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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District


The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Butler Thosfarmer
Butler Peterdo
Butler Robtdo
Carrol Jasfisherman
Cahill Richddo
Connors Edwdo
Connelly Danieldo
Connelly Johndo
Doran Jasdo
Doran Johndo
French Wmdo
Herald Albertdo
Herald Mosesdo
Herald Willisdo
Harris Jasdo
Hannon Jasdo
Hanrahan Wmdo
Haw Richddo
Haw Patkdo
Murphy Wmdo
Murphy Walterdo
Malone Johnfarmer
Malone Edwdo
Malone Wmfarmer
Moors Johnfisherman
Moors Martin do
Moors Leonarddo
Moors Jasdo
McCormack Francisfarmer
Pike Edw (Mosesdo
Pike Moses (Edwfisherman
Pike Josephdo
Pike Wm (Sampsondo
Pike Alansondo
Pike Wm (Wmdo
Pike Moses (Wmdo
Pike Johndo
Pike Edw (Johndo
Pike Edw (Edwdo
Pynn Shadrachdo
Pynn Francisdo
Pynn Edwdo
Power Richddo
Piddle Martindo
Piddle Johndo
Piddle Thosdo
Piddle Nicholasfarmer
Piddle Wmfisherman
Piddle Benjamin do
Piddle Lemuelplanter
Rodgers Jasfisherman
Simmonds Benjamindo
Sullivan Patkdo
Sullivan Johndo
Soper Joshudo
Soper Noahdo
Taylor Markdo
Taylor Johndo
Taylor Samldo
Taylor Albertdo
Taylor Jasdo
Thomey Wmdo
Thomey Johndo
Thomey Henrydo
Thomey Rodgerdo
Thomey Johnfarmer
Wells Jasfisherman
Wells Eugenedo
Wells Simondo
Wells Ann, widpostmistress

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