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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District


The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation
Brazil Josephfarmer
Brazil Johndo
Barrett Albertfisherman
Barrett Henrydo
Barrett Johndo
Brown Jonathando
Brown Wmdo
Brown Geodo
Bishop Thosdo
Barrett Abrahamdo
Barrett Edwdo
Barrett Ebenezerdo
Brown Geo (Jonathando
Byrne Edwdo
Byrne Jasdo
Crane Wmdo
Crane Jasdo
Crane Josephdo
Crane Johndo
Crane John Wmdo
Crane Hugh Wmdo
Crane Wm Hdo
Clarke Daviddo
Clarke Robtdo
Clarke Wmdo
Clarke Isaacdo
Chipman Azariahdo
Chipman Johndo
Chipman Wmdo
Chipman Simeondo
Chipman Simeon (Johndo
Chipman Owendo
Drover Leanderdo
Drover Nathanieldo
Dawe Alfred do
Dawe Wm Ado
Drover Tobiasfisherman
Fitzgerald Johnrailway laborer
Fitzgerald Jeremiahfisherman
Fitzgerald Johndo
Ford Wmdo
Ford Johndo
Grealy Jamesdo
Grealy Johndo
Grealy Wmdo
Grealy Thomasdo
Grealy Edwarddo
Gosse John Wmdo
Gosse Peter Fdo
Gosse Jamesdo
Gosse Stephenteacher
Gosse Josiahrailway laborer
Gosse Gilbertfisherman
Gosse Jamesrailway laborer
Gosse Stephenfisherman
Gosse Selbydo
Hussey Johndo
Jewer Johndo
Jewer Josiahdo
Janes Wmdo
Lynch Johndo
Lundrigan Richarddo
Mentionton Wmdo
Mentionton Nathando
Mercer Josephdo
Mitchell Wmrailway station agent
Peddle Johnfisherman
Peddle Jamesdo
Peddle Jessedo
Quilty Nicholasrailway laborer
Seymour Johncarpenter
Smith Abraham srfisherman
Smith Jacobdo
Smith Henrydo
Singleton Richarddo
Smith Abraham jrdo
Smith Elishado
Singleton Albertdo
Singleton Johnfarmer
Whelan John Tfisherman
Yetman Wmdo
Yetman Clementdo
Young Michaelfarmer
Young Wmfisherman
Young Johndo
Young Nicholasdo

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