo
Noseworthy Johndo
Noseworthy Nathando
Noseworthy Josephfisherman
Noseworthy John (Johndo
Noseworthy Richarddo
Noseworthy Jacob (Geodo
Noseworthy Henrygenl dealer
Noseworthy Johnfisherman
Noseworthy Alexanderdo
Noseworthy Charlesdo
Noseworthy Leanderdo
Norcott Timothydo
Norcott Michaeldo
Norcott Jamesdo
Norcott Abrahamdo
Norcott Michael (Abrado
Norcott Johndo
Norcott Patrick (Patkdo
Norcott Patrick (Wmdo
Noseworthy Eleazerdo
Noseworthy Henrydo
Neil Johndo
Parsons George (Edwdo
Parsons Ambrosedo
Parsons George (Geodo
Parsons Ambrose (Geodo
Phelan Michaeldo
Phelan Jamesdo
Phelan Bryando
Phelan Patrickdo
Phelan Wmdo
Stone Wm (Thosdo
Stone Johndo
Sheppard Josiahdo
Stone Edwarddo
Stone Ambrosedo
Stone Wm (Geodo
Stone Jamesdo
Stone Thomasdo
Stone George (Thosdo
Stone George (Wmdo
Stone Alexanderdo
Yetman Henry (Thosdo
Yetman Georgedo
Yetman Nathanieldo
Yetman Mosesdo
Yetman Henry (Henrydo
Yetman Henry (Thosdo
Yetman Jamesdo
Yetman Markdo
Yetman Joshuado
Yetman Wmdo
Yetman Andrewdo
Yetman Josephdo
Yetman Johndo

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