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Conception Bay North - Harbour Grace District

Upper Island Cove

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Place Occupation
Adams JasUpper Isla'd cfishman
Adams Esaudodo
Adams John Wdodo
Bishop Freddodo
Bishop Esaudodo
Bishop Albertdodo
Bishop Herbertdodo
Bishop Georgedodo
Barrett Benjamindodo
Crane Archibalddodo
Crane Nathanieldopostman
Crane Jamesdogrocer
Crane Henrydofisherman
Crane Henry (Wmdodo
Crane Johndodo
Crane Jamesdodo
Crane John (Josdodo
Crane Wmdodo
Crane Nathanieldodo
Crane Jonathandodo
Crane Josiahdodo
Crane John Wdodo
Crane Eldreddodo
Crane Archibalddodo
Coombs Josiahdodo
Coombs Wmdodo
Coombs Josiah (Wmdodo
Coombs Joshua srdodo
Coombs Wm (Joshuadodo
Coombs Johndodo
Coombs Alexanderdodo
Coombs Archibalddodo
Coombs John (Rddodo
Coombs Wm (Johndodo
Coombs John (Nathdodo
Coombs Georgedodo
Coombs Cyrildodo
Coombs GeoUpper Isle cvfshman
Coombs Daviddodo
Coombs Josiah (Jnododo
Coombs John (Johndodo
Crane WmThicketlaborer
Clarke WmUpper Isla'd cvfishmn
Clarke DavidSpoon covedo
Clarke Robertdodo
Clarke David (Daviddodo
Clarke Georgedodo
Drover WmUpper Isla'd cvdo
Drover Josephdodo
Drover John Wdodo
Drover Thomasdodo
Drover Nathanieldodo
Drover Jamesdodo
Drover Johndodo
Drover Josiahdodo
Drover Wmdodo
Drover Archupper Is cvfish'man
Drover Josdodo
Drover Thosdodo
Drover Albertdodo
Drover John Wdodo
Drover Johndodo
Drover Josephdodo
Drover Jas (Jasdodo
Drover Thos (Jasdodo
Drover Josiah (Thosdodo
Drover Thos (Thosdogrocer
Dobbin GeoSpoon covefisherman
Drover Johnupper Is cvdo
Drover Geododo
Drover Mosesdodo
Ford Jeremiahdodo
Greely ThosSpoon covedo
Greely Wm (Thosdodo
Good Thosupper Is covedo
Galway Jasdodo
Galway Wm (Jasdodo
Galway Jas (Jasdodo
Galway JohnThicketdo
Galway Anthonydodo
Galway Wmdodo
Galway John GSpoon covedo
Griffin John (Thosdodo
Gosse Herbertupper Is cvgrocer
Galway WmSpoon covelaborer
Hussey JosUpper Isd covefshman
Hussey Uriahdodo
Hussey Leanderdodo
Hussey Jonathandodo
Hussey Wmdodo
Hussey Robtdodo
Hussey GeoUpper Isle cvfshman
Hussey Jasdodo
Hussey Markdodo
Hussey Wm (Johndodo
Hussey Josephdodo
Hussey Johndodo
Janes Wm (Israeldodo
Janes Nathanieldodo
Janes Geododo
Janes Nath (Israeldodo
Janes Israeldodo
Janes Wm Jdolaborer
Janes Williamdogen dealer
Janes Archibalddodo
Jones John Tdolaborer
Jones Geodofisherman
Jones Geo (Geododo
Jones Albertdodo
Jones Nathanieldodo
Jones Johndodo
Jones Solomondodo
Jones Ambrosedodo
Jones John (Ambdodo
Jones Amb (Ambdodo
Jones Josiahdodo
Jerritt Johndodo
Jerritt Jasdodo
Lundrigan Wmdodo
Lundrigan Jno (Geododo
Lundrigan Jno (Josdodo
Lundrigan Josephdodo
Lundrigan Wm Hdodo
Lundrigan Thos (Josdodo
Lundrigan Nathdodo
Lundrigan Jasdodo
Lundrigan Thos (Jasdodo
Lundrigan Jno (Jasdodo
Lundrigan Jno (Jnododo
Lundrigan Geododo
Lundrigan Wm (Rbtdodo
Lynch JosephSpoon covedo
Lynch Johndodo
Lynch Geododo
Lynch Joseph (Jnododo
Lynch Daviddodo
Lynch Joseph (Josdodo
Lynch Archibalddodo
Lundrigan WUpper Isd cvdo
Lundrigan Josephdodo
Lynch Geododo
Mercer Nathanieldodo
McCarthy Wmdodo
McCarthy Johndodo
McCarthy Wm (Jnododo
McCarthy JasUpper Isle cvfshmn
McCarthy Michldodo
McCarthy John (Jnododo
McCarthy Felixdodo
McCarthy ThosSpoon covedo
McCarthy Thos (Thsdodo
Mercer WmUpper Isd cvlaborer
Mercer Levidofisherman
Mercer Jamesdodo
Mercer Robtdodo
Mercer Chasdodo
Mercer Archibalddodo
Mercer Wm (Robtdodo
Mercer Henrydodo
Mercer John (Hydodo
Mercer Wm (Jnododo
Mercer Esaudodo
Mercer Wm (Geododo
Mercer Geododo
Mercer Thosdodo
Mercer Elijahdodo
Mercer Henry (Hydodo
Mercer Elijah (Thosdodo
Mercer Jas (Jasdodo
Mercer John Wmdodo
Mercer Archibalddodo
Mercer John (Chasdodo
Mercer Wm (Jothndodo
Mercer Eldreddodo
Mercer Albertdodo
Mercer Nathanieldodo
Mercer Jasdodo
Mercer Elijahdodo
Newman Wmdodo
Newman Wm (Wmdodo
Newman Archdodo
Osborne Jasdodo
Osborne Thosdodo
Osborne Johndodo
Osborne Nathanieldodo
Osborne John (Thosdodo
Phelan Wmdodo
Parsons Stephendodo
Parsons Geododo
Parsons Jamesdodo
Parsons Tobiasdodo
Parsons Wmdodo
Parsons Jasdodo
Phelan DavidThicketlaborer
Phelan Mosesdofisherman
Phelan David (Johndodo
Phelan Jasdodo
Reid AlbertUpper Isle cvdo
Reid Johndodo
Sanderson Rev J SdoEpiscopaln
Sharpe Jasdofisherman
Sharpe Jas (Jasdodo
Sharpe WmSpoon covedo
Sharpe Johndodo
Sharpe Wm (Johndodo
Sheppard NathUpr Island cvdo
Sheppard Johndodo
Smith John Wmdodo
Young Jasdodo
Young John Fdodo
Young Johndodo
Young Horatiododo
Young Wm Henrydodo
Young Albertdodo
Young Fredkdodo
Young Jasdodo
Young Fredk (Fredkdodo
Young Johndodo
Young Fredk (Johndodo
Young John (Johndodo

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