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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Spaniard's Bay

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Address Occupation
Anthony Caleb Span's Bayfshmn
Barrett Josephdodo
Barrett Abrahamdodo
Barrett Thomasdodo
Barrett Matthewdodo
Butt Johndodo
Butt Josiahdodo
Barrett Abrahamdodo
Butt Josiah (Johndodo
Butt John (Jasdodo
Brazil Thosdodo
Bishop Samueldodo
Babb Josephdofarmer
Byrne Wmdofish'man
Butler Peterdolaborer
Barrett Jacobdofish'man
Babb Chasdodo
Babb Williamdodo
Barrett ArchNew Hbr rddo
Barrett JosSpaniard's Baydo
Barrett Abrahamdodo
Barrett Elishadodo
Barrett Leonarddodo
Brown Jasdodo
Brown Geo (Geododo
Baker Gea [sic]dodo
Baker Henrydodo
Baggs Richard Fdodo
Brown Azariahdodo
Brown FrancisSpaniards bfshmn
Barrett Noahnew hr roaddo
Barrett Francisnew hbr rdlaborer
Byrne Briandodo
Byrne Henrydodo
Byrne John srdodo
Byrne Thosdodo
Byrne John Wdodo
Byrne Wmdodo
Barrett W Hdofisherman
Barrett Levidolaborer
Barrett Thosdodo
Barrett Johndodo
Barrett Henrydodo
Barrett Jamesdodo
Callahan WmSpaniard's bcooper
Coombs Henrydofisherman
Costello Matthewdodo
Callahan Johndocooper
Collins Georgedofisherman
Cane Josephdolaborer
Cleary Wm Tdogen dealer
Cleary John Mdofarmer
Collins Abrahamdofisherman
Collins Wmdodo
Collins Georgedodo
Chipman Wmdodo
Chipman Mosesdodo
Chipman Levidodo
Chipman Nathanieldodo
Chipman Johndodo
Chipman Wmdodo
Chipman Levidodo
Chipman Nath (Owendodo
Chipman Edwarddodo
Chipman Solomondodo
Chipman Jamesdodo
Collins Robertdodo
Collins Johndodo
Delaney Johndodo
Delaney Wmdodo
Drover Albertdodo
Dwyer Patkdolaborer
Dawson Rev S A doEpiscopln
Drover Uriah jrNew hbr rlaborer
Drover Uriah srdodo
Drover Archibalddodo
Fitzpatrick TSpaniard's Bfshmn
Fitzpatrick Michldodo
Fitzpatrick Johndodo
Fitzpatrick Mathewdodo
Finn John dolaborer
Finn EdwSpaniard's Bayfishmn
Finn Richddodo
Fitzpatrick Johndodo
Fitzpatrick Thosdodo
Fleming Richarddoseaman
Finn Thosdolaborer
Flynn Thosdofisherman
Gosse Robtdodo
Gosse Henrydodo
Gosse Noahdolaborer
Gosse Solomondofisherman
Gosse Wmdodo
Gosse Israeldodo
Gosse Thosdodo
Gosse Jasdodo
Gosse Johndodo
Gosse Robtdodo
Godsell Johndodo
Gosse Thos (Alfreddodo
Gosse Markdodo
Gosse Bartholomewdodo
Gosse Jessedodo
Gosse capt Robtdomariner
Gosse Martindofisherman
Gosse Geododo
Gosse Josiahdodo
Gosse Mosesdodo
Gosse Josephdodo
Gosse Moses (Rddodo
Gosse Richddodo
Gosse Wmdodo
Gosse Wm (Rddodo
Gosse Albertdodo
Gosse John Cdodo
Gosse Horatiododo
Gosse Jas (Jnododo
Gosse Richd (Jasdodo
Gosse Joseph (Jnododo
Gosse Richd (Jnodocooper
Gosse Lorenzodofisherman
Gosse Jas jrdodo
Gosse JohnSpaniard's bayfshmn
Gosse Mosesdodo
Gosse Wmdodo
Gosse Solomon srdodo
Gosse Absalomdodo
Gosse Sol (Soldodo
Gosse Richarddodo
Gosse Jobdodo
Gosse Kenneth docarpenter
Gosse EsauSpan'rd's baymailman
Gosse Jacobdofisherman
Gosse Nathanieldodo
Gosse Josiahdodo
Gosse Jessedocarpenter
Gosse Silasdofisherman
Gosse Georgedolaborer
Galway Thosdodo
Higgins Thosdofisherman
Higgins Jon (Thosdodo
Hutchings Markdolaborer
Hutchings Jamesdofshman
Hutchings Ambrosedodo
Hutchings Johndodo
Hutchings Mosesdodo
Hutchings Archdodo
Hutchings John srdodo
Hutchings Wmdodo
Hutchings Johndodo
Hutchings Henrydodo
Hutchings Ebenezerdodo
Hutchings Archdodo
Hutchings Josdodo
Hutchings Jasdodo
Hutchings Samueldolaborer
Hutchings Geo srdopainter
Hutchings Hy Wmdofisherman
Hutchings Elidodo
Hutchings Ambrosedodo
Hutchings Geododo
Hutchings Wmdodo
Hutchings John Adodo
Hutchings Nathdolaborer
Higgins W FNew Hbr roaddo
Higgins R Fdodo
Higgins Johndodo
Higgins W Hdodo
Hutchings Geododo
Hutchings Esaudodo
Hutchings WmSpaniard's Bfshmn
Hutchings Henrydodo
Jewer Wmdodo
Jewer Henrydodo
Jewer Jasdodo
Jewer Wm Hdodo
James Patk Fdogenl dealer
Kent Jasdofisherman
Kennedy Richarddodo
Leary Wmdodo
Leary ThosSpaniard's Baylaborer
Mentionton Johndofisherman
Mercer Jasdocarpenter
Mercer Richarddodo
Murrain Wmdofisherman
Murrain Thosdodo
Murrain Johndodo
Murrain Wmdolaborer
Murrain Wm (Wmdofisherman
Murrain Mosesdodo
Murrain Richarddodo
Murrain Rich'd (Tdodo
Noseworthy Wmdodo
Neil Josdodo
Neil Richarddodo
Neil Jasdodo
Neil Jos (Jasdodo
Neil Johndolaborer
Noseworthy Geodofisherman
Noseworthy Wm (Jdodo
Noseworthy Jasdodo
Noseworthy Geododo
Noseworthy Richddodo
Noseworthy Jasdolaborer
Noseworthy Jacobdofisherman
Noseworthy Richddodo
Noseworthy Geo (Jasdodo
Neil Wmdodo
Neil Humphreydodo
Neil Jacobdolaborer
Neil Rd srSpaniard's bayfshman
Neil Geodolaborer
Neil Wmdofshman
Noseworthy Jasdodo
Noseworthy JonNew hr rddo
Noseworthy JasSpand's blaborer
Peddle Jamesdoteacher
Peddle Henrydofshman
Peddle Johndodo
Peddle John (Johndodo
Peddle John (Josdodo
Porter Jonathandodo
Porter Jonathan srdodo
Porter Jonathan jrdodo
Porter Wmdodo
Porter Rddodo
Porter Jamesdodo
Pike Josephdodo
Pike Robert (Samldodo
Pike LeviSpaniard's Bfisherman
Porter Mosesdodo
Porter Wmdodo
Peddle FrancisNew hr rdfarmer
Roberts JosephSpan'ds bfshman
Roberts Geododo
Roberts Josephdodo
Ryan Jamesdodo
Ryan James--general dealer
Ryan Thomasdolaborer
Ryan Johndofisherman
Ryan Edwarddodo
Ryan Matthewdodo
Ryan Johndodo
Smith Wmdodo
Seymour Robertdodo
Seymour Isaacdodo
Seymour Eleazerdodo
Seymour John Mdodo
Smith John Tdodo
Smith Albertdodo
Strickland Johndodo
Sheppard Jamesdofarmer
Smith JohnNew har rdfisherman
Sheppard JnSpaniard's baydo
Sheppard Abrahamdodo
Sheppard Jonathandodo
Sheppard Josiahdodo
Sheppard Josiah (Hydodo
Sheppard Henrydodo
Sheppard Daviddodo
Sheppard Geo Tdoblacksmith
Squires Benj Bdoteacher
Sheppard John Fdogen dealer
Sheppard Richarddofisherman
Sheppard Richd (Rddodo
Sheppard Johndodo
Sheppard Levidodo
Sheppard Wmdodo
Sheppard Martindodo
Sheppard Wm (Frnkdolaborer
Sheppard Nathanieldodo
Snow Thosdodo
Thompson Jasdofisherman
Thompson Johndodo
Thompson Michldodo
Vokey Jasdodo
Vokey Wm (Wmdodo
Vokey Isaacdodo
Vokey Johndodo
Vokey Wm srdodo
Vokey Philip (Wmdodo
Vokey Josephdodo
Vokey Jacobdodo
Vokey GeoSpaniard's Bfisherman
Vokey Philip (Aarondodo
Vokey Philip (Jnododo
Vokey Jonathandodo
Vokey Simeondodo
Vokey Wm (Jnododo
Vokey Wm (Philipdodo
Vokey John (Johndodo
Vokey Philip (Phildodo
Whelan Daviddodo
Whelan Thosdodo
Whelan Edwdodo
Whelan Matthewdodo
Young Jasdodo
Young Jas (Jasdodo

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